tagNonHumanSuccubus Ranch Ch. 06

Succubus Ranch Ch. 06


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Twenty-five years had been a long time for being a fool, but Mark had grown used to it after so long. At 17, he failed to step up as a man and take the responsibility for being the father of the child he had fathered. He wasn't a legal "dead-beat dad" since he paid the mandatory child support to his son's mother. However, due to the stipulations in the court order, he was not allowed custody or visitation rights, as his long since ex-girlfriend was 20 at the time of the conception and he was still considered a minor.

As he grew older, and became engrossed in his work, Mark never saw reason to pursue finding his son and be the father figure the boy would need. Instead, he focused on his work and a little something he thought would come in handy later in life.

Mark looked at the small house from the street and took a deep sigh before putting his best foot forward. It had been 25 years since the birth of his son, and today, he would finally get to see the young man he had grown up to become. After knocking on the door, Mark stood nervously on the stoop and waited for the face he'd been waiting years to get a chance to see. He knew that if this wasn't a good meeting, then his "Plan S.R.," as he has begun to call it, would begin.

When the door opened, Mark was not expecting the sight that was before him. It was like someone had put a magic mirror on the other side of the door, one that would show the person looking into it to see themselves nearly 20 years younger.

"Can I help you?" asked the man standing at the door.

"I'm sorry," Mark stammered. "I think I have the wrong house."

"Wait," the man called out to him as Mark turned to leave. When he turned to look at the young man, his heart leaped into the throat at thoughts of finally getting to hug the young man that was his son. "You're my father, aren't you?"

"I...I.... Yes, I am," Mark replied, looking down at the ground. "But I...I don't belong here. I'm going to go."

"Wait just a minute," said the young man again. "You came all the way here to see me, at least have the decency to let me show you around."

Mark smiled at this offer and looked at the man, seeing a smile on his face as well.

"Come on in," he said, holding the door open for his father.

As Mark entered the small house, he found that the home was much better decorated than his own small one room apartment. Looking around, the younger version of himself just smiled at him, letting the father see that the young man had been doing well with his life.

"As you can see, and as I'm guessing you wanted to make sure of, I am doing well in my life," he told Mark. "I own this house, at least I will when I pay off the home loan in 20 years. I've graduated college with a Masters in Business and working in an old company that's still growing. I've even got my own office where I hang my diplomas, along with pictures of mom and my fiancee. After a little over one and a half years, I'm making over 45 thousand dollars a year and looking forward to a raise in the next six months."

"Wow," Mark replied, looking around the nice home and all the new electronics and other equipment. "I had hoped you would do well, but I had never guessed that..."

"No, you wouldn't have guessed, would you?" asked the young man, interrupting Mark. "Why would the man who gave me life but never wanted to be a part of it, expect me to do any good with that life?"

Mark turned and saw the younger version of himself was no longer smiling.

"You were never there for me," he kept talking. "You never did anything for me but send a small amount of money for my mother to use to try and give me a decent life. After two horrible step-fathers who treated me as the bastard son, she finally found a good man that truly took care of us and I have come to know as Dad, unlike you.

"I have always wondered if and when you would come find me and I am glad that you finally did, too. I have wondered for years, especially on the nights when I was bruised from a drunken step-father's beating, why my real father never came to rescue me. But, now that I'm grown and no longer need you, I'm very glad to see you in person.

"You, Mark, are only my father, and nothing more to me. You have never been and never will be a man I can or will call Dad. You are nothing more to me than a man I pass on the street with little thought as to who you are or what your life is like. I know you wanted to see that I have done well, and as you can see, I have. Now, I would like you to leave, and never come back to see me again."

Mark's head quickly dropped along with his shoulders. Without a word, he turned toward the door, and stepped out of his son's life once more. He turned to offer a handshake and an envelope, but his son had just closed the door in his face and Mark clearly heard the dead bolt lock him out for good.

