tagNonHumanSuccubus Ranch Ch. 09

Succubus Ranch Ch. 09


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Max had been dealing with tons of stress during this time with the slumping economy and trying to keep the company he worked for in the black. His performance was above par for anyone in the position that he had in the accounting department. After three weeks in a row of finding another action item with a budge that could be cut to below three million dollars, he expected to at least get a huge bonus.

When the time for bonuses came around, though, the company sent out a memo to all of the employees that they would be receiving a notice when to report to the CEO of the company. Max immediately had a bad feeling about this. You never went straight to the head of the company to pick up your bonus. This was something that just screamed termination.

For the next week and a half, Max kept working on ways to save the company money, finding very little penny that was being looked over and seeing one more chance to make sure he did not lose his job. When he received the e-mail from the CEO's secretary, he was surprised with the urgency of the appointment. Max's appointment to see the big boss within the next 30 minutes and to miss the appointment was to mean immediate release of prior engagements with the corporation.

Max grabbed his coat and rushed to the restroom. After splashing some cold water on his face and making sure his appearance was in order, he straightened his tie and walked with a steady pace toward the double doors to the head office.

I might as well go down with my head held high, he thought to himself, as he passed the open office doors. Once inside the main doors, he walked up to the secretary's prefabricated desk and smiled as she looked up.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"I'm Max Justin. I was told to come see Mr. Knox."

"Yes," the secretary said looking back down at an appointment book. "He will be with you in a moment, sir. Please take a seat."

Max's rear had barely gotten comfortable in the large plush couch when the secretary told him he could enter the main office now. He walked through the only other door in the office and found himself in a large, very opulent, corner office with nothing but windows all around, looking out on the New York skyline.

"Have a seat, Max," Mr. Knox said from the other side of a large solid oak desk. Max walked over and sat in the left chair, so that he could see Mr. Knox and hopefully get a peek at the computer screen that was slightly angled on the right side of the desk.

"I'm sure you're a smart man, Max, and know that you are not in here about receiving a bonus," Mr. Knox started out, folding his hands on the desk. "With this economy, and the pressure from some politicians, we are going to have some serious trouble if we even try to give our employees earning over 250 thousand dollars a very much deserved pay raise.

"I want you to know that your name has come up in several of the recent meetings when saving money was mentioned," Mr. Knox continued, looking at his computer screen again. "It says here that in the past month, your watchful eyes and calculating mind has saved the company over six million dollars. This is no small feat, as I'm sure you already know."

"Sir, I'm sorry to interrupt; but I am not a man that likes long talks and discussions for a decision that has already been made," Max said, deciding he didn't want to have his termination drawn out longer than it needed to be. "I would like to know directly what it is that the company expects of me, at this time."

"I was told that about you, too," Mr. Knox chuckled while looking at Max. "Jared mentioned you would want to get to the point. That's a very quality trait. So, let's get to the point, then.

"Max, you have been here with the company for three and a half years and moved up seven positions in that time. You've found and saved the company over eight million dollars in that time, as well; and you have worked more hours than some of your superiors in the company. Plus, you have never taken a vacation day; and when you were sick, you came in at night during the week so you wouldn't get your coworkers sick while working during the day.

"I'm not allowed by the board members to give you a bonus, and the raise that is being offered is so minute that I would not be surprised if you quit over the matter and look for another position that will pay what you deserve. But...and this is a major 'but'...I am going to offer you something that will not come from the company.

Max, I can see in your eyes that you need a stress free vacation; and I have just the place for you to go. I have booked a week long stay at a place that will give you the best massages, the greatest drinks, and plenty of beautiful women, or men if you swing that way, that you will never grow tired of looking at them."

"I'm sorry, sir," Max said holding up his hand. "The company is going to send me on vacation but can't give me a bonus?"

"No, Max. The company is not going to give you a bonus and will not pay for a trip for you to relax. I, on the other hand, am already scheduled for this trip on my own funds; but I'm offering it to you. If you keep at this pace, you will burn out before the end of this recession; and you won't be worth a damn when the money actually starts rolling in again.

"I know because it's what happened to my brother. Now," Mr. Knox said, reaching into a drawer in his desk and pulling out an envelope, "take this and enjoy your vacation."

Max thought about that meeting as he relaxed into the extremely plush first class seat and the flight attendant handed him the full champagne flute. He sipped at it and smiled, knowing that for the first time since he started high school, he was finally going to relax.


Max was met at the luggage receiving carousel with his two suitcases already sitting next to a large man holding a sign with his name printed neatly on it. The man introduced himself as Mack, the driver, and escorted Max to a large limousine. When Max climbed in, he expected to find a large empty interior, maybe even some liquor on a small bar. What he found completely surprised him.

"Hello, Max," said the bald man. His black slacks and t-shirt hugged his physically fit body. "I'm Jason and this is my associate, Maradith. We are the owners of the facility you will be staying at during this next week."

Max looked at the man that was sitting next to him for only the briefest moment. He then turned his eyes to the woman being introduced to him. Maradith sat in the seat across along the side o the limo, her legs crossed and showing a lot of thigh through the slit in the long dress she was wearing. The front had a very low cut, giving Max a look at Maradith's cleavage.

