Stranger in the Snow


"Hi," he said. "How was work?"

"Pretty terrible," she smiled back. "I couldn't stop thinking about you. How was Stevie?"

"Delightful," he said. "You have a great kid here."

"Come on, let's put him to bed."

She picked Stevie up, still asleep, and carried him into his own room. Making sure he was perfectly tucked up, she withdrew, quietly closing his bedroom door.

Back in the living room, she found Jonah sitting cross-legged in front of the fire. He'd turned off all the lights now, so the warm tangerine glow of the flames was all the illumination there was now.

"I just need to take a shower," she said, though in reality she desperately didn't want to leave his company, even for a moment or two.

"Never mind that, come over here," he said, "I've been waiting for you all evening."

She couldn't help but smile, and sauntered over to him in front of the fire, standing up before him there in the orange light. "But I'm all sticky from dancing," she protested.

"You're fine," he said. "Stay here with me."

Mmm...that was a good idea. As she stood there in front of him, he slipped his hands up her stocking-clad thighs, reaching under her skirt to hitch his fingers around her panties and drag them deftly down her legs.

"You looked better in my bathrobe," she said with a grin.

"That hardly covered a thing," he said as she stepped out of her underwear.


"Well if you prefer..." there was that shimmer of blue light around him again, completely defying reality, and suddenly he was sitting there in her bathrobe again, and sitting there with his legs crossed, it did little to hide his hardness from her. She felt that powerful tingle of desire between her thighs again, and carefully sank down to sit in his lap.

"I've never met anyone like you before," she said quietly, feeling his rigid shaft pressing against her bare pussy. "Jonah, would you be horrified if I told you I loved you?" There, she'd said it. Perhaps it was too soon, but it was the truth, so why not be honest about her feelings? But for the moment, she was horrified that perhaps he didn't share her feelings, that it would all be over because she'd made it too serious too soon.

"I wouldn't be horrified," he said, his soothing voice setting her at ease. "You're an amazing person, Lisa. I don't know why I know this, but I do. I've never been in love before, so I'm no expert, but I do feel certain that I'm in love with you."

His words sent shivers through her entire body. He loved her. Oh God, but it was so perfect.

They kissed again, their hands wrapping around each other's head, locked in passionate embrace, and Lisa shifted her hips slightly so that his burning shaft slipped inside her, stretching her velvety tightness to glide gently up to fill her pulsating vagina completely, her free-flowing juices easing his way.

They broke off their kiss, staring into each other's eyes in the wonderful knowledge that he was inside her now, filling her completely, fitting so perfectly as though designed for each other.

"Oh God, I love you," she whispered.

"And I love you too," he said, kissing her briefly.

She slowly moved, gyrating her hips underneath her skirt to set up a slow rhythm on his hardness, staring into those luscious green eyes of his to gauge his reaction to the wonderful feeling his cock created inside her pussy. Her stocking-covered legs locked around his waist, pulling herself onto his shaft while his hands opened up her blouse and reached behind to pop the catch on her bra.

He cupped her breasts, tantalising her stiff little buds with his fingers, coaxing additional pleasures from her body even as the sensation of his penis within her threatened to send her into orbit.

They kissed again, such sweet connection, The most perfect, perfect kiss. Steadily, their rhythm accelerated, their motions progressively more accentuated, Jonah pushing his engorged cock up inside her, Lisa grinding down upon him, grazing her clitoris against his body as the incredible sensations bloomed through their bodies.

Jonah slipped off her blouse, freeing her curvaceous chest to the warmth of the nearby fire, allowing the firelight to sweep over her beautiful skin. Lisa removed her bathrobe from Jonah's shoulders, but she all but tore it off him in her need.

They moved together, gaining as much physical contact as they possibly could, trying to squeeze the maximum possible sensation from the coupling of his shaft inside her, building up and up until they were both crying out, the feelings surging towards that exquisite one-way street.

And breathlessly, they broke apart from their kiss once again to stare into each other's eyes as the full glory of their union blossomed and his hot seed pumped inside her, their combined orgasm the most monumental sensation of all.


It was morning, and she awoke feeling better than she had ever felt. It had been the most wonderful Christmas she'd had in a very long time, even though there was that slight problem looming over her about how it could possibly have happened.

That moment, waking up, was perfect. But she rolled over and found that Jonah was no longer there. What was going on? Where had he gone? Her heart suddenly sank through her stomach, with the blistering heat of unrefined dread. Maybe it had all been a dream.

Surely not.

