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Such a Tease!


Author's Note: This is a continuation of the story I began between Brandy and Steven. If you haven't read the first installment, you might check it out: Brandy's Ride Home. I'm hoping that this story can stand on its own, even if you haven't. Keep reading! {muah!}


Steven and Brandy had made a habit of getting together when Steven's job driving wasn't taking him out of town. Some of his things had found their way permanently to Brandy's apartment and it almost began to feel like a home away from home to the truck driver. There were times that he was just busy working around the metroplex and didn't have to go out of town. That was when they had more time together and Brandy was settling more and more into the whole idea of having a steady boyfriend.

That's what it was, in fact, starting to become. And no one was complaining.

After one particularly long day, Steven walked in the door, tired and worn out. Brandy could see it etched across his forehead and in the droop of his eyes as she watched him fall back on the bed, sighing out.

"Long day?" Brandy asked with a soft smile, following him into the bedroom.

"Yeah, work and all," he commented, closing his eyes for a moment. "But its okay now, I'm home."

Brandy couldn't help but smile, hearing his words, and moved to sit beside him on the bed. She lightly trailed her fingers over his arm soothingly as she commented, "Home, huh? Getting used to staying here with me, I see."

Steven grinned as he felt her long nails trail along his skin, goose bumps popping up along the path. He opened his eyes to look up the beautiful girl that he was quickly falling for. There was no way that he could tell her that, though; at least, not yet. "Yeah, well ... maybe," he said with a grin.

Smiling tenderly down at him, Brandy's long blonde hair fell over one shoulder some as he lay on what was quickly becoming "their bed". "Just maybe?" she teased.

"Well, I mean ... I don't wanna barge in," he teased back with a smile and moved his arms to fold behind his head.

Brandy laughed softly, stretching out beside him to lay her cheek on one of his folded arms. Moving her hand down his chest to his belly, she said with a laugh, "Well ... that's what I get for inviting you up for a drink, huh?"

Steven laughed, a slight blush rising in his cheeks as he thought about what their relationship had become. "Well, I mean ... I don't wanna be a burden."

Smiling tenderly, she moved to place a soft kiss on his lips. "Oh yeah, a burden," she teased. "That's exactly what you are."

Steven kissed her back softly, closing his eyes half way as he relaxed completely on the bed, relaxing beneath her soft touch. "I'm sorry, he murmured.

Lying next to him, Brandy snuggled up close as her arm wrapped around his waist. She just enjoyed being close to him. "Don't be," she whispered. "I'm not."

Turning his head a bit, his lips found her forehead in a soft kiss as he replied gently, "Well, I'm glad."

Brandy smiled, her blue eyes looking at his handsome face as she whispered softly, "Me too."

Steven was fading fast as he lay on the couch. Brandy could see it even before he said in a bare whisper, "I could fall asleep right here."

"Then go to sleep, baby," she replied gently as her fingers lightly rubbed his stomach muscles, relaxing herself right next to him. When she didn't get a response, her head lifted some to look in his face for a moment. She smiled, realizing that he was already ahead of her, his chest moving with each deep breath. She just lay there for a moment, thinking back over the short time they had had together but how it felt like they had been doing this for years.

Steven shifted a bit as he turned on his side, his arm snaking around her tiny waist as his head leaned against hers, breathing deeply through his nose. Brandy couldn't help but smile, their faces so close as she watched him sleep. Funny how she felt so secure in his arms, her fingers lifting to gently touch his face and in that moment, she wondered how she had gotten so lucky that fateful night that he had pulled over to give her a ride home.

She could feel his hand rub down her back gently and his fingers move naturally against her as he let out a low grunt. Brandy tried really hard not to giggle at that and then realized that he had her trapped in a round-a-bout way. She smiled, relaxing as her own eyes closed, thinking there really was no better place to fall asleep than in his arms.

Steven inhaled deeply, Brandy's sweet perfume permeating his senses as he slowly opened his eyes to smile at the girl in his arms. "You smell good," he replied, startling her some.

Opening her eyes as she heard his voice, she smiled softly as they lay face to face. "Thanks," she said in a soft voice.

Kissing her forehead softly, his hand rubbed her back gently as his head rest against hers. Brandy's fingers gently followed suite, caressing his back as their foreheads rested against one another and closed her eyes, lying quietly in his arms. She could feel his hand slide up her back to delve into her long hair.

