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It is the Atlanta Men's club; the year, 1937. Four elderly gentlemen are whiling away the evening hours, seated in overstuffed chairs of imported wood and leather. They are drinking top shelf scotches and bourbons, smoking fine cigars, and regaling one another with stories of days gone by.

"Come, come, Hobday. Certainly you have a story to tell."

"Indeed I do, gentlemen. But I must warn you, what you are about to hear is quite unbelievable. Yet, I swear to you every word is true."

"My dear fellow, we'll be the judge of that," chided one man as he tossed back the last swallow of his Glenfiddich.

"Very well then," began Hobday.

"The year was 1887, late fall. My bride, Elyssa and I were journeying by train along the eastern seaboard of the United States. Upstate New York was beautiful then, showing off its splendor of multicolored leaves adorning the Maple and Birch trees. As we travelled through this Adirondack wonderland, I was contemplating a philosophical metaphor between the living and dying."

On the wings of Hobday's memory, his story carries the gentlemen back 50 years...

Elyssa touched her husband's hand and said, "Robert what are you thinking, dear?"

Robert proclaimed it was nothing important but mused, "It's ironic how the trees sprout their greenery and give us respite from the summer sun; yet the leaves are the most beautiful, the most vibrant just as they are about to die."

Little did he know how much these words would come to haunt him for the rest of his life.

With only two weeks left of their honeymoon, Robert and Elyssa had decided to travel to New Brunswick to pay a visit to Elyssa's sister, Ruth. Ruth lived in the small town of Fredericton within a section known as Devon, but the train ran only as far as the village of Fredericton Junction which was about twenty-five miles southwest of the provincial capitol. From there, the couple would have to venture by horse-drawn carriage to their destination.

The slow train ride from New York to Fredericton Junction took about twenty hours. Within the confines of their Pullman, the newlyweds spent the night in a state of restless sleep, each concerned about the long coach trip they had ahead of them. Dawn broke as they stepped down onto the platform, searching anxiously for the previously arranged coach.

"Are you the Hobdays?" asked the driver.

"We are indeed," said Robert with a relieved smile.

Their baggage was loaded and they began their long day's journey over muddy trails. It was getting near sunset when Robert and Elyssa arrived at their destination, cold and hungry. Although small and rustic, the isolated inn on Rue Union just south of Miles Street, could not have appeared more inviting to these weary travelers. They were met at the door by a rather gaunt, pale faced man who seemed older than his years.

"Welcome to our humble establishment. You are Mr. and Mrs. Hobday?"

After providing confirmation of their identity, Robert and Elyssa, along with their luggage were taken to an upstairs bedroom. It was a very welcome, cozy environment. A warm fire crackled in the fireplace, its yellow-orange glow bathing the room and four-poster in a romantic dance of shadow and light.

The same man who had met them at the door and who had ushered them to their room, now extended an invitation to freshen up and return to the downstairs parlor for hors d'oeuvres and dinner.

The Hobdays were quite hungry as they surveyed the table of appetizers. It seemed to Robert there was an inordinate amount of protein spread before them. There were meats, cheeses, some crackers and breads, and a pitcher of juice to quench the parched throats of the wayfarers. As they partook of the pre-meal snacks, Robert wondered what the tasty concoction of juice was he had poured for himself.

"Elysa, my dear, what do you make of this refreshing juice? What do you suppose it is?"

Before his wife could hazard a guess, the Hobdays heard another woman's voice from across the room.

Speaking slowly and deliberately she said, "It is a mixture of pineapple and coconut juices, with just a splash of... cream... and sugar. It is a recipe I... acquired... from a mixologist in the West Indies. It is one of my favorites. I hope you like it." She spoke with intent, emphasizing words that seemed only important to her.

As the woman approached Robert and Elyssa, she smiled and introduced herself. "Hello. I am... Lucia, your hostess. I bid you welcome and I hope your stay is most pleasurable."

Lucia was astonishingly attractive. She had a certain dark countenance, enhanced by auburn hair, brown eyes, and pronounced, ruby red lips. Robert became uneasily attracted to her beauty and charm.

"Uh, yes," Robert stammered. "The drink is quite tasty. Er... uh..., please allow me to introduce my wife, Elyssa."

