tagBDSMStrider and Her Master

Strider and Her Master


CAUTION: This is the third in the series of Strider and her new experiences as a ponygirl. The first was "Strider Gets Her Tail" and the second was "Strider's Day in the Sun".


Both Max and Ray flicked the reins over the shoulders of their ponygirls, to direct them to the places where carnal pleasures awaited. The two vans were parked side by side, and Blondie and Strider followed the directions of their masters to the doors, where they halted in response to verbal commands and simultaneous tugs on their reins. Max stepped in front of Blondie, unlocked and opened the door, and got back behind her. His final order was another light snap of the reins, commanding her to enter the vehicle, and she did so, to be followed by her master, who closed and locked the door behind them.

The actions of Strider and her master replicated those of Blondie and Max. Although unsure just what would happen, the young ponygirl had a good idea, and was anxious for it to start. She couldn't remember ever having been as sexually aroused as she was then. It was partly the handle to her tail, which was still deeply embedded in her ass and sending thrills with every step she took, and the excitement of showing off her beautiful nudity to the highly appreciative crowd. The biggest part, however, was the strange, new pleasure that was associated with her tack, especially with the bridle and reins that her master had used to pass his commands to her. Strider also felt proud that she had helped him win first prize that day, but that feeling did not add to her need for sexual relief.

After following his ponygirl into the van, her master halted her, released her reins and secured the door. He set his hat, which was festooned with the recently won blue ribbon, on a small table across from the entrance. With that done, he hurried around Strider to stand in front of a wooden chair that was next to a bed and stood at the far end of the vehicle. The compartment was small, barely high enough for him to stand slightly bent over, and only about twelve feet long. Half of its width where he stood was taken up by a bed that was covered with a quilt and a pile of pillows. There was enough room for their purposes, though, and, after removing something from the pocket, Strider's master unfastened his pants and dropped them and his underwear to the floor, letting his erection spring free. The object taken from his pocket had been a condom and, after unwrapping it, he rolled it onto his cock, sat down, and opened his arms in an invitation.

Strider noted the erection that was awaiting her was not particularly big but she was no connoisseur, and not at all choosy that day. Anxious to get her master's cock as deeply in her pussy as possible, she hurried forward, forsaking the ponygirl strut for the first time that afternoon. Nobody, least of all the waiting man had any complaints about the omission. She straddled her master's lap and lowered herself until she felt the latex-clad tip of his cock pressing against the swollen and highly sensitive lips of her pussy. Her arms were still pinioned to her sides, and it was even more of an erotic thrill to leave them like that, although she would be unable to help guide his cock into the wet place where it was so urgently needed.

It wasn't necessary. Her master held his erection in place and rubbed the tip against Strider's wetness for a few seconds, spreading her lubrication. As she lowered her body farther, he guided it between her pussy lips, which were open in expectation, until the head wedged inside her dripping, pink hole.

A tremendous wave of pleasure, like nothing she had ever felt before, swept through Strider's body from where her master's cock entered. "Ooooo," she moaned in bliss. It was not a very equine sound, but her master didn't seem to notice, and she was beyond caring.

When Strider tried to take more of her master's hard cock into her pussy, a problem arose, and she didn't know at first what could have been causing it. She was so wet her juices were running out onto his lap. The hole to be stuffed wasn't all that tight, and he wasn't all that well hung but, even so, Strider couldn't seem to impale herself on his shaft as easily or as deeply as she wanted. Abruptly, she realized something. The cone-shaped object in her ass that was holding her tail in place was also constricting her pussy, making her so tight that she couldn't take her master's cock all the way into herself, although she wanted very much to do so. It was frustrating to both of them, but he solved the problem.

Ray was aware that Strider's tail was held in place by a butt plug imbedded in her ass, and of how it would make her pussy unusually tight. He placed his hands gently on her hips, enjoying the feel of her soft, smooth flesh, and pushed down. The additional impetus was enough, and his cock slid the rest of the way into it its snug nest.

