tagErotic HorrorSuccubus Experiment

Succubus Experiment


Deep in a hidden lab off the grid where only a few knew of its existence a group of scientists are studying something they didn't even think existed until now. For centuries there have been legends and rumors of these creatures that were believed to be only myth, but now locked in a protective cell was a real life Succubus and they wanted to learn everything they could about these strange creatures.

She was behind glass completely separated from any physical contact but every man they sent in to examine her even through the glass she had an effect of them and was even able to kill them. The first scientist to go in lasted all of 5 minutes before she used her power to make his cock swell up ripping through his pants. They watched through the security camera as she raised her hand making his cock glow a bright purple color until he screamed out in pain or pleasure as they weren't sure which and watched the energy flow out of him and through the glass as she absorbed it in to her body. When they dragged his lifeless body out of the room his cock still twitched and shot out cum for a good 30 minutes after his death.

It was weeks before they sent anyone else in there as they could not keep most of their male employees safe. They weren't sure how to keep her alive without letting her feed so they had no choice but to pull homeless people off the street promising them a meal and some money to help them with the experiment. They would put them through a shower, cleaning them up before leading them in to the creatures cell.

As they walked in the room they would see a sexy young blonde woman in there who would smile at them before giving them probably the best sex they ever had as she drained the life out of their bodies. They realized she didn't have to feed every day so luckily they didn't need too many volunteers before they decided to test out a theory of putting a woman in the cell with her. They sent a woman in to the room and watched to see what would happen and it was odd. The creature didn't seem interested at all and actually ignored her most of the time until she finally got aggravated and ripped the woman's throat out. After that they realized she didn't or couldn't feed off of woman and they decided to send Dr Lesley Aldrin in to the observation room figuring as a woman she would have no affect on her which appeared to be true. Lesley was tasked with tying to learn everything she could about the creature and to ask her questions to see what they could learn.

She looked at the young woman in the glass cell wearing white prisoner scrubs because when they captured her she was naked and had just taken a mans life. She was a very attractive blonde who looked very sweet, innocent and beautiful which they assumed was by design making it easier to snag a man whenever she needed.

"Tell me prisoner 666, how many of you are there?" She asked as the creature seemed to ignore her at first. "What exactly do you do to those men that you kill? What do you get from them?"

Prisoner 666 payed her no mind for a few more minutes before she finally looked over at her giving her an annoyed look. Lesley wasn't sure what to do so she decided to change her tactics a little.

"So prisoner 666, do you have a name or should I keep calling you by your code name" Dr Aldrin asked.

"See, a little kindness can go a long way!" She replied through the glass smiling at the Doctor. "Please call me Liz!" She said licking her lips.

"Ok then Liz, what can you tell me about your kind?"

"What would you like to know?

"Well for starters, why do you kill your sexual partners and what is it exactly you take from them? Like Dr Adams, what exactly did you do to him, he was still cumming for a half hour after he died."

"Ha, and he enjoyed every second of it!"

"That's not the point, we want to understand why you do what you do."

"A woman like you should understand!"

"What does that mean?"

"Dr Aldrin, you are a beautiful woman. You have an amazing body and beautiful red hair. Did you know in the 1800's red heads were thought to get their red hair from the Devil? They even believed that they come back as Vampires after they died?"

"I fail to see what any of this has to do with anything!"

"What about your husband?"

"Again tell me about you abilities, you can't escape so help us understand you."

"Don't you think about him? Don't you think about his cock inside you all day long. Beautiful woman have a certain power over men, and I bet you could have his cock whenever you wanted it."

"My husband is none of your business."

"Your thinking about his cock right now aren't you, I know I am! I'm also thinking about that young security guard you work with, the one who watches me all day long through that camera up there. John I think his name is." Liz said waving and winking at the camera. "Maybe when I get out of here I will have my way with that young man, give him the greatest sexual experience of his life." She stood up and focused her attention on the camera pulling her shirt down showing off her breasts before sliding her hand down her pants.

