Student Teacher Ch. 03


It was ironic being in this position, being told the very thing she might say as a teacher to a naughty student, yet she was the one having to accept it. "I'm so sorry miss. I really am, you can punish me for it but I can't undo it, I wish I could," Jessie said in all sincerity.

Jessie had stopped wriggling her bottom. The class went very still, quietly straining to hear what was being so earnestly said between teacher and pupil, where it was the teacher obviously apologizing.

"Do what you like with me, punish me, but please believe me, I didn't mean any of this to happen," she pleaded.

Jenny looked at her bent over the desk and knew what she had to do. "Stay right where you are," Jenny threatened, with hissed words and a steely gaze. She came back from the store cupboard with a long-ago abandoned item. It had fallen behind a rack, lost for many years, until discovered while tidying up.

Jenny kept it behind her back but the teachers eyes were closed anyway as though in prayer. She felt so bad nothing could be worse. She had seen Jenny enter the cupboard imagining the girl could at least cry in private. It made her feel so bad, so weak, she couldn't stand. This public humiliation felt like a just retribution, as she could feel her panties were on show to the whole class.

Nothing was being said, no noise of approval or disapproval so they probably thought her too old to be interesting. If she had eyes in the back of her head she would have soon realized the mistake for phone cameras were busy filming and snapping at her ass. The guys zoomed in for a close up hoping to see her crotch but were disappointed.

Jessie was about to stand up and resume a place at a student desk; as humiliating as it would be to sit there among them after this. She would have to bear it as a part of the punishment. Jessie heard a swishing sound but didn't feel the unexpected pain for almost a whole second.

The class made a collective sound of astonishment. The inrush of air might have slammed an open door shut it had been so strident. They had been looking at her ass not at Jenny flexing the cane. It had been almost as much of a shock to the class as it had been to their teacher.

The unexpected explosion to her senses forced open her eyes wide with a little pathetic whimpering noise escaping the throat. Jenny put a hand on her back holding the woman in place though it wasn't needed for she was in shock. Already weak from being drained emotionally this inexplicable action floored her completely.

Jenny was determined to pay Jessie back for this betrayal. It's wasn't his fault; he's just a poor guy giving in to the teasing and flaunting. One stroke was not enough and the white panties looked too innocent so she pulled them from her teacher's cheeks.

The class again made a noise of astonishment only this time the outward breath sounded strong enough to sooth the red stripe across both cheeks. The girls knew something was up and the whispered messages seemed to bet on it being Graham getting between the two females. The cane confirmed it.

Jessie's head came up to yelp pathetically from another whack of the cane. Her perfect heart shaped bottom looked spoilt with crimson welts crossing it. To punish a student like this was highly illegal but there was nothing in the law to protect a teacher from corporal punishment. If she were to complain the whole sorry story of her capitulation would emerge for a far worse humiliation in the press.

Jessie was in shock and just lay there with Jenny holding her over the desk, ass up, showing off a striped bottom. With legs pressed together the lips of her pussy were squashed between them. Above those soft lips the indentation of a hard looking asshole was clearly tightly clenched.

"Please miss, I'm sorry miss," Jessie stammered, trying to bring her round by showing she had capitulated to her authority.

Another whack from the cane showed a strong determination to exact some sort of revenge. The drawn out moment between strikes when the class was hushed allowed everyone to hear the teachers little suppressed sobs. A teacher, a woman, a responsible adult was bent over having her naked bottom caned.

"Please miss, I'll be good, I promise, please don't cane me," she wailed quietly, hoping the class didn't hear the pathetic plea.

The guys in class were silent, mesmerized by the sight of their teachers red ass. They could see her asshole clenching tight with every strike. The girls elaborated on what might have happened, some information derived from Paula, the rest was made up. The general conclusion was that the bad slut needed punishing. The guys would agree just for the spectacle of it.

"Please miss, I'll be your student, I'll be a good girl, I'll do as I'm told miss, honest miss," she croaked, no longer caring who heard as long as the pain stopped.

