tagErotic HorrorSuccubus Summoning 107

Succubus Summoning 107


Phil lay on a big bed and listened to the noises of the night outside. Large animals snuffled about beneath the windows. Occasionally the silence was punctuated with a cacophony of howls and growls that clawed at his sanity and threatened to tear it asunder.

Phil was in hell.

Previous to his current predicament he'd been a rather mediocre student at the Wargsnouts College for Warlocks. Despite his obvious mediocrity he and a friend had decided to summon up a pair of sex daemons for a laugh.

It had not been a good idea.

Now Phil was in hell and a prisoner of those same sex daemons while they decided whether to make him their pet, sex toy or light evening snack. At least he was still alive. He wasn't in bad condition either, he thought, trying out his arm. Nurse Honey had done a good job, although Phil was a little fearful of what the final cost would be.

He tested his legs. They seemed to be working fine. Maybe he should try and sneak—.

"Hey fledgling warlock."

Phil's spirits fell while his cock rose in betrayal. They were back.

Rosa and Verdé, the two succubi that had kidnapped him and brought him back to hell, stood in the doorway. You could almost mistake them for gorgeous teen cheerleaders. Okay, gorgeous, fantastically well endowed teen cheerleaders. Their wings, horns and tail dispelled that illusion, but it didn't seem to detract from their overall attractiveness.

Phil was surprised to see they were wearing clothes. It was the first time he'd seen them in anything other than their birthday suits. He was less surprised by the lack of either convention or concealment in the outfits they'd selected.

Verdé was wearing a diaphanous green robe. Underneath it she wore a light-green bodice that pushed up her tanned breasts and showed off the lush valley of her cleavage. A corset extended halfway down the flat expanse of her stomach. She didn't feel the need to wear anything beneath that and the plush folds of her sex were exposed to the world.

Rosa was wearing even less. Phil wasn't sure what she was wearing even qualified as clothes. She was wearing a series of studded red leather belts. They looped under her naked breasts and formed a series of hoops across her flat midriff. She finished off her outfit with a studded dog collar and two leather boots with spiked heels that came up to her thighs. There wasn't anything covering the lush folds of her sex either.

"Honey's done a very good job," Rosa said. "Our little warlock looks positively delicious."

She bounded up onto the bed with catlike grace and was on top of Phil before he even had a chance to scoot backwards. She crouched above him and smiled, her eyes gleaming with hunger.

"Tasty enough for a quick suck," Rosa said. She pushed her hips down and rubbed Phil's semi-erect cock down the moist cleft of her pussy. Phil sprang straight to full hardness and he shivered both in fear and pleasurable anticipation.

Rosa smiled down at him and licked her tongue over luscious red lips. Phil's nostrils filled with her powerful musky perfume. His eyes were filled with the vision of her perfect breasts dangling before him like ripe fruit. He knew it was her powerful sexual aura taking control of his thoughts and desires, but even though he knew it he still couldn't resist her. Rosa stared deeply into his eyes and gently rotated her hips, teasing his growing erection.

"Rosa!" Verdé said sternly, cutting through the succubus's spell.

Rosa looked up guiltily. Verdé stood by the side of the bed with her hands on her hips.

"I thought we were going to show our fledgling warlock around the castle," Verdé reminded.

"I only wanted a little suck first," Rosa said. She lowered her hips until the plush lips of her labia lightly kissed the tip of Phil's cock.

"Later," Verdé ordered. She looked down at Phil. He was still plastered in Nurse Honey's sticky fluids. "Nurse Honey works wonders, but her attentions are very messy. I'm sure our fledgling warlock would like a bath to clean himself off."

"I can get him all clean," Rosa said. She ran her tongue up Phil's chest.

"Remember what happened last time," Verdé said.

"Yes I know, Nurse Honey's honey is too sweet for me," Rosa said. She got up off Phil and swung her legs back over the side of the bed.

Phil's traitorous organ twitched in disappointment. He tried to ignore it.

"Come on fledgling," Verdé said, beckoning him with a sunny smile. "Let's get you cleaned up."

Phil slid off the giant bed, his erection flopping awkwardly in front of him. At least his limbs seemed to be back under his control, not that there was anywhere he could run to.

The succubi were already leaving the room.

"Um, shouldn't I put something on," he asked.

"Don't be silly," Verdé said. "Why would you need clothes here?"

