tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 12

Submissive's Journey 12


"Get dressed. We are going out," Barbara, my Mistress, instructed me.

She gave me no clue as to where we were going, but I knew that I needed to dress pretty, because she likes showing me off in public. Luckily, I had already done my hair and my face. I slipped on a blouse and skirt over the bra and panties that I was wearing, and stepped into my pumps.

I hurried back to stand in front of her, and gave a twirl for inspection.

She brushed her short blond hair away from her lovely blue eyes, and scrutinized me carefully. "Very good," she said, and off we went. I was full of curiosity, but since Barbara was not volunteering any information, I assumed that she wanted to keep our destination a surprise.

Before long, we pulled up to a nondescript building in the downtown area. Going to the door, Barbara pressed the intercom button, and announced her name. In a moment, the door buzzed as it was remotely unlocked. We entered.

As I looked around, I suddenly realized that Barbara had brought us to the Club. Her bondage club. I felt a sort of fluttering in my stomach. I had never been in such a place, and I had no idea what to expect.

The furnishings were rather nice and clean, the lighting subdued. Off of the entrance hallway was an intimate room, which turned out to be the bar. Barbara led me in, greeting a few of the people that she knew, and we found stools to sit on. I am not certain what drinks Barbara ordered, my eyes were too busy darting around the room, my focus on the people, and the decorations.

I was careful not to stare too long at Barbara's gorgeous legs, emerging from under her short black skirt and traveling down to the high heels she favors, as she perched on her stool. Some of the people were wearing normal street clothes, as we were. Others were in much more revealing garments. Black seemed to be the predominant color, and leather seemed to be the material of choice.

"Greetings, Miss," I heard a voice say.

I turned, and saw a woman kneeling in front of Barbara. She was dressed in a harness like outfit, which covered her in all the essential places, while still managing to reveal an amazing amount of lovely skin. It only took me a minute or two to recognize Dani, the BDSM "switch" that I had encountered on our shopping trip (see "Submissive's Journey 09"). She was obviously in a submissive mode at the moment. I felt heat come to my face, and, truth be told, to more intimate areas of my body, as I remembered my interaction with her on that occasion.

"Hello, Dani," Barbara replied. "You are looking lovely, as ever."

I could see Dani shiver with delight at the complement, and bow her head slightly, saying, "Thank you Miss."

"You are just in time too, Dani," Barbara continued. "It is time to get this girl dressed; standard newcomer garb; you are the perfect choice to prepare her," and she gestured in my direction. "Leash her, and take her away."

"Yes Miss, at once," Dani answered respectfully. With that, she stood and produced a leather collar, and without a word to me, buckled it around my neck. Attaching a leash to it, she gave a tug and said, "Come with me."

She led me out of the bar, and down a hallway until we came before two doors. One door bore a sign with a capital "D" and an arrow pointing upward. The sign on the other door had a lowercase "s" and an arrow pointing downward. No ambiguity as to which room was for Dominants, and which one was for submissives.

Dani led me into what indeed proved to be the submissives' locker room. There were a few submissives present, in various outfits and stages of undress. What shocked me was seeing a completely naked male among them, and no one seemed to be taking any notice of him. I think I may have gaped a little as I took in the sight of his obvious muscularity, and his even more obvious genitals.

But Dani also ignored him, pulling me by my leash to a locker. "Take off your clothes and store them in here," she directed me.

I gulped, glancing over at that nearby male.

Dani saw my hesitancy and told me, "If you have any feelings of modesty, you had better discard them now. Our bodies are often on display here. Whether you are completely clothed, half naked, or walking around without a stitch covering your body is at the whim of your Mistress. If she orders you to strip in a room crowded with people, and you hesitate for even a moment, you can expect a harsh punishment. I have been ordered to dress you properly, and I don't wish to be punished for failing to do so. So stop gawking at the other submissives, and get your clothes into that locker!"

Stung by her words, I quickly turned my back on the naked man, and pulled my clothing from my now quivering body. As I placed my clothing into the locker, I instinctively drew my shoulders forward and down, my one free arm going across my chest to cover my breasts as well as I could. My thighs came together, my pelvis tilting forward, trying to obscure my cunt area. I hoped I would not have to stand like that for too long, before Dani dressed me in "standard newcomer garb", whatever that entailed.

