tagErotic HorrorSuccubus Summoning 108

Succubus Summoning 108


Phil opened his eyes.

He was lying on a cushioned bench. He felt perfectly relaxed. His body was surrounded by a warm pleasant glow. He looked up and stared into the face of a beautiful woman with long, flowing blonde hair. She was a vision of radiance.

Had he died and gone to heaven? Was this an angel come to welcome him?

He groaned in pleasure as an orgasm shuddered through his body. A surge of relief flowed through him as his hips bucked upwards and he spurted his seed into a soft, welcoming vagina. Warm walls lined with thick honey squeezed and undulated around his cock, teasing out both the orgasm and his pleasure.

No angel, Phil thought as the orgasm finally subsided and he lay back spent. It was Nurse Honey.

He looked up into the milky pools of her eyes. She smiled and kissed him lightly on the brow before dismounting from his body with soft squelching sounds. Phil stared at the voluptuous curves of her body as she walked over to a shower set in a black marble alcove. Hot water gushed over the tanned curves of her body and steam billowed up around her.

"You should take more care, fledgling," she said as she emerged from the spray, "unless you're in a rush to know me more intimately."

A pair of tiny hands pushed out against the skin of her exquisitely curved bottom. They were followed by a tiny anguished face, its mouth open in a soundless scream. Nurse Honey looked down and smiled. The struggling figure was pulled back beneath the surface and the tanned skin of her ass was unblemished and perfect once more.

Phil knew exactly what Nurse Honey meant by more intimately. The room suddenly felt colder and he shivered.

Honey squeezed herself back into her skin-tight rubber nurse outfit.

"Until next time," she said. She blew him a kiss and then walked away past a line of black marble shower cubicles.

She met Rosa and Verdé coming from the other direction.

"Thanks Nurse Honey," Verdé said, looking ahead at Phil.

"The fledgling should show more restraint," Nurse Honey said, looking back at him.

Show restraint, Phil thought. Like he had any say in the matter.

"Yummy," Rosa said, running her finger along Phil's chest. She lifted her leg in readiness to climb up on top of him.

Verdé tapped her on the shoulder and waved her finger.

Rosa pouted and put her leg back down.

"Come on fledgling," Verdé said. "Chop chop. We need to get you cleaned up. We've got places to see."

She ushered him off the bench and bundled him into the shower. He wasn't surprised to see the tap was in the shape of a round breast, but the water was warm and invigorating.

"We could have used this the first time round," he pointed out as the water sluiced Honey's residue off his body.

"The bath was more fun," Verdé replied.

"I still say we should have filled it with blood," Rosa said.

"Maybe next time," Verdé said.

Phil came out of the shower and Verdé was waiting for him with a towel. She dried him off, paying a little too much attention to his crotch.

"Now come on," Verdé urged.

"Where are we going?" Phil asked.

"We're going outside to see my garden," Verdé replied, a note of eagerness creeping into her voice.

"Um, do I get clothes?"

"Don't be silly," Verdé replied.

"I can be naked too," Rosa said. Her breasts jiggled as she unhooked the studded belts wrapped around her body. "Better?" she asked as the discarded leather straps fell around her feet.

It really hadn't made much difference as far as Phil could see.

"We can be naked together," Rosa said. She put a hand around his waist and squeezed him up against her body. They walked down the corridor together.

"You can put your arm around me as well you know," Rosa said as they walked along a corridor decorated with lewd friezes. "I won't bite you." She smiled, revealing one of her wickedly point fangs. "Not right now anyway."

Phil awkwardly brought his arm around until his hand rested on her hip. Her skin was warm and smooth to the touch.

"That's it," Rosa said. She patted his hand.

Together they walked up some stairs and then out into a small courtyard. Phil blinked. He was outside, but not under any sky he could recognise. The sky was pink rather than blue and dusted with spongy red clouds. He saw multiple planetary bodies suspended in the sky above him. They were closer and larger than either the moon or the sun on Earth.

The largest planet was blood red in colour and churned with constant motion. For a brief moment Phil thought the motions took on the form of a gigantic screaming face, but then he blinked and the face was gone. It had to be a trick of the eye, he thought.

Behind the red planet was a smaller ball that looked to be composed entirely of dark iron. To the left of them was a pale, cold looking planet. It looked a little like the moon as glimpsed on a cloudless day, but was far larger and closer.