Max did his best not to give a bad impression with these business owners and stare down Maradith's dress. It was a hard task, but he managed pretty well. As the car moved through traffic and out of the city, Jason and Maradith continued to explain what they had planned for Max.

"As you can guess, Mr. Knox is a good client of our sand he always sends others to us that become eternal customers for us," Jason said, picking up three champagne glasses and handing of two to Max, so he could pass one to Maradith.

"He told us a lot about how you helped out your corporation," Maradith said, leaning forward to take the proffered glass from Max, showing off her bosom even more. Max's eyes looked down the valley of her womanly figure for a while as Maradith did not sit back up right away.

When max pulled his eyes away from the view, he looked up into Maradith's face with a blush on his; but she smiled at him and gave a quick wink before sitting up and leaning back into her seat.

"I hope Mr. Knox didn't have anything bad to say about me," Max said, with a bit of chuckle in his voice. He was feeling tense sitting so close to a beautiful woman that seemed to be flirting and teasing him purposely.

"He told us that you were taking on more work than regular and becoming a bit stressed," Jason said before taking a sip of his drink. "We have several different ideas to give you a week long relaxation routine. We'd like to go over them with you while on the drive, so that you can begin to relax as soon as possible."

"You...oh my," Maradith said, quickly being interrupted when Max jumped and spilled some of his champagne on his lap. He had been startled when Maradith started talking to him because he never saw her move from the side seat and had sat down right next to him. Her voice right next to his ear and sudden presence beside him caused his nerves to leap and spill the drink all over his legs and crotch.

"I'm so sorry about that," Maradith said, taking the flute from Max's hand and reaching across him to hand it to Jason. He took the glass and handed her a towel, which Maradith began to press lightly against Max's upper thigh, right near his groin. "As I was going to say, you seem to be very tense right now, and our nerves are quite jumpy, too. Let us help you to relax."

The last word seemed to sink into Max's brain and make his muscles become a little lethargic. He felt it come on quickly and struggled to keep on his game as Maradith's hands continued to press, pat, and then rub, at the wet stain in his crotch. Her presence so close, and the perfume she wore, affected him stronger than any woman had before; and Maradith's hands were soon lightly rubbing the growing bulge in Max's slacks.

"I can already tell that we are going to have to get you to work out some of those tensions," Jason said. Max turned his head to look at him and was surprised to see that the man had moved over to the side seat where Maradith had been sitting earlier. He never noticed Jason moved; but he did notice as Maradith's body pressed into his side as her lips came close to his ear.

"Our staff," she said, giving a bit of a harder squeeze on Max's erection, "has wonderful ways to exercise the stress out of your tense muscles." Maradith words were husky as they blew across his ear before she kissed it lightly. Her hand was no longer trying to give the impression of taking care of the spilled champagne. It purposely caressed up and down his shaft, stroking him with precision that he never felt before, not even with his own hands.

"Pl...pl...please, don't do that," Max stuttered, trying to scoot to the space Jason had vacated and put space between himself and Maradith.

"Why, Max?" she asked, her hand keeping its pace as she moved with him. "You seem to be enjoying it," she cooed."

"I do," he said, placing his hand on hers, and then sliding it all the way to the edge of his shaft before pulling her hand away from it. "I just don't like an audience," he said, nodding to Jason.

"I told you," Jason said to Maradith. "He's going to be a hard sell."

"I think the staff will do wonders at getting him in top physical shape," Maradith said to Jason, but still looking Max in the eyes. "I'm going to suggest a couple of exercise classes during the day, with one-on-one sessions with someone. In the evenings, you will get a massage from our best masseuse, Cecelia. She'll massage your muscles until they are as loose as jelly."

"We could always let him get his massage from Jenny, if you want him to feel like jelly," Jason chuckled. "Maybe several laps in the pool with Jenny would be a good idea each afternoon. Cecelia always likes to work on the muscles after Jenny's worked someone out."

"Um...I don't want to sound ungrateful," Max said, feeling his dick begin to shrink back to normal now that Maradith wasn't teasing him so badly, "but, are all of your staff members' women?"

"No, we have men that work on the staff, too," Maradith said, looking at Max with a quizzical visage. "But you don't swing that way," she said matter-of-factly.

"No, no, I don't like men that way," Max said. "I just don't want long escapade of tease and denial. I was under the impression that I was going to something like a spa...or something."

"Definitely 'or something,'" Jason replied. "There's your new home for the next week," he said, pointing out the tinted window as they pulled into the parking log. When they came to a halt and Max stepped out, he found himself standing at the bottom of a set of stairs. He turned around and looked across the parking lot and saw a large sign atop a pole baring the drawing of a beautiful buxom woman with horns, tail and pitchfork. Next to her was the name of the place his boss had sent him to relax:


"That dirty old bastard," Max mumbled under his breath before turning around. He had heard about the "ranches" that were dotted around the Nevada desert. He now understood why Maradith was so forward with him in the car. She was either one of the staff or the Madame here, and Jason was the pimp. He quickly vowed to spend the week without having any sex, since he'd heard that many of these places were rampant with sexually transmitted diseases.

