tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStrolling The Mall

Strolling The Mall

bySaved Soul©

Her mood could not have been better. She had arrived the day before, knowing that back home everything was settled. Her former boyfriend had finally realized that it was over. Her boss had given her three weeks of vacation and she had recovered from the flue. So, everything was good. Even the sun seemed to be in a good mood. It had shone from the very first moment Stephanie had sat foot on US-Soil.

Stephanie had a good Hotel and enough money to spend. How good could live get?

In the morning the young woman had left the hotel for her first big shopping adventure. She knew that there was no better town in all of the United States to do shopping than New York. She took a cap to Fifth Avenue and left it in front of the biggest mall she had ever seen. She looked up and could barely see the top floor.

- Perfect. I’ll shop till the credit card glows -

And so a young woman in an expensive silk blouse and equally expensive pants entered a shopping paradise. She was in her best mood. But that would change.

But at this time she didn’t know. All she knew was that she wanted to forget all the tears of an ended relationship. And she would forget.

Stephanie spent the whole day in the biggest mall of the country. She went from boutique to boutique, spent a lot and had a coffee from time to time. Around three in the afternoon Stephanie got a little tired. She went to one of the bigger restaurants and had a decent meal. She called her American friend over her cell phone and spent way too much on her phone bill. But she did not mind at all. Once an old lady had said something funny that Stephanie still liked very much...

- Spend all your money ... cry later -

And for now that was her life philosophy. Around six Stephanie left the joint and went on shopping. She thought about buying a dress and so she smiled when she stood in front of the most expensive boutique ever.

Attention all customers. Due to special circumstances, today we are being forced to close down the mall early. Please proceed to the nearest exit.

Stephanie looked up to the ceiling and nodded. On one hand she was a little disappointed since she was still in the mood for wasting her well earned money. On the other hand she was even grateful since her body was crying out loud for some rest.

- All right then. If they don’t want my money I’ll leave -

But then she realized that she needed to go to the bathrooms first. She obviously did have way too much coffee. And so the young woman locked away her newly obtained belongings and looked out for the signs that would show her the way to the mall’s bathrooms.

In order to find the bathrooms one had to enter the corridor that also lead to the malls offices. Those corridors were badly illuminated. And to put a worse in the idea there were only small signs with ‘bathroom’ on the walls. Stephanie exhaled and shook her head. What kind of idiot had created this mall?

One minute later she found her destination. Though the facilities were on the top floor and Stephanie had to shake her head because she did not understand the architects mind to locate those important rooms in the most remote area of the mall, she smiled and entered the lady’s room.

Finally Stephanie felt better and exited the bathroom. Slowly the young woman led her steps back to the shop area. Or so she thought.

Her first worry kicked in when she again heard the voice of the mall’s announcer. But this time it was so low, so distant that she instantly began to wonder if she had taken the wrong corridor. She stopped and looked around.

Stephanie’s heart began to beat faster, her pulse went up.

"Oh no. Please don’t ..."

But she knew that she was lost. The young woman kicked one innocent wall and bit her lip. She went back into the direction where she had come from.

Twenty minutes later Stephanie still hadn’t found the exit.

"Nooooo! "

She was screaming with frustration.

"God dammit. "

She leaned against a wall and closed her eyes for a minute.

"Quiet Stephanie, quiet. "

After another minute she opened her eyes again and pushed herself from the wall.

"All right. Let’s find the exit. "

And so she started walking and hoping again. And then, after almost half an hour she found it.

Light brown steel doors blocked her way to the shopping area.

Stephanie stood in front of them, glaring at the steel, not believing what had happened.

They already had closed the way to and from the offices and the bathrooms.

"Idiots! "

Stephanie’s otherwise very innocent features distorted into a grimace of raw frustration and hate. Again she kicked something lifeless and shouted into the cosmos her frustration.

Her heart was pounding and the only thing Stephanie could hear was her blood rushing through her head. She started sweating, her short dark-brown hair was sticking to her head, and panic arose.

