tagGroup SexStrip Poker: Five Girls, One Guy

Strip Poker: Five Girls, One Guy


As I pulled my car to a stop in the driveway after a late night at work, all I wanted to do was sit on the couch, watch some ESPN and go to sleep.

I walked in the door and realized that was not going to happen.

Sitting in my living room were my girlfriend, Lauren, and four of her friends. They were drinking wine and giggling. "Great," I thought. "I get to deal with five drunk idiots now."

I had been with Lauren for three years, and if there was one thing I knew, it was that she liked her alcohol. She and her friends, all in their early 20s, loved to get out-of-control drunk.

This was one of those nights. Lauren - blonde, 5-foot-7, slim, with smallish breasts and a perfect, round butt - sat on the floor next to her best friend, Kelly. With dark-brown hair, Kelly was slightly shorter than Lauren, and super-skinny - like, Calista Flockhart-skinny. Not exactly my type, but I'd be lying if I said I had never wondered what it would be like to fuck her and just throw her around.

On the couch were Liz, Danni and Mia. Liz is about 5-foot-4, with a killer body, brown hair and the kind of pretty face that always made her the first one guys talked to in the bar. Danni is about 5-foot-1, with dirty-blonde, wavy hair and the biggest tits in the group, by far - at least double-Ds. Mia is the tallest of the group, about 5-foot-10, with brown hair and a pretty face. Mia had a great body, but it was always covered, as she was the goodie-goodie of the group - always the designated driver.

Even Mia was trashed tonight, though. As I peered into the kitchen, I saw several empty wine bottles.

They were all giggling, so I asked what was up.

"Liz and Danni both broke up with their boyfriends this week, and we were saying they should hook up with each other tonight," Lauren told me, almost falling over with laughter.

"And I want to join them, because I haven't gotten laid in two months," Kelly added.

I turned to Mia. "Are you going to make it a four-way?" I asked with a laugh. "You can all probably fit in the guest bed."

"Ha-ha, very funny," Mia said before hiccuping.

I wasn't even sure if Mia had ever had sex. The other three had had lots of it, though, so I let myself daydream for a second about them getting together.

That's when Mia surprised me. "From what I hear," she said with another hiccup, "You could take care of all five of us."

I froze. Then I looked at Lauren questioningly. "What exactly did you tell them?" I asked.

"Oh, relax, you already knew I told them a long time ago that you have a big dick," Lauren said. "And I might have also told them tonight that you can go all night."

"OK, this is awkward," I thought.

"Well, that's my cue to go watch ESPN in bed," I said with a smile.

"Noooooo!" they all said in unison.

"Sit down and have a drink," Danni said.

So I did. In fact, I had several beers. Before long, I was nice and buzzed, and the girls seemed to forget I was even there as their conversation turned into nothing but sex.

Danni finally took it to the next level. "Strip poker," she said. Everyone laughed it off, but she was persistent.

"C'mon, Liz and I need to let loose a little bit," she said.

"I'm in," I said, almost too quickly. Luckily, Lauren was so drunk that she didn't notice. She had a tendency to be the jealous type, but this time, she said, "What the hell, I'm in."

Mia didn't look thrilled, especially when Kelly said she was in.

"I'll pass," Mia said, her face turning red.

"Fine," Danni said, "but you have to go to bed, then, and you can't see his big dick when we get him naked."

Just hearing Danni talk about my dick made me start to get hard.

Mia thought about it for a minute and finally said, "Fine." She pulled her knees up to her chest, as if she didn't want to admit to herself what she had just agreed to do.

"OK," Danni said, taking charge. "Five-card stud, winner of each hand gets to take an item of clothing off someone."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," I said. "That's not fair. You'll all get me naked right away."

Danni stifled a smile, seeing that she had been caught. "OK, fine," she said. "Winner of each hand spins a bottle to see who has to strip. That way it should be even for everyone."

I thought for a second. "Sure, that works," I said. I knew I was at a disadvantage, since all the girls had bras on, but I was also the most sober person there, and I knew a little bit of poker.

So we started. Everyone gave up socks first, no one wanting to be the first to show skin. We didn't count shoes, belts or jewelry, and we made Mia take off her cardigan before we started.

The first person to lose a real article of clothing was Liz. She had just given up her second sock when the bottle, once again, landed on her. I had spun it, having yet to lose a single article myself.

Liz turned red and looked around before pulling her blue, short-sleeved top off, revealing two grapefruit-sized breasts in a pink bra.