I was certainly not prepared for what she produced. The first item turned out to be a butt plug. Dani lubed it very carefully, grinning at the look of shock on my face. Then she carefully, almost daintily, lubed my ass hole, and efficiently slipped the plug inside. Attached to the butt plug, dangling from it, was a corresponding vaginal plug. Dani lubed this only lightly as I stared down between my thighs, watching. Then, like it was the most natural thing in the world, she spread my labia apart, and easily slipped it deep up inside me.

Next, she strapped a belt around my waist, and snapped a connection from the vaginal plug to the front of the belt, and another one from the butt plug to the back of it, adjusting the tensions, and making them secure. Taking my left wrist, she snapped a handcuff onto it, drawing it behind my back. Grasping my right wrist, she drew that behind me also, and I felt the metal restraint close on that wrist as well. When I tried to move my arms, I found that the handcuffs were also secured to the back of the belt. There was no way to cover myself like this. I was completely exposed to the looks (and it suddenly struck me -- to the touches!) of anyone nearby.

I had not noticed that both of the plugs had small valves on them. But I certainly became aware of it when Dani attached a small pump to the butt plug and began inflating it.

I felt it grow, and grow -- stretching me, causing me to whimper. Dani then attached the pump to the vaginal plug, and grinning mischievously into my eyes, switched it on. I could not tell if it grew in both length and diameter. All I knew was that before she finished I had never felt that filled before.

I moaned and shifted my weight from foot to foot, trying to ease the pressure. Dani finally unhooked the pump. She stood back and looked me over. "Perfect," she said. I could not believe what I just heard.

"What? Where is the rest of the outfit?" I asked, looking down at myself.

"Oh wait, you're right -- I forgot something," she agreed. She went to a nearby table and returned with... rouge. This she applied to both of my areolae, giving them a rosy glow.

I'm afraid my mind wandered as I felt her fingers whispering over this sensitive tissue. I was abruptly snapped back to reality as she said, "Now you are all ready," with a big smile.

"I'm going to walk around like this among all these strangers?" I said with incredulity.

Dani merely nodded with a satisfied grin.

She patiently explained, "Listen girl. As a newcomer, all of the club members are going to want to get a good look at you. Your Mistress will want you to display yourself proudly, since you are her possession. How you look reflects on her. Don't make her angry or disappointed. I warn you."

"But, but..." I started to interrupt.

Dani shushed me. "Listen, I told you. The rules of the club state that no one can touch you without permission of your owner. They can look all they want, but cannot lay a finger on you, unless your Mistress wishes them to. But I should tell you now that sometimes when a club member wants to create a particular scene, you may be borrowed to participate. Usually your Mistress will stay with you during such scenes, but not always."

I was still trying to mentally absorb the implications of her statements as she tugged at my leash, pulling me out of the locker room, down the hall, and back into the bar. I'm afraid I stumbled a bit, not being used to walking with my hands secured to the small of my back, especially with such pressures inside my vagina and anus.

When Dani reached Barbara, she sank gracefully to her knees, holding up my leash in both hands. Barbara accepted the leash with a smile. She looked me over for a moment, standing before her, naked except for the belt and the two plugs. I became aware of many pairs of eyes swinging in my direction, scrutinizing the generous amount of flesh I had on display.

I did not have much time to blush before Barbara informed me, "It is customary for submissives to kneel when not in motion."

"Yes, Miss," I stammered and began trying to kneel. I say that I was trying to kneel, because with my hands secured behind me I found it very awkward. As my knee bent, and my torso leaned forward, the weight of my breasts began to unbalance me. I managed to get to my knees without completely falling over, but they hit the floor rather harshly. Thank goodness the bar area was heavily carpeted.

"Another thing," Barbara said. "Here at the club you will address me as "Mistress" at all times. Other Dominants you will address as "Miss" or "Sir" when required to speak. If you speak to any of the submissives, you can call them "sister" or "brother" since you share their level. Do you understand?"

