tagNonHumanStranger on the Beach

Stranger on the Beach


She walked along the beach in the early morning light and felt the cold water of the Pacific splash over her bare feet. It was a cold, dreary morning in early June and the summer sun had yet to warm either the air or the water. That would come later in the day, when this beach would be filled with bikini covered girls and well tanned men who would ogle the girls like pieces of meat. Which they all were, the human body was nothing more then a piece of meat that was waiting to be served up like an offering to the gods.

With a sigh, Leandrea Morris came to pause on a rock over looking the ocean and smiled as she wondered if the poet in her was working harder then usual today. Still, she found little to write prose about as she looked out over the fog shrouded water and heard the cry of a foghorn. They had been coming here every summer for as long as she could remember, spending two weeks in that house back behind her. The big Ivory colored on with gray shutters and trim that her grandfather had built back in the days that he and her grandmother had decided they wanted a retirement home for when they were old and beyond working. Instead, they had bought an RV and were spending all their time on the road, going from place to place.

The house remained empty all the year but for the twelve weeks of summer. Buttoned up tightly against the winter winds and driving rains. The last week in May, a couple from the nearby town came and opened it up, then shortly after Leandrea and her family would descend like vultures upon it. For two weeks they would do as the weather dictated. Then they would go home and talk about the trip all summer long until the last two weeks in August when they would come back and the house would hold all her family, aunts, uncles, cousins, and her grandparents. It would be filled to over flowing almost.

Today would be a lazy day, one doing little things around the house, running errands into town, and so on. If it was sunny, they would be planning runs up and down the coast line seeing places they had seen a hundred times before, doing things they had done a hundred times before.

This was the year she had wanted it to be different. She had looked forward to this summer more then any other in her life. This was the summer she had joined the ranks of her older sisters and brothers. When curfews were lifted and she was allowed to run as wild as they were. This was the summer she had hoped to find a summer romance that would die off as the fall and sanity returned. Instead she knew she faced a summer as boring as all the others before.

For three days she had explored the town, and found what she found every summer, the same boring places, the same boring people, the same boring life. Had she really thought...? It wasn't fucking fair, and she wanted to scream it to the world. "It's not fucking fair..." The words escaped her mouth in a low tone then were repeated over and over in a louder voice until she was screaming above the sounds of the ocean. "IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR...!"

"No, it's not, but that's how life is." The voice startled her and she slipped off the rock as she turned too suddenly to face the newcomer who had walked up on her unawares. At the same time, she felt a wave crash over her and soak her clothes.

"Son of a bitch..." She stood up and looked at the man who stood there. "Didn't anyone ever tell you about sneaking up on people?"

He grinned at her, making his ice blue eyes glimmer with amusement. "You were the one screaming at the top of your lungs about it not being fair. Not my fault you didn't notice me. Sorry sweetheart, life isn't fair, but you learn to deal with it. Names Jeremy, what's yours." He held out his hand.

"Leandrea and you don't need to tell me it's a stupid name. I know it is, I hate it."

"I wasn't going to say a word. So you are staying around here?"

She nodded. "See the big house about right past the service station, that's where we are. You aren't local are you?" She had her doubts, he was too suntanned and too well built to be any part of the people around here.

"No, just passing through, on my way south. Back to sunny California and warmer water...which reminds me, you must be freezing."

She nodded. "Yeah, I need to go home and change. Nice meeting you Jeremy, enjoy your stay."

He gave her a smile as he looked her up and down. "I think I will now." With that, he walked off in the direction of the row of the motels down the beach.

Leandrea went back to the house to find it alive with activity and after changing into dry clothes she settled down to discover the plans for today. Sure enough, it was as she expected, with a "as weather permits" clause on the list. She went shopping for supplies with her mom, feeling a little surprised as she passed the man from the beach as she wandered around the fruit and produce area. He gave her a smile and she saw again how blue his eyes were, and she noticed how long and slender his fingers where as he examined a melon that was not to big or too small, in truth, she saw it was just about the size of her breasts. He was almost caressing the damn thing as his eyes never left hers.

She felt her face blush and went off to find her mom and kid sister. Not that she was able to escape him long. He ended up in line right behind her and as she looked through a tabloid paper, she felt warm breath by her ear. "It's all lies you know, they publish it to tease a person."

The way he said tease was almost a caress, and she smiled. "Are you following me?"

"Hmm, if I was, would you be mad?" Would she? With a shake of her head, she heard his soft laugh. "Good, because I guess I am. At least in here..."

Leandrea felt his hand slip down over the back of her jeans and squeeze her ass cheek so no one would notice. Then his touch turned more caressing and as if he had bumped into her by accident she felt him press the bulge of his jeans into her as well. A small gasp escaped her lips and she felt her body respond.