"Calm down ... calm down Stephanie. You will make it. You will...! "

There had to be a way out of hear. And then she remembered her cell phone. Quickly the young woman pulled it out of her purse. One moment she did not know whom to call, but then she did not spend much time with those worries. She just punched the re-dial button. Her New York friend would do.

Excited she put the phone to her right ear and heard ... nothing.

Confused she looked at the display only to see that there was no connection at all. Again she hit the re-dial button. Nothing.

"No! "

It was of no use.

Trying to stay calm, Stephanie put away the small phone. She knew if she would use it again only to see it wouldn’t work, she would throw it against the nearest wall.

What else?

Maybe she could find the offices. There she would find phones. She would call for help ... would...

For the first time in an hour Stephanie smiled. Yes, there was hope.

In a far corner of the office department a young man sat on the cold floor. He was crouching underneath the big windows that curved outward and gave a magnificent view of New York City. But this creature did not mind about views. He felt pain in every cell of his thin body. Nothing he could think of, nothing good. He was only longing for relieve. But no relieve was in sight. If only Jack had given him a little for free. That would have been ... a relieve.

The pain got stronger with each passing minute. Underneath all that pain there was the need for food. He just couldn’t remember when he had eaten something. And even though he found it funny himself, there was another urge.

The urge to be with a woman.

Too long had it been since Libby had left him. And he was the unfortunate guy who did not get a new girl. And so, underneath the longing for the drug and the need for food, he wanted to fuck a woman. If only he would find one. He was so desperate that he would grab the first attractive woman and he would tear away her cloth, he would pull down her panties and then....

Yes, he would fuck her senseless. If only he would find a girl.

She did not hear a thing. Nothing. Just, plain nothing. On her way through the manila colored corridors Stephanie heard nothing but the sound of her shoes on the dark linoleum. But, no, that was a lie. She actually heard the pounding of her heart. She felt the rising fear in her body. She was all alone in this huge building. And she doubted that anyone would have heard her if she had screamed through the thick metal doors at the entrance to the shopping area. But that did not matter anymore ... anyway. Now she had to find an office with a phone. She only hoped that the clerks wouldn’t have locked their offices. But that she would have to worry about when she got there.

There, ahead, there was light, at least more that the dim light that shone from the night lights. It was different. And when Stephanie turned around the corner she saw the wall of glass. A huge window front that let her have the most magnificent view over Manhattan.

And for a short moment the young woman with those short cut dark brown hair was impressed. But then her fear kicked in.

- I have to find a phone -

She knew those words had become a little stale after she had been repeating them about a thousand times in the last half an hour.

But Stephanie couldn’t help it. She was afraid to spend the night in this huge, empty building. And there she would be, confined to a closed section, like a holding cell with ... those huge windows. She stepped closer to the window front and exhaled, a little exhausted. Putting her hands on the steel bar that was running in front of the glass front she starred into the upcoming night.

The city, down below, was still in a rush. Car after car ran by. It was like a never ending snake, running through the mountains of the city.

She still couldn’t figure out how all of this had happened. She had only wanted to go to the bath room. She had been there for such a long time. And normally the mall wouldn’t close this early. How in all of the world had this happened?

Stephanie shook her head. No sense in thinking about it. The only thing that mattered was to find a way out of this mess. And so she decided to turn away from the windows and go on with her search for a phone. But this was only a decision she made. She never had the chance to put it into action.

A hand came down onto Stephanie’s left shoulder. Fingers pressing real hard into her neck.

She screamed in pain and her knees instantly became weak. And so the young woman went down onto her knees, not believing, not knowing what was happening. When she finally realized that something was terribly wrong, she looked up. She looked up into the face of a young man. But it was no one who would make her smile or at least remotely comfortable. She looked into distorted features, raging with hate, with needs she would have to fulfill.

He had found his victim. If he would have been sober, he would never have thought that something like this could be possible. But he wasn’t, and so it didn’t matter. He thought that this was the logical ongoing of the thoughts he had before. There were those needs of ... having a beautiful woman ... those needs of.... sticking his cock into the wet and narrow ... pussy...

