tagNonHumanSuccubus Ranch Ch. 02

Succubus Ranch Ch. 02


Jiri was well known in Adelaide. His establishment had won several awards at the conventions they held each year in Australia. Of course, a lot of people didn't like his type of business, even though he earned over three million a year from his customers. But then again, who could turn down an hour or two with an extremely beautiful woman.

Jiri ran several brothels in the City of the Churches. It was an old title that Adelaide was given a long time ago, and it was what he used as his gimmick. Each of his brothels had the architectural look of a church. The only difference was that men, and sometimes women, came there to enjoy the sins of the flesh rather than to abstain.

For this reason, Jiri was volunteered at the last convention, just a month earlier, to make a trip to the United States. Some Yank had opened a brothel less than six months ago and customers from all over the world were flocking to it. The word around the business was that this character, Jason was his name, was making more money in one single night than all of the cat-house owners in Australia made the previous year.

Since Jiri was a three time winner for making the most money, and five time winner for having the most beautiful women working for him, the other businesses thought he was the best one to send as an envoy to learn Jason's secret.

That was why Jiri was now disembarking from a plane at an airport in Reno, Nevada, with ten gorgeous women following right behind him.

"Jiri, will we be going to the hotel before we go to your meeting?" asked Adel. "I seriously need to freshen up before we meet anyone or try to learn this guy's tricks, pardon the pun."

Jiri looked over his shoulder at the brunette behind him. Adel had just turned 23, and this was her first trip out of Australia. She'd talked all through the flight from Los Angeles to Reno about wanting to see the American Casinos. Jiri knew the truth, though. Adel was a diagnosed nymphomaniac and she used that to her advantage in the business. When most of his girls would tire out after six or seven customers, Adel would take on three at a time. Even Jiri learned the hard way not to try and please that girl.

"Yes, Adel, we will be going straight to the hotel, get checked in and get a few hours rest," he chuckled, "And the key word there, Adel, is rest. No men until we get to this Yank's business. Then you can have all the men that he and his girls will allow you to have. Remember, we are their guests."

I just hope he didn't book our arrangements into some kind of dive like the last bloke I met that ran a brothel here, Jiri thought to himself.

As they neared the luggage area, Jiri was surprised to see three men in black suits holding up signs bearing his name.

"Oy, I'm Jiri, and I don't think there were any more Jiri's on the plane with me."

One of the men stepped forward and nodded without smiling.

"Sir, the other two drivers and I were sent to pick up you and your entourage and take you to the hotel. Jason told us that there would be eleven of you and that you would need the extra trunk space and passenger room for all the ladies."

Jiri looked stunned at this treatment. He'd thought he had been given royal treatment before when people bought him lunch at a five-star restaurant down under. This was something completely different.

"Well, let us get our totes and we'll follow you to your cars."

"No need, sir. The luggage was already separated by the baggage handlers and given directly to us. Your luggage is waiting in our vehicles."

"Well, that's a fine welcome," Jiri said with a big grin. He then yelled over his shoulder, "Hey, ladies, we're skipping the baggage and going straight to the hotel. Follow these blokes and behave yourselves."

The girls, all ten of them, looked at the three drivers with awe at the treatment. Three of the girls had been out of Australia before; and none of those three had ever been met at an airport by a driver.

Stepping out of the air conditioned airport and into the Nevada desert summer heat was a shock to Jiri and his ladies from the Australian winter they left behind, but they didn't have far to walk. Three stretch limos were waiting just outside the doors, along with a police officer, writing his third ticket for the third limo.

"Don't worry, sir, I will take care of this situation. You and the ladies may climb into the vehicles and we will be on our way very shortly."

Jiri pointed to the last two black cars for the girls to take, since the drivers were already holding the doors open for them.

"You girls get in and I'll take the first one. And, Adel, you are not allowed to distract the driver. Won't do a bit of good if you cause him to wreck and kill the lot of you."