An even greater wave, a giant breaker of pleasure, crashed outward, and Strider uttered an even louder expression of her joy. She had never felt anything like it; her whole body was bathed in bliss that radiated from two places: the cock that was stuffing her pussy and the handle of her tail that was crammed inside her ass. She writhed from the exquisite pleasure, with even her smallest movement making it even more intense, until she suddenly started cumming.

Ray knew his ponygirl had been in a high state of arousal when he suggested the tryst in his van, but he had not been aware just what a peak it had reached. It was a surprise, and a very happy one, when Strider started to cum so soon after the fucking began. As he had done all afternoon, he continued guiding her while she was in the throes of excruciating pleasure, but this time it was with his hands on her hips while she thrashed from side to side. He held her in place and kept her from falling off his lap when she raised her body, and he rammed his cock up into her pussy when she lowered it.

When Strider climaxed, her back arched and all her muscles clenched, followed by completely relaxing. Her master's hands and arms held her on his lap and he continued plunging his cock in and out of her, but more slowly. He wasn't even close to cumming yet, and wanted to bring his beautiful ponygirl to another orgasm if he could. After a few seconds, Strider began to respond to his long, slow thrusts and, a minute after her first climax, she was moving up and down on him, impaling herself on his cock and moaning and sighing in a most non-equine manner.

Besides being the most beautiful ponygirl of his experience, Strider was also the hottest woman. Ray started to caress her sides, loving her firm flesh under his hands, but finding the leather straps of her harness not very sensuous. He leaned forward and reached lower, to caress the soft, smooth skin of her hips and ass, which was much better, and brought his mouth close enough to her breasts that he was able to lick one of her lovely nipples, switching to its twin after a few seconds. Both pink nubbins were both fully erect, and the tiny hard ridges felt extremely erotic against his tongue, as his hands, cock and mouth were all happily involved in the fabulous adventure with the sexy ponygirl.

Strider reveled in everything her master was doing to her and with her. His cock surging in and out of her pussy was giving her the best fucking she had ever gotten, and every time it massaged her swollen clit it brought her closer to a repetition of ecstasy. The handle of her tail moved with every stroke, sending a different kind of thrill swirling through her body from where it was deeply imbedded in her ass. The hands fondling her soft, bare skin were making her happy in that same way that she had started experiencing for the first time that day, because Strider knew she was pleasing her master. Her arms being held against her sides by her bonds, combined with all the constraining tack she was wearing, especially her bit, was another source of delight that was new to her that day. His tongue caressing her nipples added still another dimension to her sexual banquet, and she leaned closer as she moved up and down so he would be able to take her breasts into his mouth if he wanted to.

He very much wanted to. Ray drew one luscious globe into his mouth and sucked, while his tongue continued caressing her nipple and areola. As good as it was for the sexy ponygirl, it may have been even better for Ray, and his murmurs of pleasure around her soft flesh were matching Strider's moans of bliss. He could feel his climax building up inside, as a volcano bubbling to the surface, and he knew it would erupt soon. Part of it was the knowledge that the lovely woman bouncing up and down on his cock and whimpering blissfully was his to command and, after his climax, he knew what else he wanted to do with her. The condom he wore was partly for the prevention of pregnancy and STD's or AIDS, and partly for another purpose.

The tremendous pleasure that was inundating her body from so many different sources evoked whimpers of joy from Strider, and she could feel another tremendous orgasm rapidly building up. "Uhwoo," she blurted as she started cumming. Her movements on her master's lap became even wilder, as she thrashed from side to side, held in place by his strong hands on her hips. Even when her involuntary movements yanked her breast from his mouth, her climax was not slowed at all. She gave another incoherent, but definitely non-equine cry of ecstasy as she reached the greatest orgasm in her life. Following that apex of joy, she collapsed against her master's chest.

He continued driving his cock into her, as he had been doing while Strider was cumming and, seconds after her orgasm, Ray climaxed, squirting cum into his condom. Her pussy was so good and so tight that he couldn't stop, and pumped two more gobs of semen into the latex protector before he was through. Strider's body was already pressed tightly against his, and he wrapped his arms protectively around her. There was something else he very much wanted to do, especially knowing how much fragrant juice was gushing from her pussy, but they would both have to catch their breaths first.