John the security guard she spoke of was watching the camera as his mouth went dry. He suddenly felt his cock growing in his pant making him a little uncomfortable. He watched her as she seemed to be looking right in to his eyes through the camera. He wanted her so badly, every time he closed his eyes he could picture her on top of him riding his cock. He could feel her skin and smell her amazing scene. It was becoming difficult watching her every day. It got to the point he had to turn off the monitor and leave the room to catch his breath.

Back down in the cell Liz could tell the camera had shut down and she refocused her attention on Dr Aldrin who was starting to feel a little uncomfortable so she stood up out of her chair and headed for the door. "I'll come back when you feel a little more chatty Liz."

She opened the door and left the room as Liz waved as she watched her leave. She had a mischievous smile on her face as she started to make her own plans for the attractive red headed Doctor.

Lesley got a strange feeling when she was in there for a long period of time so she wasn't quite ready to go back. She went home to her husband Tony and she couldn't help but think about what Liz had said to her. She even started thinking about his cock briefly and even thought about having sex with him but brushed it off and refocused on her work. It was hard given what she did for a living and she often couldn't discuss it with Tony as it was all top secret.

Days later when she finally went in to try again to get some information from her prisoner she felt confident that she could get some information from her.

"Good afternoon Liz, shall we continue?"

"That depends! If I remember correctly we we were talking about your husbands beautiful cock."

"Yes and if you keep it up then our conversations will get shorter and shorter."

"I'm just playing, don't you love him? don't you want him? You want your husband don't you? You want to go home a fuck him so hard right now. You want his lips kissing your neck and his hands all over you, then his big hard cock sliding up inside you filling you in a way that only he can." Liz said taunting her.

Lesley stared for a moment before she looked away from her and back to her clipboard, "well you obviously want to keep playing games so I'm just going to leave!" She said standing up again.

"Oh come on, I'll tell you what you want to know if you tell me about Tony's large beautiful cock."

"We're done here." Leslie said as sh headed for the door.

"You're not leaving!" Liz said as her eyes began to glow red.

"And why is that........" Dr Aldrin looked her in to her eyes and began to feel a little strange. She suddenly felt a rush and became light headed falling back in to her chair. She began to sweat a little but she tried to focus even though she knew something was wrong. The more Liz stared at her she began to think about her husband Tony and how badly she did want him. She began to feel stranger and stranger but tried to continue to act professional.

"So...... like I said earlier, what did you do to um...... Dr Adams." she was starting to feel very wet between her legs and turned on. Her legs started writhing together under her skirt.

"Forget about Dr Adams, he died happy, happier than he ever felt his entire life! You should be thinking about Tony."

The very mention of Tony's name gave Lesley goosebumps. She started to soak through her panties as Liz began to smile at the affect she was having on Dr Aldrin. Lesley began to pull up her skirt up sliding her hand between her legs. She was beginning to forget where she was or what she was doing and all she could think about was her husband.

"That's right, imagine his cock, don't you want him with you now sharing a pleasure that was stronger than anything imaginable? His cock erupting inside your pussy and his tongue on your skin. His scent and his warmth like he was giving you everything he ever had. Now imagine you had control of his cock, Imagine you could take everything he had and pull it out of him in the most intense orgasm you both ever felt, no matter the outcome."

"Oh god!" She said sitting in her chair with her hand between her legs. She didn't know what was coming over her. She looked over at Liz in to her glowing red eyes and she couldn't look away. The were locked in a stair together as she continued to finger herself while that creature watched. She was coming closer and closer to orgasm. She felt a heat build up inside her as she no longer had any control over her actions.

Suddenly a voice came over the speaker from one of her colleagues. "Dr Aldrin, is everything alright in there?" DR ALDRIN!"

She suddenly snapped out of her trance looking over at their prisoner who had closed her eyes breaking the connection before laying on the bed paying no more mind to the Doctor. Lesley stood up and headed for the door. Her colleague Dr Bloom was on the other side of the door waiting for her as she exited.