Adel laughed at the comment as she moved to the middle car. As she climbed in, Jiri headed to the limo at the front of the line and strained to hear what the driver was telling the officer. He overheard the mention of Jason's name and his business just as he was reaching the limo and saw the policeman's eyes light up. The tickets quickly turned into confetti and the driver rushed to open Jiri's door for him.

"Sorry about that, sir."

"What did you tell him?"

"I just convinced him you are a guest of Jason and you are not to be detained or bothered during your visit."

Jiri climbed into the fully loaded limo, wondering how much pull this bloke had.

The hotel turned out to be a five star deal. Jiri and the girls were given two suites to share in any way they deemed fit. The beds were big enough for any two of them to sleep in together and never touch the other. Jiri knew that wouldn't happen though, not these girls. He'd picked them for just that purpose.

The girls quickly chose their rooms. Several wanted certain roommates to sleep with, and they all got what they wanted. In Jiri's suite, the girls had given him a room and bed to himself. The other two rooms in that suite were large enough to keep the girls happy.

After a quick shower for all of them, and four hours of resting and napping, a knock sounded on Jiri's door. He opened it and was a bit surprised with the person that stood before him.

The man in the doorway had an air of power about him. There was a presence to him, less like he'd seen in the hotel manager when they arrived, and more like that of a prime minister or something. His clothes didn't look that way, though. This man wore a pair of faded blue jeans that just covered the black sneakers he was wearing. The bloke's shirt was a collared black button down with barely noticeable thin red lines running vertically. He had dark, deep-set eyes and his head was bald as a baby's bum.

"Hey there, you must be Jiri," the man said, holding out his hand, "It's great to finally meet you. I'm Jason, the owner of Succubus Ranch."

Jiri reached out and shook Jason's hand. A strange heat emanated from the American's hand and radiated up Jiri's arm before it dissipated and just felt comfortably warm.

"Well, aren't you going to invite me in?"

Jiri let go of the hand, cocked his head to the side and looked at him funny, "You're not a vampire, are you?"

Jason broke into a true laugh, the sound of which brought the five girls out of their rooms to see who made such a wonderful sound just by laughing. Jason composed himself after a moment, wiping a tear from his eye before responding.

"First, if I was a vampire, I surely wouldn't say I was. Second, if I understand the rules right, hotels are public places so they can come and go as they please. And last, but not the least, I own the hotel, so the second rule wouldn't matter anyway. I ask out of common courtesy.

"But from the looks of it, you have five beautiful women here with you and you may want some more time to be with them before our visit. So, if you wish, I could come back later?"

"No, please, do come in. I'm sure the girls can live without my attentions for your visit."


When Jason stepped into the suite, the air seemed to drop a few degrees and then rise above where it was before Jason knocked on the door. Jiri had a strange feeling that there was danger here, but he couldn't see what trouble one man could pose against him and the five girls. Besides their luring attractiveness, he'd paid for all of his girls take classes in self-defense.

"So, Jiri, you came here to the States to find out more about my business, huh? What is it about me and my ranch that made you travel so far?"

Jiri followed him into the main room and sat on a couch across from the one Jason had taken. The girls came behind them and sat down on each side of the men with Adel taking a place on the floor, legs tucked beneath her, right between Jiri's knees. She faced Jason, her eyes taking him in like a hungry lioness seeing a young zebra separated from the pack.

"Well, mate, the blokes and I in Aussie have noticed that in six month's time, you are making more money than we do in a year. We were wondering if you could give us some of your secrets so we could also do better business."

"Oh, is that it," Jason said, leaning forward and resting his arms on his legs. His face became hard and his anger seemed to burn off of him and into the room. Jiri noticed the girls, especially the two sitting next to him, seemed to cringe and shiver, "You wanted to come here, steal my company's secrets and sell them on the market for your own profit. Maybe put me out of business in the process?"

"Now wait just a minute, mate..."

Jason's eyes lit up as his face became a beaming smile again. His teeth are perfect, Jiri thought to himself. The angry demeanor disappeared and Jason's jovial attitude returned.