Elyssa immediately felt the tension between Lucia and her husband. It made her feel uncomfortable, but she maintained her composure. "Hello, Lucia. Thank you for your hospitality."

At dinner the four sat at a formally appointed table while the same man who greeted them at the door, attended to them. "I do not know what I would do without William," Lucia commented. "He fills my every need around this place."

Robert queried, "That is an interesting accent, Lucia. I take it you aren't from around here?"

"You are correct, Mr. Hobday. I am from... Romania."

Throughout the evening, Lucia spoke of her old country and how she had come across the ocean many years ago to be free from unconscionable tyranny. As Lucia spoke, the Hobdays enjoyed her stories of travel and adventure, the plentiful meal of venison, vegetables and fruits, and plenty of good wine.

Elyssa wasn't sure if her feelings about Lucia were clouding her judgment but to her, Lucia's accounts made it seem as if she were far older than her physical appearance.

As the evening wore on, the candles dimmed and Lucia observed, "My friends, I fear I have begun to bore you. You must forgive me for taking up so much of your time. You have traveled far and you must be very tired. Besides, you are newlyweds... you must be feeling the need to spend time alone with each other."

In their room Robert and Elyssa, relishing the effects of a little too much good wine, fell passionately onto the four-poster. Robert loved having sex with his wife. She was beautiful, playful, and above all she worshiped his cock. At the moment, her firm round breasts were longing for freedom.

Robert unbuttoned Elyssa's red silk blouse, while she went to work on his zipper. Once undone, she deftly reached inside his pants to grasp his growing manhood. She teased him just a little by rubbing the palm of her hand up and down his shaft, but then let go so Robert could help her out of her blouse. Elyssa raised her arms over her head playfully making her breasts jut out into her husband's face. He made quick work of her bra, and in no time was sucking on her nipples.

She began to moan and Robert placed his hand gently over her mouth, afraid their hostess might hear. Elyssa bit Robert's fingers and began to suck on them. She undid his belt and button on his pants. Reluctantly, Elyssa removed her breast from Robert's suckling lips, to allow herself the freedom to pull his pants and underwear down his legs and completely off onto the floor.

Most times Elyssa loved to play with Robert's cock. She so enjoyed rubbing it, sucking it, and licking it all over. Usually she needed to feel it in her mouth, big and thick and hard. But not tonight. Elyssa was extremely aroused and could only think of her man's fuck tool jammed tightly into her hot, wet pussy. To that end, she stood up on the bed, balanced herself against one of the tall posts, and removed her skirt and panties. As Robert lay on his back looking at this sexy goddess, his cock spasmed involuntarily. Elyssa saw it twitch and throb. She positioned her needy pussy over her husband's engorged penis and lowered herself, slowly filling her young, tight hole.

"Oh my god, sweetheart... you're so big tonight."

Elyssa began to slide her wet pussy over Robert's cock. They were such a good fit. Her clit perfectly rubbed over his pubic bone; her tight vagina teasingly sucked at his cock head. This was not going to be a long love-making session for either one of them.

Elyssa was ready to cum before she even sat down on Robert's waiting shaft. Her tension was building fast and she was about to explode. She felt Robert's cock twitch against the walls of her love tunnel and she knew he was about to shoot his load deep inside her. The sensation sent Elyssa totally over the edge. Her movements were uncontrollable, her hands grasped at Robert's shoulders, still clad in his shirt. Deep down inside she felt the release growing ever stronger. Her body tensed, she stared wide-eyed into Robert's eyes, and her orgasm mercifully consumed her.

At the same time Lucia was approaching their room with a tray of warm milk and cookies. She knocked lightly and without waiting for an answer, opened the door.

Still in the throes of orgasm, Elyssa jumped off her husband and turned to see who had come in. Elyssa's motion of pulling off her husband's cock caused Robert to orgasm and release several shots of semen into the air.

"What the fuck!" he cried.

If either Elyssa or Robert thought Lucia would be embarrassed, they were quite mistaken. Without skipping a beat, Lucia set the tray down and stared glassy-eyed at Robert's cock spurting its hot creamy load. She watched with hungry eyes as his thick cum oozed down his shaft, then she licked her lips and quietly backed out of the room.

