tagFetishString Me Up

String Me Up


CJ was like hundreds of other young black men in the cities across the country. He went to school, got decent grades, played on the high school sports teams, and had a pretty girlfriend, and thought about sex ever 4 seconds. Where CJ differed from the norm, was in what he was thinking about.

CJ was introduced to sex very early by a babysitter with emotional problems. From then on, he was always trying to push the limits, and get a bigger rush. Some guys tried having sex more often, or with more girls. But that wasn't for CJ. He knew that if he did it all the time with so many girls, it would lose it meaning. He already knew guys who forgot about sexual conquests, and that held no interest for him. What did hold his interest, was Nydia.

Nydia was a firecracker. A petite Spanish girl, she had no end to her enthusiasm, or willingness to experiment. CJ actually became interested in her when he heard rumors that she had made out with her own mother at a party once. CJ thought that any girl who might have done that, might just be the kind of girl to do whatever he wanted. Although he never found out if the rumor was true, she did do all the things he hoped she would.

His new fantasy was Asphyxia. He had tried s little on his own, while playing with him self. Chocking himself, wrapping a cord around his throat... He tied to have Nydia choke him, but her delicate petite hands didn't have the strength for his athletic neck. Instead he would have her sit on his face, and try to smother him. She didn't mind, as he could always get her off that way, but he was never fully satisfied. He knew he would have to push the limits again...

Nydia came over in the afternoon. CJ's parents were at work, and left them alone, as so many parents today do. Nydia and CJ went up to his bedroom. They started kissing, and rubbing, and soon both stripped almost naked.

"Ny baby... I have something I want you to do for me... "

"C... what kinky shit are you going to pull this time?" That's when CJ pulled a thick rope out from behind the bed. "Ooo.. You wanna tie me up again baby?" she said as she flopped back onto the bed, hands over her head, ready to be tied up.

"Not quite..." he said as he flipped, and twisted a length of rope.

"Um... ok.. so.. what are you doing?" That's when she realized what he had done. In the end of the rope, he tied a noose. "Oh what the fuck is that shit?!?!"

"What does it look like?"

"Oh no fucking way you are using that on me!" Nydia sounded panicked. She was up for almost anything... but ALMOST.

"Na baby... It's for me."


"I want you to hang me, and get me off before I pass out"...

CJ spent the next 15 min explaining what he wanted. He wanted his hands bound, and to be strung up on a stool. He had a conspicuously heavy duty hook in the ceiling for a "hanging plant" that would work well. She would stroke, suck, and fuck him, until until it was time to "swing". Then he would hang, strangle as she continued to suck, fuck, or what ever she wanted, until he passed out, or got off. He tied off the rope with a knot that would give way if she tugged the end of it, so she could get him down in a hurry if she needed to.

"A black man with a noose under his bed... Do I even need to tell you how fucked up that is baby?"

"I know... But... You know... It's what I want."

"And you know that if something goes wrong and you die, I'm getting dressed, and getting the the fuck out of here. I'm not calling 911 or anything."

"Well... I guess if I'm dead, it won't matter... But that's not what I'm trying to do. Follow the instructions, and we'll be fine. OK?"

"I guess... "

"Good. Now take off the last of your clothes. I want to get a good look at you..." Stripping bare, she posed in front of him as he set the noose, and positioned the stepstool. Stepping up, he put the rope around his throat, and tightened it. "Tie my hands up, behind my back."

"What do you want that for?"

"I don't want to be able to change my mind..." CJ said seriously. He had thought this out, and was determined to take it all the way. Once tied, Nydia asked,

"OK.. What now?"

"Now... you do what ever you want to turn me, and you on! But you don't cut me down until I bust a nut, or I stop twitching."

Nydia pranced around CJ up on his stool. He thought she was the hottest thing on the planet. Large, jiggly breasts, a full round ass, and thick but smooth thighs. Her figure was best described as a deep hourglass. She played with her large tits, licking her own nipples. She watched with pleasure as his large cock started to twitch to life.

Laying back on the bed, she spread her legs to him, and started playing with her shaved, wet cunt. Spreading her pink lips open, she gave him a deep view. All the kink in the air made her want to be a whore for him. With a few fingers in her, his cock came to full mast quickly. She then strut over to him, and started stroking his hard cock with her hands. After a few min, and several kisses on his body, she knelt down, and took it in her mouth. She worked it over slowly at first. She loved teasing him this way, and now there was nothing he could do about it. Deeper into her mouth his throbbing spear penetrated. When she reached the back of her throat, she held him there... He knew she could deep-throat him. She had done it before. But she didn't usually like to. Today, she did. Pushing again, he felt this hard cock slip deeper in.

She took it all in, until his balls were in her face. She didn't hold on to any dignity here. She stretched her tongue forward, and licked his balls, while still gagging herself on his shaft. A few more long deep strokes, and CJ was squirming. He was getting a lot closer to cumming than he planned. This might be over too quickly. But suddenly, Nydia stopped. Stepping up on the stool with him, she tugged on the rope ad whispered to his ear...