"Come along, dear," Maradith said, taking his arm in hers. "We need to introduce you to Malcolm and Jenny so you will know that we are not the evil perverts you think we are...unless you want us to be, that is." Maradith gave a seductive wink and licked her lips wile looking at him.

Max became curious, as Maradith pulled him along and up the stairs to the porch of what looked like an antebellum plantation house. He wondered how this woman could have known what he was thinking; then he guessed that she must get that attitude from many of their customers. When they reached the top of the stairs, Jason held the door open from the inside as Maradith stood beside Max.

"Welcome to Succubus Ranch, Max," he said, waving his arm in invitation to enter. Max felt a weight on his shoulders, pressing him to the spot where he stood. He couldn't explain his hesitation. It was just an overbearing presence that seemed to try and keep him from moving forward. He stood there longer than either Jason or Maradith expected him too, as both looked at each other then back at him. Maradith moved to his side and took his hand in hers and brought it to her mouth.

"Don't worry, Max, we won't make you do anything you don't want to do," she soothed kissing his knuckles. "I didn't force a blow job on you on the ride here, as I had planned on, just as our staff will not force sex on you while you are here, either."

"We give our word," both of them said in unison. Somehow, this helped Max fight the pressure to remain outside and he stepped across the threshold and entered the cool darker interior of the foyer. Max's eyes adjusted pretty quickly as the driver entered behind him, carrying the suitcases and began to take them up the stairs without any instructions.

"We've put you in room eight," Jason said, handing an electronic key card to Max. "This will allow you to enter the room, if you leave it. If you need anything, just ask and you will receive it. Jenny will come up and get you at three for your swimming and she will take you right to Cecelia for your massage afterward."

Max thanked both Jason and Maradith and went to his room, but he found it was actually a suite. He had expected the typical hotel room; but what he walked into was actually a sitting room. Past it was a small kitchenette and off to the side was a bedroom with a king sized bed. A large restroom, with garden Jacuzzi tub, was just off the bedroom.

"Wow, they do know how to make someone feel welcome," Max said softly as he looked around the room. Going back to the kitchenette, he opened the refrigerator and noticed only sodas and different types of beer were stocked inside. "I think I'll call down for some bottled water," he said softly.

A second later, there was a knock on the door. Max crossed the room and opened it to find a stunningly beautiful blonde standing on the other side, holding a case of bottled water in her arms.

"You asked for water, sir?" she asked.

"I just...how did...," Max stumbled over his words as the woman walked into his room with the case and went straight to the fridge. He saw her bed over and placed the bottles one by one into it. He couldn't help but admire her tight ass in the extremely short shorts as she remained bent over at the waist. When she finished, she stood up and turned to face him.

"Would you like me to take some of these sodas or beers away, while I'm here," she asked, her voice sounding very pleasant and full of kindness. Max nodded, his mind still trying to figure out how she could have come to his room so quickly. "Please come show me what you want me to take from you."

He walked over to the open fridge door, his mind running through the double meaning her words had and thinking about her sexy body "taking" all it wanted from him. He stood beside the open door as she turned her back and bent over at the waist again. Max's groin was at perfect height with her rear and the thought of taking that one step forward and grinding into her cheeks was a little too strong. He moved forward an inch before he caught himself and kept still.

Holding his ground, the girl looked over her shoulder at him with a twinkle in her eye and gave a coy smile with a wink. She then pressed back into his grin with his rising erection nestled right between her cheeks and slid down as she squatted. His cock had jumped to full hardness as it slid between her flexed buttock muscles. Looking down at her, he could see over her shoulder and right down the large neck of her tank-top shirt and see her bosom clearly.

"So, do you see anything you like?" she asked, giggling up at him. Max blushed and tore his eyes off her rack and looked at the racks in the fridge. She turned her head to look too, but lost her balance and grabbed max's inner thigh for support, just below his crotch. "Thank you," she whispered, giving his leg a gentle and flirtatious squeeze while sliding up his leg."

"Uh...you're welcome," he mumbled, fighting the urge to stand there and let her roam freely up into his crotch and stroke his erection. When it did reach the apex of his thighs and touch his balls, though, Max placed his hand on hers and pulled it away and put it on the door for her support. I think the sodas there are just find, I will make do with this."

The woman gave a small pouty look to him as she stood and closed the door.

"If there is anything else you would like, sir," she said, walking to him, one foot in front of the other to sway her hips seductively. "Anything at all, just ask. Lady Maradith prefers we make our guests happy." Her hands touched his shoulders and she leaned in to kiss Max full on the lips.

He turned his head at the last possible moment, getting a quick smell of her breath and feeling bad at missing out on tasting what must be a very sweet and tender kiss that she was now giving his cheek. They stayed like that for just a second before she began to walk past him, her one hand dragging across his chest as she moved past him. The door opened slowly before she reached it and she looked over her shoulder at him without missing a seductive step through it.

"We're at your beck and call, sir," she cooed. "If you want me, just ask for Delilah. I will return as soon as you want me."

Max adjusted his dick after the door closed and plopped down on the couch.

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