Laughing in disbelief, Elyssa said, "What was that?"

All Robert could do was muster up an astonished facial expression and shrug his shoulders.

"Well it sure looks like she wanted some of that." Elyssa pointed to Robert's milky white honey now laying in puddles on his groin. "But it's all mine," she teased as she cleaned off his now spent cock with her mouth and tongue.

Somewhat out of the mood after this whole experience, the couple decided to graciously drink the warm milk, after which they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

Later that night, Robert had a strange dream. He didn't know if he was asleep or awake, but he felt an eerie compulsion to walk downstairs and out into the flower garden. In this somnambulist state he met a wrinkled old woman who seemed familiar, but he couldn't quite remember who she was. She looked deeply into his eyes as she backed him up against the garden wall. Robert tried to resist, but he felt powerless, unable to steel himself against her sexual advances. Her withered hands embraced his face to meet her own. She ran her tongue across his lips, then slowly lowered herself to her knees. She pulled down Robert's pants to his ankles.

The aged woman kissed and fondled Robert's cock, causing his manhood to grow and stiffen. He wanted to scream out, to call for Elyssa to help him; but he could not produce a sound. This old hag had him completely in her spell. His cock was totally hard now, with precum forming on the tip. He knew what she wanted and gave into her wicked ministrations. She had only one purpose in mind, to suck and milk all the life-giving seed from his shaft.

She pumped him with a feverish tempo, while bobbing her head up and down the full length of his erection. Robert felt his whole body float on a current of electricity, his head fell back against the hard stones of the garden wall, his knees buckled. His release did not come in spurts, but rather felt as if it was being sucked out of him all at once. It was the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced. The old woman swallowed the powerful shot of semen as soon as it pummeled the back of her throat, immediately sending her into strong orgasmic convulsions.

Robert regained composure only to see the lovely Lucia's smiling face just inches from his eyes. Then in a wisp of smoke, she was gone.

The next morning, Elyssa nudged Robert, but he was more difficult than usual to wake up. He just rolled over and went back to sleep. Elyssa got dressed, and attempted to engage Robert in a conversation.

"Come on sleepy head. We're going to go see my sister today, remember?"

"I'm sorry baby, but I'm not feeling very well. Maybe it was the wine from dinner. I don't know, I'm just feeling really tired and drained. I have no energy. Maybe you ought to go ahead without me. I'll catch up later."

Elyssa didn't like going out without her husband, but she knew it was futile to try to drag him along with her. She looked for Lucia downstairs to ask for directions to Ruth's address, but could find her nowhere. Instead, she bumped into William who was more than happy to send her off in the right direction.

Elyssa had a wonderful reunion with her sister, Ruth. They sipped tea as they spoke of old times, while catching up on current events as well. Elyssa asked Ruth's forgiveness for her husband's absence and explained he was not feeling well.

Ruth offered her condolences, "Oh, of course I understand. I'm so sorry he's under the weather. By the way, where are you staying?"

"At the inn on the other side of the river. It's on Rue Union."

Ruth looked troubled. "The village folk tend to stay away from that place. They say it's evil. There are strange stories of men who have stayed there, never to be seen again. Please Elyssa, be careful."

Ruth had her sister very worried. "We will only be there for one more night, then we're scheduled to catch the train back home. So far, we have had a pleasant stay." For the sake of propriety she omitted the details of the milk and cookies incident.

"Yet", she pondered only half audibly, "my husband is not acting quite like himself."

Upon Elyssa's return to the inn, she learned from William that her husband had not been out of bed all day. In fact, during that time William had served Robert a few glasses of the pineapple concoction, in hopes it would help strengthen him.

Robert did not join his wife for dinner that night. Much to Elyssa's relief, Lucia was also absent at the table; it would have been difficult to engage in conversation after the awkward interruption the night before.

Elyssa thanked William for his attendance, excused herself, and turned in early. In their room, she and Robert engaged in light conversation. He told his wife he felt a bit stronger possibly because of the juice William had brought to him. Elyssa spoke of what she had learned from her sister, telling her husband she was glad they would be leaving in the morning.

Robert drifted off to sleep, but Elyssa felt troubled and lay awake, tossing and turning for most of the night.