"You feeling ok?" He asked checking on her to see if she was.

"Yes I'm fine Dr Bloom, thank you!" She said but She wasn't fine as she wasn't even sure what had happened in there.

"Are you sure? the camera feed started to malfunction and we couldn't hear anything happening in there."

"I'm fine, really."

They sent her down to the infirmary to get checked out before she left for the day. After what had happened to Dr Adams they wanted to make sure she was fine. They could see no direct affects on her and let her go home.


Lesley arrived home and stood at the table checking the mail. Her mind kept drifting thinking about Tony and how badly she wanted him. She continued to try to focus on something else as she knew this wasn't normal behavior for her but she never reached orgasm earlier and she still wanted release.

Her and Tony had been married a few years. They had an ok sex life but given their careers they didn't have sex very often. She loved him but felt strange about how much she wanted to have sex with him right now. She was starting to wonder if the succubus was having an affect on her or if it was just messing with her head.

Tony came home from work and gave her a kiss to which she held on a little longer than usual before letting go of his lips. Tony smiled at her before saying "It's nice to see you too honey!"

They ordered out for dinner before they talked about their day. They talked for a while as dinner was delivered but the whole time all she could think about was sex. They sat at the table as he spoke about a project he had been working on while Lesley listened. He worked for an insurance company and knew she couldn't discuss her work so he would talk about his. She tried to focus on what he was saying be she kept thinking about his cock in his pants and how badly she wanted to free it. She had taken off her shoes and was rubbing her foot against his leg as he continued to talk. He didn't seem to notice or at least not react to her touch at first so she began to slide her foot up his leg before moving it in to his crotch.

"Woah, Hello there." He said as she tickled his groin with her foot.

"Oh, sorry I've been feeling strange all day."

"Well I'm surprised but I can't complain!" He replied smiling at her from across the table.

"It's getting late so I'll be in the bedroom if you care to join me!" She said standing up from the table and walking down the hall before looking back at him with a mischievous smile.

Tony watched his wife walk away and suddenly felt a lust for her he hadn't in a while. He got up and followed her watching her move her sexy ass as she walked. He stood up from the table and caught up to her as she walked in to the bedroom. He walked up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist and pulled her close. She smelled incredible as she moved her beautiful red hair to the right side of her head before turning her face towards him. They both were feeling an incredible need for each other as he kissed her on the neck. She rubbed her ass against the growing bulge in his pants as his touch made her quiver with excitement. Her skin began to glisten with sweat as she turned towards him and started to open up his pants.

Tony wanted her so badly and was even more turned on as she began to kneel down in front of him taking his cock in her hand before she started teasing it with her tongue. He couldn't believe what was happening as their sex had always been very basic but he was starting to like this new side of his wife. She took his cock in her mouth giving him a nice good suck which made his knees weak.

After a few more sucks she stood back up unbuttoning her shirt halfway before ripping it open the rest of the way. She grabbed him by the neck locking lips with him and pulling him down on top of her as she fell back on to the bed.

It didn't take long for them to get the rest of their clothes off. Lesley was sweating a lot as she waited for him to enter her. Tony couldn't believe how sexy she seemed as she had this fiery passion he had never seen before. The moment he slid inside her she moaned out as she wrapped her legs around him pulling him close. He thrust his hips sliding in and out of her while he kissed the sweat of her neck and chest. Her red hair was soaked making her look even more beautiful.

She wrapped her arms around his head flipping him over rolling on top of him. She locked lips with him again before she looked him in the eyes biting her bottom lip. "Did you know red hair was considered sinful years ago?" She whispered in his ear before nibbling his lobe.

"Oh wow! worth it." He said back before she pushed herself up bouncing her hips up and down on his cock.