Walking back to the street, he started walking away, back toward the main road that ran through the heart of Vegas. As soon as he reached a convenient store, Mark called a taxi and waited for it to show up. When he climbed in, he gave driver two locations.

"Hey, pal, I can take you to the post office easy, but Succubus Ranch is out of my distance, unless you have the money for my time, the gas, a bite to eat on the way, and one massive tip," the driver told him.

Mark pulled out of his inside pocket a roll of $20 bills and showed the driver through the plexi-glass partition.

"That'll get us there," Mark told him, then held up another bundle, this time of $50 dollar bills, "and that will get you back."

At the post office, Mark paid for a stamp and handed the addressed envelope to the clerk behind the counter with a special wish. The clerk pulled out a yellow sticky piece of paper and wrote the date of seven days from that point and put it on the envelope. Mark watched this and thanked the clerk before going back to his taxi and climbing into the back.

During the four hour drive, the driver droned on about how his fellow drivers aren't going to believe this fare he had picked up and many other sites that were available for Mark when they returned to Vegas if he wanted the driver to take him anywhere else. When they pulled into the almost full parking lot, the driver started looking for a place to park the car, but Mark tapped on the partition separating them.

"Don't bother parking, my friend," he told him. "I won't need a ride back." He then handed through the small opening the bundle of 50's and climbed out of the car and stood looking across the parking lot at the steps up to the small southern style home.

As the taxi drove out of the parking lot, Mark walked toward the building. Along the way, he met a man; and it wasn't the man he was expecting to meet here.

"Mark, you don't want to do this," the aged, wizened man said to him. "I know you're in pain but it will pass, if you just let it."

The old man's eyes seemed to gleam behind the white bangs. Mark stared into them as best as he could and thought he might be looking into eternity before the man blinked. Taking a step back, Mark looked the old man up and down. As if he was expecting it, Mark wasn't surprised to find the man was wearing a long flowing bright white robe. Even in darkening light of the coming night and the dark colors of the neon sign, it seemed to emit its own light.

"Don't do it, Mark. He still loves you. He just needs time to find that love."

"What the fuck do you know about it?" Mark yelled at the old man, his anger suddenly coming out at the mention of his son. "You don't know shit about what I'm feeling or what has happened all these years. You'll never know what I've been through or suffered because of all of this. I'm done with it and all I want is to get a 'happy ending', for once."

Walking past the man and quickly toward the stairs of the Ranch, he began to laugh at the joke he just made. He'd had several "happy endings" at massage parlors before they were shut down, but if what he'd heard about Succubus Ranch, he was about to see what a true "happy ending" really was; and it wasn't going to be a simple hand job, either.

Mark took the steps quickly; two at a time, feeling a great weight begin to bear down on him as he climbed. When he reached the porch, he dragged his feet across the wooden floor to the door and raised his hand to knock. Before his knuckles could swing forward, the door opened and he was a little surprised to see the person standing before him.

Mark had stumbled across the Succubus Ranch on the internet and thought about visiting it several times over the years; but he never had the money thanks to his future plans to come by and visit. After a lot of research from other visitors and news articles that the Succubus Ranch had appeared in, Mark expected the co-owner of the brothel, Jason, to open the door, as everyone always described would happen.

"Welcome to Succubus Ranch, Mark," said the delicate, seductive and arousing voice of Maradith, the other co-owner of the Ranch. "We've been expecting you."

At the sound of her voice, the weight lifted off Mark's shoulders and he willingly walked across the threshold into the lair he knew it to be.

"How did you know I was coming?" he asked, turning to look at the beautiful woman closing the door.

"We have our ways, of course," she told him, looking him up and down. "You're really going to enjoy your time here, I promise you that."

"I just want to state up front that I ...," he started

"We know you know, Mark," came a man's voice behind him. Mark turned and saw who he guessed from the descriptions to be Jason Maurice, co-owner of the Ranch, walking toward him. "Like Maradith said, we have our ways; and we plan to make sure you enjoy yourself. They aren't as bad as you might think they are, you know."

