Strip Poker Set Up


Charles discreetly scouted around and found out the only people who'd been invited were supervisors. Altogether, not including him, a lowly peon, that meant a total of eight other people; one of whom was Lauren.

Charles thought it over. Sure he'd go to the party. It would be like a going away. He'd see all his old friends, friends who'd started out like him, but who'd, one at a time, been promoted. He'd say his goodbyes, make sure Lauren knew there were no hard feelings, and then move on with his life, out of town, out of the company, and away from her.

It did sadden him a little. These were all people he'd known for the last five years. He'd miss them, but then again, a man's got to do what a man's got to do. He agreed to go.

The day of the party Gerald stopped by Charles's desk and reminded him abut the event, not to be late, and to be sure to wear a shirt and tie.

Charles asked why he should get dressed up. Gerald didn't give a reason, only that he ought to do it, say for old time's sake. Charles agreed he'd even wear a sport jacket. Gerald said even better; just make sure it was a white shirt.

It all sounded a little fuzzy but Charles went along. That evening after work he got dressed. He put on a shirt and tie, a nice pair of slacks, some loafers, a jacket, and he even put on socks. He got to the Flynn's right on time, 7:00.

When Charles got there everybody else was already on hand. There were four women counting Lauren and Tiffany, and five other men including himself and Gerald. For the first forty minutes or so everyone just sort of mingled. Every person there made a special point of stopping by to see him, and express their regrets about his leaving.

Charles thought everyone looked good. It was only supposed to be a card party followed by a special screening of a newly released movie down in Gerald's and Tiffany's new film room.

The Flynn's had just bought their house. It was a large one, and had all the amenities. There was a separate room for cards and the like, a private den, indoor putting green and driving range, massive living room, huge kitchen, and downstairs, as was already mentioned, a sumptuous screening room.

Gerald was especially proud of the movie room, as he called it. It had a beautiful ninety inch high definition screen, and spaced around and in front there were a dozen over-sized lazy boys. The seats, Charles noticed, were ideal if someone wanted to scooch down with a special person and make whoopee. Someday he vowed he'd have a room with a double lazy boy like one of these. He'd get down and get it on with someone he loved. It made him a little melancholy. It would have been nice to cuddle up with Lauren, but that wasn't ever going to happen, not now.

Charles noticed Lauren was especially lovely this evening. She had on a little suit set; a dark blue bolero that fit comfortably over a gorgeous white blouse, a matching dark blue pleated miniskirt, dark stockings, terrific dark blue high heeled shoes, and a really pretty little necklace with what looked like ankh on it. Her make up was impeccable, hair in a loose pony tail with a few errant fronds that wafted around her sweet face. She had on small gold hooped earrings, clear nail polish, and a discreet little dark blue ribbon tied off in the back of that scrumptious red hair. He wished he'd asked her out at least once. Too bad, that's all gone now. Screwed he thought; he'd really blown it!

After a drink or two Gerald suggested they all travel over to the card room where they could get into some serious card playing.

It was an interesting arrangement for a card room. Several love-seats and sofas, and one or two rich looking chairs were all in a circle around the center of the floor. Charles thought they'd be at a card table. Well, it wasn't his house, and it wasn't his party.

Charles plopped down on a big soft chair. Lauren sat almost directly opposite him in the only other big single chair. He thought about how hard it was going to be to sit across from her all night; her with that wonderful warm smile. He'd have to sit here like some wooden Indian; trying not to feel all the regret building up inside him.

It didn't help that she smiled directly at him so sweetly, and the way she sort of let one leg sit under her ass so that it allowed her skirt to slide up a little more than he was comfortable with. She was so gosh darn pretty. This was going to be torture.

They started playing cards. At first everyone thought it would be cool to play a little three decked rummy, but pretty soon that got tiresome. Charles felt like the party wasn't going anywhere. That was too bad too; he wanted to have a good time. He wanted to enjoy being with his friends, and especially with Lauren. This might be the last chance he'd ever get to see or talk to her.

Someone made an interesting suggestion. It was Harry, always a playful fellow. He suggested they make the game a little interesting; a little more daring is what he said. He suggested they try a little strip poker.

To Charles's surprise, everyone agreed, even Lauren. They had to get the rules straight first though.