"It's a pain to tear them off every time we want to fuck you," Rosa said.

"You're just fine as you are," Verdé smiled. "Now come along."

Phil tried to hide his obvious erection with his hands and shuffled after them. The castle was large and despite the walls being mainly composed of bare black stone, it was warm enough for Phil to feel comfortable despite being naked.

He wondered where the bathroom was. The succubi led him down long corridors carpeted in plush red velvet, through airy hallways lined with erotic statues and down so many flights of steps he didn't relish the thought of the journey back.

The décor of the castle was overtly sexual. Everywhere Phil looked he saw paintings and sculptures depicting acts so lewd they'd make a whore blush. Even the gilded candelabra lining the walls were moulded in the shape of naked women. The candles within them produced a scented smoke that made Phil feel a little light-headed.

"What haven't we done yet with our fledgling warlock?" Verdé asked as they walked along.

"Killed him and sucked out his soul," Rosa replied. She turned back and flashed Phil a smile that showed off her fangs.

"Tut tut," Verdé said. "Stop frightening him. Is that any way to treat a pet?"

"I haven't set him on fire yet."

Phil whitened.

"Let's get back to sex," Verdé said. She dropped back and put an arm around Phil's waist. A wing folded round Phil's other shoulder. "To think he was a virgin when we met him. Since then we've done missionary, oral, breast relief..."

"Anal," Rosa frowned, rubbing her ass.

"... doggie style, cow girl, reverse cow girl..." Verdé's tail coiled around Phil's erection and started to tug him off.

"I've even fucked him in the ass with my tail," Rosa said.

She noticed Phil's shocked expression.

"You were fairly far gone at the time," she added.

"Hmm, what left to do," Verdé said. Her tail moved up and down Phil's cock with faster strokes. His knees started to feel a little wobbly. "We'll think of something after your bath."

"Shit, it's Nÿte," Rosa hissed. "Quick, hide him."

Phil was bundled into one of the dark alcoves that lined the corridor. Verdé held him firmly in place and put a hand over his mouth.

A regular clicking sound reverberated around the stone walls. When Nÿte came into view Phil realised it was the sound of her long, wickedly pointed stiletto heels striking the stone floor.

Rosa and Verdé looked like extremely slutty high school teenagers. Nurse Honey looked like an angel cast in a porn film.

Nÿte looked like a demon.

She was beautiful, possibly the most beautiful of the succubi Phil had seen. The contours of her face were a little sharper, as if she'd been sculpted by an old master. There was a cruel cast to her features though and her expression was so cold it covered the eyes in a layer of frost just to gaze upon her.

Her body was as scorching hot as any other succubus. Her generous curves were squeezed into a tight black leather catsuit. The V of the neck was cut low enough to reveal the milky-white hemispheres of her breasts. Her long black hair was tied up behind her head in an austere ponytail. Jet black wings were folded behind her back. A coiled whip hung from her left hip.

She looked exactly like the pictures of demonesses Phil had seen in textbooks at Wargsnouts. The ones the students were warned never, ever, to attempt summoning. Phil knew Rosa was scary; he'd watched her suck all of the life out of Jake. Nÿte was terrifying. He didn't want to imagine what she could do to him.

Nÿte stopped and turned her head. For a moment Phil thought those empty black eyes were staring directly into his soul. Then she turned away and carried on walking down the corridor, her deportment as regal as a queen's.

Rosa and Verdé waited until the clicking sound of her heels had faded away before ushering Phil out from their hiding place in the alcove.

"You should stay out of her way," Verdé said.

"Pleasure and pain are a little mixed up for her, if you know what I mean," Rosa added.

"Is she in charge?" Phil asked.

Both succubi seemed a little nonplussed by the question. Phil had assumed there must be some form of hierarchy in hell. Judging by Rosa and Verdé's reaction to her and the regal way she carried herself, he'd assumed Nÿte was the boss around here. Now he wasn't so sure his first impression was correct. Rosa and Verdé looked at him weirdly, as if what he'd said hadn't made sense at all. Maybe they didn't follow any conventional hierarchy.

"Who else is here?" he asked. They'd walked quite a way through the castle and Nÿte was the first living thing he'd seen other than Rosa and Verdé.

They walked down a steep flight of stone steps somewhere deep in the belly of the castle. The air was a little cooler here.

"Well there's me and Verdé," Rosa said.

