tagLesbian SexStudent Rents a Bedsit

Student Rents a Bedsit


All in this story are aged nineteen and over.


During the period of these events I was aged nineteen, I had moved into a Bed-sitting Room in Ramsgate. Roberta, the Landlady, was probably nine or ten years older than I but I have to say, although she could have done with losing a few pounds, she was in pretty good shape, and as a lesbian, yes, I was indeed attracted.

Roberta was a divorcee, and had a 4 year old daughter on whom she simply doted upon. Happy with my references and I believe the fact that we had a similar sense of humour and outlook on life, Roberta offered me the room at what I considered a good rate, important to me as at this time I was a poor Student Nurse.

Over the weeks that followed we became fairly good friends, so much so that on occasion she would ask me to Babysit for her, I was glad to do so and the money helped with my rent.

As our friendship grew we did a lot together, shopping, going to the pictures or a show, such as one Christmas we took her daughter, now five, on a trip to London to see the Pantomime, Aladdin.

The point is that through those initial six or seven months, despite our difference in age, we became friends and it was quite surprising the things that we gradually found we had in common, one of which was a mutual love of Classical music.

It was a very platonic friendship and gladly accepted her invitation one Friday evening o supper. Conversation flowed easily and after we had cleared the dishes and her daughter had gone to bed, Roberta asked me if I would care to stay and join her in enjoying, what turned out to be a very pleasant interlude of listening to music in her lounge.

Roberta had selected from her collection of 33-LPs, Dvorak's Symphony #9, The New World Symphony, which I adore and once we had it set up we settled into our respective seating. Roberta lay on her Chaise with me facing her settled into deep and comfortable Arm Chair as Dvorak's beautiful music filled the air.

As the Second movement, Largo, came to an end, Roberta paused the music and offered me a glass of Cabernet.

"I have a Chardonnay in the fridge if you would prefer?"

Electing the Cab, Roberta leaned over the back of the chaise, feigning, I thought, a little difficulty as reached to pause the music. As she reached for the player, just for an instant she opened her legs and grunted out a sound of effort before arising, smiling sheepishly as she did so. From my position it could not go unnoticed that she wore no underwear. I smiled an inward smile, looking away not wanting my observation to be noticed. Taking the sleeve of the recording I busied myself commenting on the movements of Scherzo: Molto vivace, and Allegro con fuoco, which were to follow.

As Roberta passed my Cab, she took my hand with her free one which was cool, soft and steady she commented on her desire to not spill this glorious nectar, a comment which for me held magical thoughts of previous and wonderful moments in my life.

Placing her wine on a small table aside the chaise, she turned and once again momentarily parting her thighs as she again reached to the player. As she turned back I happily caught another glimpse of her naked and perfectly shaved pussy.

I felt shimmers of wetness flow between my thighs as I thought to myself that in all the time I had been here, about six months now, never before had Roberta shown the slightest inference toward a lesbian tendency even on the evening when I had bathed her daughter, as she got out, Roberta had asked:

"If I jump in there, would you wash my back for me?"

Readily agreeing, it was with some difficulty that I did not reach around and wash those amazing breasts. The touch of her flesh, the feel of the curve of her waistline was electric and I moved as close as I dare to the top of her buttocks I knew I had to get out of here and so it was that I declared both nervously and frivolously: "There you go, all done"

Not wanting to expose my inner desires and maybe destroy a fabulous friendship, I dried myself and quickly returned to my room. I was so wet and retrieving my Rabbit Vibrator, lay on the bed and relieved myself of the wanton sensations that had caused my pussy to tingle with a want of that beautiful woman.

"Damn it to hell, why did she have to be straight!!"

But back to my story:

As the Scherzo filled the room I lay back in my chair and smiled, supposedly to the music, but in reality at the visual delights I had seen, delights which I must admit I found a little confusing?

As I said before: throughout the period we had known each other, even during the bath experience, I had never got the impression that Roberta might hold lesbian tendencies. Thus it had been something of a surprise to have been offered up these tempting delights for my perusal...

Yes I wanted a closer look, indeed I wanted the mutual sensations of touch and most definitely 'taste!' Perhaps those glimpses of joy had been inadvertent; perhaps they had been an offer, an invitation to sex? Truly, I was unsure but had they been a sexual invite I was going to stretch this adventure out unless, or until, a further invite was to follow.