Gerald brought in a big cardboard box. He said it was his house, he'd make the rules. Here's what he said. First he said if you're in, you're in for the duration. Nobody backs out, no matter how much they're losing.

Second, since this was a mixed party there was always chance of gender difficulties. He made everybody promise there would be no sexual harassment issues in the office on Monday. To Charles's surprise everybody agreed.

The third rule Gerald laid out was in how to decide who lost clothes. He said every hand would have a winner. The winner of the hand would select someone else in the group, and that person would give up an article of clothing. He said he trusted there would be no ganging up. Everybody agreed to that method of stripping down, and everyone agreed there would be no ganging up.

His next rule was once an article of clothing was lost it was dropped in the cardboard box. There would be no 'winning back' or 'trading off' already won clothes. Everybody agreed to that as well.

His fifth rule was really intriguing. He said once someone got down really low, other people could play rescue. Say one person was almost naked, and somebody else had extra to spare they could offer something of their own. But he said the recipient would have a special obligation to the giver, a special obligation that could be worked out later. Gerald said, things could be worked out later with other stuff he just happened to have on hand. It made for something of a mystery, but everyone was still on board.

One last rule, since there were so many people it was agreed to use two decks; if there was a tie in a hand owing to so many cards the winner was the one who had lost the fewer items of apparel. Everybody was on board, and they started top play.

The first few hands were pretty stale; boring one might even say. Gerald won first and claimed his wife's earrings. Gerald insisted earrings, shoes, socks, and such counted only as one item, a pair of shoes was one lost item. That meant the clothes would be coming off a little faster.

The second round went to Harry who made Janice give up her shoes. Third round went to Janice who took Harry's shoes. For a little while things went round and round like that.

Charles lost his shoes and his socks pretty early. He noticed nobody was going after anything Lauren had on. He was glad of it.

That changed though when Harry claimed Lauren's earrings. Then on the very next hand Tiffany wanted Lauren's shoes. Nothing came of the next few hands as the clothing losses were pretty evenly distributed. Charles did lose his tie.

Then there was another tough round for Lauren. She had to give up her stockings, and then Harry, who was a jerk, claimed her bolero. Then Gerald went after Lauren's bra. That was the first real under item that went.

Charles chastened Gerald softly, claiming it was not fair to go after Lauren three times in a row. Then to Charles's surprise Tiffany won again and demanded Lauren's panties.

Charles watched as Lauren had to lean and twist to get her panties off. He could tell she was embarrassed. He was embarrassed for her. It wasn't fair.

Two or three more rounds went by. Charles lost his sport coat. Gerald lost his shirt. Tiffany had to give up her bra, and the other woman had to surrender her panties. Then Tiffany came back after Charles, and demanded his pants. He gave them up, and everybody to see he was wearing plaid boxer shorts. He watched as Lauren giggled at his underpants. He laughed too.

Things seemed to be going along pretty good. Charles didn't feel too bad knowing two of the women had lost panties. He didn't want Lauren to out there alone. Then they hit her again.

Gerald won a good hand and insisted Lauren give something up. All she had was her necklace, a hair ribbon, and her skirt and blouse. Gerald was a gentleman and agreed to take the ribbon.

The very next hand Gerald won again and demanded Laruen's necklace. Charles watched as she slipped it from around her neck. She was down to two items, her blouse and her miniskirt. He started thinking about the rescue rule.

A couple more hands went by and nothing big happened, then Tiffany, the rat, did it again, she won and insisted Lauren get completely naked underneath her miniskirt.

Lauren looked at Tiffany with big eyes, "I don't have anything on under my skirt. You know that."

Tiffany said, "Wait a minute." She disappeared briefly but came back with a plastic lunch bag, a razor, a bar of soap, and some shaving cream. She said, "I bet if you went into the bathroom you could fill this bag with something."

Lauren looked at her, "You want me to shave my thing?"

Tiffany didn't crack a smile or anything, "I want you clean and neat down below, nothing but skin."

We have to hear Charles tell it for a while.

I jumped in, "I have a T-shirt. I'm claiming a rescue."

Harry held up a hand, "No wait. Can we claim a rescue if nobody's actually showing any skin?"

The others said all said, "No, a rescue could only happen if it prevented nudity. A shaved pussy under a skirt wasn't nudity."

I interrupted, "That's not fair."

