tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStudying with Kelly: Pt. 03 Rewards

Studying with Kelly: Pt. 03 Rewards


Please read the first to installments of the Studying with Kelly series, The Assignment and The Proposal before reading this story. All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older and are consenting adults. Much of this story is in response to some great reader feedback, as you can see I take it seriously and I would love to hear from you. I hope you enjoy this installment of Studying with Kelly.

The last time Stan and Kelly had gotten a grade back from their history teacher she had barely been able to control herself after letting him fuck her titts and cum all over her pretty little face, as they were getting toward the end of the project she was counting down the days. Kelly had started to wish she hadn't tied sexual rewards to the project her and Stand were doing together, but not because she didn't want to do them, because she didn't want to wait.

She never would have thought Stan would have had such a nice cock. The first time she saw it she could not believe what luck she had run in to with picking Stan as her partner for the project. Kelly knew she wasn't very good at academics, but she relied on her more... sensual skills to help her get by. In this case she was giving Stan just rewards as they completed each phase of the project; the problem was she wanted to fuck him now.

Kelly was hot. She always wore the sexiest outfits she possibly could get away with at school, making sure to show off a pair of legs any guy would die to have wrapped around them. They just begged to be fucked, especially the way Kelly showed them off. The accented her tight firm ass perfectly as it begged to held onto in her next deviant act. The skirts she wore would barely cover her pussy and ass and she loved to give her teachers and fellow students a quick peek at her panty covered pussy.

One of her favorite boys to tease had always been Stan from her history class, which is what made him the perfect target to get her the A she needed on the most recent project. It was a partner project and Stan was the best history student in her class. She made it quite clear the first night they met what her expectations were by giving him is first blow job and promising sex at the end. In the last encounter she made him eat her pussy before she rewarded him, it wasn't part of the deal but she never expected to like him so much, to want him so much. She knew the instant she got an excuse to fuck him she would. The nightly make out sessions that they had been having held her over at first, but ever since she got that load on her face from his big cock she couldn't think of anything but wrapping her sexy legs around him.

Today was the day that she had been waiting for, she knew they were getting their project grade and she knew how hard Stan had worked on it. Kelly did contribute she liked Stan enough to try and be helpful, but the truth was he worked like a maniac to get them an A. Kelly could tell how bad he wanted her and she loved it. Getting his attention was what she lived for now, the other boys getting less and less important the more time she spent with Stan.

This didn't mean she wanted to stop her slutty ways; it was a part of what she was, she lived and breathed sex, it was all she thought about from the moment she woke up till the moment she went to bed at night, and recently it all had been about one thing, fucking Stan.

"Hey Kelly!" Stan greeted her as walked into class. Today she was really trying to get him riled up. Not only did she wear her extremely short argyle skirt she had put on some sexy argyle socks that matched and came up to the knee. She had a white button down on with just enough buttons to tease at her cleavage. She was trying to push Stan to the brink.

"Hey there partner! Today's the day!" She said as she hugged him. "I can't wait" she whispered in his ear. She couldn't help one last little tease before the anticipation was over.

They sat next to each other and waited for the teacher to start the class. As she sat next to him she turned toward him her tan legs showing out of her short skirt as she bounced one leg in anticipation. She picked up her pen and mindlessly rubbed the end of her pen against her bottom lip sticking her tongue out every once in awhile to moisten her lips.

Dean's now raging hard on was getting more and more difficult to disguise as he took Kelly in. This had been the day he had hoped for at the very beginning, he hoped to God he got the grade he expected and that for some reason Kelly didn't pull out of their deal. He wanted her with every part of his body, some more than others. The bell rang bringing his attention back to class as Kelly smiled at him, she loved it.

"Good afternoon class. As you all know I have all of your grades for you big partner projects. I must say you all got along quite nicely and I was very impressed by a lot of you. Working together has really seemed to pick up the performance of all of you. Now remember after you get these grades back this does not mean you can just sit back and relax, we still have the big partner test coming up. That said I won't make you wait any longer I know none of you will pay attention till you get your grades."

As the teacher called out names walking through the room he started to hand out evaluation sheets. When it he got to Stan and Kelly he handed the paper to Kelly who was closer to him at the time. She took a quick peek at the grade and quickly turned it over before Stan could see it.