And all of a sudden there he had found her. Young ... a...

He did not care...

His hand went down onto her slim shoulder...

And he knew he was superior in strength. And in need of satisfaction. He would fuck her ... oh god, he would fuck her all right.

One moment and Stephanie had found back her strength. She realized what was about to happen. She saw a really worn down man, a junkie who obviously did not have his drug for some time. He was thin, was dirty and had this expression in his face that told her that there was no arguing with him. He would rape her...

But Stephanie did not want to be raped. It was just instinct and she did not have to be brave or anything. And so the young woman shook off his hand. She got up and pushed the thin man away from her in one swift move.

He stepped back, a little confused at first. But he soon regained his confidence and the will to fulfill his needs.

Stephanie looked left, looked right, looking for a way to get away. She did not understand this situation. She hadn’t fully comprehended her being locked away from the rest of the world, and ... now there was this man...

It was just instinct that told the young woman to avoid any further confrontation with this man. And so she turned left, started running along the long window front in the office section of one of New York’s biggest malls.

She did not look back; only wanted to get away. Stephanie’s heart was racing; her pulls went up the roof. Sweat started coming out of her pores, her expensive silk blouse sticking to her skin. Slowly, after she had turned right, still having a outward curved window front left of her, she felt fear overwhelming her. The basic instinct of survival still was there, but her thoughts over fought it. And when she looked back for the first time, the young woman realized that this had been her biggest mistake. The moment she was distracted by looking back, her right foot hit a rusty bucket left behind by some cleaning personal. She screamed and hit the floor hard before she knew it. Stephanie’s face hit the linoleum floor and she lost consciousness.

Something was different. Something was not the way it was supposed to be. Aside from the shear madness of her headache, she felt like her body had been put into a machine. And this machine hurt her, dragged her along to the home of madness. She knew she had to open up her eyes, but they hurt so much.

-Please let me sleep mom... please, I don’t want to go to school-

Stephanie opened her eyes and dizziness instantly let her vision blur. She was being dragged over the floor ... that much she knew. And when the vision cleared she looked up and saw who it was who pulled her along the dark corridor, only lit by the lights below.

The madman...

The junkie, the man who was in this place where no one was supposed to be. Not even her...

"Let me go! "

She screamed and tried to hold on to the ground underneath her. But of course it was futile. How was she supposed to get hold on something that slippery?

The madman turned and looked at her. He smiled and turned away. And he kept on dragging her along the corridor.

Finally he stopped and let go of her feet. It hit the ground hard and the young woman was still stunned. She looked up at the dark man, moaning. And when she supported her upper body with her hands, getting in an upright position, the thin man smiled on her.

"Don’t try to do anything, bitch. "

He then came down, kneeing in front of her.

This time Stephanie could make out his features for the first time. He really was thin, and she, without being a specialist, could see how deeply he was caught in the sea of addiction.

"Please, Sir... let me go. "

He did not say one word then. He simply bent over, grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed her forward. Stephanie’s body slid over the smooth surface of the linoleum floor. Her head then stopped when it was hanging over the edge of the ground. The window front was curved outward, and so there was no support for Stephanie’s neck. Her head was hanging over the edge. Her heart went faster and faster. Fear, shear fear that the man might push her over the edge so that her body would come crashing through the glass.... down onto the nightly streets of New York.

"Noooo! "

But then he stopped her. Stephanie looked up, seeing the dark man over her body.

"If you do anything, whore, I will push you.... understood!? "

She did not have the strength to say something, barely able to nod.

"What?! "

"Y...Yes...I won’t do anything. Please let me go...please. "

But again he didn’t answer her pleading.

Then his answer came...

Stephanie stopped breathing...

His hands came down ... clashing down... onto her breasts.

She lifted her head, her eyes wide...