After a few minutes, she pulled back slightly from him, and he smiled at her beautiful and lust-filled face. "Strider, that was wonderful," Ray said. "Was it as good for you?" Her bit kept her from speaking, but she emphatically nodded her head and whinnied the answer he wanted to hear, as she had been doing all afternoon.

"There's something else I want to do, if you're ready. Are you?" Once again, Strider answered affirmatively, the way an obedient ponygirl would.

Her feet were resting on the floor on either side of his, so Ray slowly stood up, while his cock, which had softened while they rested, slipped from the dripping hole where it had shared so much pleasure. Bending over, he placed one arm at her knees and the other at her back, and prepared to pick her up. Strider was easily able to deduce what he had in mind and, even if she hadn't been obedient to her master, wanted the same thing as he did. She relaxed into his arms and let herself be picked up and deposited on the bed near the wall, and raised her head so a pillow could be slipped under it. Before Ray joined her, he quickly stripped off all the rest of his clothing.

Another great sensual thrill shot through Strider's body as she saw her master joining her on the bed, from knowing she would have an opportunity to please him more, whatever way he chose to allow her to do so. As he got onto the bed at the foot, she spread her legs and watched as he walked on his knees to a point between them. Her master leaned forward, and it was obvious he intended to eat her pussy, so Strider raised her legs and, after he had ducked under them, let them rest on his shoulders. He leaned forward still farther, wrapped his arms around her thighs so his hands met in her curly dark pubic hair, and gazed raptly at the lovely pussy that was available for his pleasure and for him to give pleasure to.

As Tara, Strider had experienced having her pussy eaten by several boy friends, and had always derived immense joy from it, but that day was better than any of the other times. Thrills rippled through her body when she felt her master's tongue starting to caress her belly, as he licked up the juices that had spattered there. This was followed by even greater delights as he sluiced them up from the sensitive skin of the insides of her thighs. Waves of pleasure swept through her when his tongue transferred its attentions to her crotch, and devoured the nectar that had gushed from her pussy during the fucking they had just done. After feasting on all the delicious juices that the ponygirl had produced, her master started licking one of her outer lips, eliciting another freshet of the treat from her.

Strider's body squirmed on the narrow bed from the excruciating pleasure she was already receiving from the tongue and lips of her master. Slowly, he kissed and licked his way up the outer lip and, when she leaned to the side to look past her swaying breasts to see his face, all that was visible were his eyes and his forehead. Even as she watched, his nose came into view, as his tongue continued upward until it was licking the soft hair on her mons. Her master's eyes glanced up at her, and she saw them crinkle, as if he was smiling, but his mouth remained hidden, and he lowered his face back down to where he had started.

The pause was no more than a second before Strider felt the pleasuring tongue performing on her other outer lip. It meandered slowly upward, sending more and greater waves of joy sweeping through her body from all along its course. Involuntarily, her body started writhing on the narrow bed, and her head rolled from side to side on the pillow. This time her eyes were closed in bliss, and she didn't see her master's face appearing at her mons, but she did feel him kiss her there. The next thing she felt was his tongue licking all the fresh juices off her crotch and lips. Her pussy started fucking up into his face, and this added immensely to her own pleasure because, every time her ass returned to the bed, the jolt drove the handle of her tail even more deeply into her ass.

After his tongue was through cleaning off her freshest juices, Strider felt the same magical organ start to gently but firmly thrust into the edge of the pink hole that had produced all the nectar her master had devoured. Strider's movements became even more erratic and, once again, massive breakers of joy crashed through her body as she felt its agile tip probing the edges and exploring under the insides of her inner lips. Her pleasure mounted toward ecstasy when her master's face reached the top of that dripping wet place and his mouth engulfed her clit. Strider's body thrashed about on the bed as he sucked on the swollen morsel and his tongue caressed its engorged sides and top. Once again, the bit in her mouth prevented her from vocally expressing her delight when she started cumming, but her actions made it highly obvious to her master.