"I'll show you my gardens later," Verdé said with a girlish giggle. Her tail flicked up between his legs and tickled his balls.

"Nurse Honey..." Rosa continued.

"Who you've met," Verdé added.


"Who you don't want to meet."

"And C?rµl?a."

"Oh, yes. C?rµl?a."

"Who's completely crazy."

"Be fair," Verdé admonished. "She's a lovely girl, if a little eccentric."

"Crazy," Rosa stated.

"You probably don't want to meet her either," Verdé said. "But enough chatter, it's time to get you cleaned up." She put her hands on his shoulders and steered him through a door.

The room beyond took Phil's breath away. This was the bathroom...?

It was enormous, a cavern tiled in rich black marble. At the centre was a large circular pool around twenty feet in diameter. In contrast to the rest of the room its tiles were electric blue in colour and glowed in the darkness. The sound of rippling water bounced off the walls in a gentle susurration. Blue light from the pool ebbed and flowed over the black marble in complex patterns.

Rosa murmured some words of magic and candelabra on pillars around the room flared into life, filling the room with a soothing glow.

"Fancy, isn't it," she whispered silkily in his ear.

It was awe-inspiring. The room belonged to a luxury palace out of the Arabian Nights. Erotic mosaics decorated the floor and walls of the pool. The taps, gilded in gold, were twisted into the sensuous shapes of buxom mermaids. Above the pool a gigantic circular mirror was inlaid into the ceiling.

"Where is this place?" Phil said. He was a small town burger-flipper. This level of splendour was mind-blowing.

"Currently the seventh spherical congruence twixt the Vortex Elementae and the higher plane of Lust," Verdé answered.

None of which made any sense whatsoever to Phil. He remembered snoozing through various droning lectures on the geography of hell, but they had been absurdly complex and mainly concerned with levels and pits.

"So what part of hell is that?" Phil asked.

"What she just told you," Rosa said. "Didn't they teach you anything?"

"Actually, I think the mortals only know what the mischief imps told them and most of that was made up as a joke," Verdé said.

"They still don't believe all that crap about Lucifer and the fallen angels do they?"

Verdé nodded her head.

"So gullible," Rosa said. She pushed Phil into the pool.

Phil yelped as he hit the water with a splash. The bath wasn't even half full and he put his arms out to stop his body crashing into the floor. He thrashed around for a bit before he was able to find his feet. He stood up, coughing and spluttering up the water he'd swallowed. The water was warm and came up to just past his knees.

Her green cloak billowing behind her, Verdé walked around the edge of the pool, turning on the taps as she went. Warm water gushed out of the mouths of golden sirens.

"Water's boring," Rosa said, lounging on the side of the pool and running her fingers through the stream. "We should fill up the bath with blood and have some real fun."

"Now now Rosa, you'll only terrify our fledgling warlock."

Phil turned in the centre of the pool, trying to keep both Verdé and Rosa in view. It got harder as Verdé continued her circuit of the pool.

"What about sperm," Rosa said. "I know you like a good sperm bath."

Verdé frowned. "I'm not sure that would appeal to our fledgling."

Phil nodded his head in rapid agreement. The thought made him feel queasy.

Verdé removed her cloak and bodice and sat down at the edge of the pool. She dipped her feet into the water. Rosa was also naked and lay on the side a little way from her. She dipped her tail into the water and lazily swirled it in circles.

"Rinse?" Rosa said, glancing slyly at Verdé.

"Yes, rinse," Verdé smiled back. She dipped her tail into the water.

"Enhalarat mod Aquaselecum," both succubi said.

The water around their tails bubbled frenetically for a moment before becoming as still as glass. Phil backed away, unsure of what magic the sex daemons were about to inflict on him.

Two forms sprang up out of the water. They were unmistakeably female and an idealised version of the form. They were tall and slender, with full, upswept breasts; figures that would grace the centrefold of any magazine. They were also composed entirely of water. Phil could see right through them. Their large breasts bobbed and jiggled like thick jelly.

What were they? Phil thought.

The two water nymphs looked at Phil, glanced mischievously at each other, licked full pouting lips and suddenly dived under the surface. Long fish tails rose up and splashed down behind them.

This was not good, Phil thought. He turned to run, but other than displacing large amounts of water with his knees, didn't get anywhere very fast.

Water swirled around him and the air was filled with silvery giggles. Hands gripped his ankles and tugged, pulling him beneath the surface. The next few moments were a confusion of spray and bubbles as unseen hands grabbed his body and spun him round and round until he had no idea which way was up or down.

