tagBDSMSubmissive Seduction

Submissive Seduction


(Dedication; To Ted, for inspiration, passion, and confidence in me)

**this story is based, in part, on actual events


I am lost in thought, as the steam from the coffee cup rises. Holding the cup close to my mouth, one hand on the handle, and the other wrapped around the cup, my thoughts go back to our first meeting.

It had been after 10 at night, while at my computer, surfing, that I had received an Instant message. It was from someone with the screen name “ltcolrayd”. Having had some friends in the military, I immediately wondered if the “ltcol…” indeed meant Lieutenant Colonel. I was to find later, that it certainly did.

He had impressed me with his first message. It did not say the usual “A/S/L”, nor was it vulgar. He simply started, “Good Evening”. We chatted for over 2 hours that night. We did not cyber, but we flirted, we learned more about each other. He quoted Shakespeare. He quoted Will Rogers. His own words revealed his class, his passion, …his intelligence. Oh yes, I was hooked, from that first night.

Here it was 3 years later, and we had evolved from the internet, to our first meeting, and into a steady relationship. We had realized early on in our chats, that I was submissive. Ours was a relationship in which I was his sexual submissive, his slut, and I loved it, in fact I thrived on it.

Drifting back to reality, I take another drink of coffee. It was 9 A.M… He had been TDY and had gotten back early this morning. He called to let me know he was back, and to expect him some time tonight. My body tingles at the very thought of seeing him. He has been gone for 3 weeks, and I ache for him. I think of his 6’1” frame, his dark piercing eyes, and his sexy voice.

Everything about the man impassions me.

As I think of him, I begin running a hand over my chest, and down to my ample breasts, imagining his fingers. My back straightens, accentuating my 40C breasts, and I smile thinking how he would enjoy them later. I reluctantly set the coffee cup down, to pick out my “wardrobe” for the night.

I quickly find my ‘slave’ dresses in the closet. There are quite a few of them, different colors, and several different styles. I smile as my eyes rest on the red one. It ties atop the right shoulder, and is fitted across the chest, and at the waist. Below the waist it is flowing, and goes to just below mid calf. “Yes”, I think to myself, “He will be pleased with this choice”. I remove it from the closet, and lay it carefully across the bed.

Making my way to the dresser, I quickly scan my reflection in the mirror. I pick up the brush, and begin to run it through my long auburn hair. I contemplate how I would style my hair. I decide I would wear it up, but leave a few strategically placed strands down.

It would be a day devoted to Him. I had nowhere to be, nothing to do, but prepare for his visit. I returned to the kitchen, pouring myself a fresh cup of coffee and finalizing plans for the day. I chuckle as I recall him saying to me on the phone, “Make sure you are wet and ready for me when I get there”. Oh, no doubt of that, I was getting moist just remembering the phone call.

The day goes by, as I eagerly anticipate seeing Master again. I reflect upon our relationship. Our relationship was a mix of D/s and ‘vanilla’. In public, I am his lady. He opens doors for me, holds my hand, when appropriate, and is very much the gentleman. He would make the occasional “masterly” whisper into my ear perhaps, or a hint of what is to come. Sometimes, when we were out of public view, he would smack me on my ass. There was once, when he had put the remote controlled ‘egg’ up inside me, before we went out. What a night that was! He had the controls to the egg, and experimented on turning it on, up, etc. I was almost out of control before he mercifully took me home and ravished me. He liked that I could be discreetly under his control in public.

He liked me to wear skirts, with no panties on. If at a restaurant, he would seat himself beside me, and have me open my legs, so he could touch me, in public, but out of public view.

I enjoy the contrast of the D/s and the vanilla. To our mutual friends, I refer to him as Ray. To my friends, I refer to him as Ray, or the Lt. Col. Regardless of how I refer to him to others, to me he is always Master.

Checking my watch, I decide it is time to start my preparation. I have no idea what time Master will arrive. I turn on the water to the shower, checking the temperature. Before one of his visits, I liked very warm showers. I have my scented shower gel ready, as well as the perfume I would apply after. I remove the silk robe I am wearing, leaving me naked, and step into the shower. The steam engulfs me as the water steadily runs over my body. I put myself directly under the stream of water, letting it run from the top of my head, all the way down. Stepping out of the direct stream, I begin to lather my body. I anticipate his touch once again.