A small smile appeared on Brandy's lips even as her eyes remained closed. Her own fingers seemed to mirror his as they moved to toy with the back of his hair at the nape of his neck. That simple movement brought forth a soft moan from Steven. She had found his 'sweet spot' and she opened her eyes with a smile, as his leg twitched a bit. Her fingers gently caressed the back of his neck, wanting to hear him moan again.

"You ... don't ... understand ... how good ... that feels," he mumbled, scrunching up his neck a bit.

Brandy simply smiled, feeling his lower body start to react some as her fingers slid gently over the nape of his neck and into his hair. Lingering just at the edge of his hairline, she teasingly replied, "Well, why don't you tell me just how good it feels?"

Steven squirmed a bit, his hands locking at the back of her head. "I ... I can't put ... it into words," he moaned.

Smiling, she watched him as her nails lightly drug back out of his hair to trace along the hairline at his neck. "Yes, I can tell." She could f eel him squirm against her, rubbing his legs together and then against hers to feel her soft skin. She watched him, feeling his fingers drag down to her hips, digging in as her fingers traced light circles along the back of his neck. "Do you want me to stop?"

All Steven could do in response was shake his head as his eyes closed. "N-n-no," he pleaded in a harsh husky voice, "please, don't." His words were followed but a moan as his teeth sunk into his lower lip a bit.

Leaning closer to him, Brandy's lips were just a breath away from his as her nails lightly raked over the flesh at the nape of his neck. She gently tugged on the hair there as her knee pushed between his legs, lightly pressing her leg against the hard bulge in his jeans. "Okay then ... I won't."

Steven murmured in pleasure as he ground against her leg, "Mmmmm." His breath came in heavier against her lips as his cock began to throb beneath the thick layer of his jeans.

Brandy smiled, loving the sound of his moans as her knee pressed into his bulge. Her fingers stroked the back of his neck, building up his desires as her lips stayed just clear of his but knew he could feel her hot, sweet breath caress over his mouth.

Finally getting control of his hands, he slid them down her back to squeeze over Brandy's ass. God, she affected him so much ... he felt like he had lost the power of speech temporarily.

Sliding her tongue out over his lips, Brandy could hear him pant for breath as his hands claimed her ass. Rubbing her thigh against the hardness trapped in his jeans, she loved teasing him. She raked her nails lightly over the back of his neck and up into his hairline again before trailing back down to draw circles on his sensitive flesh.

Steven met her tongue with his, flicking it playfully as his cock throbbed painfully beneath him. He couldn't help but mumble, "Oh baby, release me ... I can't take it anymore."

Brandy smiled, capturing his tongue in between her lips to nibble as her fingers stroked the back of his neck. Pulling her thigh away from his throbbing cock, she whispered teasingly, "You want me to let it out, baby?" She smiled against his lips, wanting him out of control.

"God yes," he groaned, squirming as his breath hissed through his gritted teeth. "I'm so hard right now it hurts."

"Oh really?" she teased, sliding her other hand down between them to rub at the hard bulge trapped in the unforgiving jeans. "Ooooooo, you ARE hard," she said with a soft lilt to her voice. "How did that happen?"

Starting to lose control, Steven leaned forward to bite at her neck, sucking hard before nibbling up to her earlobe. "Release it ... please," he moaned, almost begging.

She couldn't help but smile, a shiver racing down her spine as his lips raked over her earlobe. Her fingers lazily traveled up the length of the bulge to the button his jeans, stopping there for a moment as she asked in a teasing voice, "I thought you were tired, baby?"

"I was woken up," he managed to say with a grin, grinding into her soft hand, silently pleading with her to give him some relief. "Please let it free, baby ... it hurts."

Smiling, Brandy deftly popped the button open and slid the zipper down, releasing the pressure on his cock. Her fingers stroked, rubbing against it through the thin material of his boxers. "How's that baby?" she asked with a grin. "All better?"

"A little," he said, turning onto his back to watch her. "But I want them all the way off. Baby, come on ... stop teasing me!" He loved the way she teased him but his time would come. Wedging his hand between her legs, he started to rub the material over her pussy.