It went on for a long time as the universe slowly revolved around their teacher's bottom, as though it were a brown hole sucking in all of classroom time and space. It was certainly absorbing the guy's attention. It looked as though her ass had exploded in parallel lines, one after another, striping it red. No-one in class had ever seen such a thing only ever hearing about it from parents. The cane was real and her ass was real and the pain was obviously real.

"I'm so sorry miss, I won't do it again, promise miss," she sobbed, sounding so very pathetic.

They were beginning to feel sorry for her after eight whacks of the cane. Jenny seemed to come to with her vision clearing. Even she, for a moment, thought this was going too far. Her hand trembled wondering what to do next. Without thinking about it she looked across to Graham as she might have any other time.

The way he looked at their teacher's ass stirred the aggression once more. She stood between them shielding her as though standing before a football game on television. He couldn't look at her knowing this retribution was because of him. At least he had the temerity to look highly uncomfortable but he hadn't done anything or said anything in the teachers' defense.

Jenny wondered what it might take for him to jump up and stop her tormenting this woman who had been in bed with him. Incomprehensibly a language class came to mind. 'He fucked, she fucked and they fucked! The simple statement lit her eyes fanning the flames of anger.

She tucked the hem of the skirt, which was up anyway, into the waist band. "Stand up!" she demanded. Silent tears ran down the woman's cheeks. It was obvious she only just resisted rubbing her sore ass as her hands continuously twitched. She didn't want to show her face to the class.

The teacher had been embarrassed then humiliated now thoroughly disgraced. Before the entire class her bare ass had been caned. Jessie had felt her lips protruding between her thighs and guessed at her asshole being on display too. How could she face them, sit among them, when all would know how depraved she was.

"Put your hands on your head," Jenny ordered. Her voice was hard and hid the concern for what she had done. Wondering what might happen for this outrage could be left to later while she dealt with this woman. "Go stand in the corner, naughty girl," Jenny said, unable to resist rubbing it in.

She inadvertently stepped out of the panties, almost tripping, but couldn't stop to pick them up. The very idea of bending over in front of the whole class to pick up her panties was appalling. Out the corner of an eye she watched Jenny pick them up and for a terrible moment thought the young girl was going to make her put them on in front of everyone.

A hysterical little laugh escaped her lips but the nasty little noise was thankfully drowned by the class chattering. It didn't seem a big deal compared to everything else but she imagined how it would look; the teacher being told to put her panties on by one of the students.

Instead the girl held them by a finger and thumb as though they were soiled and dropped them in the trash. What next? The casual way they were discarded was humiliating enough. Would she be made to scrabble around in the trash to find a pair of panties to cover her nakedness under this short skirt?

Jenny watched her as did the whole class. The woman was giving in to a demeaning insult as though she were a school kid.

They understood she had reluctantly gone along with a little fun when she pretended to be a student. They hadn't realized what it had been doing to her, to lose all authority, then be treated and dressed as an adolescent. What they hadn't seen was what happened to her last night with Paula and Graham.

Their teacher had been systematically stripped of her dignity leaving her completely subdued. They couldn't help looking at her and laughing, partly in embarrassment and partly with pleasure. The woman was standing with hands on her head showing off a bare ass striped red from a caning.

The whole class was chatting about what had happened, some blaming Graham, while others blamed the teacher. For what, was only partly known while the rest was made up.

Jessie could hear the muttering and peels of soft laughter knowing it was all about her. If they became distracted enough she might be able to sidle to the door to make an escape. She shook her head for it would be impossible. As soon as she made a move someone was sure to notice and grab her even before the door was open.

"Class! Put your phones away and settle down, we don't want outside attention, do we!" Jenny announced.

Jessie was still far away in her own world of anguish. The statement did sink in eventually. The whole class had been using camera phones! Recording the caning of her bare ass! This dire humiliation was recorded! She leant forward to slump her head in the corner of the room. Desperate thoughts of escape were reduced to wondering how she might keep in their good books, needing to keep all of this a secret.

