tagFetishSuburban Cumslut Ch. 01

Suburban Cumslut Ch. 01


My husband, who is also my Master and my Daddy, depending upon which game we are playing, called to me one evening after our children had been safely tucked in bed.

When I entered the bedroom, he was sitting on the edge of the bed with his thighs spread, stroking a magnificent erection. I stared longingly at this hard cock.

"It's time for your bedtime snack, Cumslut. Are you hungry?"

Ahhh. The Cumslut game. I like this one.

"I'm always hungry for your cum, Daddy" I purred.

"Then get down on your knees and get busy."

I sunk to my knees and eagerly took his cock into my mouth. In one stroke I swallowed every inch of his beautiful meat and fucked it with my throat. I had learned long ago how to suppress my gag reflex and prided myself on being able to deep throat my Daddy with great skill.

He loved to see me with his cock buried up to the hilt in my pouty mouth. Sometimes he would make me stay there until the air in my lungs was all used up. He liked to watch my eyes glaze over as my brain slowly shut down.

"That's it" he would murmur, "Swallow all it all. Ohhhhhh, yes, Daddy loves to stuff your slutty little throat with his big cock. Choke on it, whore."

He always pulled it out before I lost consciousness. But sometimes, despite the bond of trust between us, I would panic. Sometimes, when his long stiff prick was sealing off my only means of taking in sweet life giving air, I would succumb to the fear that maybe this time.....

He loved it when I fought him. I would press desperately against his thighs with my fists, pounding and slapping in my rising terror. I would try to push my head back against the hands that held my face tightly to his groin with an iron grip. It was never any use. He was too strong. I was completely at his mercy.

"What's the matter baby? Can't breathe? Stop fighting you insolent little slut! You don't breathe until I decide to let you breathe. God, you look so beautiful when you panic."

When I had calmed myself and ceased my struggles, he would slowly pull his cock out of my throat. I would gag and cough and drool as I desperately sucked in air. Tears would stream from my eyes from the retching and Daddy would chuckle at how they destroyed my carefully applied make-up. When Daddy cock choked me, I always ended up with mascara running beneath my eyes and lipstick smeared whorishly around my gasping, swollen mouth.

Daddy would tell me that I looked like a used up old gutter whore. He loved it because my humiliation was evident on my ruined face.

But tonight, Daddy was simply enjoying being blown by his devoted Cumslut. I lavished attention on the cock that I loved so much and I salivated at the thought of delicious spunk that was going to be my reward for being such a good Cumslut.

I love Daddy's cum more than anything, and I can never get enough of it. I had already taken two big, steaming loads of his cum on my face that day and then shoveled it into my mouth with my fingers, licking them clean with relish. I eagerly awaited more, but this time, I wanted Daddy to cum right in my hungry mouth. .

I pulled my lips from his cock with an audible pop, but kept making long, slow strokes up and down the slick, glistening shaft with my hand.

"Daddy" I asked shyly, "Are you going to blow your load all over my face, or do I get to slurp it right from your cumhole?"

I stuck my tongue into the moist, pearly slit and waggled it suggestively, imploring him.

Daddy gave me a mock stern look and said, "You really are a greedy little whore. You can't stand to see a single drop of cum go anywhere except your slutty little piehole can you?"

I pouted prettily and said "I can't help it Daddy. I am a cumslut after all."

He laughed softly and said "You certainly are. Well, I think you've earned the right to take a load in your mouth, but only if you finish servicing my cock, my balls and my asshole properly."

"Yes Sir Daddy! I will!"

I resumed sucking his cock with vigor. I didn't want my Daddy to be disappointed in me.

I licked the swollen, purpling head with swirling, twirling teasing strokes of my tongue. I slid my pursed lips slowly up and down the tender, sensitive underside of his cock, and again, I licked the tantalizing piss slit, wriggling my tongue down as far inside as I could get it, sighing at the salty promise of the cum I wanted so badly.

"Yes, baby, oh yes. What a good little cocksucker you are. What a greedy, hungry, slutty little cocksucker. You love to suck cock don't you? You love to have your mouth fucked like a cunt. Take it all the way, baby, all the way down."

I took his cock deep into my throat and began fucking it up and down with long, hard strokes. Daddy groaned with pleasure, and began fucking back; his strong thighs tensed and flexed as he thrust into my throat again and again.

Daddy's rhythm increased and the thrusts became more powerful. I struggled to time my breathing with his outstrokes, desperately wanting to please him. I concentrated on keeping my throat muscles relaxed, so that Daddy could enjoy slamming in and out of my throat unimpeded. Several times I felt the urge to gag, but fought it off, proud that I was taking such a hard face fucking from my Daddy.

