Stud Bitch Ch. 03


My Friday night date as a lingerie stud bitch for Jerry had been fantastic. With Shelly taking pictures I had moved from fantasy to reality. Dressed like a slut, I went down on a man and took his cumshot on my face. My anxiety had melted away as I took a hard dick in my mouth. I was ready for more so Shelly made another date for that evening. I felt restless all afternoon as I longed to be Jerry's little whore again. Finally it was nearly time. I dressed simply in ivory colored lace French-cut panties and matching thigh highs. The lace against my own cock was stimulating and I felt just a little rise thru my lingerie. I wanted so much to perform again as an oral bitch that I could almost taste Jerry's cum as I waited. That's when Shelly gave me a kiss and said, "You're on your own tonight. Jerry is in charge, do what he says." Do what he says?

When the doorbell rang I answered in my sexy outfit, ready to pose for him right away. But now I understood what Shelly meant. Jerry had another guy with him! I had that helpless feeling I first felt last night. I was ready, eager for Jerry, already more comfortable letting him see me in lingerie. His friend was a stranger and I felt vulnerable all over again because I was the stud bitch modeling women's lacey lingerie. This new guy could see I was clearly Jerry's slut. Do what he says were Shelly's words. OK, I wanted to please Jerry and if sharing me made him happy then I would do two men. And that thought got my own cock pleasantly warm.

Jerry introduced Lee and Lee broke the ice by complimenting my exposed cheeks. He was definitely interested in my butt and I did a model turn to give him a full view. In all my posing and cocksucking the night before the only time Jerry had touched me was to move my head. Tonight I wanted more; I took his hand and set it on my ass for him to caress. As he stroked my bare skin I wiggled for him and sighed. Lee took the other cheek and also reached up to touch my nipples. They were very firm from my excitement even though I was really nervous again. It was only my second time and I was now with two men and was being fondled! Although I had given my first blowjob to Jerry, I had really just met him. Lee was totally new and Shelly was gone. What had I got myself into?

A few moments later I didn't care. I was being treated like a little whore and I loved it. As they groped me, Jerry told Lee how good I sucked cock, talking almost as if I wasn't there.

"You're going to love getting in his mouth. He really gets into sucking, tries to go down far on you."

"Yeah, well eager bitches turn me on. Can I fuck his face like a girl?"

"Oh, sure, I did that to him. Held his head and pumped away."

Lee was handling my tits rough, pinching and twisting a little. "Are you going to suck my cock, slut?" He was almost whispering, not being cruel, just talking dirty. "Are you ready to be my little whore too?"

I nodded my head and rubbed his crotch. He was getting very hard now. But Jerry grabbed my hand and led me to the couch.

"I'm first," he announced as he unzipped. I was kissing the head of his cock as soon as I could. But I couldn't go slowly like I did last night, I needed a man in my mouth right now. I slid down his shaft quickly, feeling the wonderful sensation of pleasuring a man orally. Lee undressed and sat next to us, watching as Jerry and I enjoyed our roles as man and bitch. After a few minutes of gorging myself on his erection I took a break. Lee's hard-on was not quite as big as Jerry's and the first thing I did was try to deep throat him. I couldn't take all of him but both guys said I went down better than any girl. As Jerry was shedding his clothes I slowed down and gave Lee some tender cock kisses and slow sucking the way every man likes. Jerry sat down again, close, and just like a porn star I went back and forth, wrapping my lips around each of them in turn.

I went on giving my best blowjobs to these guys. It was blissful to have mouthfuls of cock for such a long time. They had great staying power so I did handjobs to give my mouth a break. "Would you like to cum on my face?" I directed the question at both of them.

Lee grinned. "Oh yeah, I want to plaster you, bitch!" I went down to kiss his cock again and began jacking him faster.

I smiled at him. "Cum on my face, baby," I cooed. "Do it, just cover me. I love cum. I want it all over."

I kept up the talk as I masturbated him. He was breathing fast and almost there. Suddenly he stood up so I straightened up on my knees and turned my face up to him. He squirted a nice load on me, warm on my lips and cheeks. He let out a big breath and I was on his cock with my lips, draining the last bit from him. His legs were wobbly; I pulled back so he could sit down. Then I had his cock in my mouth again, feeling him relaxing and then I had the dick completely inside. He was amazed.

Jerry had stroked himself as he watched me perform on his friend. I was just about done with Lee when he pulled my head over and shoved his dick between my lips. I sucked on the head a little and then his juice was flowing in. I hadn't known what to expect of a man's orgasm completely in my mouth. It felt like there was more than was really was, a fullness that almost made me pull back and let the cum run down his shaft. But I didn't pull back. I concentrated on swallowing until there was nothing left. My own arousal level was very high; I had done two guys and a real swallow job too! They were both spent and resting, looking at my cum splattered, smiling face. I really liked the submissive feeling I got from being on my knees so I stayed there. I kept kissing their worn out cocks and modeling my sticky facial for them.

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