I take great care around the pubic area, feeling much like an Egyptian princess being prepared for her Prince. Master likes me to be shaven, and smooth. Slowly and carefully, I run the razor over my skin, ensuring Master will find it soft, and silky. Not being able to resist, after shaving, I run a slick soapy finger over my clit. “Oh God,” I say to myself, “Hurry Master, Please!” Taking the razor to my legs, as I bend, I feel the water running down my crack, and between my legs. I rinse myself quickly.

Satisfied that I am clean, soft, shaven and my body is ready for him, I step from the shower. Toweling off slightly, I reach for the moisturizer. I smile, as I consider that for a woman over 40, my skin is very soft, and supple. I slowly apply moisturizer over my entire body, and reach for the perfume. Some carefully applied sprays, on my neck, on the wrists, behind the knees, hitting all of the pulse points.

Still naked, I move to the bedroom, and stand in front of the dresser. I take a critical look at my reflection. Soft skin, nice breasts, large nipples, inward curve to my waist, womanly hips, very nicely shaped legs.

Reaching for my brush, I begin working on my hair. With great care, I arrange my hair, making sure every strand is in the desired place, before crossing the room to pick my dress up from where it lay on the Bed. Putting my dress over my head and pulling it down, I then tie it atop my right shoulder. Smoothing it with my hands, I return to the mirror. Carefully and methodically, I apply my makeup. As an after thought, I return to the bathroom cabinet, and retrieve some glitter gel, applying it sparingly to my shoulders.

One more look into the mirror, I walk through the house, making sure everything is in place, and ready. Oh how I wish he would get here. Entering the living room, I put a Classical CD in the player. The music was relaxing, yet mood setting. With nothing to do now, but wait, I get a cup of coffee from the kitchen, before settling into the recliner; my feet up under me, as I put my head back, and listen to the music. Moonlight Sonata plays as I find myself tracing the coffee cup softly with my fingers.

Eyes closed, a smile grows, as I hear the key in the front door. It is time…

A tingle rushes through my body, an electrical current, as my One, my Beloved, my Master, enters the room. My smile is immediate at first glance of Him. He is in his uniform. He looked authoritative, crisp, and downright sexy. I always love the way he looks, but the uniform adds to the tone of the power exchange. The only thing on my mind is Him, and His pleasure, which I anticipate being a part of, in fact, the source of.

Rushing toward him, stopping a few steps in front of him, I sink to my knees, still smiling, and lower my eyes. I keep my head up, proud to be His submissive. With a touch of his hand to my hair, his presence engulfs me, and the current intensifies.

Basking in His presence, I move, on my knees, directly to him. I place my head against him, and put my arms around his legs. "I've missed you so, Master", I whisper. His hands still stroking my hair, he replies, "And I, you".

He reaches his hand down, below my chin, and raises my head up to look at him. "Stand, and kiss me". Needing no further encouragement, I am on my feet in one smooth movement. I move my lips toward his, pausing briefly just before our lips meet. Softly, I touch my lips to his, and I feel his tongue pushing into my willing mouth. His hands move to my ass, pulling me to him. "Mmmm", he moans into my mouth, before he delivers a sharp smack to my ass. He breaks the kiss, with the gentle command, "Get me a drink, girl, and come kneel beside me, so we can talk."

Smiling, I kiss his cheek, before quickly moving to get his drink. It is returned with a gleaming smile of his own and another slap on my ass. My Master is indeed a loving Dominant. I feel his eyes on me, as I move to the kitchen, opening the cabinet, surveying its contents. On the top shelf, I see the glass with which I wish to serve his drink. Reaching up, and rising to my toes, my full breasts push against the wood of the cabinet. My hand securing the vessel, I remove it from the cupboard. Moving softly, but swiftly, I move to the table. I turn to open the drawer, to pull out a clean cloth. As I lovingly and carefully wipe the glass with the cloth, I see, from the corner of my eye, that Master is now walking down the hallway. Continuing with my task, I raise the glass to the light, making sure it is spotless. I look and see Master returning to his chair, with a rather mischievous smile on his face. I return his smile eagerly, as I move the glass to my cheek, and run the rim along my skin, checking for any possible chips or imperfections. Satisfied that the glass is safe, I set it down, and reach for the Scotch.

Once the drink is prepared, I walk back to Master, swaying my hips seductively. Kneeling to his left, I place a kiss on the glass, and with eyes lowered, hold the drink up to him. "My sweet, sweet submissive", he says softy, "Thank you".

Resting back on my heels, I wait for his next words. After taking a drink, Master looks down, and moves his hand down my cheek, to my neck, chest, and slowly moving to my breast. My eyes close in pleasure and anticipation, as he moves his thumb over my nipple, which becomes instantly erect through the material of my dress. His thumb continued to move on my nipple, with greater pressure. How I love his touch. Almost being lulled into a trance, I then feel Him take my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and pinch. I feel my heat begin to rise. Twisting my nipple, he says "Now tell Master how much you've missed him... better yet, show me.”

