tagBDSMSubmissive Love Ch. 02

Submissive Love Ch. 02


When I arrived home, I called Mistress Rhonda as instructed, to let her know I arrived safely. During our brief conversation, she explained, "You know Ian; it was a pleasure to meet you. I think you show definite potential to be a top shelf submissive."

I thanked her for the compliment, asking, "When can I see you again."

"That depends on you dear," she explained. "I want you to think about tonight for a few days. You need to think about how serious you are about submitting to me. I'll call you after you've had time to think. In the mean time, I want you to do something for me."

"Yes Mistress?" I cautiously replied.

"There will be no masturbating until I see you again. Next time I see you, I want you horny and with a full load," she said. With that, she hung up.

I was very over stimulated after the evening's activities at Mistress Rhonda's house. Driving home, I anticipated stroking my cock to thoughts of my first encounter with her. She didn't allow me to release during what turned out to be my first training session. I was ready to burst. I thought about my long term goals; ultimately deciding to comply with her request.

The next few days were agonizing. I brought my cell phone with me everywhere and checked it compulsively to make sure it was working properly. Showers were rough on me. I usually masturbate in the shower. Washing my cock without having the pleasure of releasing my load was very frustrating. I woke up extremely horny in the mornings. When I returned to work on Monday, I was terribly distracted by thoughts of my time with Mistress Rhonda. I daydreamed about her teasing and torturing me. To prove my growing love for her, I refused to touch myself.

I didn't hear from Mistress until Thursday at 11:30 a.m. I was on my way to a staffing when I felt my phone vibrating. My heart skipped a beat when I checked the caller ID and saw it was Mistress.

"How far are you from the salon at the moment?" she asked.

I explained excitedly, "I happen to be working at the clinic right down the street from you."

"Good, I'm working back to back appointments all morning and need some lunch. Go to the Subway Shop. Pick me up a turkey breast and ham, with spicy mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, salt and pepper, on white bread. Be here by 12:30," she instructed.

I let my nursing staff know that I had personal obligations to tend to, and dashed to the Subway Shop near the salon. I arrived at the salon at 12:25 and waited in the car until 12:29. Obviously I was extremely desperate to please her. When I walked into the salon, Mistress was waiting at the reception desk with a slight smile on her face. I handed her the sandwich. She smiled, winked and thanked me. As I approached the door to leave the salon, she called me back to her, shouting over the dance music playing in the background, "Ian!" I came right back to her. I smiled from ear to ear as she whispered, "Good boy."

I thought for sure I would hear from her later that evening, but there was no call from her. I didn't hear from her until the next day. She called around 6:30 in the evening; instructing me to meet her at the bar across the street from the salon in an hour. I thought to myself, "Fucking bitch could have given me a little more notice!" Nonetheless, being the good submissive, I showered quickly, got dressed, and arrived at the bar at the appointed time.

Mistress Rhonda was sitting at the bar sipping an Amaretto and watching the ball game. She looked very hot in her tight jeans, black tennis shoes and snug black mock turtleneck. I sat next to her, smiling and making sure to not speak until I had permission. I kept my eyes down to avert direct eye contact.

"Order me another drink," she demanded. I signaled to the bartender to bring us another Amaretto on the rocks and a Fosters. We didn't speak during our time at the bar. I watched the Yankees beat the Red Sox while she sipped her drink and eyed the younger men that hovered around her. It pissed me off, but I remained steadfast in my ambitions for the evening. When she was done with her drink, she told me to pay the tab and follow her to her house. I did as I was told.

I followed closely behind her black Saab convertible. When we entered her house, she directed me to take my clothes off and sit in the hot tub. I, of course, complied. The temperature of the water was perfect. I became terribly excited by the site of her walking out on the deck in the nude. She looked stunning in the moonlight of a clear Friday night. She eased herself into the hot tub, put her foot on my already erect penis, pressed her foot on my balls, and ran her toes along my rigid shaft.

"Did you masturbate while you were away from me, you little bitch?" she asked.

I said nothing.

"You may answer," she said.

"No Mistress, I held out for you," I proudly declared.

"I don't believe you, how do I know you're not lying to me?"

"Well, I can beat off for you right here and prove it to you," I said coyly.

She thought for a moment..., "Hmm, Ok, that sounds fair. Sit on the edge of the hot tub and masturbate for me."

Easing myself out of the steamy water, I sat on the deck of the hot hub. My cock was rock hard and ready to explode. I grabbed my shaft with my right hand and reached behind to finger my asshole with my left. This was the longest I'd gone without a masturbatory orgasm in years.

