Succubus Summoning 204


"Oh yes, I knew you'd like it," L'mactia said.

L'mactia folded her eight legs around him, hugging him tight to her abdomen. She reached down, put her hands on either side of his head and rubbed his face into the folds of her pussy. His nose was filled with the musk of her sex.

Her abdomen contracted and he heard that licentious burbling sound again. More thick waves of gooey silk rolled down Phil's throbbing erection. He felt like his cock was sliding down a vagina lined with cushions of the finest silk. The orifice at the end of her abdomen continued to make the same lewd, squishy, squirting sounds as Phil's cock was buried in waves of creamy-soft silk.

Phil writhed within the cocoon, every muscle taut as her silken secretions stroked him remorselessly to the verge of climax. If his mouth wasn't sealed he'd have vented his pent-up breath in a gasp.

L'mactia rubbed her fingers through his hair as she pressed his face up against her sex. "You're holding out well," she said. "Not many men are able to withstand two squirts of my special silk."

Her legs wrapped tighter around him.

"None are able to withstand this."

The tip of her abdomen came down, opened up. L'mactia gave a little erotic grunt of pleasure as Phil's hard-on was drawn up into a warm, tight and quivering orifice. Moist walls of flesh contracted and throbbed around his cock. Her abdomen began to swell and Phil felt a powerful suction tug at his erection.

"Here it comes," L'mactia said. She let out her breath in a sensuous sigh.

Her abdomen did the same and Phil and thrashed as wave after wave of luxuriously soft silk was squirted over his embedded cock. It frothed up into soft pillows and her undulating walls squished them into his straining erection. Loops and strands of sticky filaments were spun around his penis and he jerked and bucked as they tugged him back and forth, setting off explosions of bliss as they rubbed and tugged against him. The orifice at the tip of her abdomen was a factory wrapping one irresistible pleasure after another around his trapped penis.

Phil felt his whole body tense up. He was coming and there was no way to stop it. L'mactia sensed it and clasped him tight to her body. She pressed his face into the wet folds of her sex. She released a loud sigh of pleasure. Sticky silk bubbled up out of the end of her abdomen and glued their bodies together. At the same time Phil felt an orgasm roll up from his toes, travelling up through his body before erupting out of his throbbing penis and into her smothering pillows of soft silk. He shuddered in her embrace as he released thick ropes of semen to mingle with her own sticky secretions. Her abdomen slowly throbbed, drawing out the ejaculation with undulating waves of stimulation. She sucked his seed up into her body.

"You are tasty," L'mactia said. "It's a pity I can't take you back to my larder and enjoy you at my leisure—our leisure—but those were not my instructions."

Phil heard ominous noises emanating from within her abdomen, as if obscene organic machinery was starting up.

"That was a nice appetiser. Now it's time for the full meal."

Her abdomen moved up and down. She squirted another soft pillow of gooey silk onto his crotch and this time it felt like his cock had been engulfed in concentrated depravity. He came again. This time it felt more like a controlled explosion. No, it was more than that. His ejaculation wasn't a single burst, but a constant steady stream. Her abdomen slowly swelled up and down, sucking his semen from him as if his cock was a straw, and the flow of fluids showed no sign of abating.

"I told you," L'mactia said with a seductive smile. "Spiders suck, and suck, and suck." She trailed off in a breathless whisper of pleasure.

Phil jerked within the cocoon as her black widow abdomen continued to pulse rhythmically, drawing semen from his body in an endless ejaculation. It triggered an overwhelming sense of euphoric pleasure in Phil even though he knew she was draining his life away.

He'd been with the succubi enough times to know what was happening. He recognised the feeling—like a tap had been wedged open. Her abdomen swelled up as she drank his fluids. Unlike the other succubi, the spider daemon was not his, there was nothing to stop her from sucking out all of him until nothing was left but a lifeless, soulless husk.

And there was nothing he could do to stop it. Water welled up at the corner of Phil's eye even as the pleasures of a bottomless orgasm coursed through his body.

L'mactia closed her eyes and shuddered orgasmically against him. Phil continued to twitch in time with the pulsing motions of her abdomen as she sucked and sucked. He felt parched. His lips were cracking. His skin was cracking. Within him, underneath the constant flow of bliss, he felt his internal organs start to shrivel.

L'mactia stopped. The orifice at the end of her abdomen released Phil's erection from its sticky clasp. The gooey cushion of silk stretched and then peeled off as she detached from him. Phil wondered if it even mattered. He felt dried up and shrivelled inside. And cold. So desperately cold.

The spider daemon moved backwards until her face was level with Phil's. Despite the flush of pleasure on her cheeks there was sadness in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry," she said. "I would rather your end was that final burst of ecstatic pleasure as I sucked up the last of your life. It is not my choice to make. My instructions were to drain enough to make death inevitable and then leave you to face the cold and lingering pain of your final moments alone."

She kissed him lightly on the forehead.

"Tis a cruel fate to inflict on a man, even for a spider."

She scuttled up into the dark corner and onto dimensions darker still. Deprived of the pleasures of her body, he could no longer ignore the nagging aches starting up all across his withered body. Or the cold, the biting empty cold. His vital functions were slowly shutting down all across his body. He was going to die here, wrapped up in this cocoon.

Funny. He'd always thought it would be one of the succubi.

The room began to darken around him.

to be continued...

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