Rising to my feet, and smiling seductively, I moved to the middle of the room. Reaching my left hand to my right shoulder, I pulled the tie. Putting my hands on my face, I ran them down over my neck, and lower to my breasts, taking the material of my dress with them. Cupping my breasts, squeezing them, I put my head back. I feel Master’s eyes on me every second, and I know he is enjoying the ‘show’. Again taking my dress lower, I run my hands over my stomach, then my hips. The dress falls to the floor, revealing my entire body. From Master's chair, I hear, "Mmmm". My hands move over my hips. One hand goes to my breast, as the other finds my heat. At this point, I look up, and softly say, "Master, may I use your belt?" A mischievous smile crosses my lips.

Master stands, his eyes dark and smoky, and slowly removes his belt. "Take it with your teeth, girl", he instructs. Moving toward him, I lean my head in, taking the belt in my teeth. Master stroked my cheek as I back away. Taking the belt from my teeth, I smile once more. Standing again, in the middle of the floor, I let my head fall back, as I stretch my arms over my head, belt in hand. Folding the belt in half, I run it down my arm, and across my chest. Moving quickly down my body, I place one hand behind me, as I slap the belt between my legs. I wince slightly at the slap on my cunt, as I grabbed the belt with my free hand. Now holding it with both hands, I began moving it between my legs, on my cunt, over my clit. Beginning to moan, I feel the wetness between my legs. My own moan is joined by Master's.

Riding the belt, my desire builds. I release the belt from one hand. Folding it, I move the belt up to my face, and under my nose, inhaling my own scent. I hear Master softly say "Oh, yes". Bringing the belt to my lips, I begin to slowly lick my juices from it.

Master rises from his chair and in an instant is in front of me. Grabbing my hair and pulling my head back, his mouth covers mine. His tongue pushes into my mouth, and he sucks my tongue into his mouth. He rips the belt from my hand. As he kisses me, he lightly hits the back of my legs with the belt. I feel myself squirming against him. "Yes,” he moans, "I think the girl needs her Master's attention.”

Trembling with desire, I remain silent. God, how I need him. I need to feel him inside me, taking me, owning me. I await, with anticipation, his instruction.

He pushes me an arms length away from him, and holds my chin. “Look at me,” he says in a low voice. I look into his eyes. The look of lust, desire, and heat in his eyes was incredible. “Go into the kitchen, and bring out one of the chairs.” It was not a request, it was an order. Moving swiftly, I obeyed his command. Pointing directly in front of where he is standing, he orders “Put it here.”

Still trembling, I placed the chair in the designated place. Excitement, tension, passion and fear all growing within me. With heavy footfall, he was standing beside me. Grabbing my hair firmly, and almost growling, he says “Bend over the back of the chair, and hold on to the legs” There is an instant of hesitation on my part, and his voice becomes louder. “NOW” he barks.

Hearing him speak this way causes me to become startled, but I quickly obey. I turn to look at him once more before I slowly bend over the chair. My mind reeling, I take hold of the front legs of the chair.

He walks around in front of me. It seems an eternity before he speaks. “Who is your Master?”

“You are my Master, Sir”

“Yes, and who are you?”

“I am your submissive, Sir, your slut, your whore”

“Very good”

I hear him walk behind me, and I begin to tremble even more.

Again what seems an eternity passes. Suddenly I feel an incredible stinging on my ass as his belt hits. My body jerks, as I grab the legs of the chair tighter. I feel next his hand, rubbing on my ass where the belt had hit. A moment later, there was another snap of his belt on my backside. His hand rubbed my ass again the contrast of the sensations is overwhelming. Smart, stinging slaps, followed by a loving rub of his hand. Soon my body begins to anticipate each, in turn. As his hand leaves my ass, I tense, anticipating the sting, and as the belt leaves my ass, I relax, anticipating the tenderness. Although his touch seems to erase all pain, after the fourth spank, I whimper. He hesitates , as if absorbing the moment.

Several minutes into the spanking, the sensations begin to meld for me, with pain and pleasure uniting. I whimper after each slap, and moan as his hand runs over my ass. I notice myself squirming, becoming more and more aroused.

His hands are suddenly on me, helping me stand. He turns me to face him, and kisses me passionately. His hands now both on my backside, rubbing, caressing. “You are incredible,” he moans, “THAT was incredible.”