Kelly always the tease knew that he was dying to know if he got to fuck her, she just couldn't help but enjoy the last couple moments of her knowing what he didn't. She looked over at Stan smiling at him She handled him a folded paper. Instead of seeing the grade like he expected it was a note that read:



Kelly enjoyed the look on his face as he squirmed one last time. The truth was she knew the act of seeing him squirm was not enough to make him wait. She wanted to deliver the news in person, to let him know exactly what he had earned from her.

After class Stan waited for Kelly in the hallway. When she came out of the class she quickly grabbed him by the hand and pulled him behind her. She noticed the confused look on his face as she dragged him behind her. When they got to the back of the school she took him down the Stairs on the East Wing when they finally made it to the bottom she finally pulled him underneath and stopped.

"Kelly what your you doing? What's going on? Where are we?"

"Exactly! No one knows where this, it's nice and private. I wanted us to be alone when I showed you." She said as she put down her bag and pulled out their evaluation sheet and handed it to him. "Take a look at what you earned".

Stan took the sheet from her still in a state of confusion. He wasn't sure what Kelly was up to but he knew he was wrapped around her finger and he would take whatever she would give to him. He had wanted her since he first started to notice girls and she only got hotter by the day, knowing what slut she was behind closed doors just made him want her more.

As he unfolded the paper and took a look he couldn't believe it. They hadn't just gotten an A they had been allocated extra credit from all the great work they did giving them a 110%, beyond an A+. This grade would do more than help Kelly pass the class, if they did well enough on the test she could actually get and above average grade. Stan could not help but be happy for her.

"Wow Kelly, this is awesome! Did you see his notes he even said he noticed those parts you did how your works improved from us being together. That's aweso-"

Stan was cut off as Kelly grabbed each side of his face and kissed him. She didn't know where it came from something just took control of her. As their lips tasted each other Kelly melted under his control. He grabbed her and pulled her too him as they kissed. She lifted herself up on his hips and wrapped her legs around him. Afraid he might drop her he pinned her against the wall. As he held her there they finally broke the kiss.

"Holy crap, what was that for?"

"You earned it... and now I'm fucking horny so shut up and get that mouth somewhere its more useful" she grabbed the back of his head and pushed him down as she swung her legs over both of his shoulders.

When he got underneath her short skirt he was in for a surprise, ready to see what sexy pair of panties she had on he suddenly realized, she hadn't warn any.

"I was optimistic, now eat my pussy baby" she said a she pulled his head against her.

Kelly knew she wasn't exaggerrating when she said she was horny. Her pussy was soaked with juices as Stan made his way to her sweet pussy. Stan may not have had much experience but he was a natural at it as he worked his tongue like a magician. It didn't take long for Kelly to go over the edge in the state she was in. Before she could think she was moaning in a throw of orgasms over lapping each other as Stan just kept eating her like a man deprived. She loved his taste for pussy.

When she finally could catch her breath Kelly climbed off of Stan and pulled him up kissing him again, tasting her sweet juices on her lips.

"What does a girl do to deserve a guy like you? That was amazing, but enough of me, it's my turn to reward you."

"Now... here in the stairwell?"

"You're crazy if you think I'm going to wait any longer to get that cock in me, besides what's the point of fucking the school slut if you can't do it in the school?"

"So I get to fuck you?" he smiled realizing what his reward would be.


Stan seemed to slump down as she said it his hopes for his final reward dashed.

"The deal was you get to fuck me if you get an A. You went and got something so much better than an A!" She pulled him close and started to stroke his hard cock through his khakis. "So... you don't get to just fuck me... you get to fuck the shit out of me... over and over and over again! Stan I'm going to fuck that cock of yours raw, starting right now."

Kelly reached down and unzipped Stan's fly reaching in and pulling out his hard cock. It was rock hard, Kelly knew it was big before but she never thought it seemed this big. Stan wanted to fuck her bad and she was going to let him. She lifted up her right leg and guided him in as she leaned against the wall. She felt him slide into her wet pussy with ease. She wrapped her right leg around his waist and pulled him to her. Stan reached under her skirt and grabbed both of her firm ass cheeks as he pushed into her even further until he was positive he couldn't go any deeper.

The class slut had never felt as full as she did right now. There was no question about it this was the biggest cock she had ever had in her slutty little pussy. She knew Stan probably wouldn't last long, no man could. She felt her tight skirt slide up even higher up her thigh as she started to match Stan's thrust.