In some unknown way I knew it would and that it would be soon. As we imbibed our wine I found myself maliciously scheming for the time of my departure this evening. I smiled to myself again as the various thoughts processed through my mind, but for tonight, although my actions would be suggestive, I was not going to follow through.

For now I was going to stand off and control my lust for this woman of whom I so longed to make love to, but tonight I could not, after-all, a lady should never fuck on a first date! Bottom line was, I didn't want to get it all wrong and overplay my hand, and I needed a more definitive indication of her lesbianism before I moved in!

The Cabernet was finished fortuitously in time with end of the final movement. I excused myself for a moment to visit the Loo and during that moment of privacy I spent a few moments exciting my nipples, arousing them to an engorged hardness before returning to the lounge to express my thanks for a wonderful evening!

Moving toward the door Roberta was by my side, as I thanked her again I turned and presented her with a really close hug, compressing my breasts and hard nipples firmly against her own. I felt and heard her take a deep breath as she held me tighter to her, and just as I released her I gave her what I hoped would be a noticeable wet kiss of her neck prior to immediately departing with a smile and a blown kiss.

"Goodnight, we must do this again sometime."

"Soon, I hope" Roberta responded, her voice sounding somewhat restrained.

I lay naked in my bed my fingers softly encircling my aroused clit before moving down. Two fingers entering my cunt causing me to enjoy the sensations they created as they dabbed deftly against my G-spot. My mind full of the images and thoughts that I had enjoyed in her company:

Those glimpses of her pussy, the second of which had been a little longer. Am I wrong, but was the second maybe a little more purposeful?

Then, when I left there was an obvious enjoyment of my nipples against her body, accompanied by that sudden deep breath as she drew me tighter toward her, releasing the merest influence of a murmur of enjoyment.

Was she gay? My mind dare not imagine the wanton thoughts that meandered through my mind but they certainly did and as my fingered orgasm suddenly swallowed my body with wanton release, I murmured her name 'Oh Roberta!'

Coming down the stairs to leave for work the following morning Roberta came out of the lounge...

"Oh good morning Aimie."

Giving me a hug she went on: "I can't tell you how much I enjoyed last evening; like I said we must do it again sometime."

"Do you like Opera?" I inquired, I have a wonderful CD of Turandot, with Pavarotti singing the part of Giacomo, his rendition of Nessun Dorma is absolutely fabulous. Are you free Thursday or Friday? I'll cook Lasagna for supper."

Roberta's face lit up, she took me in her arms and kissed my cheek as she said"

"Friday, Friday is best for me as my daughter goes to her Father for this coming weekend. I'll provide dessert, OK."

My thoughts meandered to a hope that she herself would be part of that dessert!

"Awesome, we'll have a great evening" I kissed her cheek back; purposefully close to the corner of her lips as I left for the Hospital!

Although I saw her quite frequently as I came and went that week, Roberta was very aware that I spend my evenings studying, and as I was now twenty, she understood that my Final Boards were later this year.

Yes, there was a hug of hello or goodbye but she always knew I was committed to work. That was until Friday morning. Roberta's hug was especially close and her kiss on my cheek, very close to my lips. Oh well, I had started that ball rolling so I smiled, returned the kiss in like fashion and said my goodbye!

For some reason the day seemed to run slower and slower, that was until 3:15 pm and then it seemed as though I had no time at all. I rushed to Tesco, got the stuff for my Lasagna and rushed home.

As I walked in the door, I saw Roberta with her Ex., she was passing a small suitcase to him with her daughter's belongings for her weekend away. Mm, that's convenient I thought. Roberta saw me and smiled. I silently mouthed 6:30 to her, she nodded once, and I waved and ran up the stairs to start cooking and to get myself ready for the evening.

What shall I wear? Panties, thong or commando? In the end I selected the latter! After showering I shaved my armpits, legs and naturally, my pussy; as always leaving a small heart of hair right at the top of my Mons. Was I full of hope for tonight? You bet I was!

Placing the Lasagna in the oven I went to my wardrobe and carefully chose what I was going to wear this evening: short skirt; long skirt; maybe one just above the knee, flared and thus and loose fitting? Yes that's the one, plenty of room for potential access and even better, room to just let it drop off and expose a commando pussy.

