tagFetishStretched To The Limit!

Stretched To The Limit!


So now you are tied up hand and foot to the bed and I've just put a blind fold on so you can only hear me now I get my bag of tricks out. The first is a butt plug quite small about 6cm long and 1 cm wide your legs are spread and slightly raised so I have a good view from the end of the bed. I run it over your fantastic boobs tickling your nipples so after tickling your nipples I tell you to open you mouth and stick out your tongue so you can see how big the butt plug is (don't worry it is nice and clean) you run your tongue over the plug and get it nice and wet.

Next I get you to lift up your bum on a pillow. Then snatch the plug out of your mouth as you try to suck it and get it very wet. I run the end over your clit and slowly drag it over your pussy using it to separate your lips next I slide it in to your pussy and get it nice and lubed then slowly drag it out of your pussy and rest it against your bum hole slowly you feel the pressure rise as i slide it in. You fell the head go past the first ring then the second and then finally plop snugly into place.

I gently turn it round a few time and half pull it out and slide it back in next I reach back into my bag and get the next butt plug out this one is about 10cm long and 3cm at its widest and jet black. I start by rubbing it over your nipples, rest it between your breast so you can feel the size next I tease the end of your tongue as you desperately try to lick it. I can see you squirming with the existing butt plug sticking out of your sexy ass. When you've had enough I let you take it in your mouth where you suck and lick it like a starving child. I struggle to get the plug out of your mouth as you are sucking on it so strongly! It is dripping with your spit so I rub it over your clit and pussy again to get it even more dripping. Next I grab the first plug and pull it out in one pull. It plops out and I see you bum hole stay open for a few seconds before clamping shut

The next plug is really going to stretch you. I whisper in your ear that it is going to stretch you wider than you have been stretch before and check you want it. You do. I place the end against your bum hole and feel it open to the size of the last plug easily but then it stops and I have to push it in about half a cm. Can you feel it stretch?? You can. After about 30 seconds I slide it in another cm, You have taken about half the width now. Next I slide it in another cm you have got 2/3 in now.

The view is amazing so I get my digital camera out and take a picture of your anus hugging the plug. I lift your blindfold up and show you the picture. You can also see how hard my cock has got, you also see how much has still got to get through your tight ass before it will shrink round the thinner bit. The pain is exquisite and you ask me to push it faster but I push slowly but constantly and finally when the resistance makes me think it won't go in it plops in and your ass sucks up the thin bit until it is clamped in your ass. I see your bum hole stretched round the plug with the outer ring slightly puckered up around the plug.

I slowly pull it out a little and then rim you right the way round. I decide to let you acclimatise to that one before moving to the next one. I reach back to my bag and get a clear plastic speculum out and slide it into your pussy. I get out a small torch and shine it inside you. I can see right inside, your cervix and what I am looking for which is your g-spot! I twist the speculum round slightly and place a small vibrator directly onto your g-spot. I spread the speculum open a notch further and push the vibro harder on you g-spot. I hold it in hard, very hard - pushing against your muscles. I place a second vibro against your clit now, so you have a vibro on your clit, on your g-spot then I flick the switch on the plug and that starts to vibrate too your titties are bouncing around too – yummy.

I withdraw the vibrators and replace the clit one with my tongue but leave the speculum in place to stretch your pussy. Now after you finish orgasming I move back to the butt plug. I flick off the vibrations and very slowly re-stretch you to slide it out. You muscles have clamped down so much they need widening again, finally it plops out and I start are you bum hole as it is about an inch wide and gaping open with the outer lips still turned outwards. I can't resist and stick my tongue and lick you as your muscles begin to shrink back onto my tongue.

I spot a tiny bit of dirt on the last butt plug and I am very angry - you were supposed to have cleaned yourself before we started. I tell you that you are going to have an enema before we try the next plug. The enema tube is about the size of the first plug and I slide it easily inside your and watch your anus try to clasp round the tube. I lift the bag up and rapidly start to feed the water into you. The bag holds a litre and within about 90 seconds you have taking it all. I clamp the tube and re-fill the bag. I rapidly run the next litre into you and you begin to feel full. Not finished I run up a final bag of a 1litre of water and run it in even quicker. Now you feel like you are going to explode. I leave you on the bed for a few more minute as you have to clench really hard not to let any escape. Next I untie your hands and feet and still blind folded to the bathroom. I make you sit on the toilet and tell you not to let any out for 5 minutes. I see you really struggle to hold 3 litres of warm water in you ass. After the 5 long minutes are up I give you permission to let it out. As the water rushes out you have another orgasm. Now you are properly clean I lead you back to the bed and re-tie you up.