He smiled down on her, almost sitting on top of her. His fingers were spread over her breasts. She didn’t wear a bra, and so she felt the intense pressure when he started massing them.

She wanted to scream...

His fingers pressed really hard into the soft and firm flesh. So hard that it hurt her like the fires of hell. He pressed the breasts, squeezing them, digging the fingers as deeply as possible into them.

It robbed her breath. She could only have her head hanging over the artificial cliff, tears running from her eyes. Stephanie’s mouth kept on being open, saliva running over her chin. She grabbed the edge of the floor, constantly being afraid of sliding over, falling down to the ground, dying on impact.

The dark man kept on massaging Stephanie’s breasts, rubbing his thumps over her nipples, his mouth as open as his eyes. Madness that could only be stopped by having his needs fulfilled.

Her neck hurt and she wanted to pass out. She just couldn’t have this any longer. Her breasts were burning, her nipples as wound as her throat. And then, after what seemed like every time in the world, the hands let go, the pressure subsided. He sat up and started breathing heavily.

It took a little while till Stephanie realized that the pain was slowing down. She opened her eyes, lifting her head so much that she could see what was happening on the linoleum floor.

She saw her captor, saw him sitting over her, his eyes still mad, breathing hard. She knew it was futile but she had to try anyway. She was so afraid of the unavoidable. It was unthinkable, was...

"Please, Mister, please let me go. I won’t tell anybody. Please don’t r... rape me? "

The man did not answer with words.

He pushed himself a little back while his victim was eyeing him, wanted to determine what he was about to do. Though she knew it already.

"No, please ..."she whispered to herself.

But the thin man did not care. He was smiling madly when he pushed his fingers underneath the thin, brown belt that she wore around her waist. She noticed, unconsciously his shaking fingers. He was aroused all right.

- Oh God ...."

Stephanie’s neck hurt like hell, her muscles weren’t used to this kind of work. But she couldn’t just let her head hang down over the edge of the floor, looking down on the street far below. It was the unavoidable, the unthinkable ... the fear that let her keep on looking at her captor ... at the rapist.

He pushed open the button off her pants while he was groaning, shaking. He found the zipper with shaking fingers and pulled it down as fast as he was able to.

When his hands grabbed Stephanie’s pants at the waist, when he started pulling them down, she felt hot tears of pain running down her cheeks. He did not hurt her physically, not yet anyway, but he had crushed her soul. She was so afraid, so shaking, so ... frustrated, without any control.

He would just do it. Without asking he would fuck her. And there was nothing Stephanie could do.

Her beige colored pants went down her legs. With the sound of leaves in the wind, the light material flew over her smooth legs. Then, when their were around her ankles, the man looked up again, breathing heavily, sweating, his eyes wide and with a certain sense of madness. He smiled at her, nodding like this pulling down of her pants had proven something he had been thinking about.

"You like that, don’t you....," he came crawling on all four, closer till he was about over her hips.

"We really should see what’s inside there...," and he pressed the index finger of his right hand deep into Stephanie’s right breast.

Her features distorted in pain.

"No" she whispered.

"Oh, yes," he nodded again.

And then he, again, cubed the young woman’s breasts. Full they were; firm and in pretty good shape. No implants, not hanging down like old leaves. She had nice breasts. He liked them very much.

But when Stephanie anticipated him doing it again, massaging, hurting her ... he pulled his hands away, let them hover over her breasts for quite some time. Like predators of prey his hands were in midair.

Saliva, running from his chin, hit the young woman’s stomach and she winced.

"Please, let me go..."

He did not answer her this time. Instead the worn down man opened up her blouse. Fast and with fingers that were not shaking at all. One button after another the blouse was opened. The expensive silk was sliding aside, over her breasts, revealing them and her flat stomach. And with every inch of exposed skin, a junkie from New York City began breathing faster. And when he finally had opened up the last button on the young woman’s blouse, he took the delicate fabric on each side of her body between index finger and thump to pick it up, to pull the blouse apart so that now her whole upper body could be seen.

Breasts, full and firm

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