Brandy could see the desperation in his eyes as well as hear it in his voice. Deciding to stop torturing him, she moved over him, her blonde hair spilling out over his chest as her fingers hooked in his jeans and tugged downwards. She moved with the motion so that her hair slowly caressed over his stomach then over his groin area before sliding off him completely as she tossed his jeans aside.

"Oh god yes ... finally," he breathed as his cock sprung out, swaying back and forth. Brandy could see that it was rock hard, the veins thick and standing out as the blood pumped through him fully.

Looking at it for a long moment, Brandy couldn't help but think how it seemed to wave in the air as if screaming for her attention. But she playfully ignored it as she moved back up on the bed to lie beside him. "I take it that feels better," she said with a grin.

"You're such a bitch," he chuckled, smiling over at her. "Why are you teasing me so much?" he groaned, his face flushed with excitement.

Brandy smiled mischievously; her fingers coming up to gently stroke his face as he turned to face her. "Am I teasing you, Steven?" she asked a twinkle apparent in her blue eyes. "Was there something in particular you wanted me to do?"

Steven laughed. "No ... you are just leading me on," he said with a grin, slapping her ass with a resounding sting. "You're being a naughty girl."

Yelping a little, she laughed. "Me? Naughty? Whatever makes you think something like that?"

"I'll just have to do this myself," he said, reaching down.

Brandy licked her lips reflexively, not even knowing she had done it as she propped her head up with her hand, resting on her elbow as her gaze followed the movement of his hand on his cock slowly stroking. She could see the precum oozing from the tip, trickling down his shaft and over his hand.

"What makes you think you can watch?" he teased back, moving his hips a bit as his eyes closed, stroking slowly with a firm grip.

Brandy laughed softly as she rolled off the bed to stand. "What makes you think I want to watch?" she teased, glancing to him jerking himself off as she slowly began to peek off her wrap-around top.

"Well," he said, licking his lips as he watched her take off her top to reveal those beautiful, just-right breasts, "You were staring and watching me."

"Well, you are ON my bed," she teased, wiggling out of her Capri pants until she was only standing in a soft pale pink lace bra with a matching string bikini.

"God, you always seem to have the sexiest underwear," Steven said, grinning as his hand slid up and down the long, thick shaft. He was trying, in vain, to control his ragged breathing as he watched her.

Brandy smiled, licking her lips as she saw the tip of his cock head glisten with precum. "Victoria's Secret," she whispered teasingly, reaching behind her back to unhook the bra before her breasts fell free, giving him an uninhibited view of their soft fullness tipped with rose-colored hard nipples.

"Mmmmm," he replied, stroking a bit faster. He was getting excited just at the simple strip-tease she was doing in front of him, loving the way her nipples were already hard.

She watched him stroke himself faster, seeing the way that his breathing was starting to change as her fingers hooked in the string sides of her panties. Wiggling them off, she tossed them aside so that she was completely nude while Steven jacked himself off on the bed.

"God damn, you are so fucking sexy," he moaned, giving himself a tighter grip. More precum oozed out as he slid his hand all the way up and then all the way back down his length.

Purring softly, Brandy watched him as she leaned against the dressed just opposite of the bed. "So are you, baby," she replied. And then, with a devilish twinkle in her eye, she slid her hand down her belly towards the smooth shaven mound, intent on driving him absolutely nuts.

"What do you think you are doing?" he suddenly replied, his hand slowly stopping its ministrations as he watched her.

"Well, if you can do it ... then I can too," she said, tilting her head a bit as a smile bloomed out over her lips. Her fingers slide down between the moist swollen lips to tease at the hardened little nub, a soft moan erupting from her lips as she saw Steven's jaw drop.

"Why are you doing this to me?" he groaned, seeing her juices begin to trickle down her inner thighs and smear on her fingers.

"Doing what, baby?" she moaned softly as her head fell back a bit, long blonde hair pooling on the top of the dresser. One leg bent, propping itself up on the front of the drawers as her fingers slide along the moist slit.

"Mmmmm ... teasing me like this," he said, breathing heavy. His cock was throbbing blatantly now as he stared almost unbelievingly at her.

Brandy looked at him from across the room, a smile playing on her lips as she pulled her fingers from her moist cunt and lifted them to her own lips. Darting her tongue out for a tasted, she watched his reaction once again before saying in a soft, teasing voice, "I'm sorry ... did you want some?'