"You like to play with your asshole I see," she said, settling into the steamy water while slowly fingered her freshly shaved pussy.

I continued stroking my cock while penetrating myself. It made me very horny watching her pleasure herself. Judging by the look in her eye and the intensity of her masturbation, she enjoyed the view as well. In no time at all, I felt my cock getting very sensitive.

Closing my eyes, preparing to have what I anticipated to be a massive orgasm, she exclaimed, "Ok, stop! I don't want you shooting your load in my clean water. I guess I believe you. You're either very ready to cum or have been beating off all week and are a very virile man. Either way, I'm satisfied that you have a full load waiting for me. Sit back down and relax."

I was panting with lust and frustration, but dared not show my disappointment. I reflected on the beatings she inflicted on me during our last encounter. Even though I was convinced I was falling in love with her, I was nonetheless afraid of her torturous side. I eased back into the water, trying to calm myself down.

"Go in and get me a towel, dear," she sweetly demanded.

Upon entering the bathroom to retrieve her towel, I stumbled upon her strap-on sitting on the counter, apparently drying after having been cleaned. I licked my lips, anticipating she would find me worthy enough to fuck me.

I went back out to the deck and brought her a towel. Climbing out of the hot tub, she instructed, "Put the cover on the hot tub, and go take a shower."

I did as I was told. As I showered, I startled at the sound of the bathroom door opening. She called out, "Make sure you wash your ass, you slut!"

I washed my ass quietly and obediently.

Mistress Rhonda opened the shower door armed with what appeared to be a nine inch, well lubricated strap-on dildo. "Turn around and face the wall," she demanded. I was so fucking excited that I turned around immediately and put my hands against the wall, as if I were being asked to "spread em" for the police. Mistress stepped behind me, pressing the tip of her dildo against my receptive anus.

"I normally don't give my slaves the pleasure of fucking them on the second date, but you were so sweet to bring my lunch on such sort notice that I thought I'd reward you handsomely," she said.

I said nothing for fear of speaking out of turn. I didn't want to do anything to upset Mistress or otherwise make her change her mind.

"Mmm," I quietly moaned as she pressed her dildo against my anus. I felt it penetrating the boundary of my sphincter. Breathing deeply and slowly, I tried to relax so I could take all of her. As she pushed harder, I felt the intense sensation of my ass being penetrated. I breathed lustfully as she continued to slide herself into me. With one final thrust, she shoved it up my ass. "Oh shit," I squealed as she entered me completely.

Mistress reached around to pinch my nipples. She continued her anal assault, slowly pulling out of me, and then slowly sliding herself back into the depths of my ass. My head was spinning, but I refused to give in to the pain, focusing only on the pleasure she was giving me. She grabbed my hips and thrust herself forcefully into me.

"Oh Mistress, thank you...," I moaned.

"Tell me how you like it, you little slut," she demanded.

It took all I could muster to gather my words. "Fuck me Mistress, fuck me good. Mmm, yeah, punish me with your cock, Oh, right there," I panted.

Mistress continued thrusting herself into me, grabbing my hips and pulling me towards her. After a time, she pulled out of me. I ached at the sudden emptiness I felt when we were no longer physically connected.

"Quit pouting you little bitch. Bend over, grab your ankles and shut the fuck up," she said sternly. I reach down to grab my ankles, took a deep breath and took all she had to offer. She slid her big dick in and out of me, deeper and harder with every thrust of her hips.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably only minutes, she pulled out of me, removed her strap-on and demanded that I get on my knees. "Lick my pussy, you little cunt," she demanded. With the water from the shower hitting my back, I lapped her pussy with long luscious strokes of my tongue. I stopped at her clit; running circles around it with my over excited mouth and tongue. She seemed very excited by my orally pleasuring her. She propped her leg on the side of the tub while I continued to lick and suck her wonderfully bald pussy. God, I wanted to swallow her whole!

She pulled away and declared, "You're pathetic! Finish showering while I take care of myself." I reluctantly got off my aching knees and lathered my body while she leaned against the shower wall, slipping her dildo inside her now aching pussy. "This is how you do it, you pathetic half-a dick." She rubbed her clit to orgasm, leaving me feeling woefully inadequate.

When she was done, she demanded I dry her. I rubbed her gently with her towel and waited for my instructions. My ass was still numb from her fucking me and frankly, I secretly loved it!