It wasn't until she was helping her mom unload the groceries at home that her mother mentioned something was sticking out of her back pocket. "What is it Lea...?"

She unfolded it. A bold hand had scribbled a note.

"Sunset Motel, room 19. Come see me and we'll find out if life is fair or not. J"

"Oh, just something I picked up at the store mom. No big deal." She shoved it back in her pocket and finished helping with the chores. By then the sun had come out and she went up to change into cooler clothing. What the hell, the worse that could happen was that he was some serial murder, and she'd end up on some coroner's slab.

Finding something to wear was a problem. She wanted to look good, but not like some cheap hustler. Not that she had the body for it anyway. She was only a few inches shorter then him and her full body was hardly bikini material. Still, there was one thing...something she had brought on impulse. The skirt was shorter then she normally wore, but the top was what she liked best. It hugged her breasts just right and the skirt hugged her ass in such a way that she liked best. It gave them a softer, rounder look.

Telling her mom she was going to go walk around town, she was at the motel in five minutes. He opened the door on the first knock and smiled at her as he saw her standing there. "I was hoping you'd show up. Come on in."

He was alone, that was good, and she had seen the motorcycle outside, making her wondered if he was traveling solo. Not that he looked like some of the bikers she had seen back in Portland. Just the long black hair falling past his shoulders, and a chin beard that was more a dusting of hair meeting a mustache that drooped down. He had broad shoulders and a narrow waist and hips. It was more evident then before because he was shirtless, and barefoot. She liked the hair that made a v down his stomach to disappear in his low slung jeans.

He was watching as she examined him and he smiled. "Honey, with that hungry look in your eyes, you better get in here, before some calls the fire department." Taking her hand, he drew her in, closed the door and pulled her to him. His mouth was as hungry as her eyes and she gave herself up to it with a moan. Her arms went up around his neck and she felt him running his hands up and down her body in a exploring way.

When she was able to draw back, she looked at him and smiled. "Am I going to live through this?"

He laughed, "only if you don't die of pleasure sweetheart. Though I got to admit you look good enough to eat." He kissed her again and this time his hand slid up her skirt so he could feel her bare skin. At the side of her thong, he traced it around to the front and cupped her already moist mound. "Hmm, you are nice, are you cherry?"

She nodded. "Unfortunately..."

"Hmm, that just makes it better baby, tells me to take it slow and easy with you." He moved his mouth over the lobe of her ear. "I love the taste of virgin blood honey on my tongue. It's a fetish of mine, I'll pop your cherry then lick it all up before I finish fucking you...Because I have wanted to fuck you something awful since I saw you on the beach. I would have taken you right then and there if it had been warmer."

"Would you have really?"

"Oh hell yes, I love big girls as much as I love virgin blood." He stroked her face with his finger tips. His longest one moving over her lips as he did. "How long can you stay with me?"

"As long as I want, I don't have curfew anymore."

"Then call mommy and tell her you got invited to an all night party. I want you to be here with me all night long." His voice was persuasive and she did as he asked. Her mother sounded happy to hear her sounding more cheerful then usual.

"Have fun dear, we'll see you tomorrow."

When she hung up, Jeremy was holding out a soda and he drew her to the bed. For a while they just talked, and she listened in fascination as he told her about his travels. He had been all over the country and explored both Mexico and Canada since he had left home at sixteen. He loved the freedom of travel and while he admitted it got lonely sometimes, he preferred to travel alone. Now and then he met someone who gave him an urge to stop, but it was seldom more for a day or two.

"I was going to leave today, just saying goodbye to the ocean before I headed out this morning. But then we met and I decided to stay another day. So we have to night Leandrea, that's all I can offer you."

She was a little sorry, but she found that to expect more from him would be wrong. He was like a lone wolf that hadn't found his pack yet. "Well, then lets not waste it."

He ran his hand along her bare leg and up to her hip again. "No, lets not..."

This time his kiss was harder and more seductive to her, his hand touching her in a caress that she had never dreamed was possible. In returned she explored his chest and back and felt the strong muscles that were everywhere. When their legs entwined he moved his hand to the mound and pressed his fingers against it harder. With those magnificent fingers, she felt the fabric of her panties pressed against her slit and the clit at the top. As his fingers moved in a swirling motion around it, she looked into his eyes and felt herself being drawn into the blueness of them. She felt was if she was flying in an endless sky of blue and he was taking her places she had never seen before.

Her moan escaped as she felt herself being drawn closer to her climax and he saw it as well. "Let it happen Leandrea, cum for me love, soak your panties with the juices that I know you have inside of you." He began to kiss her lips and sunk his tongue between her lips. "Cum Leandrea, let my fingers make you cum for the first of many."