His side of the bed was still warm, and she took a deep breath and told herself he had just gone to the bathroom. He hadn't left her. Of course he hadn't. The night before, he'd told her he loved her. Why would he leave her now?

She got up and slung a robe around herself. Thoughts - most of them negative - were racing around her consciousness now, her fevered brain worrying about every possible dire consequence of his absence. Perhaps he had regained his memory. Perhaps he was married to some other lucky person, and he had panicked after waking up in this stranger's bed.
The bathroom was empty. Her heart sank down through her shoes now. He was gone.

She tried to keep control of herself. Maybe he was making breakfast. The living room was empty, the kitchen was empty. He was gone.

Fear turned to horrified panic. Into Stevie's room: the little six-year-old was beginning to stir, awoken by the noises of his terrified mother - but Jonah wasn't in there, either.

Without bothering to look for shoes, she unlocked the front door and raced outside. The door had been locked - that meant he couldn't have left the house, didn't it? But the door had been locked when all the things had appeared in the living room. Those things were still there, weren't they? The new television, the Christmas tree, the carpet. It hadn't all been a dream.

Outside now, wearing nothing but a thin nightshirt. She ignored the cold, struggling out into the snow to look for any signs of her lost love. There was nothing: no footprints, no tire tracks, nothing. All around the house. For miles around, the snow lay undisturbed. He had gone.

She staggered around the whole house, then to the front, past that old tree with its leafless branches. There was something here in the snow: two tracks like thin tires and a number of dotted footprints - some kind of animal, perhaps. But the tracks started, very suddenly, then stopped. Just fifty yards or so in total. Tracks couldn't just stop. What was going on?
But whatever it was, it didn't explain her loss, and didn't reassure her.

When Stevie got up, wandering out of his bedroom, he found his mother sitting on the couch, weeping uncontrollably for her tremendous loss.

Stevie was confused: what was his mother crying about? No one had taken away their things, had they? The television was still there. His toys were still there. He tried to hug her, hating to see her cry like this, not sure as to why she was so upset. Perhaps it was that nice man. Where was he? Had they taken him away? Was that why she was crying?

It was Stevie that heard the noise first.

A slight rustle, like the wind in the trees in mid-spring. It grew louder upon each gust of the wind, and Stevie wanted to know what it was. He tugged on his mother's sleeve, and she stopped crying, looking up at him as he yanked her night-shirt.

"What is it?" she asked.

The noise was louder now, but unlike the rustle of tree branches in the wind, it had a slight musical note: shrill, but definitely there. Stevie dragged his mother to the door, and out into the snow. Looking around, they couldn't see anything: just the wide white rolling hills, the forest in the far distance and that dark old tree beneath low cauliflower clouds.

Looking around, they couldn't see where the noise was coming from, though it was getting progressively louder and louder. Bells. Definitely bells of some kind. What on Earth was it?
Then suddenly, they saw a speck in the sky, coming towards them. It burst through the clouds and swept closer and closer - some kind of aircraft? Aeroplanes just didn't sound like that. Stevie was as gripped by it as her, and for a moment or two, she clean forgot about her pain - her curiosity overpowering her loss.

It came closer and closer, growing larger and larger as it drew near, then suddenly it swept down, in a long arc like a bird coming into land. And they both saw what it was, although only Stevie believed what he was seeing.

Row upon row of scampering reindeer, their coats grey and brown and white, their antlers like the branches of oak trees, scurrying along through thin air, their reigns all linked up to the enormous bright red sleigh that they pulled. The bells were jingling just as the legends said they did, and as they came in to land right in front of the two astounded ground-dwellers, they saw the two people who sat in the huge sleigh.

Lisa was filled with the most incredible joy as she saw him there: the most welcome sight a girl could possibly have, the love of her life come back for her. And next to him, sitting there with a jolly smile fixed on his old face, was somebody she'd stopped believing in years ago.


As soon as the sleigh came to rest, Stevie was bounding up through the snow, ignoring the cold on his uncovered feet, bounding up to the big cheerful man in red, who was climbing off the sleigh to greet the small boy.
And Lisa found herself bounding towards the sleigh too, though she pitched straight into the arms of Jonah, the mysterious stranger whom she loved with all her heart.

He was dressed in shimmering green now, and for her, the magic was beginning to be explained. It was hard to believe just who this strange man was, even as he told her that his memory had come back and that he knew why he had ended up on her lawn. But later, as the huge sleigh soared back up into the sky with two extra passengers being carried away from their miserable old lives, Lisa knew he'd never leave her, and that was the important thing for now.

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