tagBDSMSub Ramoya Meets her Master

Sub Ramoya Meets her Master


This is a work of erotic fiction. Though this is fiction, it is based on events that actually happened and that I was involved with but is written as a piece of fiction to make the story a little hotter.

Like many of my stories, this one starts slow, setting the scene -- but my stories are worth the wait...or so people tell me...


I first met Ramoya (not her real name) when she was 33. Tall and slim, she is one of the most beautiful women I've ever encountered. Though her skin is pale, she is of East-Indian ancestry and it has a soft chocolate shading to it. She was born in Calcutta and moved to Toronto, Canada when she was two. At nineteen, she moved to Ottawa to attend university. At 21 she met her future husband Sanji (a nickname). Sanji was a second-generation Indo-Canadian, born in Montreal. He was four years her senior and doing a doctorate in Business Administration. He was heavily into sports, especially bicycling. He was already working for a Multinational Corporation. When she was 23 they were married. She worked for a high tech company in Ottawa until the downturn.

Sex with Sanji was good but stale. He always made her cum, first by licking her, and then by fucking her slowly and steadily until she came. Once she did, he would cum. There was never any variation.

But Ramoya discovered adult videos when she lost her job. She would rent them when Sanji was away on his frequent business trips. He could be gone for weeks at a time, and she enjoyed her daily cum. At first she was surprised by how active and varied sex in the videos was. She couldn't believe the depravity that she saw there, sex in different positions, anal sex, multiple partners and even homoerotic sex.

What turned her on most though was rough sex. She couldn't get enough of watching it. She even bought herself a vibrator and tried to copy what was happening on the screen. Once, she had rolled Sanji over and mounted him herself and basically used him for her needs. Sex had never been better! Sanji had been so shocked that he had left the room immediately afterwards.

Soon she found BDSM videos and a new outlook on sex exploded before her. It slowly dawned on her that she had a very submissive nature and needed to be dominated, to be used. The problem was, she realized, that Sanji too was submissive in nature. She knew that the night she had used him and he had quickly left, that he was still sporting a raging hardon and was ashamed to let her know! But she knew that she could never dominate him in the way he needed, that she in fact needed for herself.

Then they decided to have a family. For three years they tried, while Sanji's domineering mother had raged at the lack of results. His family of course placed the blame at her feet. But a quick trip to the doctors a couple of months before I met her proved that he was barely able to produce enough sperm! He had had a compression injury to the groin. Typical of many bicycle riders, his passion for the sport had robbed him of his heritage! They had looked at invitro fertilization, but the cost was prohibitive. Sperm banks too were expensive, though more affordable than invitro. While they were well off, they did not have a great deal of disposable income since Ramoya had lost her job. Sanji and Ramoya had discussed their plight and decided that Ramoya could take a lover. Sanji wanted to have a baby to show for all the effort and to appease his mother. Ramoya, on the other hand, wanted revenge. The family didn't know about Sanji's condition, but if she played her cards right, they would!

Her experience in the computer industry had taught her how to do research on the Internet. She quickly found the BDSM sites and then the alternative match sites. That's where she met me. Her add had said that she was looking for a strong, dominant man to teach her about rough sex, about BDSM and to help bring out her submissive nature. She had provided a photo and I thought that if she even looked half as good as her photo she would be a beautiful sub.

We talked for more than a month. Getting to know each other. Sharing fantasies. She wasn't aware of it, but I was taking her fantasies, embellishing them and sending them back to her to see how she reacted to my changes. We progressed from e-mails to phone calls and then back to the computer for live web cam encounters. I had her do things then, like stripping for me, playing with herself on command, bringing herself off with her fingers or with her dildo. She did well and I thought she would be a promising sub.

We met at a restaurant not far from her downtown condo. She was absolutely stunning! Tall and slim, her slight shading and exotic features added to the overall effect. She wore a light yellow, mid-length, halter style sundress with a plunging neckline. The dress exposed her back and sides showing she wasn't wearing a bra. She has cone shaped breasts that barely sagged and stuck almost straight out, they reminded me of the sixties sweater girls you saw in the old movies! Her long silky black hair hung in a single, braid to the bottom of her ass. Her lightweight high-heeled sandals completed the picture. Her large soft-brown eyes reminded me of those of deer caught in the headlights of a car. The only detracting point (for me) was her underarm hair. Even so, I was in love with her the moment I set eyes on her, but of course, I could not tell her that.