Wearing black lacey topped elastic topped stockings I really felt sexy! I was so full of hope! Oops, I suddenly remembered the Lasagna... 'Whew, it's OK, actually perfect. Turning off the oven I wrapped the dish in foil, placed it at the bottom of the oven and left the door partially open.

I had twenty minutes and quickly chose a soft and front opening bra with a loose, lacy black top. I don't think I have ever done my makeup so quickly because suddenly it was 6:30. I grabbed the CD and player knowing that Roberta did not have one, threw on a pair of oven mittens and with both hands full, I took everything downstairs.

OMG, she looked amazing. Her entire ensemble was all white and all silk!

"Roberta, you look fantastic, I wish I had dressed now!"

Laughing she responded: "Yes, like you didn't, your look scrumptious and that perfume is simple entrancing."

"Mm, the Lasagna smells gorgeous, shall we eat?"

Wonderful thoughts ran through my mind but fortunately I was looking away. Roberta was brought warmed plates to the table, and as we sat she turned and kissed the side of my lips.

"Thank you, this is wonderful and I have been so looking forward to it all week!"

Actually, considering the rush, the Lasagna was pretty good and Roberta's dessert of Rice Ambrosia milk pudding with sultanas was just perfect. Nice, but not too filling and this was one evening where I did not want to be over filled. At least not with food!

After clearing away I set up my CD player. Realising that there was a dresser immediately behind the head of the chaise, I set the player on the end immediately behind. Positioned there I could lean across her when the music stopped I could lightly stroke my bodice across her own in order to send a signal which I hoped would cause my desired result!

My mind was in a whirl: shall I implement my plan as I turn it on or wait until the end? As it turned out Roberta made the decision for me as she called from the Kitchen, saying

"Go ahead and turn it on."

Actually I was glad, it slowed the evening down and as horny as my wet pussy felt, I didn't want to appear as though I was rushing the evening.

As the opera began with the Mandarin's Aria "People of Peking", Roberta settled onto her chaise and I, comfortably into the armchair. Although both enjoying the music I found myself frequently stealing glances at Roberta; Throughout the Opera I noticed her every movement as, with her eye's closed, she mimed the words of each character. With each crescendo her body moved causing to my delight, her skirt to rise ultimately to her thigh top, temptingly close to exposing her pussy but not quite. No matter the age difference between us I could not stop from imagining those moving thighs holding me to her.

I wanted to kiss her right then, and as I was about to rise the powerfully melodic voice of Pavarotti entered into the glorious Aria of Nessun Dorma, signalling the finale of Giacomo Puccini's wonderful Opera. Roberta sighed her pleasure, but for me, never mind the secrets of Ping, Pang and Pong it was time to enter into my plan of seduction!

With the music finished I stood to close down the player. Roberta opened her eyes and we smiled at each other as she said: "Nessun Dorma", such a wonderful ending to a glorious piece. As I moved to her side I wondered if she knew what the words meant. Words which I hoped would come to fruition tonight.

Standing adjacent to her shoulder, she took my hand as I reached across her to retrieve the disc. Standing further from the chaise than I actually needed, it meant that I had to stretch across her, and as I did so I once again delicately stroked her breasts once again with my own.

Before I could reach the player Roberta pulled me to her:

"If you're planning on kissing me my beautiful Aimie, I think now would be a good time."

A little taken aback by her sudden frankness I felt my face blush hot and red but my smile never left until that magical moment when our sensually wanton lips came together to blend into the essence of passion.

Turning onto her side Roberta drew me to lay beside her, our kisses ascended into greater passion as our bodies molded together, each writhing to get closer and closer. Kisses exploring the face, neck and passionate tongue of the other, each mewling the inner wanton thoughts of love making...

This was bliss far greater than any thought I had imagined and masturbated to during this past week. Although imbued by her passion I momentarily drew back, and as kissed her cheek I looked at her face I asked: Do you know the meaning of the translation of the words "Nessun Dorma?" Roberta gently shook her head...

"None Shall Sleep!"

