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Strawberry Delight


They had just enjoyed a delicious dinner together of medium-rare filet mignon, portabello mushrooms, golden potatoes with sour cream and chives, and grilled corn on the cob (from their garden.) A bottle of white wine complimented the meal.

It was time for dessert. He had seen strawberries in the refrigerator earlier and had asked if he could make something with them. She had told him that she had plans for those strawberries and to please not touch them. He had complied, only because he wanted to know what those plans of hers were. He stood up to clear the plates, when he noticed she was restlessly tapping her fork on the table.

"Is everything alright?" He questioned, coming around the table to her. He put his hand on top of hers to still the tapping and kissed the top of her head.

"Oh fine. Hey, do you mind clearing the table? I have something I have to do upstairs real quick."

"But, what about dessert?" She was never one to miss out on dessert. In fact, at times she chose dessert over dinner and would insist they have something sweet before. He loved sweets too, and it was no sacrifice to him to indulge beforehand.

"Dessert isn't ready yet." She stated, with an enigmatic smile, as she pushed her chair away from the table and ran out of the room. He heard her footsteps pounding up the stairs. He even thought she skipped a few steps, on her way up. He wondered at her erratic behavior.

He turned back to the task at hand and gathered the dishes, taking them to the sink. She tiptoed down, peeked in on him, grinned when she saw him occupied with loading the dishwasher, and tip-toed back up.

She had planned a night of naughty fun and play. White hot coils of desire spiraled through her, setting her on fire. She hurriedly stepped out of her black peasant skirt, shucked off the brown tunic-style blouse and kicked off her black sandals. Then she unhooked her brown satin bra, giving her nipples a quick pinch, before tossing them into the hamper. She quickly shimmied into her hot little number for the evening and then threw a robe over it.

She could hear him in the bathroom, downstairs and made her move. She left the room and tiptoed back downstairs to gather up her supplies. She timed his flushing of the toilet, with her mad dash back up the stairs. She hid herself in the bathroom and turned on the faucet in the sink, to muffle the sound of her giggle. She heard his footfalls coming up the stairs.

"Hey, I really wanted dessert." His voice whined from the hallway. "Do we have any strawberries?" Knowing they full well did, he decided to test her.

"In the fridge." She called out. "I'll be right out." She told him. She watched his retreating form walk casually down the stairs. His ass looked tight in his slacks. She heard the clanging in the fridge and wickedly smiled, licking her lips.

"I don't see any!" He shouted from the stairwell. He really wanted to know what she was up to. It was obvious something was going on, that he was unaware of. She appeared in the bedroom doorway, a basket full of strawberries in her hand. Her strawberry hair cascading off her shoulders and down her back. He audibly swallowed and asked,"How about whipped cream? I suddenly have a craving!"

She suppressed a girlish giggle and forced her throat to low sensuous tones. "I have strawberries and cream, my love." He turned slowly to gaze upon the object of his testosterone-ridden affection. She was clad in a transparent gown, fiery thong and a lace bra visible. "Let us satiate that craving, shall we?" She whispered, running her hands down his chest to the target of her interest. She watched as he grew, not even touching him yet.

His mouth dropped open and she popped a strawberry in it. "No drooling." She whispered, placing her lips against his, sucking noisily on the other half of the strawberry. "Tonight, we're going to have fun my way." She winked, undoing his pants, sliding them down his legs. He reached his hand out to touch her, but she pulled away and grabbed his hand. She pulled him into the room and towards the bed; he willingly followed.

She pushed him onto the bed, placing the bowl of strawberries and whipped-cream next to him. He grinned watching her as she slowly crawled up his body, kissing up his chest, finding his nipple hard from the excitement. She teased it with her tongue. His hand cupped her right breast, beginning to massage it. "Uh uh uh." She says with a taunting smile, wagging her finger at him. He relaxed, no point in arguing. Besides, he was beginning to like the role- reversal.

She sprayed the whipped-cream on his chest and downward, placing strawberries in a design on his stomach. Standing up, she opened the gown letting it slide down her body into a crimson pool at her feet. Hitting a switch, exotic music began to pump through the speakers. Slithering back onto him, she nibbled and looked at the scrumptious strawberries, trailing her tongue close to his hardness. She began to move erotically to the beat of the music, wiggling her body against his. She straddled him and raised her hands above her head, moving them down over her breasts, seductively skimming her tummy.

She unhooked the matching bra, as he watched it slide onto his stomach, he grabbed it up, lifting it to his nose. She even smelled like strawberries! Her hair was moving in waves as he lets it fall against him, tickling and exciting him. She stood up, moved to stand over his face, and pulled down the thin strip of material covering her, tossing it away. He gazed up at her, seeing glistening droplets start to form from her lips. "You wanted strawberries and cream, didn't you?" Her husky voice belted out over the loud music.

Unable to control himself any longer, he reached up, pulling her down. She cried out in mock protest. He pulled her beneath him, crushing her to him, smothering her with passionate kisses. His hands massaged her breasts, fingers gently rolling nipples till they peaked. He sucked one into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue, paying worship to the other as well. Her head rolled back, as she moaned with pleasure; a naughty grin on her face. She picked up the bowl in offering to him.

He gladly accepted, "This is what I call strawberries 'n' cream, baby." He whispered the corny line into her ear, as he sprayed the whipped-cream in circles onto her breasts. She shivered with anticipation, as he filled her belly button and topped of his dessert with a strawberry on each nipple. He plopped one in her belly button, and traced a line down to her strawberry patch.

"I don't think you need those strawberries and cream." She murmured as he placed one strawberry between her nether-lips, and surrounded it with whipped-cream. He positioned himself between her thighs, moving his head down. She gasped as she felt his tongue touch her, licking around the strawberry before slurping it into his mouth. He devoured her, strawberries, cream, love juices, and all. She writhed in pleasure, feeling a flood of passion overtake her, as he buried his face deeper between her thighs. She trembled, screaming out, and wrapped her legs around his head, pulling him closer. She held him there bucking up to meet each thrust of his tongue: his long, pleasuring, wonderful tongue.

"Ohhhhh ohhhhhh I'm coming." She squealed and let out one last scream as she climaxed. Her juices ran all over his face, as he greedily lapped it up. She finally fell back, collapsing on the bed. He licked his lips, then joined her, pulling her backwards, into his arms.

"Strawberry delight." He whispered softly into her ear, as she recovered from her orgasm.

"Just desserts." She flipped over onto her stomach and gave him a grin full of intention. "Oh, by the way baby." She paused to get his attention. "There's strawberry cobbler in the fridge, if you are still hungry."

He groaned, torn between the tasty dessert downstairs and the tasty dish in front of him. He gripped her hips gently and angled himself, just so. She felt the lust in his purpose, but when she looked into his eyes, she saw the promise of love.

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