A little gasp escaped her each time you rocked her into the wall. Stan got more and more confident with each thrust as Kelly encouraged him with her moans.

"That's it baby... just like tha...t... give me that cock.... fuck me like a little slut."

He loved it when she talked dirty and she knew it. He started fucking her harder and harder with each thrust. Kelly lifted up her other leg and locked it around his waist taking each thrust he gave her. She grabbed the back of his neck with both her hands and she rode each one of her thrust.

Kelly was glad she had found such a great spot for them. This stairwell lead down to classrooms that was older and mostly used for storage so it wasn't used very often. She knew that if anyone had walked in to that stairwell they would have heard their moans echoing through it. Stan's cock seemed to pulse inside her as she felt her body tense up around him. She let out a moan as she felt her pussy squeeze the hard shaft filling her up. She pulled herself against Stan as hard as he could as he starting fucking her through it leading to another orgasm on top of it.

The slutty little schoolgirl could not believe it, she had never responded like this to anyone and Stan was a fucking stallion.

"Come on Stan, fill me up... fill up my slutty pussy with your load!"

"You want... me... to... cum inside... you?!"

"Yeah baby... slut... remember? I... I'm on the pill.. FUCK! Just fill me up baby!"

Kelly wasn't sure how much more of this huge cock she could take. Stan was pounding the shit out of her relentlessly and she was still quivering from her last two orgasms. Just when she didn't think she could take it anymore she felt Stan starting throbbing inside her as he let out a moan and she felt him fill her up. Just as she felt his load explode inside of her Kelly let out yet another moan as she succumbed to her final orgasm.

When they both managed to get themselves together Stan finally put his slut back down on the ground.

"Jesus Stan, what was that?"

"What? Wasn't I good enough, I'm sorry... I can do better!"

"What... no... that was amazing! I'm going to enjoy this, now what do you think about doing it in the library?" Kelly said as she smiled up at him.

Before Stan made it home that night Kelly managed to fuck him twice in the library, once on the football field, and two more times in the car in her parents' driveway. She was absolutely insatiable and he loved every minute of it. Well most of it, his whole body hurt from all the action he got that day. As he lies in bed after taking a shower he was wondering whether he was going to die trying to keep up with Kelly's antics, there were definitely worse ways to go. Just as he had that thought he heard to phone ring.

He reached over to the night stand and looked at the caller ID, it was Kelly.

"Hey Kel"

"Hey there Stud!" he laughed at her new nickname for him.

"What's up?"

"Well I forgot to mention something. Do you remember what Mr. Stotle said in class today?"

"Not really I was too concerned with the grade someone wouldn't tell me about" he joked

"Funny! Seriously though, he told us that we should remember that just because the project was over we had to remember we still needed to work together. He said that we needed to prepare for that big test coming up, and well, it got me to thinking. I really need to find a new way to motivate you?"

"Well I guess you have a point..." Stan replied not sure where she was going with it.

" I mean I already fucked you, and honestly after today theirs is no way I'm going to stop." Stan sighed in relief when he heard her say it but was even more confused.

"Ok, then what are you going to do?"

"So here's the deal, we can still mess around all we want on our own, but it's no longer because of the project it's because we want to.

"Okay?" Stan was excited to hear she wanted him but was still completely lost.

"The final test however you need to be REALLY motivated for, so if we get an A on the final test... I will be your sex slave for a day."

"My... sex slave? Like with black leather and stuff... I'm not really..."

"No, no... silly. You just get to tell me what to do sexually like you decide what we do and nothing is off limits, in other words... you can put it anywhere."


"Yes..Annnnywhere." Stan could hear her sultry little smile in her voice as she said it.

"Deal I'm in." he said.

"I didn't think you'd be hard to convince, but there's one catch. If you don't get a C or better on this test then you become my bitch... and Stan, nothing is off limits."


"Nooothing..." This time there was no smile in her voice.

"Hey Kel, I gotta go."


"I've REALLY got to study."

"Now that's my Stud. Honestly I'm not sure what I want more, but I should let you study. See you tomorrow."

As he hung up the phone Stan knew he just made a deal he was either going to really love or really regret. He went over to his desk and cracked open his history book. He had some work to do.

To be continued in Part 4

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