As Roberta grinned, with understanding delight and full understanding of my innuendo, she kissed me passionately once more before responding: "Well in that case, why don't we move to my bed where we can remain awake in greater comfort!"

Following Roberta to her bedroom I found myself absorbed by the way she moved as she walked. I had never noticed it before but right now the way her derriere moved held me transfixed to her every natural gyration. She was delicious in not only looks but manner and I knew we were about to encounter a night of excitement and love...

Roberta sat on the side of her bed and patted the space beside her. "Darling Aimie there's something I need you to know:" I looked inquisitively at her and placed my arm comfortingly around her waist causing her to lean toward me and kiss my cheek.

"What is it Rob, whatever it is just say it!"

"First, let me ask you a direct question, of which I believe I already know the answer... Are you a lesbian?"

Looking Roberta directly in the eyes my reply was unequivocal:

"Absolutely, Yes. I hold no desire to be with a man, I only have a desire and a need to love and be loved by other women, and for the longest time I have held a loving need especially for you!"

Roberta moved closer to me and taking me in her arms gave me a kiss so full of passion. It was a true kiss of loving sapphic desire which engrossed us both for the longest time.

"Aimie, I have to tell you something. I am a female virgin, but when you came here to live I could not keep my eyes or my thoughts off of you and for many months all I could think about was how I could get your attention focused toward me. I have loved you for many months and I want to make love to you but I am not sure how to go about it. I need, I am asking for your help?"

"Oh Roberta, if only I had known because my feelings for you are mutual, right now, you make me feel so honoured to be the first woman in your life. Possibly the last, because you make me feel as though I want to spend a lifetime with you."

Suddenly Roberta was kissing me feverishly and as we lay down onto the bed, I lay atop of her and returned that kiss with every ounce of passion within me.

"How would you like to start baby? Would you like to see a truly loving Lesbian Video to give you some idea how loving lesbian love can be, or would you like to start by watching me undress for you, and then perhaps you allowing me to watch you undress as I lay on the bed and masturbate in front of you, just as I did when I left you last week after you had teasingly flashed your lovely commando pussy as you manipulated the LP Player."

"My Darling Roberta, you drove me crazy flashing your bare pussy like that. I wanted to take there and then. I had to leave when I did because I had an overwhelming need to remember those wonderful moments, to get to my bed and masturbate! I want you to do anything you wish at whatever pace you desire. I want you to explore my body and do whatever you feel seems natural for you to do... Roberta, I want to be loved by you in any way you wish and I want you to feel free in doing so."

Roberta's face was flushed and red as she replied:

"Aimie, you are so loving and yes, I would adore watching you undress for me but maybe then, have you undress me. I want to be naked with you as I explore and kiss every part of you."

Making her comfortable on the bed I turned on the radio and found a station playing soft and romantic music... Kissing her passionately, I moved back and slowly stood, very gradually, I commenced to undoing every button on my top except the one between my breasts... I had originally planned to let her see me wearing only the stockings but at this point my plan changed.

Lifting one side of my skirt I removed the first of the black elastic topped stocking's down one leg until all it covered was my foot. Placing my foot on the bed I tossed the top to Roberta, asking her to remove it for me before repeating this performance to the other side, but this time I placed the thigh portion between her teeth before having her pull it off! I could see that Roberta was breathing heavily and once or twice she had ran her hand over her thighs as I stripped before her. Having her as hot as she was I encouraged her to undo the final button between my breasts and as the top slip down my arms I kissed her deeply before telling her:

"Now the clasp of my bra."

Her fingers were trembling as she did so but as she slid the bra off of me I drew her face to a nipple entreating her to "kiss it lover." which she did before I moved her to the other which she willingly kissed and as I placed my hand on the back of her head, pulling her to me; Roberta momentarily sucked her first nipple. I say momentarily because I now pulled away, undid the side zipper and button of my skirt and let it drop. Oh yes, by making the decision to wear a loose skirt and to come commando, everything had the desired effect!

Now fully naked and enticingly moving my tits back to Roberta's lips she desired no further prompting or invitation. Taking a breast in each hand Roberta kissed and sucked each nipple and areolar before and with wanton lust she kissed me deeply, sucking on my tongue as she did so and mewling with absolute love and desire. Lying by her side I kissed her neck and then her ear as I whispered:

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