Steven nodded, licking his mouth almost like he was dehydrated. "You know I do, baby ... come on, let me taste your sweet juices."

Smiling, she pushed away from the dresser and made her way to where he was. Pushing between his thighs, her stomach rubbed up against his cock before sliding over him, her body draping over his. She lifted her nectar-coated fingers to his lips, slowly sliding them past his lips and into his mouth as she purred softly, whispering, "Mmmm ... how does that taste?'

He suckled hungrily on her fingers, his tongue swirling around the digits as he moaned. He couldn't ever quite believe just how truly sweet Brandy tasted, closing his eyes as he savored her flavor. His cock smeared precum across her belly as she leaned over him.

Brandy smiled, pulling her fingers from his mouth before, with a grin, she turned so that her thighs were on either side of his head. She could feel him shiver as her tongue snaked out to taste the precum dripping off the head of his cock. Moaning softly, her hands slid beneath his ass, kneading gently as her tongue swirled around the helmet-shape and then captured it in her mouth.

Finally getting the attention he had been wanting so badly, his tongue flicked out over her tender clit before pushing deep inside of her tight hole. He could feel her juices run across his probing tongue, moaning up inside of her to make the flesh vibrate erotically.

Gasping over his rock-hard member, Brandy wiggled her hips as Steven's tongue began to work its magic on her body. Descending her mouth over his cock, her tongue pushed up against the throbbing vein underneath as her blonde hair spilt out over his hips.

Steven ground up into her mouth gently, not wanting to choke her as he suckled on her swollen lips, twirling his tongue up inside of her to find that one sweet spot. Grinding his tongue against his, his nose caught scent of her sweet nectar as he both heard and felt her moan deeply over his cock. He could feel it throb, momentarily thinking about whether or not he should warn her as her head began to bob up and down on him. He started to jab his tongue in and out of that sweet snatch as his fingers rubbed up against her clit, feeling her hips push more against his face as their orgasms began to build together.

Moaning deeply, one hand of Brandy's moved to the base of Steven's cock to begin stroking it in time with her mouth. She found she had to pull off it time and again just to catch her breath as his tongue sent her body into overdrive, pushing upwards towards the leap off that cliff beckoning her release. She could feel his cock stiffen up, preparing to shoot his load.

Steven groaned into her cunt. "Ahhh god," he mumbled before diving back into her swollen snatch, feasting on her sweet juices as he felt her orgasm fast approaching.

Crying out against his cock, Brandy tried to swallow it into her mouth and throat as her hand stroked him faster. Her legs began to tremble, her orgasm ripping through her like a freight train as she came on his tongue, her juices running down his chin.

Licking wildly at her cunt, Steven's cock began to explode, shooting its thick seed out like a pump ... shot after shot as he groaned deeply into her cunt. "Uhh, uhh .. yessss!" he cried, feeling her shudder uncontrollably on top of him as she tried to breathe through her own orgasm and swallow his cum at the same time.

She cried out through muffled moans, some of his cum spewing out onto her throat and tits as she came up for air. "Ohhhhhhhh god, Steven ... yessss!" she groaned. She could feel him grip her ass as he licked her all over, spasmming as more cum shot out of him, causing her to squeal some as it hit her in the face.

Gasping for breath, Brandy couldn't help but laugh some as some cum dripped from her nose, lifting a finger to scoop it off and plop it back into her mouth. Dropping her head, she swallowed his cock again before he could cum all over her face, feeling her cunt lurch over his mouth as he kept licking it.

Steven ran his tongue all over her slit, moaning at the taste of her sweet juices as his orgasm started to subside. He could feel cum oozing out slowly as his cock started to soften up inside her.

Brandy moaned softly, her hips wiggling over him as her tongue continued to lap at his deflating cock like a lollipop. She cleaned him thoroughly before arching her back, lowering her head to look at him between her thighs with a grin on her face. "Forgive me for teasing you, baby?" she asked in a sweet voice.

He grinned, licking his lips as he saw a string of cum on her nose. Shifting his gaze, he could see her neck and tits covered with his seed, the sight alone making him moan. "Mmmmm, just this once, I suppose," he teased back.

Laughing softly, she slowly disengaged herself from him, rising up on her knees above him on the bed. Reaching up to rub his cum into her tits, she gave him a sweet, almost innocent, look. "You loved it," she said.

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