"But you kill," he said, looking at Jason, not wanting to fall sway under Maradith's beauty too quickly.

"Not here, we don't," Jason said. "It's the reason we started the Ranch; so that we can live and survive without taking life in the process. Enough people come here to keep those living under this roof alive and happy and those that visit are none the worse for wear, emotionally at least, when they leave. Some do wish for a bit of S&M, and those suffer the pain that they can bear; but everyone enjoys their visit here."

"What about the disappearances and deaths of some of your visitors after they've been here," Mark asked.

"Those are the ones that wish to stay, or have tried to force themselves into situations they have no right to force on us," Jason continued. "No one truly dies here, Mark, I can promise you that. But why talk about them. You're here for your own time, right?"

Mark looked down at the floor, thinking about what his son had just told him, and feeling the anguish he had felt over the past 20 years and pain of his hope being destroyed by his son's words.

"Yes, I'm here for that reason."

"Good," Maradith said, her arm sliding around Mark's waist as she stepped to his side. "That settles the payment, now to just make sure you enjoy what you are paying for, and I can see already what that will be. Jason, I think Rachel has a customer to last her for awhile."

Mark looked up at Maradith as a picture came to his mind, wondering how that had suddenly popped into it. As he stared into Maradith's eyes, he felt the picture morph and start to take on a three-dimensional form inside his head. As the woman's face in his mind cleared, Mark knew he was seeing a full view of who, or what, Rachel was.

"How did you know and how is it possible?" he asked.

"I'm a succubus, Mark, but you already knew that," Maradith whispered, her lips nearing his. "And, in this house, all things that give pleasure are possible."

Mark felt his body react to the lust that exploded in him as Maradith's lips connected with his. The erection that had begun from the moment of hearing her voice rose to full strength and strained to go over the edge. The world seemed to spin beneath and around him, his body aching at the pull by something that he wasn't all too sure was the succubus Maradith and her kiss. Finally, his feet felt like they were on solid and stable ground again just as the kiss came to an end.

"You're absolutely delicious, Mark," spoke a different voice.

Mark's eyes opened and found the woman that Maradith had projected into his mind. Long wavy red hair fell from her head and down around her shoulders. The edges of her hair touched the top of the cleavage that the shiny green silk bustier she was wearing bared for her. Before his eyes could travel any further south, the woman spoke with her musical voice again.

"I know. It's shocking for our guest in your situation sometimes. But it's the best way to grant the wishes that you wish for."

"I don't understand," Mark said, barely able to keep his brain thinking on the conversation with so much blood rushing to his hard member.

"You will," she said, sliding her hands up Marks chest and around his neck. With no resistence, he leaned into her and returned her kiss with vigor. The woman's body pressed against his as Mark slid his own hands around her slim waist and pulled tight.

As their tongues warred with each other, Mark felt her hands grab the back of his shirt and begin to pull at it. When he tried to pull away from her so he could unbutton it, she pulled him tight again, then raked her fingernails across his back. He heard the fabric rip under the attention and the cool air play across his exposed, but undamaged, skin.

Her hands began to caress his back, holding him tight in her embrace. Her mouth raped his with her tongue. Mark began to grow worried that she was going to suck his soul out through his mouth without getting any physical satisfaction. As soon as this thought crossed his mind, she pulled back some and giggled into her palm.

"I'm sorry," she smiled at him. "I didn't mean to frighten you. I'm just trying to get you ready for Rachel."

"You're not Rachel," Mark asked through quick breaths as he tried to calm himself down.

"You saw Rachel in your mind," she said. "Do I look like her?"

The redhead stepped back and Mark could finally look down past the bustier. Her long toned two legs were covered in red stockings that perfectly matched her hair color. Green high heeled shoes set off the red so well. Looking back up at the woman's face, he noticed for the first time that her eyes were as emerald green as her bustier and shoes.