She cried out in pleasure as she rode Tony with a force that was starting to make there bed slide back and forth hitting the wall with the same rhythm as her hips. Tony had his hands on her breasts rubbing her nipples before he pulled himself up wrapping his arms around her. They were both getting closer to climax as she moaned out louder and louder. She had never felt pleasure like this before. Her and Tony had some great sex in the past but this was amazing and much stronger than they ever had before.

His cock began to twitch and he could hold on no longer before he exploded inside her making her squeal out as she grabbed his head shoving his face in to her breasts moaning out in pleasure as her whole body quivered at the sensation. "Oh FUCK YES!" she said as her pussy quivered around his member.

She held him close for a moment catching her breath before letting him go. They both fell to the bed breathing heavily. Lesley felt incredible, she felt rejuvenated and happier than she had ever felt before. She felt fulfilled and wondered why they didn't have sex more often. Tony also felt very good but was very tired so it didn't take long for him to fall asleep. She looked over at her exhausted husband before laying her head down on his chest and falling asleep herself.


That night John the security guard was home but he could not sleep. he was pacing back and forth in his kitchen thinking about Liz. He though he saw he laying in his bed but when he turned on the light there was no one there. He felt like he was losing his grip on reality.

Every time he watched the monitor Liz would start to tease him and get him turned on. She would beg him to come down and play with her as she was tired of all these awful meals she was getting. It was getting so hard for him as he was beginning to worry that he wouldn't be able to resist much longer.


The next morning Lesley and Tony got up for work like normal. They smiled at each other and cuddled together in bed for a moment before getting up and showering together both feeling amazing. Tony had a little trouble getting up but he suddenly was looking at Lesley in a whole new way. He wasn't sure what had turned her on last night but he was hoping it wasn't a one time thing. While in the shower he looked at her naked wet soapy body before grabbing her and pulling her close again.

"Ooh, all you had to do is ask Sweet heart!" she said as she bent over and spread her legs inviting him inside her again.

Tony didn't hesitate before shoving his cock in her again grabbing her soapy ass in his hands. They had never had sex in the shower before but he was loving it. She moaned out louder and louder as the water trickled off of both of them. He grabbed her breast's as he reached around squeezing them in his hands as she put her hands on the wall giving him better support as he continued to fuck her until they both gave out a sound of satisfaction cumming together. They rested for a moment before finishing their shower and got dressed. They kissed each other goodbye before they headed their separate ways with smiled on their faces.

As Lesley arrived at the Lab she walked in to business as usual. Their had been no incidents the last few nights and the creature was sitting quietly in her cell which was strange because usually every night she would try to escape or toy with one of the night guards trying to entice them to enter her cell so she could feed off them.

She walked in to the control room where John was sitting watching the monitors as he had just come in as well. He seemed a little strange like he didn't get much sleep the night before.

"You ok there John? You look tired!"

"Huh? Oh sorry Dr Aldrin, didn't sleep well last night, but I'm fine!"

She looked down at the monitor at Liz laying in her bed but as soon she started watching it was suddenly as if Liz knew she was there. She looked up at the camera and smiled. "Dr Aldrin, did you have fun last night?"

Lesley was a little shocked to hear her say that. She said nothing and tried to ignore her.

"What is she talking about?" John asked looking up at her.

"Not sure, we still don't understand them so lord knows what she's up to."

She walked out of the monitor room ready to get to work. She knew she was heading back in to that observation room to talk to Liz though she wasn't looking forward to it. She seemed confident that she wouldn't be able to arouse her this time as she had been pleasured already before she arrived. She prepared herself and entered in to the observation room and took a seat. At first Liz seemed to ignore her so Lesley waited patiently. After a few minutes Liz finally spoke.

"Felt amazing last night didn't it?"

"Did what feel amazing?"

"Oh come on Doctor, you can't hide it from me, It's all over your face, how was he? Was he everything you wanted him to be and more? Did his cock feel so good inside you?"

"Lets get back to what we were discussing yesterday, Dr Adams, when you took his life how did you do it? You couldn't have touched him from in their so how? What gives you this power over men and over their genitals?"

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