It seemed like forever that she stood there. So long that lunchtime was nearly upon them. A knock at the door stopped everyone from whatever they were doing, even drawing Jessie's attention from a little sorry world. A group in-breath of dismay was heard when a teacher walked in.

The students looked down at open books or even a bare desk rather than at him or their teacher. Mister Barker was a handsome ditherer who taught history and geography. He was one of those easily side tracked in class to tell stories until time was up and home work had to be set. The students could describe him in one word, harmless.

Right now though he was very dangerous for he could bring their game down around their ears. Paula was angry at this intrusion for she might lose her doll at any minute. As soon as he looked around she would be spotted. The stupid bitch wasn't even capable of pulling the skirt down to cover a bare ass. Paula was trying to will her into keeping quiet, keeping immobile, and pulling her skirt down.

Ben too was hoping she wouldn't be found out. He had heard the ribald remarks over what had happened between her and Graham and enjoyed watching Jenny's revenge. It might work to his advantage allowing him to gain some revenge against a teacher. He had just been putting an idea together when this teacher walked in ready to spoil his chances.

The rest of the class listened carefully without looking up, pretending to study. They were either afraid of what might happen when their teacher was found after a thrashing or enthralled over the idea of this drip finding her and not knowing what to do. He was notoriously indecisive but surely even he couldn't ignore such a blatant breach of school rules.

Jenny was still angry and stood as soon as he entered ready to shout at the interruption. It floored her that this teacher knew her, having taught most of them this year and previously.

He looked across the bent heads with a smile upon his face. "Well, that is nice to see, so many studious students, I was beginning to think the word students was a synonym for," he didn't finish for Jenny moved quickly up to him.

The distraction quickly curtailed a Latin lesson. Standing close to him left it awkward for him to turn toward the front of the class where he would see their teacher, in the corner behind the door. To make sure he didn't turn she pushed a soft breast against his bare arm.

He wore a short sleeve shirt and the fine hairs on his arm seemed to crackle with static. It might have been so for he wore cheap polyester, trousers, shirt and probably underpants too. He hadn't looked he just knew the pressure on his arm was of a feminine origin and it wasn't a hand.

No one would do that to him on purpose, not in his experience, so he was careful not to draw attention to the mistake. "I'm the student teacher for this week, can I help you?" she smiled. A slight wink was perhaps pushing her luck too far but he bit and swallowed.

She watched a large Adams apple bob in a scrawny neck. It was the only unfortunate part of him, except for his personality, which was not so much unfortunate as missing. She turned slightly to keep him looking in the right direction. Her breast pushed tighter into his arm. She thought this was probably the biggest thrill for him all week.

She looked him straight in the eyes. "What can I do for you, I'm at your disposal," she said, only just refraining from adding the little word, 'Sir'. She had been his student so of course she would automatically say the word but then he would probably have taken a closer look at her.

In any case she was still expecting him to look up from her cleavage and be recognized.

This was as much fun as fooling Mister Chapman. This time she had a grudge to settle. If this teacher turned to leave, the game would be over, with consequences to pay for. They might all be expelled or at the very least the three of them would be.

"Miss Brown's class, I was looking for it," he said, at the same time trying to clear his throat.

Jenny felt the suspender belt against her hip when pushing against him and it gave her an idea. "It's the next class along this corridor," she purred. "You probably won't find her though because all the regular teachers are off leaving us student teachers to it," she purred at him.

"Thanks," he said, but made no move to leave. Her breast was pressed against his arm and her hip was firmly holding him from turning toward the door and their teacher.

"Would you do me a big favor in turn?" she asked. The sweet way she asked left him nodding unable to speak.

"Will you help me with something in the store room?" she asked.

She nudged him in the right direction, to walk to the back of the class with her following close on his heel in case he turned around. She just hoped someone in the classroom would take the initiative to move their damn teacher.

She needn't have been so skeptical for Graham and Paula as well as Ben moved together. They let Paula pull the skirt down and guide their teacher to a desk as though she were blind. She didn't so much bend her head to study as collapse her head onto a pile of books.

