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Once again, my wife had invited a friend for the weekend. This time, it was Kristen, a former colleague of hers from work, who lived about 400 miles north of us with her husband, close to the coast. Kristen was an open, friendly person who was always there when anyone needed her. She and her husband Pete were close friends of ours for many years. We had been on vacation together several times and had had great fun. Pete was a very content, simple, open person who helped where he could. He had a decent job which paid well and provided his family with a comfortable lifestyle.

Although Kristen seemed to be content with her life, she often made comments hinting at the fact that she was not truly satisfied with things as they were. My wife, Claire, mentioned that Kristen had wished for a second child, but that Pete was happy with one child and, at his age of 55, was not interested in having more. Apparently, Pete was in general not as active in bed as Kirsten had hoped, but Kristen's hopes were futile.

Kristen was a 38 year old, tall, fiery redhead with large tits, a slim waist, a nice round ass and very pale skin. She was usually dressed in jeans and a sweater, and never seemed to realize how hot she really was. My wife, Claire, was shorter, but with a great body, full tits and a round ass. She is in good shape and did not look at all like a 39 year-old mom.

When Kristen arrived at our home, she came with her only daughter and was looking forward to a few days of rest and relaxation. After the initial greetings and extensive exchange of recent news, we settled into a pleasant state of day-trips, wining, dining and story-telling. After the first few days, my wife and Kirsten would fill up on a bottle of wine in the evening and really loosen up. They would spend the evening giggling and making lewd remarks about anything.

One afternoon, Kristen was going up the stairs in front of me, with her ass directly in my face. As I stared at her, I was sure that she was not wearing anything beneath her extremely tight jeans. I jokingly asked if it was decent for a Mom of her age to run around without underwear. Kristen smiled back at me, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down just enough for me to see that she was, in fact, wearing a light-blue thong. I apologized, but she just laughed and said she was glad someone was interested in her ass these days.

During the second week of Kristen's visit, we cooked an excellent meal and had gotten the children to bed at a reasonable time. As I returned to the living room after reading to the children, the two ladies abruptly stopped a whispered conversation, both looking guilty as hell. We sat together for a little while afterward and talked, told raunchy jokes and generally had a good time. After a few bottles of wine, I decided to call it a night and let the "girls" have some time for themselves. I kissed my wife and Kristen good night, showered, and fell into our bed at about midnight.

I had apparently been asleep for awhile, when I noticed Claire crawling into bed. She crept up on me and slid under the covers, moving very close and breathing hard. After listening to hear whether I was truly sleeping, she reached over and started caressing my stomach and thighs. I pretended to be asleep, waiting to see where this was going. Claire changed her caressing, moving closer and closer to my crotch. By now, I had a raging hard-on, just thinking about what might follow. She grabbed my balls through my shorts with one hand, while stroking my rod with the other. By now, I had begun to breathe heavily, hoping Claire would think I was still sleeping. Suddenly, she threw the blankets aside, pulled down my shorts, and with one swift movement, devoured my cock.

I realized there was no use in pretending to sleep, so I thrust my cock deep into her throat. Claire never missed a beat and started sucking and stroking as furiously as she could. After initially stroking and pinching her beautiful ass, I started tugging at it, trying to get her into a 69 position. Claire immediately realized what I was after and turned around, planting her pussy on my face. I began licking an sucking her clit as fast as I could. She, in turn, started stroking and sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly, Claire stopped working my cock, turned around, and sat square on my face. She furiously began sliding her clit back and forth on my face, rubbing her clit on my tongue. I grabbed her ass cheeks and led her into a rhythmic back and forth motion.

As I was licking and sucking on Claire's clit, I felt a wonderful, warm, wet feeling on my cock. This made me extremely hot, so I stepped up my efforts on Claires pussy. After a few minutes of true oral bliss, I realized that Claire, sitting on my face and facing the wall behind us, could not be sucking my cock. I froze, which Claire obviously noticed. Suddenly, she grabbed the back of my head, pulled my face into her crotch and forced me to keep licking an sucking her pussy. At the same time, I realized that Kristen must have been the one working on my cock, and started thrusting into her mouth. I reached up and started rubbing Claire's hard nipples, who grabbed my hands and encouraged me to to really grab ahold, kneading her tits and pinching her nipples. She usually was not that forceful, and her being nastier than usual together with Kristen working on my cock really turned me on.