Lauren interrupted me, "No that's OK Charles. I'll do it."

Lauren got up, obtained the razor, cream, the baggie, and soap from Tiffany, "Be back in a minute, you guys go on without me."

Harry answered, "No we'll wait.

For the next ten minutes or so everybody sort of sat around in their chairs, sofas and loveseats waiting for Lauren.

Lauren finally came back in, lookiing a little forlorn, holding a plastic bag. Everyone could see it was filled with some reddish brown curly hair. Lauren said, "Here you go." She dropped the bag in the cardboard box.

Harry got crude, "Well now we know she's a natural red head."

I said, "Shut up Harry. Don't be such a jerk."

Everybody else laughed.

Before Lauren could sit down Tiffany stopped her, "How do we know you got it all?"

Lauren looked like she'd been slapped, "I got it all."

Tiffany responded, "Prove it."

I stood up, "if she has to show us her vagina to prove it that would mean nudity. I claim rescue."

Harry said, "Wait a minute; how about if she just showed Tiffany?"

Everyone agreed. Lauren had to walk over and lift her skirt for Tiffany.

Lauren walked over and lifted her skirt. On her way across she gave me a look as if to say, don't say anything. I felt so bad. I knew she wasn't my girl, but I felt like she was. I thought I should stand up for her. But I didn't.

Tiffany made a big show of looking around very carefully. She moved Lauren's skirt around a little, lifting here, smoothing it around there, "She's clean. Just as clean as a five year old girl."

There were some malicious chuckles as everyone watched Lauren blush.

I didn't chuckle. I was mad. I'd known all these people for years. I never saw them this way before. It made me sick.

Lauren went back over and sat down in her chair, head downcast, and what looked like a tear dripping from one of her pretty green eyes.

I wanted to get up, cross over, and console her, but like the fool that I was I just sat there.

Two more hands went by. Harry lost his T-shirt. Gerald lost his pants. Everyone laughed when they saw his jockeys.

Then Tiffany won another pot. She looked around the group, and then back over at Lauren, "Lauren I want your blouse."

This was the last straw. I yelled, "Rescue."

Tiffany held up a hand, "I want a special ruling. Charles is down to his underpants and his white shirt. If he gives up either, he'd be showing nudity. I don't think that's fair."

It was true I had lost several rounds, and was down to just two things, but it was different for a man to give up a shirt than for a woman to give up a blouse. I said so, "Look here. I don't mind giving up a shirt. Heck. Men show their chests all the time. It's different for a woman."

Harry, mean hateful jerk that he was held his hand up, "I have a problem with that. You only have your shirt and your pants. If you give up your shirt, what happens if someone claims your plants on the next round? You'll be naked. I don't think you can give up your next to the last thing."

Everyone chimed in "Here here. No shirt for a blouse."

I was incredulous! What was wrong with these people?

Tiffany looked at Lauren, "OK sweetie, let's have it."

Lauren was crushed. Everyone could see she was on the verge of tears, "OK," she said.

She got up, and slowly unbuttoned that beautiful white blouse. Slowly it slipped from her shoulders. There she stood, her hands covering those two beautiful delicate little breasts I had fantasized about for many months.

At first she kept her eyes focused on the rug. Then she slowly looked up at me.Oh those big soft pleading green eyes.

I felt awful, simply awful. I'd wanted to see her breasts for months. But not like this, not this way, not as a result of some humiliating game. Still, there she was, hands covering two pearly little orbs. I could tell, as could everyone else, they were nearly perfect, perfect pear shaped bouncy little boobs. I wondered what her nipples and aureoles looked like. I felt guilty as hell thinking about it. But I didn't have to wait long.

Tiffany almost shouted, "Hands away from the tits!"

Lauren jumped back. She dropped her hands to her sides.

There was a momentary gasp from everyone in the room. No one had seen such perfection. They were indeed two perfectly shaped pearly little cones, and her aureole were an adorable pink. Her nipples were just as perfect; small and erect.

I was getting an erection in spite of myself. I wanted to yank my shirt off and cover her up, but didn't dare. Always the fool; I still didn't want to ruin the game.

Harry looked at Lauren, "Well Lauren it looks like you're just about out of chips."

Everybody laughed.

I didn't laugh, and poor Lauren just stood there, head in her hand. She was sniffling.