I reach out my bag the final butt plug This one is only 12cm long but is a huge 5cm wide at the widest point. I rest it between your tits so you can feel the weight and the size of it. Next I run it over your lips before giving you permission to lick and suck it to get it wet and lubed. Next I place it in your pussy and get it covered in your juices. When it is dripping I bring it back to your mouth for you to taste just how wet you are. When you have licked all your juices off I push it back up your pussy and get it covered in your juices again. I untie your hand and feet and get you to turn onto your hands an knees so I have full access to you bum hole. When you are turned over I re-tie your hands. You anus is still slightly gaping still despite the enema, showing just how stretched it is. I place the giant plug against the gaping hole and push the first bit of the tip in. You stretch easily to take this so I push a bit more in then a bit more. After 5 minutes of gentle pushing you are stretch back to the size of the last plug. You puffy anus lips are greedily trying to suck more of the plug inside so I oblige and slide the plug in some more. You butt is now stretch to about 4cm. I slowly run my tongue round the plug and feel your muscles twitch under my tongue. I feel you try to push the plug out so I hold it tight against you and then begin to push it in for the final cm. You whimper a bit until it finally plops in. Even with the you anus resting on the thinner bit it still looks distended and puffy as the thin bit on this plug is as wide as the fat bit on the last plug.

I slowly begin to pull the plug out a little then push it back in and then out and then in. Each time I pull it out I pull it a bit further out so you get a little more stretched then relaxed. After about 5 minutes of this your are no longer totally stretched solid when the plug is back at the narrow point so I slide a finger along side the plug and run it round the edge of the plug. After the enema you bum is so clean I bring the fingers to your mouth so you can taste the mixture of bum and pussy juices on my fingers. You greedily suck on my fingers until they are licked clean and beg for more. I oblige and slide two fingers along side the plug, this stretches you further than before and I can feel your muscles clamp onto my fingers. I spread them apart and stretch you to new heights. After running them around for a while and when you have stretch to accommodate them I pull them out and let you taste the juices on them.

I step back and can see your pussy still stretch out by the speculum and decide it needs to be filled up. I release the speculum and look at you pussy dripping and gaping wide. I lift your blind fold and show you the huge black dildo I have brought for you. It is 9 inches long and about 3 inches fat. It is modelled to look real so has a big fat head and lots of veins along the shaft. Your pussy is so stretch you mange to take the full length and width on the first go. I begin to thrust it in and out of you. Each thrust brings more of your juices of forming a creamy frothy mass at the mouth of your pussy. Next I remove your blind fold and tell you to look at the TV. I have a camcorder connected to the TV and you get to watch the huge plug stretching your ass while I pump the big black dildo into you pussy. This only makes you buck harder against the dildo trying to get more and more into your pussy, almost swallowing my hand holding it on each thrust. The pressure on your g-spot and my fingers rubbing against your clit on each thrust finally make you cum. I pull the dildo out of your pussy and it is covered in a frothy mass of your juices. I bring it up to your face and make you lick it clean while you get to see on the TV you pussy wide open and looking back at you. It is distended by about 2 inches and there is a steady trickle of juices dripping out from it. Your inner lips are distended with blood and puffy through being engorged for so long.

Now is the time to remove the butt plug so I begin to slowly pull it back out and in pulling it a little further each time, stretching you back out. Finally I get to the widest point and your muscles shoot the plug right out and you see on the camera the wonderful view of your pussy gaping open along side you anus a good 4 cm open. I place my finger inside and slowly run if round the edges of your bum hole and then kneel down and thrust my entire tongue into you licking the inside of you. I set the camera up so you can see me with my tongue buried in your ass and my finger furiously beating your clit while your distended pussy floods juices onto my hand. When you cum for a final time I make you lick the juices from my hand before untying you.

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