It did not take long until I could feel I was going to explode, so I tried to slow down Kristen's frantic action on my cock, holding back my own movements. Claire realized what was going on and quickly climbed off my face. Kristen did not miss a beat and moved up, straddling my cock. I figured at this point that I could risk getting some action I had been fantasizing about for years - since, after all, I had been "tricked". I took Claire's hand, who had been standing next to the bed watching, and led it to to my raging hard, wet cock. She jerked it a few times, then squeezed it hard at the base, making me even harder. Now, she was the one who would have to allow her husband to fuck her best friend. Kristen slowly lowered herself down on me, massaging my cock with her soft, warm pussy. She then began riding me wildly, breathing heavily and quietly groaning. I reached up and grabbed her huge tits, caressing them and softly squeezing her nipples. I propped myself up, grabbed one tit in each hand and frantically began licking and sucking her large, rock-hard nipples. Although it was fairly dark in the room, I could see Claire vaguely next to the bed. She was standing there watching us, pinching her nipples and rubbing her clit.

By now I was bolder, so I reached out and grabbed Claire's arm, pulling her to the bed. I led her hand to Kristen tits. At first, she was hesitant, so I took her hand in mine and began kneading and caressing Kristen's magnificent tits together. It didn't take long until Claire lost her inhibitions and frantically began to work on Kristen's tits., while Kristen continued to ride me - only now more slowly, enjoying both my cock in her pussy and Claire's hands on her tits. I leaned over, grabbed the back of Claire's head and pulled her closer for a long, deep kiss. She was also caught up in the moment, breathing hard and going wild with her tongue in my mouth. I pulled away from her and then gently lead her mouth to Kristen's nipples. This seemed to be the moment she had been waiting for - there was no more hesitation. Claire began kneading, pinching, sucking and gently biting Kristen's tits. Kristen obviously loved the attention, so she reached up and massaged her own tits together with Claire. This really made me hot, so I leaned back and watched their vague silhouettes, listening to both their frantic breathing and concentrating on the excellent ride that Kristen was still giving me.

In the mean time, I was getting closer and closer to cumming, but was not sure if that was also part of the girls' plan. I reached down and grabbed Kristen's milky white ass, trying to slow her movement down enough to keep me from cumming. Once again, Claire picked up on what was going on. She stopped caressing Kristen's tits and grabbed my hands, holding them tightly. She leaned down and gave me a deep kiss, then she began to fuck my mouth with her tongue with the same speed Kristen was now hopping up and down on my cock. Both gradually picked up the pace until it was frantic. I figured cumming in Kristen must be part of the plan, then I could not hold back anymore and at the same time Kristen began to moan loudly and shake, I broke away from Claire. I bellowed and pumped Kristen's magnificent, soft pussy full of cum, while the muscles in her pussy spasmed around my cock.

Kristen slowly recovered from her massive orgasm and flopped off me, laying on the bed and breathing hard. Claire layed down next to me and kissed me as deeply as she had before. At the same time, she grabbed my wet cock and began stroking and squeezing it. My shrinking cock began slowly coming back to life. Claire stopped kissing me and moved down to my almost erect cock, still wet from Kristen. She took it deep in her throat with one swift movement, sticking her tongue out and massaging my balls with the tip of it. She kept this up for a few minutes, until I was ready for the next round. I quickly got up and tried to maneuver Claire into a position to fuck her brains out. She, however, had other plans. She took a firm hold of my cock and slapped Kristen on her ass. Kristen rolled over and stuck her beautiful ass in the air. Claire tried to lead my cock straight to her pussy. I hesitated, wondering if I could use the moment and get some action I had not been getting for awhile. I stood firm, with Claire still grasping my cock and urging me to fuck Kristen doggy style. I spread Kristen's ass cheeks, spit on her asshole and began rubbing her tight asshole. Although Kristen responded with moans and began trying to rock back on to my thumb, Claire leaned over, bit me in the earlobe and whispered "later". I figured that was okay and plunged my fully erect cock back into Kristen's pussy.

It slowly dawned on me that fucking Kristen might be serving a purpose - after all, she did want another child and her husband did not. With this in mind, I felt a sudden sense of power. If I was the key to these ladies' plan, I might as well get the best out of it. I picked up the speed with which I was pumping Kristen's clenching pussy, and began to rub my thumb around her asshole again. Kristen was loving it, moaning and pushing back to get as much as she could. I stuck my thumb all the way into her ass and began finger fucking her ass in sync with fucking her pussy. Claire had been watching on the bed and rubbing her own pussy. I reached out and grabbed her arm, leading her hand to my balls. She took the hint and started massaging them in tact to my fucking Kristen. This really got me going and made me harder than ever. I decided to take it a bit further, so I pulled Kristen to the edge of the bed and stood behind her, never missing a beat. I then reached over to Claire and guided her head down between my legs. She got the hint, kneeled down and began licking and sucking at my balls and Kristen's hot pussy. After a few moments of this great double action, I couldn't hold back any longer and began shooting another load of cum deep in Kristen's pussy. Claire massaged my balls and squeezed my cock, milking every last drop into Kristen.