She looked me over closely. I had nothing to hide. I am 6', 200lbs and at the time was very fit. My sandy coloured hair and blue eyes completed the look. We had seen each other on the computer, but I was pleased to see that she looked every bit as good in person.

When she sat down I had her raise her skirt so that she sat directly on the sun-heated bench. She sucked in her breath as her tender skin touched the hot leather but dutifully sat down. I was impressed.

We talked for a short while, sizing each other up. We talked about everything but what we really wanted to talk about, after all...it was a public restaurant. After some forty minutes of light conversation I asked what she was wearing under her dress.

"A thong" she told me with a slight smile.

"Take it off then," I told her. She immediately began to rise looking for the bathroom but I reached out and stopped her. "No, here" I told her. Her eyes flew open and she started to blush and look around. Then she quietly moved her hands under her dress and slipped her thong off and gave them to me. I had her place them in the middle of the table.

The waitress came back and asked if we wanted another coffee, but her question trailed off when she saw the thong sitting there on the table. She looked at me and at Ramoya. "I guess not" she said with a smile and asked if we were ready to leave.

I looked at Ramoya and raised my eyebrow. She began to blush even more and lowered her head, but not before she gave me a quick nod. I smiled to the waitress and asked for the check. She told me this one was on the house, that her workmates would never believe this. I took out $20 and left it on the table.

"This is a private thing," I told her, "And I would not like it if I returned only to find myself or my friend held to ridicule or public scrutiny by the staff."

The $20 disappeared as she assured me that we could count on her discretion. Ramoya looked quite relieved. I held out my hand to her and we both rose.

"Sir?" said the waitress pointing at the thong, "Do you not want...?" She couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence.

"You may keep them as a reminder," I told her, "But one day I will return and ask for them...or their replacement!" A flush crossed her breasts and cheeks telling me she knew exactly what I meant...but that, as they say, is another story. Ramoya and I took our leave and headed for her nearby Condo.

She lived on the twelfth floor. The elevator was surrounded on three sides by mirrors. I pushed her up face first against the mirror with her hands above her head and slid my hands to her breasts. She hissed sharply as I roughly kneaded them, tweaking and pulling on her nipples and areola. She showed me that she liked what I was doing by grinding her ass against my groin. I was pleased to note that the elevator was slow, but all too soon we arrived at her floor.

As soon as we entered her condo I pushed her up against the wall, again holding her hands above her head, this time facing me. I kissed her hard, tasting her mouth for the first time. I shook her wrists gently, leaving her with the unspoken command to leave her hands up, and slid my hands down her body to the bottom of her skirt. With a quick pull she was left in only her jewellery and sandals. Incredibly, she was even more beautiful naked!

Her softly shaded skin gave her an almost ethereal look. Her breast had the largest areola I had ever seen, completely surrounding the end of each breast. They reminded me of a negative of mount Fuji. Her swollen areola stood out like the cap of snow on the mountain. Her nipples were still growing, swelling slowly to their full length and girth. They were already more than half an inch long! The only detraction for me was the amount of hair on her body. Except for her legs, she had some hair everywhere and plenty on her crotch and armpits. I would learn later that she shaved her legs because they looked and felt better in nylons. If I kept her as a sub, I would deal with the hair.

Dropping to me knees I took her right breast deep into my mouth and sucked hard on it. She groaned lustily as I felt her nipple explode into the back of my throat as it finished swelling to its full length! Grabbing it with my teeth and lips, I alternately nibbled, sucked, gently chewed and bit it hard! She enjoyed every move I chose.

Standing, I pushed her to her knees, still holding her hands to prevent her from lowering them. She rubbed her face across my crotch and mewled lewdly into my pants! While preventing her from lowering her hands, I told her to open my zipper and take out my cock. Grasping my zipper with her teeth, she pulled it down its track. She slowly moved her head back and forth so that her nose would force open the fly. Reaching in with her teeth, she worried my silk boxers down until she could grasp my turgid member in her mouth. She gently pulled it from within its protective clothing. Her nostrils flared as she took in the scent of me. She looked up at me then, not sure how to proceed. I knew that she had never sucked a cock before. The closest she had ever come to doing so was when I made her lick her dildo clean after she had used it on herself.