Finally Daddy slowed the pace a bit, and I caressed his big balls, loving the weight of them in my hand. I squeezed gently and felt the delicate orbs within give slightly under the pressure. They felt firm and supple and swollen.

I was anxious to get those sweet cum laden morsels into my mouth, but before I could, the heavy, pendulous ball sack began to tighten and retreat.

I hadn't yet done as he asked, so I pulled my mouth off of his cock and said, petulantly, "Uh-uh Daddy, you can't cum yet! I haven't taken care of your balls or your asshole!"

Daddy growled at me in frustration.

"Well then get to it slut! Do you want this load of cum or not?"

"Oh yes, Daddy, I do, I want it so badly. Please don't waste it. I need it in my mouth. I need to taste your hot spunk. I'll show you how much I want it Daddy!"

I began to lick his sack hungrily. Daddy kept his balls shaved smooth for me, and I coated the velvety skin liberally with saliva and then slowly sucked the entire sack into my mouth. I sucked that nutsack like it was a cock, bobbing up and down as it slid in and out of my hot, wet mouth.

While I sucked his balls, I pumped his cock with my hand, increasing his pleasure and mine.

Daddy groaned deeply and I knew he was nearing the end of his endurance, so I licked my way down to the warm cleft of his lightly furred buttocks. Daddy lifted his legs to accommodate me, and I gently parted his muscular ass cheeks. I sighed deeply at the sight of his tightly wrinkled asshole. I loved to see my Daddy opened up to me; his asshole, cock and balls all visible to my greedy gaze.

I attacked his asshole, lapping vigorously and mewling like a small kitten with lust and hunger. Daddy yelped as I penetrated the tight sphincter with one thrust of my tongue.

"Oh fuck yes, baby! Tongue Daddy's asshole. Shove it in there nice and deep. Be a nasty girl for Daddy. Get that sweet little tongue dirty. Show me how a good little whore pleases her Daddy."

I shoved my tongue in deeper, and tried to lick the slick, grasping walls of his rectum. My nose was pressed against his balls, making it hard to breathe, but I didn't stop. I wanted Daddy to see what a nasty girl I could be for him. I wanted to show him I wasn't afraid to be dirty. I forcefully tongue fucked his hole, tasting the dark bitterness, inhaling the musky smell of his balls, and relishing my complete and utter debasement. I felt more like a filthy whore than I ever had, and my cunt spasmed wildly with excitement.

"Daddy's going to cum baby! Get up here and get your mouth around this cock if you want it."

I didn't need to be told twice. I moved quickly back to his cock and took it in my mouth once again, bobbing up and down atop Daddy's rapidly pistoning fist.

"Here it comes baby. But don't you swallow until I give you permission. Do you understand me, cumslut?"

I whimpered with disappointment, but he knew I would obey. I always did.

With roar, Daddy exploded in my mouth. I moaned happily as I felt the hot, sticky strands hitting the insides of my cheeks and coating my mouth. I fought the urge to guzzle it down greedily.

The salty, musky taste of cum filled my sinuses as I rolled the thick, creamy fluid around on my tongue, swirling the head of Daddy's cock and coaxing every last drop of cum from his balls. Despite having already given me two sizeable loads that day, my Daddy once again provided me with a copious amount of his delicious spunk.

He pulled his softening cock out from between my full lips, which were tightly pursed so as to avoid spilling any of the precious cum I had worked so hard for.

Daddy looked down at me with satisfaction in his eyes.

"My, what a dirty little girl you have been tonight!"

I gave him a demure, closed mouthed smile.

"Did you enjoy behaving like a filthy whore for Daddy?"

I nodded.

"Do you think you deserve to swallow that load of cum in your mouth?"

I nodded again emphatically.

"Is your cunt wet?"

I nodded again, and blushed.

Daddy laughed at me and said..."Slut."

"Do you want to cum?"

Another nod, somewhat desperate this time.

"Do you think you deserve to cum?"

This time I shook my head. I only deserve to cum when Daddy says I do.

"That's the way a good little cumslut should answer, but I don't think you're being completely truthful with Daddy...are you baby?"

I shook my head again. The cum in my mouth was starting to drip down the back of my throat, making it tickle horribly. I wanted to swallow it so badly. I had worked hard for it. I had earned it! And now Daddy was teasing me, knowing how much I wanted to gulp down the viscous treat.