"That's the Char Pits of Rage," Rosa said, pointing up at the roiling red ball. "And that there is the Soporifikos of Sloth," she said, pointing at the large moon.

"And we're the seventh spherical congruence twixt the Vortex Elementae and the higher plane of Lust," Phil said.

"No, silly," Rosa replied. "That was yesterday. Now we're the thirteenth confluence of Lust Minora in the Sin Cluster."

"Um," Phil said. He thought about it and then gave up. The geography of hell was completely alien to him.

Verdé led them between an exotic looking fountain and a bed full of bright red flowers that seemed to move of their own accord. The paved path terminated at a neat little golden gate set in the outer wall. Verdé plucked a small key from between her full breasts and unlocked the gate. It swung open without as much as a single squeak.

Still with Rosa's arm around him, Phil followed Verdé out of the main castle and into the grounds. He thought at first he'd stepped out onto a gravel path of small, polished yellow-white stones. Then he looked down and his stomach somersaulted. He saw knucklebones and broken bits of vertebrae and realised he was standing on a path of finely ground bone. On either side of the path, grass as red as blood waved in the absence of any kind of breeze.

"Ah," Rosa said. "Help me with these."

A pair of large wheelbarrows stood on the grass to the left hand side of the gate. They were made out of a metal so dark it was almost black.

"Carnivrillarofax has left a gift," Verdé said. "Let's go and feed the wargen."

With what, Phil thought. He looked inside and immediately wished he hadn't. The wheelbarrow was full of hacked up body parts. Phil saw hands, feet, limbs; all caked in dried blood. There was even a severed head, staring up at the sky with glassy eyes.

Phil turned away in shock. His stomach convulsed as he felt his gorge rise. He bent over.

"You wouldn't be getting squeamish now would you fledgling?" Rosa put a hand around his shoulder and whispered coldly in his ear. "I would be most disappointed should you vomit all over our nice white path."

Phil felt a light pressure as the point of her tail pushed up against his anus. He got the message and managed to choke off the stream and swallow it back down. His throat burned and his guts flopped and quivered, but no spew came out of his mouth.

"Humans," Rosa laughed. "They build weapons that incinerate millions of their own kind in a flash and yet they can't look on a few lifeless body parts without throwing up."

"Who were they?" Phil asked. The image of that severed head staring up into the sky would stay with him until the day he died.

Rosa shrugged.

"Carnivrillarofax sends them to us every so often," Verdé said.

"We use them to feed the wargen," Rosa added.

"Oh look, here they are now," Verdé said.

Further down the hill below them, twisted shapes were emerging from the trees. They were grotesque Frankenstein's abominations. The creatures looked like they had been roughly stitched together from various mutated body parts. Their skins were a patchwork of pinks, browns and yellows. Misshapen limbs jutted out haphazardly from bodies that ranged from around six to ten feet tall. They bounded up the hill like eager bloodhounds, ropes of thick spittle trailing out from many drooling mouths.

As he watched them charge up the hill towards him, Phil felt a strong urge to turn and flee. He started to back away and might have fled had he not bumped into Verdé. She put a hand on each of his shoulders.

"Rosa will not tolerate cowardice," she whispered in his ear. "If you try to run she will feed you to them... alive."

The wargen reached them and skidded to a halt. Slobber rained down from misshapen mouths filled with cracked and yellowed teeth. They stood above them grunting and whining inarticulately.

"See, nothing to be frightened of," Rosa said.

She held up a hand to pat the central head of the lead wargen, an enormous beast with a large cock flopping around between its legs. The head snapped at her hand, gravestone teeth clunking together in the space Rosa's hand had previously occupied.

"Right," Rosa said, her eyes suddenly flashing ablaze with burning fury. She delivered a roundhouse punch that sent the beast spinning to the floor and then followed up with a kick to the beast's swollen testicles that had Phil's eyes watering in sympathy.

"Obeauyasto nida wargenascu!" she yelled. Her hair crackled with static electricity and fires flickered around her fists and forearms. "Obeauyasto nida wargenascu!"

Cringing in terror, the creatures prostrated themselves before her. They whimpered and mewled like whipped puppies. Rosa stood above them, incandescent in her fury.

Phil made a mental note to never, ever, piss Rosa off.

"Sometimes you have to remind them exactly who's master." Rosa turned and smiled sweetly back at Phil, once more looking like the slutty high school cheerleader.

She plucked a bloodied hand out of the wheelbarrow.

"Now who's first," she said to the cringing abominations.

