tagFirst TimeStraying for the First Time

Straying for the First Time


Well... It all started when he went away on a working holiday for three months. My boyfriend and a few of his work colleagues took off on a trip to the other side of the world where they would find themselves in Beijing.

I, on the other hand would be stuck at home brooding over how bored I will be without him. The biggest problem is how much my partner and I love sex. The harder and faster the better. The more painful, wild and kinky the better.

We just love sex... but, with him in another country for three months what's a girl to do?

A few days went by and one morning I woke up hornier than I'd been in a long while and in need of some serious attention. I jumped on the computer and after a bit of research came across a decent looking dating site. In no time at all I found myself making an account as a single woman. Name: Melissa. Stats: 24, 5'3" with real DD's. I then added a sexy photo I'd taken for the boyfriend a couple of weeks ago and the profile was ready to go.

With no idea what to expect and feeling slightly guilty, not five minutes went by when my phone buzzed with a message. I found myself happy, sitting there reading his reply to me. It wasn't long but just long enough to make me interested and a little horny to be honest. He introduced himself and told me straight up, he wanted to fuck.

I didn't think it would be that easy but it was... Before I knew it my fingers were typing a reply. My head was out of the picture, my response was just pure sex drive. My whole body was tingling with excitement, it'd been so long since I'd talked to a guy and flirted like that. In the end we organised a time later that day for drinks at 4PM.

3PM came and I was showered, dressed and shaved, just rearing to go. My dress consisted of some black lacy underwear covered by a short tight dress that only served to accentuate the curves of my ass and tits. Come 4PM I walked to the bar and found him sitting at a table in the corner with a drink.

I slowly walked up and flashed a smile before he recognised me an offered the seat next to him. He called the barman over and ordered us each a drink.

We got talking and indeed drinking and about halfway through my mojito I felt his hand slide from behind my shoulders, down the chair to perfectly cup my ass in his hand. I finished my drink before setting it down, my hand slid down his front slowly to rest on his upper though. I bit my lip as he asked if I wanted to take this back to his room and answered with "are you close?" He signalled the barman for the bill, then taking my hand and leading the way. So, it happened he was staying in the building across the road overlooking the beach. We got to his room and as I closed the door behind me he offered me a drink...

He walked over to me holding the drink and handed me mine. I took one quick sip and grabbed him, kissing him deeply. It took him by surprise but with a swift recovery he kissed me back. Before I knew it, we were making out and as our lips were locked, he blindly placed the drinks on the table. He then wrapped his arms around me and felt the zipper running down my back. He slowly pulled the zipper down revealing my black lacy bra. His lips left mine only as he bent to fully take off my dress and reveal my black lacy G-string. He kissed my thigh softly as he lifted my leg out then did the same with the other.

He threw the dress across the room before sweeping me up and carrying me to the bedroom. He lay me on the bed before climbing on top. A leg between mine and hands either side of my head. He leaned in to kiss me again until his lips decided to venture down my neck. They were warm and the occasional gentle bite let me know he meant business. He continued down to my tits where he slowly kissed them while removing my bra.

It felt so intimate and sexual, I hadn't had such a romantic experience in a while with my boyfriend.

Once my tits were free he sucked a nipple into his mouth while groping the other and massaging it. His hands were so warm and I felt the cold as one left my boob to ever so slowly run down my stomach to my panties. He felt me through my panties, he could feel how horny and wet I was as I started to squirm under him. He drew little circles around my clit before pulling away from my lips and moving down the bed. Before I knew it he was laying at the end of the bed gently spreading my legs. He kissed my clit through my panties before sliding them down my smooth legs. He pushed my legs apart and started slow, drawing his tongue from the bottom of my pussy all the way to my clit. He did that several times before I put my fingers through his hair and pulled his face into my pussy. I held his head there while I grinded my hips up and down, rubbing my clit on his mouth and tongue.

At this point I was almost the horniest I'd ever been. I jumped off the bed and got on my knees in front of him. I undid his belt as I looked up at him with an innocent smile, slid the zipper down and pulled his pants right off. I grabbed his cock through his underwear, god it was so nice and hard. Still looking into his eyes, I pulled them down to feel his cock bounce out and into my face. I grabbed it and immediately licked from the bottom of his cock to the tip making it all wet before sliding my mouth over it. After a few hard sucks, I felt his hands grab the back of my head. He began to fuck my mouth hard and fast straight away fucking my throat and making me gag. I couldn't breathe so after a good few pumps he picked me up, throwing me on the bed and jumping on top.

He got on his knees at my feet and took my ankles, pulling them up on his shoulders. He inched closer before grabbing his cock and slapping it on my clit making me jolt in pleasure and surprise. He pushes the head in to my pussy before planting his hands on my ankles again and pushing them till they hit the wall. He couldn't believe how flexible I was and commented then quickly pushed with his hips. His cock slid right in, all the way, completely filling me like no one ever had. He pulled back then fucked me hard, harder and faster with each thrust.

All this time and I hadn't thought about my boyfriend at all...

He then turned me over and pulled my ass up so I'm on my knees, grabbing my hair and pulling it till my back was arched as much as possible. He slid his cock into me again, pounding me from behind. I screamed from pleasure as I could feel him stretching me. He put his hand over my mouth and nose so I couldn't breathe.

A little while went by before he released me and I fell to the bed. I was exhausted from being pounded so hard and not being able to breathe but my pussy wanted more. I told him to lie down and I stood over him before lowering myself. I grabbed his cock and squatting down till he was buried inside me. I put my knees next to his legs so I could ride him and grind my clit on his skin. I leant back and put my hands on his knees, I could feel him hitting my g spot. After a few seconds of riding him hard in this position I pulled myself back and rubbed my pussy making myself squirt. Covering him in my juices all over his body and face.

I finished and he pushed me back planting his face in my pussy lapping up all my juices. He gets on top and pushed his cock into me for the last time and pounds me even harder than before. I can barely stop moaning as I look him in the eyes and tell him to cum. He asks where and I say "all over my face and tits".

A few seconds later he pulled out and came, completely covering me in it, I sat up and sucked his cock clean before he grabbed my hand and lead me to the shower.

We both soap each other up and wash off before I see he's hard again and massaging my tits. I bend down and give him a nice little suck before he grabs me and shoves me against the shower wall. He shoved his cock inside me and fucked me hard with my boobs pressed against the cold glass. He reaches around my body and plays with my clit making me cum once more and I beg him to cum for me. Again he asks me where so I reach behind myself grabbing his hands and placing them on my hips. He gets the message and pounds me hard and fast before letting out a very arousing grunt and releasing his hot cum inside me, completely filling me.

We have a quick make out session while the cum drips from my used pussy before I wash and dry myself off. I find my bra, my wet panties and dress, get dressed. He meets me in the living room completely naked, I admire his body before saying goodbye and leaving.

As I walk out the door my phone rings. I had two missed calls from the boyfriend already. I answered while I kissed my lover goodbye, turned and walked away while the boyfriend asked what I was up to and why I had missed his calls. I lied and said I met up with the girls and we ended up having a beach afternoon. He completely believed my story and told me about his day. We both say I love you and hang up which is when I realise I have seven more messages from guys wanting to meet up.

I got back to my place, poured myself a drink and start replying with my new-found confidence and sexual desire, excited for my next encounter...

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