"Go to the bedroom and stand in the corner," she instructed.

I did as I was told.

Mistress entered the bedroom shortly thereafter, reclining on the bed. I reflected on how beautiful she looked compared to when I first met her at the salon. She was no longer solidly below average in my mind. I now had her on a pedestal.

She lay back on the bed; rubbing her breasts and propping her leg up so I could get a good view of her beautiful pussy. She knew it was fucking gorgeous and deliberately tormented me with it. She gently teased her pussy with her index finger; running slow circles around her vaginal opening to stimulate her juices. I have to admit, Mistress had arguably the most beautiful genitals I've ever seen. When she is not sexually excited, her lips barely peak out from her slit. All I could think was that her labia was like a hungry animal, craving prey.

As she gently pleasured herself in front of me, I stared at her crotch as if in a trance. She has very meaty pussy lips that seem to create a luscious perimeter around her soft inner flesh. Tracing light circles around her clitoris made it peek out like a timid little kitten following its curiosity. I remained in the corner, erect and lost in lust.

Mistress was also apparently lost in thought as she lay on the bed gently massaging her pussy. I was terribly excited but dared not say a word for fear she would send me on my way. I craved release. As if she read my mind, Mistress whispered, "Pull that cedar chest over to the end of the bed, take some of my oil from the bedside table, lubricate your cock, gently stand on the chest, and jerk off for me. I want you to shower your cum all over me. If I hear one little creak coming from my cedar chest, you can get the fuck out."

I did as I was told. I cautiously stood on the cedar chest, carefully putting my feet on the edges of the chest so as to minimize the probability of making it creak. Now standing above her sprawled naked body, I signed with relief that I was able to stand on it without risking an abrupt end to the evening. I grabbed my slippery cock and slowly slid my hand up and down my shaft. My balls moved in harmony with my strokes.

Mistress lustfully uttered, "You are definitely learning fast, my little slut. Oh yeah, stroke that cock sweetie, stroke it nice and slow. That's it...Oh that makes me so hot."

I slowly but deliberately moved my hand up and down my engorged shaft; I grabbed it with one hand and rubbed my swollen head with the other. As I did so, Mistress inched down to the edge of the bed, grabbed a pillow to put under her ass, and lifted her hips while spreading her legs wide. She grabbed her ankles and spread her legs as wide as they could go.

Filled with desire, she said, "Spray me, you little cunt, give me what I crave."

Her words got me so excited that I couldn't hold back. I had not cum in over a week and was ready to burst. I increased the pace and intensity of my masturbation while she held her legs open for me. In seconds, I felt the sensation building. The gates that guarded my semen opened with a fury.

"Oh god, here it comes baby. I've been saving it for you!" I moaned as my load came spewing out. Cum landed on her belly; a huge wad caught her inner thigh. She released her grip on her ankles and rubbed cum into her aching vagina, furiously fingered herself as I drained the last bits of sticky fluid from my spent cock.

Mistress was silent as she rubbed my semen into her genitals. "Come down from there and lick me clean," she demanded.

I gently got off the cedar chest and knelt on the side of the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back so I could lick cum off her. I've never tasted my own cum, but was pleasantly surprised at the sweetness of it. I lapped at her belly, taking in my own juices. She lay back, spreading her legs so I could get to work on her pussy. I licked her outer lips, opened my mouth wide to suck her genitals, and spread her lips to lap up any remaining juices from her inner flesh. I felt her pussy getting full engorged and prepared myself for what I knew would be a treat. Sure enough, as I flicked my tongue furiously over her erect clit, I heard her moan and felt the sensations of her pussy pulsing in my mouth. I stopped moving, resting my mouth on her vagina and allowing her to cum without distraction. Her pussy pulsed repeatedly in my mouth.

"Good job!" she signed, trying to be stern but knowing that she was spent. She reached into the closet for the collar and chain. "Lay down on the side of the bed," she demanded. I did as I was told. She tethered me to the bed. "Now, go to sleep. You want a blanket?" she asked. I said nothing. "You may answer," she demanded.

"Yes mistress," I said.

Mistress Rhonda wrapped me in a wonderfully warm goose down comforter. She kissed my forehead. She slid under her sheets and thanked me for being so obedient over the course of the week. "You know Ian; I've had the same problem as you over the years. It's hard to find a true submissive."

Curled in a fetal position, warm and cozy on her lush bedroom rug, and tied to her bedpost, I drifted off to sleep, smiling at the thought that we found each other.

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