"I'm just joshing with you, Jiri," The man laughed, "I'm not worried about anyone finding out my 'secret,' as you call it. Hell, it's right out in the open and everyone loves it. As a matter of fact, I was discussing with my most prized lady, and partner in the Succubus Ranch, the need to franchise. She's dying to meet you and your girls. She's even got it all arranged for your girls to spend the night with our best employees to learn the way of making so much money."

Jiri noticed that the two girls sitting next to Jason were staring at him with longing and heavy lust. One of them was wearing tight spandex pants and the crotch was wet, not damp, but actually wet, with her juices.

"We do not want to turn our businesses over to you, Jason," Jiri said, making sure that the nature of the situation was understood, "We just wanted to see if you would part with some of your ideas so we can use them to get more customers back home."

Jason leaned back, threw his arms around the girls next to him and pulled them closer to him. They eagerly snuggled up to him, resting their hands on his thighs and kissed his cheeks.

"Well, I don't know about that. To be honest with you, I personally don't see any reason why I shouldn't share my business plan and let others make as much money as I do. However, you would have to bring that topic up with my partner. She's a real ... well; you'll just have to see for yourself when you get there."

Jason turned to each of the girls he was holding onto and kissed each one passionately on the mouths, before looking back at Jiri.

"If you're ready, I've got the cars waiting downstairs right now for us. There are only two of them this time, so I hope you don't mind if I ride with these two lovelies and a few more of their friends."

Before Jiri could say anything, Adel jumped up and screamed "ME! I'm riding with you, too."

Jiri, still sitting behind her, saw that her short skirt was soaked in the back, her inner legs gleaming with moisture, and when her hands reached to pull the skirt down, her fingers on both hands were dripping with her juices.

"Well, I guess it's an evening trip to your business, then," Jiri said then turned to two girls sitting next to him, "Do you two want to ride with Jason, as well?"

When he saw their faces he already knew they wouldn't let anyone else ride with Jason, "I guess I'll go get the other girls then."

"Oh, that's alright. I had the drivers go to their room and let them know we'd be leaving shortly. I just hope the drivers didn't tire them out too much," Jason joked.

When the reached the car, Jiri saw his other five girls coming out the front door with glowing faces. He could tell they had been busy, either with each other or the drivers. He couldn't tell from the drivers' appearances. They looked just as professional as when he'd seen them earlier that day.

"Did you girls fuck the drivers?" he asked the five girls after the car stated moving.

"Oh, God, did we ever," a petite blonde said. "And they just didn't quit, either. I've never had a man last that long with just me alone, but three on one, and he still never came. I want to ride him again." Her eyes lit up with deep lust at the memories of just a few moments earlier.

Jiri just leaned back and looked out the window, trying to think of how he was going to get Jason's partner to let him in on the business secret and allow him to use them on his own and not as part of a franchise.

He didn't even notice when the girls started making out and playing with each other. He was so deep in thought he didn't even feel it when his zipper was pulled down. It was when the hands wrapped around his shaft and a pair of lips started kissing and sucking on the head of it that his mind was brought back to reality.

"What the hell are you doing?" he exclaimed, looking down at the mass of black hair that was planted in his lap.

His best Asian cutie released his dick from her mouth but not her hand and looked up at him. Her eyes seemed distant but hungry at the same time.

"I want you, Jiri," she said, "I need this, and you seem to want it too."

She went back to her blow job and Jiri couldn't deny that it did feel really good. He'd been with this girl before...actually he'd been with every girl in his franchise at least once...and she wasn't known for her blow jobs. She must have been practicing on his customers.

As the ride continued, her suction and salivating mouth continued to bring Jiri closer to orgasm. One of her hands had reached into his pants and was cupping his balls, her nails tickling the back side of his scrotum. Her other hand gripped the base of his cock and became like a vice, not allowing anything to get past her fingers as she sucked him harder than he remembered her doing before.

She moaned while giving him head and the vibrations flowed along his shaft, past her fingers and into his balls. Jiri began to moan as well and move with her; until there was no way that her hand could keep his flood from rushing forward. As he felt the release of her fingers around the base of his cock, her mouth rose all the way to the tip.

