tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStuck in Traffic

Stuck in Traffic


The other day while stuck in traffic I had a raging hardon. It was the kind that doesn't go away in a few minutes if you just ignore it. It was the kind that gets painful if you don't do something about it.

I tried rubbing it through my pants, but that only managed to enrage the thing and make it even harder.

The traffic wasn't going anywhere and neither was my erection. I could only deal with one high-pressure situation at a time and since I can't control what thousands of other drivers do I decided that I had to relieve my aching cock.

Quickly scanning the cars around me to see if anyone would have a good enough angle to make out what I was doing I opened my pants and let my cock spring forth into the air.

Now masturbation was a sport to me growing up, I had pounded my cock raw many a time. So the prospect of trying to jerk off without anyone seeing me didn't seem like too big a task.

I didn't have anything to use as a lubricant so I knew this was gonna be dry, which was okay because I always get done quicker that way.

I began stroking my cock trying to keep the movements below the level of the door so that what I was doing wasn't too obvious to anyone that happened to glance my way.

Like most men when I'm really into a sexual experience whether it be with a single partner, many partners, or like now by myself I got tunnel vision. I lost all track of the things around me and didn't realize that the lane beside me was moving. All of the low sitting cars that hadn't yielded a view into my truck moved ahead and a bus came up along side me and stopped.

For a few more minutes I worked my cock trying to get to that oh so wonderful feeling at the end.

When I came it shot up onto the dashboard of my truck and as I came back to reality I heard the sounds of excited girls cheering and applauding. I looked out my window and saw a charter bus full of the girls' basketball team from a local college.

I was a little embarrassed but as the girls continued to cheer. I gave them a little wave and a smile as my cock continued to lie on my thigh fully displayed to them.

The bus had sliding windows and one of the girls at the closest window opened it.

"That was quite a show." She said as the other girls continued to cheer.

"Thanks I guess, how long were you there?" I asked.

"Oh we saw all of the good stuff. We were all very impressed and we have a gift for you." She said.

She leaned out the window with a large plastic bag in her hand. In the bag were many different colored pieces of material.

"What's this?" I asked confused.

"Our panties. We all got so wet watching you that we had to take them off, and we decided you had earned a reward." She said.

Just then the guy behind me honked because the traffic had started moving again.

I put my truck in gear and drove away with 14 pairs of damp panties smelling of the girls' athletic pussies.

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