She tossed the body part into the throng and it was quickly snapped up by one of the mouths. Humming a tune to herself, Rosa reached in for another body part.

"Now you have a go," Verdé said, gently pushing him in the direction of the second wheelbarrow.

The two succubi looked at him expectantly as Phil reached gingerly into the grotesque contents, trying not to look at the wheelbarrow's morbid cargo. His hand closed around something that was cold and clammy to the touch and he felt a burning sensation in his throat as his gorge rose.

Just a piece of meat he told himself. Just think of it as a piece of meat.

Grimacing, he plucked it out of the barrow. Verdé and Rosa nodded encouragingly.

Phil was about to throw it when he saw something that caused him to pause. The wargen were a grotesque jumble of human parts melted together. Embedded in the flesh of one of the horrors Phil saw a form he recognised. It was Jake.

Phil stopped mid throw.

The body was twisted and withered, but it was clearly Jake. His flesh merged into the rest of the beast. He stared out with empty black eyes and gibbered through a drooling mouth.

"It's not really your friend," Verdé said. "It's the residue of the soul that was left behind."

"The rest ended up here," Rosa said. She rubbed her stomach and licked her lips.

Verdé shot her a cross look.

"It looks alive," Phil said.

"It's only a remnant," Verdé said. "Like the skeleton left behind when the body rots."

Phil threw the body part in his hand. The remnants of Jake reached out for it with a small hand and mewled piteously when it was intercepted by one of the larger mouths.

"That's the spirit," Rosa said. She picked out a severed forearm and threw it to the pack.

They stayed there for a while, feeding the wargen. Phil became an automaton, numbing himself as he reached for part after part and tossed them to the wailing mouths. The head was the worst. He gripped it by the hair and threw it high. The largest wargen caught it in its mouth and crunched it like a nut.

Eventually they reached the bottom and nothing remained apart from little puddles of blood and gore.

"All gone," Rosa said, waving away the wargen.

The horrors grumbled and burbled, before slinking off back down the hill.

Phil watched them go, his arms hanging slack by his sides. His fingers were caked in cold blood and bits of gore.

"That was fun wasn't it?" Rosa said.

She lifted Phil's hand and smiled coquettishly at him as she put his gore-stained finger between her full lips and sucked.

Phil stared into space.

"What's the matter fledgling," Rosa smiled. "You look a little pale."

She released his arm and it swung down to Phil's side. Rosa waved her hand in front of his face.

Phil continued to stare into space.

"Um Verdé, I think we might have broken our toy warlock," she said.

"Tsk Rosa. I keep telling you to be careful. Humans are far more delicate than us."

Verdé took Phil by the hand.

"Come fledgling. We'll go and have a nice relaxing fuck in my special garden and you'll be as right as rain again."

Phil was unresisting as Verdé led him away from the hill and back into the castle grounds. They walked on a path of ground bone past hedges of dark, twisted vines. Verdé led him through the maze to a clearing of lush, verdant vegetation.

"This is my garden," Verdé said, excited like a little girl. "What do you think?"

The green grass was soft and moist beneath Phil's naked feet. He was surrounded by a riot of plant life that seemed somehow lascivious in nature. Flowers, red like the lips of whores, provided splashes of wild colour amongst the unruly walls of greenery. Vines coiled and twisted over each other and terminated in strange protuberance that were phallic in appearance. The air was thick with a heady scent, sweet and laden with sin.

"It's a little overgrown," Rosa sniffed.

Verdé snapped her fingers and vines erupted from the ground. They coiled around Rosa and lifted her up off the ground. In an instant the other succubus was completely trussed up and helpless.

"I always knew you had a kinky side," Rosa growled sultrily, completely unfazed by her sudden imprisonment.

Verdé ignored her and gently pushed Phil deeper into the clearing.

"Hmm, now if only we had a nice soft bed," Verdé said. "Ah ha."

She flashed Phil a beaming smile and gently tapped the green wall of a gigantic bulbous plant. The plant opened out with a moist liquid sound and unfolded enormous pink petals. The air was flooded with a sweet scent that slithered through Phil's catatonia and sent blood rushing to his groin.

Verdé pushed him back onto a gigantic petal. The surface beneath him was moist and spongy, like a large, extremely soft bed. Still smiling, Verdé took off her green cloak. She unhooked her brassiere and let it fall down around her feet. Phil blinked as his eyes drank in the beautiful, naked curves of her body.

