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Straight Guy Sucks His First


One evening a couple of years ago, my girlfriend had been out of town for a few days, and I had been taking advantage of the privacy to look at pussy porn and jack off like 3 times a day. At some point I got to thinking it would be great to have a jack-off buddy like I did in junior high school with my best friend. So I went on a local message board and started reading the ads from guys in the area who were in the same mood. Miraculously, I found one guy not 3 blocks from my house, and he answered an email immediately.

"My dick is almost worn out from all the jacking I've been doing."

"No way, me too. I'm almost out of hand lotion, I've been so busy with my cock."

"What does your cock look like? Mine is real straight with a mushroom head, about 6.5 inches."

"Mine is shorter and really thick, uncut."

"Man, I should come over there and we can check out some of your porn."

"Yeah, bro. Come on over. We can pull our puds together."

We agreed to meet out front of his building, and I picked up some condoms on the way over, just in case. He turned out to be a clean-cut looking Puerto Rican guy, medium height and well-built. We shook hands and headed upstairs to his apartment.

Once inside, he showed me the laptop he'd been using to look at porn, and it turned out he only had a few pictures, and it was that really polished sort of stuff that's all airbrushed. We sort of nervously clicked through the pics for a few minutes and I started rubbing my dong through my pants. Seeing that, he goes, "Should we just whip them out?" "Sure," I said, freeing my boner. We stared at each others' dicks for a while, working to get them hard for each others' viewing pleasure. We laughed because both of us were pretty worn from jacking all day, and it took a little longer than usual to get to full erection.

Once he got it all the way up, I was amazed at the dude's thickness, and found myself saying over and over, "That's a thick fucking cock, bro." He had been honest about how long it was, probably 5 inches, tops. But I couldn't take my eyes off it, watching him stroke the foreskin back and forth, the bright red head peeking out with each stroke.

Wary of coming too soon, I had to quit stroking the most sensitive parts of my dick and give it a rest. I decided to show off the full length of my cock, pushing down at the base and concentrating on making it look as big as it could. At that, my jacking buddy let out a heavy sigh and whispered, "Jeezus that's hot."

We sat on his futon couch and leaned way back with our pants at our ankles, still staring at each other's dicks and comparing every detail. His big brown balls hung low, and his cock seemed even thicker than before.

I asked if I could touch it. He was happy to oblige, and using his rock-hard rod as a handle, I slid down to the floor to get a closer look. The thing felt like a signpost in my hand, so erect and thick. I stared at it from just inches away, slowing my strokes once in a while to watch it throb in my hand. I would pull the foreskin back and pause to watch it throb, and then pull the foreskin up and pause again, all the while feeling compelled to keep saying things like, "What a thick fucking hammer you got, man."

I never wanted to suck a dick as much as in that moment. I couldn't resist the temptation to feel that great throbbing muscle in my mouth, even though I knew it was so thick it would barely fit. I asked him if I could kiss it, and he said yes. I held his piping hot member against my face for a second, and then gave it a few kisses and licks. He just sat there, staring at me with his mouth open. All at once I gathered the courage to take the whole thing in my mouth, which was quite a challenge. I got about 2/3 of the way down, and my mouth was clearly not prepared for such a wide load.

That cock was throbbing something fierce in my mouth, and I just held it there trying to get used to the feeling. I loved the throbbing sensation, and every once in a while he'd flex and make his cock get even bigger for a second.

After a few minutes I stood up to leave because I didn't want him to cum in my mouth. He was understanding of that, but offered to suck me first. We stood in his kitchen and he dropped to his knees. He opened his mouth and took my member inside, bobbing his head back and forth on it.

After a while I warned him to lay off. Since there wasn't any other lube he loaned me some cooking oil and we jacked face to face standing in the kitchen. Since I was so worn out from jacking all day, it took a lot of really violent stroking to make myself cum, but finally I did, right on his kitchen floor. He watched with great interest. Then I watched him do the same. When I left there were two little puddles of semen on the linoleum.

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Love it

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