"OK, let's go!" she urged, not wanting to be the only one topless.

So we kept playing. Before long, I had lost both my socks, but every one of the girls except Mia had lost their shirts. Mia was on a roll, winning several hands, focusing so intently that it was almost as if she had sobered up. She had no desire to lose anymore clothes.

The first person to lose pants was Kelly. She shimmied out of them and sat back down in just her bra and panties.

Lauren and Danni lost their shorts next. Then, finally, Mia lost. But instead of taking off her top, she slipped her jeans off. "Just like bikini bottoms at the beach," she reasoned, more to herself than anyone.

Mia proceeded to win the next hand, and her spin landed in between me and Kelly, who was down to her bra and panties. Man, I wanted to see her pert little A-cups. But the skinny girl looked hesitant, and I didn't want the game to end. So I said, "That's me," and took off my shirt.

That left me, Kelly, Lauren and Danni with two items each, and Mia and Liz with three each.

I won the next hand, and it landed on Danni. This time, I wasn't afraid of the game ending.

Danni pretended too be embarrassed - hey, maybe she was a little bit - but reached back and undid her bra, releasing those monsters. They were phenomenal. They almost looked fake, cantaloupe-sized with quarter-sized areolas and nipples pointing at me like erasers.

Trying not to look like a slut, Danni quickly covered her boobs as much as she could with her arms, and we moved on.

Liz lost her pants next, and then Lauren lost her bra. "Whoooo!" She said, tossing it aside and taking a big gulp of wine.

Game on.

Then Danni lost again and had to take off her panties. She stood up and slid them down her legs, revealng a small landing strip above a totally shaved pussy. She looked me in the eye as I checked out her mound. I quickly looked away.

Mia looked around hopefully. "So, it's over?"

"No way!" Danni said. "If I lose again, I'll do a dare."

So we kept going. Somehow, Mia kept winning. Before long, I was down to my boxer briefs, and Lauren, Liz and Kelly joined Danni in the nude. Unlike Danni, all three of them were fully shaved. Like Danni, though, they were drunk enough that they seemed to lose their inhibitions.

I was in my glory. All of them were half-heartedly trying to cover up, but they were drunk enough that they weren't too embarrassed, even though this was the first time I was seeing any of them besides Lauren naked.

But nobody had had to do any dares yet. If it was anyone else with three articles of clothing left, I'm sure everyone would have called it a night. But they were determined to get Mia naked.

Mia won the next hand, though. She wasn't sure what to do when the bottle landed on Kelly.

"Dare her," Danni said, still trying desperately to cover her enormous tits.

"OK," Mia said slowly. "Kelly, I dare you to kiss Liz on the lips."

Kelly laughed and didn't hesitate to get up and give Liz a peck. There was no tongue, so the best part for me was actually getting a long look at both girls' butts - Kelly, with the tiny little ass on her skinny legs, and Liz with her runner's physique.

Finally, the bottle landed on Mia next. She seemed to have a lot easier time taking her top off, though, with the other four girls naked. Mia still had her bra and panties.

The next loser was Liz, and Lauren dared her to motorboat Danni. Lauren always had had a fascination with Danni's tits, so this was no surprise.

Liz had to lean across a mortified Mia to do it, which made everyone laugh. Danni offered up her huge tits, and Liz put her face in there and shook it around for a few seconds. Everyone burst into laughter, which, might I add, offered me some nice views of their nudity.

"OK," Danni said. "Enough. Let's move on. I want to see that stiffy." She pointed to my growing erection through my boxer briefs. I made no effort to cover up.

But I won the next turn, and it landed on Mia. She just stared at the bottle, not believing it.

"Mia, you don't have to do it. You can go to bed now if you want," I said.

"Hell no!" Danni said. "I just had to sit in front of you all while Liz put her face in my tits!"

"It's OK," Mia said. Then she surprised me. "I don't want to miss on you getting naked," she said, almost whispering. With that, she quickly reached back and unhooked her bra, revealng two apple-sized, perky tits. "On with it," she said, holding her tits in her hands.

I won again the next hand, and Lauren lost.

"Give Mia a lap dance for one minute," I said to my girlfriend, cautiously, still half-expecting her to pull the plug on the whole thing any minute. Lauren laughed, eager to embarrass Mia. She got up and walked over before putting her butt in Mia's face and doing a little dance. Mia turned redder than she had been all night. Lauren swung her blonde hair around, doing her best stripper impression. I wasn't sure, but I was pretty sure Mia could see Lauren's pussy lips from behind from that angle.