Finally he thrashed free and got back to his feet, coughing up the water he'd swallowed. He was back in the centre of the pool. The two water elementals, undines, circled him like sharks. Rosa and Verdé sat on the side of the pool and watched his struggles with quiet amusement.

An undine exploded out of the water in front of him and shook a long mane of spray and bubbles. Her breasts, made entirely of water, bounced in defiance of all gravity. She surged forward, giggling like ripples on a stream. She moved too fast for Phil and before he could dodge, she rose up, encircled his head with her arms and pulled him down until his face was pushed into her substantial cleavage.

Despite her transparent appearance her breasts felt as firm as a normal woman's. Phil might even have enjoyed the situation, but his face was wedged so tightly between her breasts it was hard to breathe. He started to struggle and the Undine held him more tightly. She laughed like water babbling over stones in a brook.

Phil opened his mouth to try and suck in much needed oxygen and found it filled with water. The undine had pushed him right into her chest and he was currently trying to breathe in the water of her body. He watched bubbles rise up inside her liquid form as he gagged on the water filling his throat and lungs.

Black spots were dancing across his vision when the undine finally released him. She giggled as he staggered backwards, coughing and retching.

Warm liquid arms encircled his waist and pulled him back onto a body as soft as jelly yet firm enough to hold him in place. The first undine, the one that had thought it fun to try and drown him in her cleavage, slid through the water towards him, purpose written on her face. Playtime was over, Phil realised.

She pushed her warm body against Phil. Her full lips pursed and she pressed them against his. As they kissed water flooded into Phil's mouth. He gagged and forced himself to gulp it down, reasoning it was better if the water entered his stomach rather than his lungs.

The undine pushed her hips forward. Two soft lips parted and Phil's semi-erect cock was sucked into a warm, soft channel.

Water continued to flow into Phil as she kept up the kiss. His stomach felt bloated and the pressure in his bladder started to rise and become uncomfortable.

"You can relieve yourself in her," a silvery voice whispered in his ear. "It's what she wants."

Her vagina closed around his cock so tightly it felt like he'd been absorbed through her skin and into the liquid centre of her body. The currents flowing through her body toyed with his cock.

Phil couldn't stop himself. A stream of piss issued from his cock and mixed with the swirling currents of her body. He was disgusted at what he'd done, but felt a palpable sense of relief as the pressure on his bladder relented.

The undine shuddered and shivered in orgasm. Her body grew warmer and more solid. A firmer suction enfolded Phil's cock and softly stroked him to full erection.

She broke off the kiss. "Free your fluids and let them flow with mine," she whispered, her glassy eyes staring intently into his.

Her lips crushed back against his and this time the flow was reversed. He felt the water in his body seep out through his mouth and lips and enter her body. Sweat welled up through his pores and was absorbed into the undine behind him.

They were drinking him, he realised, gulping down his life in long thirsty swallows.

The flowing suction around his cock grew faster and stronger. A surge of relief, greater even than the emptying of his swollen bladder, gripped him as he thrust forwards and ejaculated a great rope of semen into the undine's liquid centre.

The suction grew even stronger and the orgasm showed no signs of ending. Only it wasn't sperm Phil was ejaculating now, but water, all the moisture in his body gushing into her in one never-ending stream.

"Exhalarat dom Aquaselecum."

An arrow-pointed tail thrust through the head of the undine. The nymph gave a disappointed moan, like water flowing through dark caves, as her body lost its cohesion and collapsed into the bath, once again plain water. The same happened behind him, releasing Phil from the undine's gelid grip.

"You shouldn't let such low level spirits boss you around," Rosa said. She lounged on the side of the pool behind him like a cat.

"They tried to suck out all the water in my body," Phil said. His lips felt cracked and parched, courtesy of the undine's kiss, but he was otherwise fine.

"They are vulgar aren't they," Verdé said. She slipped into the pool with barely a splash. "Time for some bubble bath, don't you think?" she asked Rosa.

Rosa smiled and snapped her fingers. A thick creamy liquid oozed from both the breasts and vaginas of the mermaid taps and poured into the bath. Water continued to gush from the mermaids' mouths and the bath started to foam up with great drifts of shimmering bubbles.

"Mmm, this is luxurious don't you think," Verdé said, relaxing against the side of the pool.

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