His mouth swallowed her cries and she clung to him as the breakers crashed over her. God, she had never cum so strongly before and she felt as it would never end. She barely noticed as time passed and she lost herself in the feel of his hands on her and when she realized that they were both nude, she had no memory of either undressing or being undressed. Not that she cared. He had a beautiful body and she used her mouth and hands to explore it. When she found his cock standing tall and proud, she ran her tongue up and down it partly out of curiosity but also out of an unexpected hunger to taste what would invade her body later.

Looking at him with the unasked question in her eyes, he licked his lips and nodded. "Yes, do it love, explore him with your lips and tongue."

She swirled her tongue around the head and over the small slit at the top. It was leaking fluid already and she dabbed at it with her tongue. The head was red and swollen and as she tasted him she began to move the hand she had wrapped around him up and down. More fluid escaped and she licked it up with a hunger she hadn't known was in her.

"Take him in your mouth love; he wants to be in your mouth as deep as you can take him." He moved his hand in her hair and drew her down so she was taking him inch by inch. She was surprised she could take so much of him without gagging but it was like it belonged there. When she reached her limit, only a couple inches remained and she used her fingers as she had her hand to stroke him. Soon, her head was bouncing up and down on his wonderful cock and she could hardly wait to feel it pop her cherry and spill her virgin blood. Suddenly, he nodded as if to himself. "It's time love, come straddle me and let me in your pussy, let me pop you and take you to the stars..."

She moved over him and placed his cock at her opening. His hands gripped her hips and even as she came down, he rose up to meet her. At first he didn't penetrate her, instead he kept his stokes slow and easy as if sensing her need to be wetter and more involved in it before he ripped into her. Even as she felt another climax begin to wash over her, he rose up and this time the pain mixed with her joy of feeling her release. She cried out but not in anguish, instead she begged him for more.

"Soon love, soon, give me your blood Leandrea, let me lick it up, take it into my mouth. I want it all." He moved so she was directly over mouth and his tongue began to lick and suck at her wildly. When she felt him go deeply inside of her it was if his tongue was as long as his cock and he was licking in up early bit of her blood and cum. Then she felt more, she felt the sting as if she had been bit by a bee, but it was different too. Oh god, her body was on fire everywhere.

He was licking her clit now, and she smashed her pussy down on his face. "Oh lord, Jeremy, yes, now, more love, more, I need more..." Another climax rushed over her and she held his head tight as she fed him her cum mixed with blood left in her pussy. As it began to pass, she felt his tongue softly lick her clit and the sting vanished. She also felt weariness in her that she didn't understand. "Oh Jesus, I think that took more out of me then I expected."

"You're just hungry, it's already after ten. Lay back while I get you something to eat." He helped her to lay back on the bed and soon came back with a plate of fresh fruit and a glass of Orange juice. "Eat and drink my love, this will help you recover, I almost took too much from you. But it was so warm, so filling. It's been so long since I found someone who made me feel so well fed."

She didn't understand what he was talking about, but it didn't matter. She was losing her worn feeling as he fed her each piece of fruit with his long fingers. The juice was helping as well. Soon she felt better and he held her for a while longer. Before they began to kiss and caress each other. This time when they were both at fever pitch, he pressed into her and began a long, slow movement of in and out of her. What ever pain she had felt was now a forgotten memory, and she gave herself up to it completely.

A part of her would miss him, wishing that it was possible for it to be other, but at the same time, she felt a bond between them and she couldn't help feeling that she would see him again. Another time, another place, but they would meet again.

He smiled at her as he began to move faster. "The night is waning love; I wish we had more time. But you're right, we will meet again. And sooner then you might think...Now give me one last helping of your cum, of the honey that is in you begging for release. Let our cum mingle and bind us together forever..."

Even as she came, she felt that sting again and knew as she came around him just what he was. Her blood mingled with his and as his was given to her body; she knew that he had turned her into his mate. Again he made the sting disappear, but the knowledge was burned in her brain.

As he held her before they fell asleep, he stroked her face. "I'm a Day Walker Leandrea; I live off the blood of virgins in the throes of climax. I've never taken a mate before, but I couldn't help myself."

"It's okay Jeremy but what happens now."

"I could tell you. But it's all something you need to learn on your own. But know this, one day you will feel the call, and I'll be waiting at the end of the road. Until then, sleep love, and know we will meet again."

When she woke he was gone, but she didn't feel surprised. Taking a shower, she used the towels he had used and inhaled his scent deeply. It, like the knowledge of what she had become, was firmly etched in her mind. It would be a long lonely road, but she could wait, after all she had all eternity for it to happen.

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