"In a way, you do, but not completely," he said, but he wouldn't mind being with this woman either.

"Well, Rachel and I are twins," the redhead said, stepping back up to Mark. "At least, we were twins before we chose to remain here and take separate styles." Her hands came to the top of his pants and began to undo his belt buckle and buttons. "I'm to get you ready for her. It's sometimes a shock for those that want her, even if they know what to expect."

Mark's cock rose to full erection and leaped out of his underwear as they and his pants fell to the floor. The woman then pressed her body against Mark's now nude form and the silk rubbed against his stomach as her hard nipples tried to pierce his chest.

"Now, I get to play with you some before Rachel gets her fangs in you."

With that, the redhead's leg quickly wrapped around Mark's thigh and she rose up on her toes then lowered her dripping wet cunny onto his erect member. He felt her pussy's lips touch the head of his cock and then move on their own, as if spreading wide and reaching down his member before she lowered herself on him.

As soon as the head was between her lips, he felt the suction that he'd read about in stories along with the grabbing lips as they reached, tightened around and pulled him ever deeper into her hungry sex. When she reached his base, he could still feel the lips trying to reach further down, tickling his balls.

When her other leg rose up to wrap around his opposite side, Mark lost his balance and fell backwards, his hands grabbing the firm ass and his mind too wrapped up in the pleasure to care about the hard floor that he was about to land on.

It didn't register in his mind that the hard floor never did impact his back or head, but something very springy and slightly sticky did. His brain was shutting down as his body began to react to the woman bouncing atop him, her sex pulling at his cock and urging him to what was going to be a phenomenal orgasm.

As he neared the orgasm, the redhead dropped hard onto his cock and just ground her pelvis against his. Her labia continued to try and suck his entire body through their tiny opening as the soft internal membranes manipulated, massaged and pulled his dick as deep as it would go. Mark tried as hard as he could to make the pleasure last, but when he looked up into the face of what had to be a succubus riding him and saw her hungry gaze upon him, he lost all control.

His cum shot deep into her body, and his hips thrust several times, trying to get even deeper than his body would go. The succubus above him continued to grind as her body sucked harder at his member, pulling the orgasm out of him.

When his balls felt empty, the redhead lowered her body atop his and rested her arms on his chest, her hands on Mark's shoulders. She lay there for a second, her face in his neck, just relaxing, as Mark's body slowly recovered from the immense pleasure she had given him. Even though he knew what she was, he was still surprised that his dick remained hard inside her soft, sensual tunnel. After a few minutes, she raised her head and looked down at his face.

"Rachel will be with you soon, now that I've weakened you too much to really fight her," she said. "She likes it when her prey resists a little; but in the end, they are always willing to give her all she wants."

With that, Mark watched the redhead rise up off his tired body. When she climbed off his still raging hard-on, he could tell that her pussy very reluctantly let him go. As she rose and left his him, he let his hands slide down her trim thighs and come to rest on the soft bedding that they had landed on. As she stood on the floor, he tried to raise his head, but found that he was unable to fight the soft stickiness of the material he was lying on.

"What's your name?" he asked the succubus as she turned to walk away. She turned around and looked back at him with a bit of a shocked look on her face.

"I'm Regina, and you're the first man to ask me that afterward," she said. "Most men are either too tired or just too aroused to think about anything but what was to come next."

"Regina," Mark said, trying to raise his head again, but not getting anywhere, "what am I lying on?"

"My web, of course," came Regina's voice, but from somewhere in the darkness above where his head was resting. Regina blew Mark a kiss, turned around and walked seductively into the surrounding darkness.

Mark tried to rise up from his entrapment, so he could follow that beautiful swaying ass and have another go with Regina. As he moved, he felt the bedding shudder around him. When he couldn't get his head to rise anymore, he struggled with the stickiness under his legs and arms. As he tried to lift them, the feminine voice above him laughed, and Mark felt his cock react to the seductive nature of it...or was it the soft, silky touch of the material he was lying on.

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