Her lips formed a kissing look over his opening and began to suck on it as her hand gripping his cock stroked it, using her saliva as a lubricant. Jiri felt her suction pull his cum out of him and knew for a fact that she was going to be his best girl for blow jobs. As the last of his sperm was sucked from his shaft, he noticed that she had been drying his dick off with one of the other girl's panties. The feel of them kept him hard as she continued to stroke him with them.

"If we only had more time, I'd suck you dry, but we're here."

Jiri looked out the window and saw the two story mansion style building. He quickly pulled pants back together and had them closed just as he heard the door being opened. He allowed the girls to exit the vehicle before him, getting a wonderful glimpse of their tight "arse" as they climbed out. He noticed that the ones with mini-skirts weren't wearing panties and, looking around the back of the limo, saw that they'd left them laying on the floor. Each one was soaked thru and the smell of sex filled the tiny space.

"What am I getting myself into?" he thought to himself as he climbed out.

The night air was a refreshing change from the hot, humid air that had filled the back of the limo. He stood with his five girls, looking around the large parking lot and glanced at the large neon sign at the entrance to the driveway.

The attractive female figure on the sign, carved out by neon lights of red, had all the curves in the right places. There was a red tail that came from behind her and then there were the black wings plastered on the board behind the neon lights. They looked real enough that you could touch them if you could reach them. Jiri almost wishes he could touch those wings and see if they felt as sexy as they looked.

The other limo pulled into the drive and came to a halt. The five girls got out, followed by Jason. He came out looking just as clean and pressed as he did when he entered the hotel room, but the girls seemed to be in a state of extreme arousal and in great demand of being fulfilled. From the looks in their eyes, there might not be enough men on the planet to fulfill their desires. Jiri was beginning to get scared.

"Come on, in," Jason said, motioning to the doors, "There's plenty to show you about my business' operations."

Jason walked confidently toward the two story southern-style mansion and up the stairs to the front double doors. All the girls followed him eagerly and Jiri took the rear of the procession, wondering if coming here might have been a mistake, even while he admired the view of all the beautiful asses in front of him. He noticed the women from Jason's limo were not wearing any panties either.

When Jason reached the door, he opened it, stepped in and held it wide for the group to enter. The girls nearly rushed inside, but Jiri hesitated. He felt a heavy weight on him, as if he was dragging Uluru through the outback behind him.

"Well, are you coming or not, Jiri?" Jason asked, "I really think you will enjoy meeting my co-owner. She's the one who gave me the idea of using a succubus for the name of the place."

With that said, a gorgeous womanly figure appeared in the entryway, causing Jiri's mouth to drop open and begin to water at the sight. He stepped into thru the opening and looked at the goddess before him.

Her hair was as black as night; so black that it seemed to glow with the darkness. Her face was sculptured; as if it were chiseled out of marble. Her eyes were set deep under perfectly shaped eyebrows and her eyelashes were long and slightly curved. But the eyes themselves pulled at Jiri as he stared into them. He felt his mind screaming to stop looking at her, and at the same time desiring to never to look away.

"Jiri, I'd like to introduce you to my true succubus. Lady, this is Jiri, an Australian entrepreneur of a similar business to ours," Jason made the introductions, "He was wondering if we could part with our secrets so he and his colleagues down under can become better business men. Do you think we can part with our secrets to help this man out?"

"It sounds wonderful," the lady responded smoothly. At the sound of her voice, Jiri felt his cock rise to full length in his pants. "I think he and his friends would make an excellent opportunity for us to open an international franchise."

Even though his body desired nothing more than to do as this woman wished and make her happy, his mind returned to the fact at hand. They were still talking about him becoming a franchise of theirs, and not his own business. He shook his head, taking his eyes away from her face and clearing the cobwebs that were trapping him into a sluggish mood.

"I'm sorry, but I have to restate my case to you, Jason," he said forcefully, "I'm not looking to open a business that will be part of yours, mate. I just want to know how to make my business better and equal to yours. You know, the other clubs we have back home work together and help each other out without interfering with each other's businesses. I'm just hoping that the two of you would be willing to help us out with some information about how you do so well."

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