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Straight Man who Admires Other Men's Butts


You may not know this from the tone of this essay, but I'm a straight man. A straight man who admires other men's butts.

"Oh, sure," you may say, "another closet homosexual. Allow me to beg your pardon."

Say what you will. I am straight, and I could write volumes about the beauty of the opposite sex. I love women foremost, but like many straight men, I fantasize about other men's asses. Call me bicurious. I have not partaken, though -- at least not yet.

I have a whole collection of photos of men and their beautiful backsides. I search the Internet for juicy photos. I like all kinds of asses, but most of all, I prefer big, beefy ones with lots of hair, especially around soft, pink anuses. I like the juxtaposition of a tough, hairy ass with a silky pink hole. It's almost an irony of manhood. This is the one spot where a man is truly vulnerable. Everyone breaks down from the touch of a tongue on his asshole. It's as if your protective cheeks have been gotten through, and your vulnerable spot has been exposed.

I play with my own ass all the time. In bed, it is often the first thing I touch upon awakening. I like to spread it. I like to tickle my hole, touching it very softly. I bend over before the mirror and spread my moderately hairy cheeks, admiring my pink hole in all its glory. It's a beautiful, earthy, manly hole. It's fringed by black hair. And it's a friendly hole, loving the touch of a gentle, probing tongue, and the buzzing caress of my vibrator.

On other men, sometimes it is the buns themselves I crave. Sometimes tight and muscular, sometimes fleshy and soft instead. I long to hold them in my hands and soak up their maleness. Other times it is the crack, that sweaty valley lined with hair that will (someday, I hope) tickle my hands and nose. Still other times it is the actual hole that I lust for, hidden so snugly and guarded so tightly, just waiting to be entered by my tongue and maybe even my cock.

Which brings me to the matter of cocks. And the rest of the man as well. I like a nice cock: pink, spongy, and bouncy. Of any size. And I can admire a man. But I have no attraction to men. I never have. I lose interest in them as people. What I like is the raw animal nature of a male ass. Not a shaved one, but a natural one. There is nothing else in the world like it.

I know there are others like me. Men who prefer women but who like to look at the other side, in this case their own. Who doesn't like to admire? Women do, so why can't we? I notice everything about the other men in locker rooms—how muscled the chest, how well hung the penis, how well shaped the ass. If I stand in just the right places, I can take advantage of the mirrors so that I can see naked men without them seeing me.

But it's so much more than admiring. So many of us long to run our hands over a well-sculpted male posterior. Or better yet, to plunge our cocks into one. If you could wire us up to a mind-reading machine, what you would hear from us would be shocking (then again, maybe you already know what we are thinking). How much less neurotic would our gender be if we could just admire each others' beauty without shame, like women do?

I first became aware of my ass fetish in -- where else? -- a locker room. I was seated on a bench when another young man came from the shower to his locker, near me. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched him dry off. At one point his ass was almost in my face. I couldn't believe it, but it gave me a warm, tingly feeling. I wanted so much to touch the beautiful thing, to run my hands over it, to hug it and kiss it. To this day, I imagine what would have happened if he had let me do that.

Why haven't I indulged yet, you say? Well, I've had opportunities. I've been hit on at a gay bar when my girlfriend took me. I could've taken a guy home and lived out my fantasy. I once received a love note from a guy in my apartment building. I've been hit on by another guy on the job. But there's disease to worry about, as well as the possibility that he will want something more than just a fling. No, what I need is another guy like me, who doesn't want a relationship, who just wants to get together to explore a mutual fetish.

Playing with my own ass only takes me so far. Fucking it with my vibrator only does so much. I must have another one to touch, to lick, and to fuck. When I finally do have one, I hope it will be a strong, hairy ass. Big and muscular. Big enough to be a pillow. I want to sleep on it and have sweet dreams. But before that, I want to run my hands over every inch of it. I want to open it up slowly, taking in every nuance of the skin, the crack, and the hair of the half-moons. I want to feel my heart beating wildly and my cock throbbing uncontrollably as I catch my first glimpse of that soft, pink hole.

There, dear readers, is my ass fetish. I wish all of you were lined up in front of me, bent over with your rear ends in my face. Some smooth, some hairy, some tight, some fleshy. I would be on my knees, opening you up, one by one, and having my way with you. After that, you could do whatever you wanted with me.

Any takers?

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