I bobbed my chin downward, lowering my eyes and said, "Yes, Mistress."

"Very well. Let's see who's here, and I will give you a tour of the facilities. Stand up now," my Mistress ordered, tugging my leash.

I found that getting up was easier than kneeling down. But rather than taking me immediately out of the bar, my Mistress started leading me around from table to table, telling me to remain standing, as she greeted the others that were present.

I wanted to cringe with all those speculative eyes turning in my direction. But then I remembered what Dani had said. So I straightened my spine, allowing my tits to push forward. I know I wriggled from side to side subtly, trying to relieve some of the pressure that I felt in my cunt and ass. I could not stop the hot flushes that swept over me from my embarrassment at being presented like this.

I did not -- I could not -- make eye contact with anyone. My skin probably went crimson whenever I heard anyone remark directly about my presence. Barbara received many compliments about her selection of such a pretty little slut -- me. More than one person indicated they hoped she would make me available for future scenarios. My heart hammered in my chest every time anyone suggested anything of this nature.

Finally, Barbara was done in the bar and began leading me through the club by my leash. My humiliation heightened each time we encountered people wandering through the club. All these strangers ogling me! Barbara led me from room to room. If I thought that I had a large collection of toys in my room at home, I had to reevaluate that thought. The place was both large and well-equipped.

Some things that I saw I recognized: floggers, whips, dildos in many sizes, harnesses with strap ons, and so on. I saw cages; some large, some so small I had a hard time believing a person could fit in them. There were ropes, and chains, and a myriad of places to secure them. There were frames, and wheels, and things that looked like sawhorses. So many devices my mind could not fully comprehend what I was seeing.

Not all of the rooms were unoccupied. We walked into a room where a man was hanging suspended from the ceiling, groaning in pain, while a woman slapped his bare feet with some sort of stick. In another room, a woman was bound to a table and was being fucked by a man. Right beside that, a man was bound bent face down across a padded bench and was being fucked in his ass by a lovely woman wearing a strap on. Intent on their interactions, no one complained about our intrusion. The only sounds that they made were moans and groans of excitement. I never thought of myself as a voyeur, but that sight made my nipples harden, and I could feel my cunt muscles gripping that vaginal plug. If I had not been so thoroughly stuffed, I imagined that I would soon be leaking.

Then we came to a room. A room with chairs along the wall through which we entered, chairs along the far wall, and tables holding various devices on either side, with only a simple frame in the center. The room was empty, and we were alone together. Barbara uncuffed my hands from behind me.

Handing me four leather cuffs with metal rings on them, she commanded, "Bind these securely to your ankles and wrists."

When I had done so, she gave each one a tug, checking my work. Then she had me stand in the frame, facing the far wall. Using chains that were dangling there, she secured my wrists to the upper corners of the frame, stretching me enough as to make it difficult to move. She then pulled my thighs widely open and secured my ankles to the lower corners of the frame.

I watched her as she went to a side table and selected a flogger with thin, harsh looking strands. Returning to me, she stood before me. "I know that you can find pain arousing. For example, that game we played in the basement (see "Submissive's Journey 08"). Susan reported to me once of how you came while being smacked with a riding crop. We are going to test your limits a bit farther now. You will find that different strands of floggers have different effects on a person's body. These, with thin strands, tend to hurt quite a bit."

She then swished the flogger she was holding rapidly through the air as an emphasis to her words. "Do you remember your safeword?" she asked.

I gulped hard, my heart lurching, my stomach knotting -- my safeword -- that suggested -- I felt my knees tremble. "Yes Mistress," I practically whispered. I had decided on the word "red" as a signal that I could endure no more.

"As a sign of your readiness and willingness, you will close your eyes each time you are ready for a stroke from the flogger. Understand?" she inquired.

I swallowing hard... gathering my courage... and nodding, I slowly closed my eyes, and waited, trembling in the restraints.

She swished the flogger several times... sometimes I felt the wind currents wash over my unprotected flesh, but with no contact. Once, she touched the flogger strands lightly and briefly to my side and I flinched. The waiting with my eyes closed was torment!