The heady scent of nectar intensified around Phil. It enveloped him and sent his senses spinning. It was like the light-headedness of being drunk, but with none of the nausea. Even after the horrors he'd witnessed Phil felt arousal surge through him in a wave, lifting his cock up to full erection.

"I knew my little garden would get you back in the mood," Verdé smiled.

She hopped up onto the petal and straddled his body.

"I won't be rough," she said. "We'll have a nice, slow, comfortable fuck together."

She gently eased Phil's cock into her silky pussy. She sighed in contentment as she slid all the way down on him. The horrors of feeding the wargen fell to the back of his mind as her soft warmth enveloped his erection.

"Hey! Don't I get to join in?" Rosa, still tangled up in the vines, called out.

"Not this time," Verdé said. "You can have some fun with the vines instead."

She turned back and smiled mischievously at Phil.

"Or rather they can have some fun with you."

"Oh you mmphf---"

Rosa was cut off, her cries muffled as something was forced into her mouth.

"Now it's just you and me," Verdé said, "and a deliciously slow fuck."

She arched her back and slid her hips up and down with exquisite slowness. A mounting wave of pleasure built in Phil as her soft vaginal walls brushed against his cock.

Phil looked up at Verdé's face as she sighed her pleasure. She looked radiant. Behind her the sky was a deep pink in colour. Lush, leafy branches filled the edges of his vision. Verdé caressed her heaving breasts and smiled down at him as she finished another long, teasing stroke. The air was filled with gentle drifts of pollen. If he ignored the reality of his predicament, Phil could almost imagine he was back at high school and fucking the star cheerleader on a lovely summer's day.

Why not. It was a nice fantasy.

He sank deeper into the luxuriously soft petal and sighed as Verdé slowly moved up and down on him. Her pussy was slick with her juices and he moaned as his cock slid deep into her tight warmth.

Verdé raised her arms and sang some lilting words in an alien language. The foliage around them began to rustle and shake. Bright red blooms resembling full pouting lips pushed out of the undergrowth on stems that moved of their own volition.

"Whorelip," Verdé explained.

She raised her head and sighed as the flowers wound around her body on slender green stalks. The red blooms, pouting like lips, planted kisses all over her naked flesh. The flowers fastened themselves to her nipples and began to suckle with a motion Phil found both bizarre and arousing.

Verdé shuddered with pleasure and Phil's cock was buffeted with waves of pleasure. She ceased her movements and instead sat down on Phil with his cock buried deep inside her. She squeezed his erection with teasing little contractions.

The vines twined around Phil's arms and legs. He felt alarm at first, but that quickly faded as the flowers brushed his flesh. The vines weren't holding him too tightly and the attentions of the flowers as they softly kissed him were highly pleasurable. He closed his eyes, lay back and enjoyed the sensation. They wound up and down his body with light caresses. He closed his eyes and pictured himself lying on a giant bed while a multitude of beautiful women planted soft kisses all over his naked body.

He shivered as they latched onto his nipples and tickled them with what felt like tongues. And, rising above even that sensation, there was still the pleasure of Verdé's vagina wrapped snugly around his cock.

The interlude over, she again resumed her slow, sumptuous movements. She started slow, but then began to pick up speed. Her increased motion whipped the flowers around them into a frenzy. Their kisses became more passionate and Phil writhed in helpless ecstasy.

"Yes, fledgling," Verdé murmured. "Come into me."

Two of the blooms curled inside Phil's thighs and began to give full attention to his balls. He writhed and thrashed in pleasure as stiff little tongues tickled all over his scrotum. They gave him no pause or mercy as they sucked and tickled with mounting vigour. Above them, Verdé bounced breezily up and down on his cock.


It was too much. Their kisses were electric, sending sparks of pleasure arcing through his flesh. He squirmed and contorted, but could not escape their ministrations.

"It's time for release, fledgling," Verdé sighed.

Her wings unfurled behind her. She stared down at him with bright emerald eyes. She sank right down on him and her soft walls clamped around his cock and began to suck.

Phil let out a pent up breath and slammed his hips upwards.

"Oh yes, fledgling," Verdé murmured, her eyes closing with pleasure.

Phil moaned as his cock spurted a great jet of cum into her hungry vagina. He felt the vibrations down his shaft as her pussy swallowed his seed and greedily sucked his cock for more. The flow of his semen didn't stop and he felt again the draining sensation as she absorbed his energy with it.

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