"Lick it up and down its length," I ordered, "Like it's a melting ice cream cone that you have to finish before it soils your dress."

She did as I ordered, slowly licking the length of my cock. She cooed gently the closer she got to the tip. I told her to pull back gently on the foreskin and to lick up the precum. I watched as she did so, her eyes closed, rolling the slick fluid on her tongue.

"Does it taste good?" I asked.

"Yes sir." She replied.

"I glad you like the taste because that's what my sperm will taste like, only stronger!" She shivered gently at the word 'sperm'. "One day I will deposit my sperm in your mouth" I whispered, "But not tonight." Again she shivered as the implied meaning of my words sank into her mind.

"Strip me." I commanded. Again she made to move her hands and once again I stopped her. She looked up at me, those large dark eyes showing the pleasure of my use of her. She quickly dropped to the floor and used her teeth to undo my shoes. I slipped out of each of them as they were undone. She mouthed the hem of my pants until she could grasp the top of my socks. I lifted my feet to help her remove them.

She worked her face up over my pants to my crotch and gently opened my belt. The button though was somewhat more difficult, but she finally succeeded in opening it. I stepped out of each leg to help her once more as she slipped my pants and then my briefs down my legs.

She moved up to my shirt. It was easier for her now that she knew how to unbutton buttons with her mouth, but there were many more buttons on the shirt. Soon she was pulling it off my body, leaving me naked before her. She knelt back on her haunches and looked at what I had to offer. She wasn't disappointed.

"Sanji has a smaller cock then you sir." She whispered with a pleased look on her face.

"Sanji must have a very small cock." I thought. I am a little larger than average length at 7 1/2" but quite a bit thicker than average. Most women who I am with enjoy what I have to offer.

I grabbed her by the hair and roughly pushed my prick back into her mouth. She was taken aback by the brute force but soon accepted her role. I knew instantly when she began to accept, as her mouth began to move of it's own accord. She bobbed her head gently, her mouth moving up and down on my dick.

Grabbing onto the sides of her head, I began to forcefully fuck her face, at the same time slipping my foot between her legs. She tried to pull away from me but I held her firmly, fucking her harder. She may have struggled, but I could feel her wetness on my foot.

Suddenly, I pulled from her mouth and grabbing her hair pushed her onto her hands and knees. Holding tightly to her hair I moved briskly into the living room, forcing her to crawl quickly beside me. She cried out in pain and anguish at my treatment of her, but did not use the safe word.

A quick look around showed that her condo had two levels, with a set of stairs leading upwards from the living room. I surmised that the bedroom would be up the stairs and quickly moved towards them.

I pushed her along ahead of me walking far enough below her to look directly into her crotch. I ran my hand along her buttocks as she crawled up the first flight. Sliding my fingers between her cheeks, I found her wet and hot. First with one, then with two fingers I roughly began to fuck her slippery cunt. She mewled loudly as I fucked her harder and harder. She began to slow down until she almost came to a stop, but before she could, I pulled my fingers from inside her and slapped her hard twice, once on each buttock. She cried out in pain and shock but began to crawl a little faster up the stairs.

When she reached the first landing, I pulled her to a stop and forced her head down onto the coarse carpeting. I spread her legs wide and simply walked up into her, spearing her opening with my hard shaft. This time her cries where not those of pain! I fucked her hard and fast for perhaps three-dozen strokes until her body told me she was close to cumming then pulled out of her, spun her and round and ordered her to lick me clean.

"Close your eyes," I ordered, "And pretend that I've ordered you to clean me and it is not your taste on my cock!" A long shudder ran through her body. "Perhaps I'll loan you to someone else and you will clean him after he's used his woman!" A moan escaped her lips as she thought about this, her mouth working faster on my cock.