Then, with no warning, the strands whipped heavily across my naked buttocks. I screamed and my eyes flew open involuntarily! I jerked in the chains, red hot lines of heat coursing over my ass! I had no idea anything could hurt that much! I almost choked out my safeword, not at all certain I wanted any more of this. Tears streamed down my cheeks, and for brief instant I felt almost as if I hated her.

But that feeling quickly passed as I looked into her eyes. She stood calmly, with no expression of anger or pity. She was merely waiting for me to compose myself for the next blow. For a reason that I did not fully understand, I wanted now to be struck again. Maybe because I could not believe the pain could be that intense again. Maybe because I wanted to prove something to myself. Maybe because I wanted to give Barbara this gift of my submission. For whatever the reason, I closed my eyes again. I did not have long to wait.

The harsh strands whipped across the backs of my upper thighs. I shrieked and pulled with my arms, trying to lift myself upwards! Again my eyes flew open as the intense heat claimed my unprotected flesh.

This particular stroke did not seem quite as painful as the first. Did Barbara hold back? Were some of my nerves still in shock from the first stroke? I took a couple of deep breaths, bunched my hands into fists, and closed my eyes. Since the first two hits had been on my posterior, I was completely unprepared when the strands this time lashed across my breasts, barely missing my nipples! My body tried to fly backwards, and my arms and legs were pulled painfully as the chains went taut. But those pains were negligible compared to those on my chest. I looked down and saw the red streaks appearing, and sobs escaped my throat.

Barbara must have seen some change in my eyes, or in my body language. She asked quietly, "One more?"

I had perhaps been about to say my safeword. But I thought to myself, "One more, I can handle one more." So I closed my eyes once again.

Pain unlike any I had ever felt before erupted across my lower back, as the strands bit into the flesh just above where the swell of my buttocks started. I had no idea that this was one of the most sensitive places on my body. My scream this time was more of a howl! So intense was the sensation that I lost control of my bladder! Piss shot from my urethra, hissing down between my spread thighs, and pooling on the bottom of the frame and the floor beneath me. Now I had humiliation stacked on top of agony.

I tried to look back over my shoulder at Barbara, wondering if I would see disgust on her face. I found that my position precluded me from seeing any farther back than my outstretched arms. Finally Barbara came back into my view as she walked in front of me, and what I saw on her face appeared to be approval. She nodded, perhaps signifying that I had passed the first part of this test of my limits. She then strolled to a side table and exchanged the flogger she was holding for a new one. During this respite, I sagged in the chains and took stock of all the places that hurt.

"This flogger has a different effect," she began, displaying it to me. "Its blows tend to dilate surface blood vessels, warming the skin and sensitizing it." She must have seen a look of horror on my face at the thought of those areas of my flesh now screaming with pain becoming even more sensitized. "Do not worry," she reassured me. "I will start with other areas first. Shall we continue?"

I had heard references from time to time about a person going into "subbe space", but until this moment I was uncertain what they meant. It is something that has to be experienced. It is very difficult to describe. All I knew is that I was ready to embrace whatever Barbara wished to do to me. To let go -- to submit.

I heard myself say almost dreamily, "Yes Mistress." And I closed my eyes.

True to her word, she placed the first stroke across my upper back. It felt so different! A sensation of warmth spread between my shoulder blades. Perhaps my skin reddened, I could not see it to tell. I did not bother to open my eyes, I just turned my head so Barbara might see they were closed, signaling that I was ready for more. Barbara began painting my body with rhythmic strokes. Since she was behind me, the strokes covered the back of my arms, my back. I had an anxious moment when she reached my lower back, but this flogger did not increase the pain there; instead it covered the area with soothing warmth. Her strokes thoroughly covered my buttocks, thighs and calves.

There was a pause in the rhythm as I heard her walk around me to my front. As I waited with my eyes closed, and nothing happening, I finally got curious and opened my eyes. Barbara apparently was waiting for this and looked me in my eyes, holding the flogger in both hands. I saw her eyebrow raise quizzically and instinctively knew she was asking me how I was doing.

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