What was that? Elyssa thought she heard a faint sound coming from downstairs. There it was again. It sounded like a man's voice, but more like a moan or a groan. A little while passed, but then she heard it again. Did someone need help? Was William in trouble? Elyssa couldn't wake her husband, so she decided to investigate on her own.

She put on her robe and slowly, quietly went downstairs. All was silent. Had she imagined hearing sounds? The moonlight shown through the window illuminating the room, which made it easy for Elyssa to move about without bumping into things. This time there was a definite moan coming from beyond a doorway just to her left. Slowly, cautiously, she opened the portal a tiny crack to peek inside.

The dimly lit scene slowly revealed itself before Elyssa's eyes. Bewildered, astonished, horrified... Elyssa quickly but quietly progressed through a sequence of emotions as she began to interpret the images before her.

Three completely naked men with arms stretched overhead, were strapped to the wall in leather shackles bound to their wrists and ankles. Two of the men were in a state of detumescence, with residual semen still present on the tips of their cocks. The third man's penis was quite rigid and was being pumped vigorously by an old hag who held a collection jar in one hand while frigging him with the other.

Suddenly, the man's body stiffened with an orgasmic spasm, and he let out a tortured moan, his ejaculate being milked from him like a cow. The old hag hungrily captured her prize as it flew into the jar.

"Oh my!" Elyssa could contain her secretive silence no longer.

The old hag turned abruptly to see who had invaded her den of debauchery. Her angry, glowing eyes made contact with Elyssa's as they pierced the hazy, dense atmosphere. Then, just as in Robert's dream-like encounter in the garden, the old hag's physical form changed into that of the lovely Lucia, and in a wisp of smoke she vanished.

Elyssa turned and ran in horror. In shock and disbelief she took a wrong turn and stumbled into an annex just off the kitchen. She steadied herself by grasping onto a column of shelves against the wall.

Breathlessly, cautiously, Elyssa investigated her surroundings to get her bearing. Partly seeing, partly feeling, she observed several sealed, glass jars placed on the shelves; their contents... a white, cream-like substance. She needed no further analysis to know this was where Lucia kept her supply of involuntarily obtained semen.

Elyssa's thoughts ran wild. Lucia was keeping a reserve of male seed in her pantry. But what on earth for? She slowly remembered Robert drinking the pineapple juice, which she knew it had a sweet, pleasing effect on the taste of a man's semen... she also remembered he ate a meal full of protein... and she remembered the hungry look in Lucia's eyes as she gaped at her husband's cum soaked penis. Lucia was preparing Robert for his semen. But, why... why did she need all this cum? It had become apparent she was going to drink it. But, why?

Almost unable to accept the bodily transformation she had just witnessed in the other room, Elyssa was forced to admit Lucia needed a man's semen as a life-giving drink. She needed it for her very existence. She had astonishingly common characteristics as the legendary vampires of...

"Oh, my god... Romania!"

Lucia was undoubtedly keeping a clandestine supply of seminal fluid for the times she couldn't find a man to suck and drain. The men in the other room were Lucia's temporary suppliers! She would have to let them go eventually or risk inquiry by the police.

"Oh no, where is Lucia.?" Elyssa needed to get back upstairs to her husband. If Lucia was with Robert now, it may be too late.

The sun was coming up making it much easier to see the stairs leading to the bedroom where Robert lay in his malaise. Elyssa burst through the door.

Before her, hovering over Robert's naked body was the cloaked figure of an old woman. Her wrinkled hands were outstretched, reaching for Robert's soft cock. One touch from the lips of this succubus and Robert would be in a helpless trance, his shaft growing harder and finding no release until she sucked him dry.

"Leave him alone, you bitch," yelled Elyssa as she grabbed the old woman and flung her hard against the wall. Stunned, the old woman got up slowly and Elyssa pounced once again.

"You will not have my husband. You will not turn him into your cum slave."

The full morning sun now streamed through the bedroom window, bathing the old woman in its death ray. With her last bit of strength the hag reached out, swiping her long fingernails across Elyssa's left cheek.

Elyssa felt no pain, only a slight tingling sensation. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion, and in that one brief moment an infusion of the old woman's essence had melded with Elyssa's soul.

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