"OK, that was a minute," Mia said, laughing. "Ryan, are you ever going to lose?"

But the next hand was won by Kelly and lost by Danni. "Danni, give Ryan a lap dance," she said.

Danni smiled, got up and told me to take her spot on the couch. I obeyed. She then proceeded to straddle me and start jiggling her tits in my face as she danced, though even she was too modest to let her pussy touch my erection through my boxer briefs. I just stared at her tits, inches from my face. I was pretty sure it was OK to stare this time.

Lauren finally yelled out that the minute was over. "Danni, time to get those things out of my boyfriend's face," she said, making everyone laugh.

Mia won the next hand, and finally, I lost. I stood up, half-embarrassed but also knowing that if this night was going to get better, this had to happen. So I slowly pulled my boxer briefs down, and the girls all gasped as my cock finally sprung free from the waistband.

"Sorry to disappoint you all," Lauren said, teasing me.

"That wouldn't disappoint me," Danni said, her eyes glued to my dick, which is about seven inches long and as thick as a stick of pepperoni.

I noticed Mia bite her lip as she stared.

"OK," I said, sitting back down but not covering my dick. "Let's keep going."

Kelly won the next hand, and Lauren lost. "Perfect," Kelly said, deep in thought. "We can't touch it, but you can. Go over and suck his dick for a minute."

As Lauren crawled over, Liz surprised me by saying, "Who says we can't? I had to kiss Kelly and motorboat Danni. Touching is clearly allowed." I was OK with that, and Lauren just smiled at Liz before leaning down and putting her mouth on my dick.

Mia, still covering her tits with her arms, leaned forward in awe as the head of my dick disappeared in my girlfriend's mouth. I could tell Lauren was embarrassed, though. She kind of went through the motions, didn't go very deep. She stopped herself before a minute was even up, but nobody called her out on it.

Danni won the next hand, and I lost. "Ry, you have to get up, walk over to Mia and let her touch it," she said. I looked at Mia, hesitant. She didn't say a word, but she didn't object.

I stood for a few seconds with my dick awkwardly swinging in Mia's face before she finally reached out and grabbed it with her right hand. She moved it around, inspecting it, and pulled the skin back and forth. I don't think she even realized that she was stroking me. And it was still wet with Lauren's saliva.

"That's enough. She didn't say to give him a handjob," Lauren said with a laugh. Mia quickly pulled her hand back, embarrassed, and I sat back down. "I wasn't giving him a handjob," she said angrily.

"Mia, have you never seen a dick before?" Kelly said.

Mia hesitated. "I've seen my dad's," she said. "I've made out with boys, but I've never done anything else. I've never seen a hard one before tonight."

"Well, we need to keep this game going, then!" Danni said. "We can't have him putting that away any time soon!"

Mia smiled but didn't say a word, her eyes still glued to my cock. "OK," I thought, "This could get interesting."

It did get interesting. Mia lost the next hand. She didn't even hesitate to stand up and pull down her panties, which were red with a little pink bow on the front. Surprisingly, she was mostly shaved - she had a landing strip a little bigger than Danni's, but her lips were bare.

The next hand went to Danni, with Liz losing. "Well, Liz, you were the one who said we could all touch it, so I want to see you jerk him off for a minute."

Everyone looked at Lauren, who just smiled nervously and shrugged her approval.

It was now apparent that my dick was going to be a prop for just about every dare, and I was fine with that. As Lauren had told the girls earlier, I could last all night, even if it meant cumming four or five times.

Liz walked over and sat down next to me on the floor. "I was hoping to get a chance to do this," she said as she grabbed my dick and started stroking. "I haven't touched a dick since I broke up with Robby two weeks ago."

I was in heaven. Liz knew what she was doing, corkscrewing as she stroked. I almost came right there, but Danni called a minute. "Sharing is caring!" she said, drawing more laughter from everyone.

Kelly won the next hand and Mia lost. Everyone waited nervously as Kelly thought of a dare. Too bold and Mia might quit, we all knew. "Let Ryan suck your nipple for a minute," Kelly said.

I wasn't the one who lost, but I didn't mind. I got up, dick bouncing, and before Mia could object, closed my lips over her right nipple and started sucking. She moaned involuntarily. Her tits were perfect - they reminded me of Katie Holmes' in "The Gift." I used my tongue and even nibbled a bit, and when Kelly finally called time, Mia's eyes were still closed as I walked back to my spot.