"You want to fuck me like his?" His rapid nodding was clearly a big YES. So she propped up a chair in front of him, and climbed up. Carefully bending over, so she wouldn't fall, She shook her bare ass at him. Only inches away from him, but he couldn't move any closer to get into her. He watched intently as she reached between her legs, and slid her fingers back inside her. After a few moments, she took her other hand and reached around her ass. Wetting her fingers with her sloppy cunt, she circled her tightly puckered asshole. now wet with her juices, she pressed into her ass with one pointed finger. The soft sounds of wet flesh, and the heavy breathing of uninhibited teen lust was all that could be heard. Slowly, she worked that finger all the way inside he ass, and proceeded to wiggle it around, and moan.

The rope, still tight around his neck was too short to make any move. He couldn't even thrust if he wanted. So when she finally slid back onto him, he could do nothing. Deep into that sloppy wet cunt again. He had been into every hole in her body at one point, but non had ever felt as good as this had. She squirmed, and writhed on his cock like a stabbed animal. She was quickly, but carefully shaking up and down on his tool. She didn't want him going over until it was time. The perverse sexuality of this act, the taboo, the viewing of her, and him completely naked, and knowing he was watching her every move... She was much more excited than she expected. He was getting close. Beads of sweat has appeared all over both of them, and their breathing was fast, and ragged. She was so close, and knew he was too.

With his cock in her pussy, and a finger up her ass, she asked if it was almost time... He managed to whisper "Yes" through his already tight throat.

"How do you want to go baby?"

"I dunno, I'll just step off I guess..."

"No, I got a better idea baby...." CJ liked the sound of that. She wasn't just helping him with his strangulation fantasy, she was actively participating.

"What are you going to do?"

"You just tell me when it's time... And I'll do you right."

They continued to fuck, as she played with her ass with one hand, and her breasts with the other. It didn't take long for him to say he was ready...

"I'm almost there... hang me. Do it quick..." But instead of pulling the stool out from under him, she slid completely off his cock. She stayed bent over, but just out of his reach again. "What the fuck! Do it!" CJ barked. His ultimate orgasm was suddenly in jeopardy. She grabbed his cock tugged him forward and said,

"First, you are going up my asshole..." With one fierce thrust backwards, she impaled her pretty brown ass on his long dark cock, and knocked him off the stool.

The noose cinched up, and his feet dangled. CJ could still force a breath, because of his thigh muscular neck, but it wasn't enough, and he didn't know how long he'd have the strength to do it. But he wasn't really thinking about that. His entire universe was wrapped around his cock. Nydia was now streaming obscenities as she practically ass-raped herself on him. She reached back, to pull him in. Without the stool, she started swinging back and forth, and not pounding her like she wanted.

"Fuck my ass as you strangle you kinky shit. If you die, I want you to die inside of me. You better fucking cum quick bitch, because I'm not stopping till you do..."

CJ's neck was aching, as were his lungs. His head was swimming. Between the tight ass on his shaft, and the rope around his throat, he was in heaven. He just hoped he could get off before everything went out. He could feel it deep in his balls, the swelling started.. he was so close now... Then he heard the phrase that pushed him over the edge. Over the ringing in his ears, he heard her say,

"When you cum, I'm putting you in my mouth... You get to do me ass-to-mouth, just like a whore..." As the words entered his mind, he felt the orgasm hit him.

"Cummm" was all he could mutter, but Nydia spun around instantly, and as promised, took his black cock from her ass, and shoved it right down her throat. CJ felt the first spasm of his ejaculation from his shoulders to his knees. His feet kicked in the air, his arms strained against his bonds, and his cock fired a massive shot of jizz into his eager whore, Nydia. She gagged, and coughed, but wouldn't take his cock out of her. She furiously slammed her face recklessly into his pelvis as he launched his second shot. A broader wave washed over CJ, but it wasn't as sharp. Nadia wretched on it, but kept sucking. The third and fourth spasms were softer, and felt less like his shock, and more like a wave washing over him. But as his orgasm faded, and the adrenaline gave out... so did his consciousness.


CJ woke with a start. He was confused. Didn't know what was happening. Gasping for air, it all started coming back. Undressing, the noose, Nydia, and that mythic orgasm. He realized he was laying down. Sitting up, he realized he was on the floor.

"You're back!" He head Nydia's familiar voice. "You scared the shit out of me. I kept sucking, and when you were done... I thought you were gone!"

They talked for a little while, as CJ recovered. She untied him, as he tried to explain the rush to her. He tried to remember the stories he read, and they way they described it, but he couldn't find the words. Finally he gave up, and said,

"I guess it's the kind of thing you need to experience to understand."

"But... You liked it? It was THAT good?"

"Fuck yeah. 100%."

"Well..." she said as he sat up, and looked at her... "Maybe I should..." she said, as she slipped the noose around her own neck. Wearing nothing but the knotted rope, she smiled a devilish smile....

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