I am now quivering, almost unable to remain standing. I feel desire as I never have before. “Master, I need you,” I moan, kissing his face, his neck. Putting his hand on my back, he leads me down the hall into the bedroom. He turns me and pushes me onto the bed. “Open your legs, and show me your need”

Without hesitation, and with complete abandon, I bend my knees and open my legs. I am in full view of him now. Instinctively, I move my hand to the heat. As I finger myself, I watch in admiration as he removes his clothing. As he removes his shirt, he places it neatly on the back of the chair. His trousers, folded, go over the seat of the chair. His boxers remain on the floor, and he stands before me. How handsome I find my Master. I look at his full dark hair, beginning to gray, his dark, almost fierce eyes, the broad shoulders, and big chest. Master is very athletic, and I admire his fit body, as my desire heightens.

He kneels beside the bed. Even as he kneels, he is Masterful to me. He is my Master, my lover. His hands move to my thighs, and I moan as I feel his touch. My skin seems to burn where he touches me. His eyes barely inches from my heat, he watches my fingers move, and I watch him.

Knowing it will excite him, I move my hand from my cunt, to my mouth, and begin to lick my fingers. I do so enjoy my own taste, and I know how it pleases him to see me do this. He moans loudly, while reaching up and grabbing my hand, putting my fingers to his mouth. Slowly, lovingly, he licks and sucks the juices from my fingers.

In one swift movement, his mouth is on my heat. I cry out, and am quickly near orgasm.

“Not yet,” he whispers.

I hold back, enjoying his mouth on me.

Skillfully he takes me to the brink, and again whispers, “Not yet.”

"Please, please Master," I whimper. "I need you inside me"

"MMMmm, yes" he says, standing, and moving to the night stand. "But first, I have something for you." My eyes follow him as he pulls open the drawer, and reaches inside. He turns, a small box in his hand, and walks back to the bed. Grabbing my hand, he pulls me into a sitting position.

"Master brought something back for you", he says, stone faced. My eyes grow wide as I reach for the small package is handing me. His face breaks into a smile, watching me. "Well open it girl!", he says. Slowly, I remove the top of the box. I remove the contents. A long silver chain, very long. At one end of the chain, is a hook, and the other has what appears to be a silver, miniature flogger, about 4" in length.

My mouth opens in surprise. I can say nothing, I am so moved that he had thought of me.

Taking the chain from my hand, he says, "let me put it on for you."

I pull strands of hair up from my neck as he places the chain around.

He hooks the chain just above my breasts, as the 'flogger' lies between my breasts. He touches the chain, and I see a glint in his eyes. My own hand joins his.

Looking down, and still barely able to speak, I whisper, "Oh Master, I love it. Thank you, Master, for thinking of me, and bringing me a present."

Biting my lower lip, and overcome by happiness, I reach up and stand to kiss him.

"You deserve it, girl, you bring me much pleasure." My face still close to his, he reaches for the chain, and says, "it has a dual purpose, this chain."

I look at him quizzically, as he grabs the end of the chain. "It is to adorn you, and remind you to whom you belong," he begins, "but," he pulled the chain, bringing it tight around my neck, startling me once again. "It also can be used to remind you of your place." He releases the chain, and kisses me, then pushes me back down onto the bed.

He lies beside me, and plays with my breast. He takes the flogger pendant, and runs it over my nipple. The silver leads dangling from the 'flogger', play on my nipples. Slapping my inner thigh, he says "Open your legs", which I do immediately. He is kissing my neck, tracing the chain and pendant on my breasts, and now putting 2 fingers inside me.

My back arches as his fingers enter.

He smiles, softly saying, "good girl, nice and wet for Master, aren't you?"

"Mmmm, yes, Sir," I moan in reply.

He takes my hand, putting it to his cock.

Wrapping my fingers around it, I begin to stroke his cock slowly. I kiss his cheek, then his neck, moving my way down his body with my mouth. Closing his eyes, Master lies back. My mouth and tongue play on his body until I reach his cock. I put my ass up as I bring my mouth to him. Licking the tip, then down his shaft and back up. I kiss the tip of his cock, before placing it into my mouth and sucking it inside my mouth. I hear a small gasp as I do this. His cock inside my mouth, my tongue presses against it, as I take him deeper and deeper inside. His moan inspires me. I play my tongue on his cock, and move up and down his shaft, sucking him deep inside. Taking him back into my throat, I pause a moment so he can enjoy it. Master moans loudly, then grabs my hair and pulling me off him.

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