But he was right. I did need to cum. Badly.

My clit was swollen and protruding from its protective hood. My cunt was so wet that I had soaked through both my panties and the flannel pajama bottoms I had been wearing when Daddy called to me. I could smell my own pungent juices and so could Daddy.

He could also see that my nipples jutted obscenely through the thin fabric of my tank top; hard and insistent. I wonder if he knew how they ached and throbbed. They needed some attention. And they got it.

Daddy reached own and pinched both nipples viciously. He was trying to make me gasp and swallow the cum without permission. Daddy likes to punish me, but like all good Daddies, he never does so without good reason. Despite the pain that shot through the tender, aching nubs, I did not swallow the cum. I was proud of myself, but Daddy frowned. He did not like being thwarted.

"Alright you fucking whore, swallow it then." He said grumpily. "But first, open your mouth and show me what a nice big load you've got there."

I opened my mouth wide and proudly displayed the plentiful cum that filled my mouth. I swirled my tongue around, demonstrating to Daddy how much I loved the taste and feel of his cum. I was showing off for him, and that pleased him.

"You may swallow, Cumslut."

I closed my mouth, tilted my head back and allowed the cum to slide slowly down my throat. When it had all disappeared into my stomach, I swallowed once to clear the remains of the clingy substance from my throat. Then I opened my mouth wide once more to show Daddy that I had swallowed it all.

"Such a good girl," Daddy crooned. "You love that cum don't you baby?"

I beamed at his approval. "Yes Daddy, you know I love it more than anything." I said sincerely.

Then I asked shyly, "Daddy, Have I been good enough to cum? May I have permission to rub my clit?"

"Hmmmm." said Daddy, pretending to ponder. "Yes, I think you have. And Daddy enjoys watching you pleasure yourself."

"Oh thank you Daddy!"

I stood up and began to strip off my pajama bottoms and my saturated panties.

"Not so fast cumslut!" Daddy barked.

I looked at him, startled. Had I done something wrong?

"What are your duties as a cumslut?"

I stammered in confusion "I...I don't know, Daddy...I thought I had performed all my duties. Please tell me what else I need to do to satisfy you!"

Daddy sighed wearily, and then spoke to me as if explaining to a small child

"A cumslut is required to swallow everything that comes from her Daddy's cock."

Daddy paused for a moment to let that sink in. It dawned on me slowly that the time had finally come for me to become a toilet slut as well. I was both enormously excited, and incredibly frightened. But I would do whatever it took to please my wonderful Daddy.

"Yes Daddy. I understand. I'm ready."

I got back on my knees to demonstrate my willingness and my supplication.

"You understand that you are to swallow every drop?"

"Yes Daddy."

"There will be consequences if you fail to do so."

"Yes Daddy."

"But if you succeed, then I will make you cum myself as a reward."

"Oh I will Daddy! I'll do such a good job!"

"I hope so, cumslut. I don't like to be disappointed."

As Daddy took aim, I was trembling with anticipation and fear. I was afraid that I would be repulsed by the taste. I was afraid I would gag and choke and displease my Daddy. But I opened my mouth wide, determined to give it my best effort.

When the first few drops hit my tongue, I was surprised by how hot they were. They seemed to scald my tongue and burn my throat. My eyes watered a little bit as the trickle became a steady stream and my mouth was seared by the heat of the steaming yellow piss.

I tried not to taste it, fearing it would be too much for me to handle. But as my mouth filled up it became impossible not to, and I realized that although the taste was strong and distinctive, it wasn't disgusting. Once I relaxed and allowed myself to savor the warm nectar, I was surprised to find that I quite liked the musky, salty, primal taste. It was not unlike the cum that I loved so much.

I began to gulp it down thirstily; truly reveling in the experience, and relieved that I would not disgrace myself. I was highly aroused by the illicitness of my act and my cunt was flooded once again by the warm wetness of my desire and my humiliation. I felt my muscles clench involuntarily as if milking an invisible cock.

"Oh yes, that's a good girl. Swallow it all, baby. You like drinking Daddy's piss, don't you?"

I couldn't answer, but tried to smile at him with my eyes. I began to realize that there was nothing I wouldn't do for my Daddy, and I think that in that moment, he did too. The understanding between us was solidified forever when our eyes met and silently telegraphed our mutual devotion; mine to serving him, his to owning me body and soul.