We all three fell forward on the bed, exhausted and breathing heavily. After catching our breath, Claire hesitantly began caressing my cock, testing whether I was up to more fun. I remembered Claire's promise and my cock instantly began to grow again. Claire took the cue and went to work, sucking and licking the life back into me. She was more vigorous than usual, spitting on my cock and jacking me feverishly. At the same time, I could see that she had switched from playing with her clit and finger-fucking her twat to finger-fucking her ass. When I was fully erect, Claire climbed on top of me, grabbed my sloppy, wet cock and squeezed it hard at the base, making me even harder. She slowly sat down on my cock, placing the head at her tight butthole. She began to slowly gyrate her hips, winding down on my cock. After working the head of my cock in, she pushed down hard and my cock disappeared up to my balls with one swift movement. I was in heaven - we hadn't had anal sex in years. Claire went into a squatting position, making her asshole even tighter. Then, she slowly started bouncing up and down on my cock.

I was enjoying every minute, but also concentrating on not cumming too soon, since I wanted this to last forever. Claire got into a steady rhythm of sliding up and down on my cock, moaning and frantically playing with her clit. I grabbed her tits a bit harder than usual, pushing her up and then forcing her down on my cock.

While we were furiously fucking each other, I remembered Kristen, who was still laying next to me. She lay there naked, with her beautiful ass towards me. I let go of Claire's tits and began caressing Kristen's smooth, white ass cheeks. Kristen responded by wiggling her ass, and then pushing back towards me. I figured such a chance would not come again soon, so I started gently probing around Kristen's asshole with my fingers. Kristen seemed to enjoy the attention and began moaning and circling her clit with her own fingers. Claire had caught on to what was going on, smiled at me, pinched the base of my cock with one hand and began to thrust down on me more furiously than ever. This kept me from cumming right away, but made my cock even harder, giving her more pleasure. After a few brief moments of this frantic action, Claire sat down hard, screamed "I'm cumming!" and her asshole began clenching my cock in rhythm to her own orgasm.

By now, I had worked 2 fingers into Kristen's ass and was gently finger-fucking her. She, in turn, was finger-fucking her own pussy in tact to my efforts. After Claire recovered from her orgasm, she climbed off me, causing my erect cock to come out of her ass with a "plop". She crawled down and sucked my stiff cock deep into her mouth. Once again, she began sucking, spitting and jacking my cock until it could not get any harder. Then, she slapped Kristen's ass, who got the hint and knelt in front of me, offering her pure white ass. Claire slapped her again, spit on her already glistening asshole, took a firm hold of my dripping cock and led me to Kristen. Claire placed the tip of my cock at Kristen's asshole, got behind me, grabbed Kristen's hips and slowly pulled her back onto my cock. I couldn't believe what was happening, but didn't want it to stop. Once Claire had pulled Kristen back up to my balls, she let go of Kristen's hips, crawled underneath her and began sucking and biting her huge tits. I grabbed Kristen's hips and furiously began fucking her ass. Even though I had cum twice already, the excitement of fucking these 2 beautiful women and the awesome sensation of Kristen's asshole milking my stiff cock would not let me last long. Claire realized that I was close to cumming, crawled back behind me and began massaging my balls again. This pushed me over the edge, and I began shooting my remaining cum up her exquisite ass. That sent Kristen over the edge as well, as she pushed back hard, her own fingers wildly working on her clit and sending wave after wave of orgasm through her body. We all 3 collapsed in a heap on the bed, breathing heavily and caressing each other. Shortly after that, we all fell asleep.

When I woke up, both of the ladies were gone. I could hear voices in the kitchen and smelled the usual breakfast smells. I took a brief shower, got dressed, and went downstairs. I hesitantly walked into the kitchen, not too sure about what to expect. The children were at the table, already eating breakfast. Claire and Kristen were busy getting things ready, gabbing and giggling in a constant stream. When they noticed me standing there, both came over and gave me a kiss - Claire on the mouth and Kristen on the cheek. Both of them wiggled their asses as they walked away, forcing me to sit down in order to hide my growing cock. Then Claire turned towards me, smiled and said "Kristen asked if she could stay another week - would that be okay with you?" - and flashed me her widest smile. I simply said "sure", not wanting to sound too eager. Both ladies smiled at me, turned around and went back to preparing breakfast. I poured myself a cup of coffee and began dreaming about what the coming week might have in store...

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