Abruptly, I turned her around and slapped her ass. "Bedroom!" I roared and she immediately began to climb the second flight of stairs. Once more I slipped my fingers into her warm well. Again she began to slow down. Once more I slapped her ass in disapproval. We came to an unspoken agreement on how fast we should climb those stairs. Soon enough, however, we came to the upper landing. Again I pushed her into the carpet and walked into her. This time I grabbed her hair, pulling her head back as I fucked her hard and fast. It took a little longer to get her near her peak but I once again pulled out of her before she came. She cried out her frustration as she felt me slip from her heated centre and force her to turn around. I rubbed my wet cock all over her face before I let her lick me clean.

"The next time you lick me clean," I rumbled at her "I will have cum inside you, and you will taste me as well as yourself." Her eyes flew open at those words and a long drawn out shudder rocked her body. I spun her around once more and slapped her ass again. She tried to stand but I forced her back down.

"A sub does not stand unless invited to do so." I told her. "You will remain on your hands and knees for the rest of this night."

As we entered her bedroom, I had her assume an upright kneeling position. I had her raise up so that she was not resting on her haunches. I ordered her to clasp her hands tightly behind her back and pulled them downwards, forcing her shoulders back and resulting in pushing her breasts outward rather nicely.

"Spread your legs." I ordered. "A good sub will never cover herself from her master. Whether you are standing, sitting, kneeling or laying down, you will always pose in such a way as best to display your 'assets'!" She shot a nasty look at me at those words.

"Turn you head!" I barked. "Lower your eyes!" I leaned forward and whispered into her ear "You are no longer my equal. You are not to look at me nor any person I place above you without permission, on pain of sever punishment!" Again a shudder ran through her body, but I noted a slight smile on her lips.

"Do you understand this?" I asked.

"Yes Sir." She replied.

I moved over to the bed and lay back on it. "Come to me and lick me all over." I ordered. She crawled over to the foot of the bed and moved up to begin licking me at my feet. Her tongue was beautiful. Long and wet, I slid gently over my foot and up my toes. She sucked my big toe into her mouth and began to give it head. It was the most exquisite feeling. Slowly she moved from toe to toe until she had completed that foot, then she moved to the other and repeated the process. By the time she finished I was damn near ready to cum!

Moving from one to the other, she gently worked her mouth up my legs. When she arrived at my crotch, I reached down and pulled her up a little, indicating that I wanted her to avoid my cock for now. Had she taken me in her mouth then, I wouldn't have been able to stop myself from shooting my load into it!

She moved slowly up my body until she trapped my right nipple in her mouth. This put her breasts right over my crotch. I reached down and pressed her tits together and allowed my cock to slide gently through the gap. She shuddered and sucked harder on my nipple moving from one to the other. I moved her hands down and she took over pressing her breasts together. I lay back and relaxed; enjoying immensely the pleasure this woman was providing me.

When I was ready, I pushed gently on her head and she immediately moved her mouth to my crotch. She licked my cock as I had taught her to do; slowly and gently up and down it's length. I pulled her up slightly and fitted my cock into her mouth. She took as much of me as she could into her mouth and began to bob up and down, moving faster and faster. As I felt my nuts begin to boil, I pulled her off my cock and pushed her down a little further so she could suck my scrotum. She took my nut sack into her mouth and began to suck harder and harder.

"Gently" I ordered. For a little while she did suck more softly but soon returned to sucking harder! I reached down and pulled her up my body by her hair. She yelled in shock but moved with me until my free hand found her ass. With two hard slaps, I struck each of her cheeks, leaving imprints on her ass that lasted for several minutes. Again she yelled.

"I said gently!" I growled menacingly into her ear and then pushed her back down. She immediately took my nuts back into her mouth and did a much better job of pleasing me!

"Straddle me," I ordered. She immediately moved up my body. I had her open her pussy lips and wrap them around the base of my cock. I told her to slide up and down on my cock without taking me into her body. She did as she was told, gently moving on top of me. Her excitement built as she moved faster. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter, the warmth of her juices slowly spreading over my groin. Reaching up, I grabbed her hair and pulled her down for a kiss. It changed the angle to her crotch and my cock sank into the mouth of her cunt sliding half its length into her at the initial penetration. She groaned into my mouth as her body reacted to the invasion of my prick. Taking her shoulders, I lifted her up into a sitting position and felt another inch of my cock slide into her body. She moaned once again.

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