They left her there wondering what Jenny was up to.

Jenny pushed his back moving him into the store room and quickly closed the door behind them before he could turn around. The dim light was on and he did turn with a questioning look on his face.

She was going to ask him to move a box of paper but that seemed foolish now for any of the guys in class could have managed it.

"What, err, what may I do for you, miss, err?" he hesitantly spoke.

"Jessie, it's Jessie," she said. He was still waiting with an expectant look on his face rather than ask outright with any determination. "It's embarrassing," she smiled pathetically, still trying to find an excuse to keep him there. It occurred to her he didn't really need much of an excuse to be in close confines with an attractive young woman.

A naughty idea occurred and she wondered if it might be possible. "I've done my back in. It's alright when I stand but really painful when I bend. I'm not sure if I should even mention this," she broke off suddenly. She was about to laugh but felt it looked as though she were embarrassed.

"Can you keep a secret, I wouldn't want this to get around, I would feel so awful," she said, looking at him in earnest. She was rather proud of how sincerely she could lie.

"Whatever it is I'm sure I can help, I would be most pleased to," he smiled, trying to look encouraging. Instead he sounded and looked like a pompous fool.

This was the second time she had brought a man into this small room that was nothing more than a large cupboard. They seemed to become brainless fools and it was immensely satisfying to wield such power over these so called responsible adults.

"If you promise not to tell anyone I can let you help me," she said.

"I promise it will be our secret," he said, sounding even more like a pretentious ass.

"I can't bend over to reach the hem of this skirt," she took a deep breath, pushing her breasts in his face. "I need to pull my panties up. I couldn't ask one of the girls, of course, and all the women teachers are away on a course, or a jolly more like," she huffed.

"You can see my dilemma of course!" she whispered dramatically. Before he could find his voice she continued. "If you could lift my skirt up I'll do what is needed. If you come close you won't be able to see anything. I'm so sorry to ask you, but I couldn't go around with them about to fall down," she complained.

"Oh! Of course not, I see your problem and understand," he said, moving close.

"You won't say anything to anyone, will you!" she said, with a desperate look on her face.

"No, I promise," he said, in all sincerity.

She had him where she wanted him! Someone must have their teacher almost tucked away at a desk by now. To make sure she decided to keep him here a little longer, besides she was enjoying the naughty game. This one seemed so much easier to control she wouldn't get into trouble this time. "Just lift the hem of the skirt, so I can," she left it unsaid.

He stood very close with the idea he wouldn't be able to see her below the waist. He leant forward to reach down and put his nose into her cleavage. "I'm so sorry," he spluttered. She could feel a slight spray over her breasts. Fortunately there wasn't much of a cleavage on show as every button was done up.

She felt like telling him to just get on with it. "It doesn't matter, let's just get it done quickly, please," she said. More carefully he bent to reach the hem and pulled at it with an obvious lack of experience. "Careful!" she warned him. Wiggling her hips pushed her breasts from side to side before his eyes.

"Keep still, I can't reach," she told him. The only thing that moved was his eyes, swiveling from side to side following her cleavage. Jenny moaned, not from the close contact but from what it was obviously doing to him. It was exciting teasing the guys in class by showing off their teachers' panties and now putting this teacher in such an awkward position, it was all so very satisfying.

He was becoming more aroused with every wiggle of her breasts as much as the idea of holding up the hem of her skirt. Jenny wanted to laugh at him for he obviously didn't get out much. She changed the moan into a groan of pain. "It's no good I can't reach them. It hurts my back too much. I got a touch of the waist band but they've slipped down out of reach," she told him.

They had been perfectly all right but it had been easy enough to wriggle them down over her thighs, so now she really was in danger of loosing them. "Tell me if it's too much to ask, you won't think I'm terrible will you?" she said, looking at him with her big blue eyes. He didn't have a chance.

"Of course, no, I won't think that, of course not, err, what is it you want?" he asked, unsure if she had said something and he had missed it.

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