Temporarily ceasing to be concerned with being obedient to him, Strider's thighs clamped onto his temples and squeezed. Under other circumstances, she would have grabbed his head and pressed it against her pussy, but she was prevented from doing so by the binding of her wrists. Instead of causing frustration, this relative helplessness added to the intensity of her delight in cumming, as it had done throughout that day's sexual adventures. With her master's face held between her legs, Strider churned up the bed, jerking him from side to side and back and forth. Her master clung tightly to her thighs, and his tongue and lips continued giving her pleasure, until she was overtaken by her climax. All of Strider's muscles clenched and her back arched as she drove her pussy against his for an ultimate time. After her great orgasm, she relaxed completely, enjoying the glow and hoping she had pleased her master.

She had, even more than she could have imagined. Ray Wilson had hoped to have an arousing afternoon guiding a pretty ponygirl around the field, hopefully followed by fucking her once in his van. At almost fifty years old, he didn't expect any more than just one time, but he hadn't reckoned with the tremendous effect that a truly sexy woman would have on him. The sight and the taste and the aroma of her pussy, and the way it had felt while impaled by his cock and under his tongue and lips and face had a stronger aphrodisiac effect on him than he could ever have anticipated. After licking all the fresh juices off the sexy ponygirl's pussy, his cock was as hard as he could remember it being in years. Quickly, he went to his pants, took another condom from the pocket, and rolled it onto his surprise erection. With the protection in place, he got back onto the bed, crouching between her knees, his cock aimed toward the lovely target at the junction of her legs.

She was still feeling the glow of the three orgasms she had already felt that day but, when Strider opened her eyes, she was elated at the sight. There was clearly visible evidence that she had pleased her master, and would have a chance to please him some more, as well as being pleasured by him. She couldn't hold open her pussy lips or say anything or even smile to make him welcome, but Strider was able to spread her legs wider to let him know she was still his to command. Her master moved forward on his knees, one hand holding his cock and pointing it at the wet pink hole where she knew they both wanted it.

Ray supported the weight of his upper body with one hand that he placed on the bed next to the waiting ponygirl. Holding his cock with the other hand, he leaned forward until the tip was pressed against the opening. When licking her fresh juices off Strider, he had the foresight to leave enough inside her to perform their natural function of lubrication, and he rubbed the tip in her wetness. She was completely relaxed from her earlier orgasms, and her pussy was somewhat distended from the earlier fucking, so he was able to slip the end into the place where it was wanted. With a firm push, the head wedged inside, and he sighed in pleasure.

"Mmmmm," Strider murmured, as well as she could, with her bit still wedged between her teeth.

She repeated the same unintelligible sound when her master drove his cock in deeper. Although her pussy was tight and the handle of her tail that was still stuffed in her ass was making it even tighter, she was so wet that he was able to make a good penetration. That handle was doing something else for her too. As when her pussy had been eaten, the weight of her body pressed on it with every stroke, wedging it in more deeply and sending jolts of delight rocketing through her body. Once again, Strider moaned from the excruciating pleasure she was receiving in both holes every time her master thrust his cock into her pussy. By the time it was all the way inside, with his pubic hair mingling with hers, Strider's head was already rolling from side to side with bliss and her body was rocking back and forth on the bed. She gasped and panted from the incredible pleasure, and she could feel another orgasm rapidly approaching.

Ray was aware of what the gorgeous ponygirl was feeling, because he was starting to feel it too. He leaned forward, curling his arms under her shoulders and supporting the weight of his upper body on his forearms and elbows. Slowly, he drew back his cock, paused, and plunged it back into the tight pussy of the ponygirl under him.

When she felt her master's cock surging into her pussy, Strider reflexively spread her thighs even wider, hooked her knees around his legs and fucked back to meet him. Their bodies came wetly together, spattering her juices on both of them, and evoking loud moans of bliss from two throats. Strider sagged back onto the bed, and felt another bolt of joy rocket through her body from the handle of her tail being driven into her ass again. She was still feeling the effects of that when her master's cock started another thrust into her pussy, and she fucked back to meet this one. Once again, the two bodies met, and his hard cock scraped against her clit, eliciting more sounds of mutual bliss.

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