I felt like a real heel.

The very next hand was the back breaker. Harry won, and he called out Lauren.

Nobody said anything.

I said, "Let me give her my shirt."

Gerald, the host, and tormentor extraordinaire had something else in mind, "I have something else in mind. I thought we might be doing something like this tonight, so I bought some extra stuff at the novelty shop today."

He reached behind his chair and pulled out a small box, "Lauren you've already lost your necklace. How about another? He opened the box and pulled out a collar, a rather large stainless steel collar.

I saw the front of the collar had an O-ring attached, and dangling from the O-ring there looked to be two feet of thick stainless steel chain. I started to feel nauseous.

He looked at her smiling, "What do you say?"

Lauren looked at the collar and at the chain. She looked around the room. There was no sympathy, no empathy anywhere, only me.

She looked at me, "Charles, will you put it on me?"

Gerald cheered, "Hurrah! Our hero gets to come to the rescue after all!"

I looked at Lauren, "Sure." I got up to walk over to put it on.

Lauren got up too, "No. I'll come over to you."

Lauren walked over and knelt down in front of me.

Gerald handed me the collar.

While Lauren knelt in front of me I checked out the collar and the chain. The collar was kind of large, maybe two inches in width, and a quarter inch thick. There were no locks or places for locks, but I saw how it was to be fixed. The collar was hinged affair, but with interstices at the open ends. I took the collar. While Lauren lifted her beautiful red hair I wrapped the collar around her neck and closed it. Accompanying the collar was a metal bolt, two inches long, and the same length as the thickness of the collar. I took my fingers and tightened the bolt through the interstices. In that way the collar was hinged in two places; where the original hinge was and now where the bolt was tightened in.

I finished the tightening and quietly leaned down and whispered into Lauren's ear, "Why don't you just stay here with me."

Tiffany yelled over, "You better stay with him. If you don't, somebody might grab your leash and claim you for themselves.

She looked up. Her eyes were welling up with tears. She looked so desolate, "OK," was all she said.

I wanted to kiss her and hug her so much. She needed someone.

Tiffany announced proudly, "Look the hero has become her protector."

I took the loose end of the chain and wrapped it in my hand. I felt like a piece of shit doing it, but was determined no one else was getting her.

One of the others, an outsider really, commented, "Charles is protecting the woman who stole his job."

I looked over, "Shut up. Just shut up."

Everyone sort of chuckled. The game went on.

I noticed over the next two rounds people left Lauren alone. I also noticed none of the other women had lost anything to speak of. If I hadn't known better I would have believed everyone was out to get just Lauren. That was despicable if it was true.

Two rounds of cards after Lauren was collared Harry won again. He looked at Gerald. He looked over at Lauren, "We have anything else for Lauren?"

Gerald laughed, "We sure do?"

I inwardly died. Not again. I had to say something, "This is what, some kind of vendetta?"

Gerald hushed me, "Oh shut up. It's only a game." He looked at Lauren with a kind of sinister smile, "Tell Charles it's only a game."

Lauren looked at me. Eyes dripping with tears, "It's only a game."

I knew then and there it wasn't, but I didn't quite know how to stop it. Sure I was out of the company, but Lauren still worked there. I vowed to myself, once this was over I'd get her something at my new company.

Gerald reached around and pulled out a shopping bag, "I just knew it would be a woman who'd be the big loser tonight. So I got something just for that." He opened the shopping bag and pulled out what looked like a dress. He held it up in his clenched fist, and waved it around, "This is a special dress; a slave toga. Lauren, how about it?"

Lauren looked at the dress, "I'm not putting it on in front of everybody." She looked up at me. I guess I had become her hero, "Charles will you put it on me?"

I was mortified, for her, and for myself too. I wanted to do so much more, "OK, I'll put it on you. Everybody else turn your heads."

To my surprise everybody agreed to look away, even Tiffany.

Lauren stood up while I slipped the slave toga over her head. It fit perfectly; like it was made for her. I thought, that bastard Gerald, he planned to humiliate this poor girl.

I slipped the toga over her head, and tied it off in the back with the pink ribbon that was affixed to the waist. The dress was very small, the material almost criminally thin. Threadlike spaghetti straps held the too low and too small top up. I could clearly see her pretty little breasts through the almost transparent material.

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