Lauren won the next hand and Danni lost. Nobody was surprised when Lauren again chose Danni's massive tits as her target. "Ry, time for some titty-fucking!" she said. Clearly, she was OK with touching.

Danni leaned back on the couch and squeezed her tits together as I got up and walked over. I straddled her, put my dick in between those giant melons and started pumping. After about 10 seconds, Danni stuck her tongue out, and I obliged by moving farther up so she could lick the tip of my dick every time I went up. Toward the end of the minute, she even got her lips around it for a few sucks, making a popping noise every time. No one seemed to mind, even Lauren. But finally, Kelly called time.

Mia won the next hand, and Kelly lost. To my surprise, though, Mia looked at me. "Are you close?" she asked me shyly. "Yeah, I guess so," I said. "Between Lauren's blowjob, Liz's handy and fucking Danni's tits, I won't last much longer, but as Lauren told you, I can stay hard and keep going."

"OK, I want Kelly to jerk you off until you cum," Mia said. "I've never seen a guy cum." Nobody could believe that sweet little Mia had just said those words. But Kelly looked me in the eye and crawled over. I looked at Lauren and she shrugged, smiling, which meant she was OK with it.

Kelly reached out a skinny little arm and started stroking my dick. Her hands were so small that it made my dick look bigger. I had never been with anyone that small, and I had to admit it was hot. After a little bit, she stopped, leaned over and spit on it. I couldn't believe how hot that was as the trail of spit went from her mouth to my dick. I wanted so badly for her to suck it.

That's when Kelly whispered in my ear, "I can't wait to ride your dick later." That was it for me. "Where am I going to cum?" I said to no one in particular, knowing my dick was going to explode in a few seconds.

"Stand up and cum on my chest," Kelly said, getting into position as she let go of my dick. I got on my feet and Kelly started stroking me again just in time as I let loose rope after rope onto Kelly's tiny titties. One shot landed on Kelly's chin, but she didn't seem to mind. She squeezed every last drop out and then surprised me by leaning forward and quickly sucking the last little bit out. "Got to finish the job," she said, licking her lips. "Can't leave you with cum on your dick." She then went and sat back down in her spot, not bothering to clean the cum off. We all were so shocked that it took a second before we remembered to keep playing.

Lauren won the next hand, and Mia lost. Lauren grinned. "Time to clean her off!" she said. "Mia, get over here and find out what cum tastes like!"

Mia hesitated for a moment but went over to Kelly and hesitantly started licking. Interestingly, she started on Kelly's nipple. Eventually, she started lapping away at it and ate every last drop, even the bit on Kelly's chin. "That stuff isn't bad at all!" she said, getting up to walk back to her spot. As she walked, I noticed that she had a great ass. Something to file away.


Finally, I won a hand. Liz lost. Figuring my dick could use a little break, I said, "Liz, I want you to go lick Lauren's vagina." Seeing both of them hesitate, I said, "Just one lick. Come on, I just busted a nut in front of everyone." I knew none of these girls had ever done anything beyond kissing with other girls, so I figured we'd take baby steps.

It worked. Lauren said, "Fine," and spread her legs and leaned back. Liz came over, got on her hands and knees, and stuck out her tongue. She started from the bottom and licked all the way up Lauren's cunt lips, which already had been moist. She lingered at the clit for just a moment before getting up and walking back to the couch without saying a word. I couldn't help but notice Danni shift in her seat, and I wondered if she wanted to have her pussy eaten.

Danni won the next hand, but she didn't ask for any oral from Kelly, who lost. "Ryan and Lauren, you're going to want to move around for a good view of this. Kelly, lean back, and I want you to finger yourself for one minute."

Kelly looked mortified. The skinny brunette had jerked me off, had my cum splattered all over her titties and had it licked off by Mia, but spreading her legs for everyone was another story. "I need another drink," she said, getting up to refill her wine glass and then chugging it.

"OK," she said. She sat back down on the floor, leaned back on her left elbow, spread her slender legs with her knees up and reached down to her pussy with her right hand. Then she plunged a finger in and moaned. "I hate you guys," she joked, squeezing her eyes shut. But after about 15 seconds she stuck another finger in. Soon, she was furiously fingering herself, and using her left hand to tweak her nipple. Her fingers were glistening as they moved in and out of her tiny cunt. Finally, as she started to really get into it, Danni said, "Time." Kelly opened her eyes and glared at Danni as she removed her fingers from her cunt. Looking around for a napkin, she eventually decided instead to just lick her fingers clean, which was quite a sight.

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