Daddy filled my mouth five or six times before the stream began to weaken. I moved closer to catch the last dribbles and then eagerly licked the remaining drops from his cock. After swallowing a huge load of cum, and then multiple mouthfuls of piss, my belly felt obscenely bloated. I was full of piss and cum, and the knowledge made me feel deliciously dirty and demeaned.

I rubbed my tight little belly and said, "Mmmmmmm, that was sooooo good. I was afraid to drink your piss Daddy, but I loved it so much. Thank you for making me your toilet slut."

"I've been wanting to piss in that pretty mouth for a very long time now. I knew when the time was right, you wouldn't disappoint me. It made Daddy very happy to see his little cumslut drinking that piss down so greedily."

"I'm so glad, Daddy."

"Now...I made a promise and I intend to honor it. So get up on the bed and spread your legs nice and wide for Daddy."

I eagerly climbed up on the bed and opened my dripping cunt to Daddy, who knelt on the floor in the same spot that I had knelt only moments before. He pulled me forward so that my ass was at the edge of the bed and then pushed my knees back until I was displayed in much the same fashion as he had been earlier when I serviced him.

"Look at that beautiful cunt." Daddy purred.

I could feel his warm breath on my already fevered skin. It cooled the moisture that glistened upon my plump cunt lips and coated my tight pink asshole. The tantalizing sensation caused a shiver to ripple through my body.

My nipples, already hard, tightened even further into hard and wrinkled little pinpoints of need. I longed to tease the aching nubs with my thumbs, but I dared not, unless commanded by my Daddy.

"You cunt is so wet, baby. And your clit is so fucking swollen. Mmmmmm, yes...look at that. What a whore you are to get so wet from sucking cock and drinking piss. Aren't you?

"Yes Daddy" I breathed. "I am a whore. But only for you, Daddy."

"That's right, baby, only for me."

Daddy began licking my clit in slow, languorous strokes and I couldn't help but raise my hips off the bed to meet his tongue. Daddy laughed and backed away each time I thrust my hips at him, delighted at my frustration and distress.

Then, in response to my urgent demand, he began flicking my clit roughly with the tip of his tongue, making me writhe with pleasure. He bit and sucked the swollen bud, causing it to grow even larger as it became more and more engorged.

Suddenly, Daddy gave my clit a hard, stinging slap. I wasn't expecting it, and shrieked in shocked surprise. In a purely protective reflex, my legs tried to slam shut, but Daddy wouldn't allow it. He wrenched my legs apart and slapped my clit again, equally hard. I screamed again.

"Daddy! Why are you punishing me? I've been such a good girl! I tried so hard to please you Daddy!"

"You did please me, slut. But I think you like it when Daddy hurts you. Don't you?"

I couldn't answer, and only shook my head. Daddy grabbed my left nipple and twisted it savagely. The pain shot straight through me, stabbing my cunt with daggers of lust and bringing forth a fresh torrent of slippery girl juice.

"DON'T YOU??" he demanded.

"YES! Yes Daddy, I like it when you hurt me."

He was right, I did. Behind the pain, there was a rising tide of pleasure. I couldn't deny it. I enjoyed being hurt.

"Then I want to you to beg for more pain, slut."


My protest was weak and ineffectual. It was also completely insincere, and Daddy knew it. He twisted my nipple again.


I arched my back against the deep, sinister pain in my nipple and tried to writhe away from Daddy's strong fingers. But the helpless bud was trapped and I was forced to beg for pain I did not want to admit needing.

"Please hurt me Daddy! Slap my clit some more. Slap it hard. Please, Daddy, please!!"

He did. Daddy slapped my clit over and over. When my screams became too loud, he stuffed my wet panties into my mouth to stifle them. I stopped counting the blows, and became lost in the flames that consumed my tortured cunt.

When at last Daddy stopped, I was dazed and disoriented and aroused to the point of frenzy. My hand stole to my battered clit in an attempt to satisfy my all consuming need to cum. But Daddy slapped my hand away, and scolded me.

"Not yet my impatient little slut."

Daddy gently stroked the tender, reddened flesh between my legs, causing me to gasp and buck as he brought forth new sensations with his flitting, fleeting caress. The lightness of his touch made the soreness of my cunt all the more evident as he teased the raw, abraded mound of my weeping sex.

I moaned with frustration and implored my Daddy. I was practically weeping as I begged him for release.

"Please Daddy, please make me cum. You hurt me so good Daddy...my cunt is on fire and I need to come so badly!"

Daddy chuckled.

"I'm not done hurting you yet. I'm not done watching your beautiful face contort with anguish. I'm not done watching your own body betray you. I'm not done enjoying your shame."

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