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Suck Slave Audition


I pulled into the driveway of the little strip motel where I had made reservations. After confirming my prepaid reservation at the office, I picked up the keys and drove around to the room. A simple place, nothing fancy, but there were a big bed, a TV, and a bathroom. There was a little table and an easy chair, all that I would require.

It had been a four hour drive from my home into the north woods of Wisconsin. I hoped it would prove everything it promised to be. I was here to meet Suzi, a 19 year old girl I had met via the web who was looking for an older man to dominate her. Being 53 and divorced, I felt I qualified.

We had only been corresponding for a couple of weeks, mostly email, but had also talked via phone a few times. Suzi knew that I was looking for a girl to move in with me, to serve and service me as I pleased. That meant I wanted her naked much of the time, whether she were sucking me off or doing housework. She liked the idea of being kept naked as a suck slave. She had told me that she loved eating cum. She currently was living at home, had a job, and a run down car. This would give her a place to live, free room and board away from her parents, for as long as she took care of me. She could even go back to school if she liked.

I was here to audition her, and she was running late. I called her home number and a man answered the phone. I asked for Suzi and was told she was in the shower. Ten minutes later, my cell phone rang, it was her. She apologized for running late, said that was her father who answered, and she'd be here in half an hour. I gave her the room number and turned on the TV.

In a while, there was a knock on the door. When I opened it, there was a young girl, probably about 5'3, dark shoulder length hair around a pretty face, large breasts, standing outside the door. "I'm Suzi", she spoke in a nervous, soprano voice. I opened the door wide and showed her in.

"Let me see some ID," I demanded of her. The last thing I was about to do was get involved with someone under age. THAT kind of trouble I didn't need!

She got out her driver's license. It had her picture and name, and corroborated her age at 19 years old.

"We've talked a few times, and you know why you're here, right?"

"Yes, s..s..sir," she stuttered.

"Good. Then stand over there by the wall. I'm going to take a few pictures." I got out a digital camera and took a couple of pictures. Very cute, overall, though her butt was a bit larger than I'd like. BBW would probably describe her, if she were older. That didn't mean much to me. I had no intention of fucking anything other than her mouth.

She stood there in anticipation, her hands at her side, fidgeting with the seams on her slacks. "OK, now take your clothes off. Start with the shoes." I took more pictures as she started to comply. She stopped when only her panties and bra remained, as if to ask a question. "Those too, take everything off." She stalled for a moment, as if wondering which to remove first. The bra fell, and one arm tried to cover her nipples. That didn't last long, as she bent forward to remove her panties. When she was done, she looked at me, questioningly, not sure what to do with herself. I took another couple of pictures. She tried to smile, but it was forced.

"Get down on all fours and crawl over to me." She did, a bit reluctantly, but she complied. "Now take off my pants." She started on the buckle. It was tricky for her. I was wearing jeans with a wide belt and a buckle that simply had a pin on its far end that sat in a hole in the opposing leather. It wasn't hard to get out, but I had to show her. The button and zipper were easy. She pulled down my pants, but I still had on my Adidas. "Untie the laces, then take those off first." She complied, and I lifted one foot , then the other, and the shoes came off. "Now the pants and the socks." Again, I lifted one foot then the other, and she helped me out of the jeans and removed my socks.

She looked up at me, as if waiting for instructions. "Keep going," I told her. She grabbed both sides of my briefs and pulled them down. I sat down in the easy chair behind me and lifted my legs for her to pull off my underwear. Here I sat in a strange motel room, naked from the waist down, with a naked girl on her hands and knees on the carpet in front of me, a girl that I had just met for the first time less than ten minutes ago.

"OK, show me what you can do," I told her. She crawled forward slightly more, took my cock in her mouth, and started to suck. I took some more pictures.

She wasn't very good, I realized, but what she didn't know, she made up for with eagerness and an attitude that was willing to please. We both knew this was her audition. For me, it was a marvel just finding ANY girl that wanted to please me the way I desired, and it would have been hard to imagine her failing that audition. For her, I was an older, much more mature man, and she was worried about failing.

We both soon realized she couldn't get me down her throat, though she did try. She licked and sucked and pumped her lips up and down my shaft over and over. I was in no hurry. I had all night, and intended to make it last. Her lips and tongue felt excellent, and there was an excitement for me in having a slut this young working as hard as she could to please me. It was all I could do to not flood her mouth with my cum in a hurry.

After a while, I told her to get up, "let's try something different. I want to fuck your mouth." I had her lie on the bed on her back, her head hanging over the side of the bed. I grabbed her head and positioned myself, then shoved my cock in her mouth. She tried to push me back with her hands, but I grabbed both her wrists and pinned them to the side of her, onto the mattress.

Slowly, I fucked her mouth as deeply as I could. I could feel her breathing, so I knew she was all right. After a little while, she relaxed. As a reward, I bent over, and nuzzled her cunt with my mouth. It was fresh, clean, sweet tasting young pussy! I knew I could get lost in that, but this was her audition, and there would be other times for that.

After ten minutes or so, I pulled back, got onto the bed myself, lay down in the middle of the bed on my back, and told her to get on her knees and do me. She did, and I worked her for all she was worth. I grabbed her nipples with both hands and pinched and twisted them while she was sucking. I could feel her moan around my cock as I did that to her, making her sucking all the more exciting. It wasn't until an hour had passed before I finally shot my hot cum into her mouth. She kept right on sucking until I made her slow down. She made a show of licking her lips and swallowing, then letting out a big, "AHHHHhhhh..."

"How did I do? Do I pass the test?"

"So far, so good, but you've got the rest of the night ahead of you," I replied. "Take a little break, then let's see how much cum you can suck out of me tonight."

I pulled her up next to me, gave her a long, deep kiss. She felt great. I felt lucky. Even if she never moved down to my house, the trip here had been worth it. There was a long night yet to come.

After a short while, I pusher her head down. "Back to work, slut. If you want to move in with me, you need to show me you can handle what I demand of you." This time, I showed her how to use her hands as well as her mouth, to massage my cock as well as my balls. I knew it would be a lot of work to train her how to service me the way I liked, but the journey would be both fun and worthwhile.

I took a few more pictures of her sucking, here and there. Eventually, I figured that she had spent about three and a half hours sucking me that night and the following morning. She feasted on my cum three separate times, and seemed to enjoy it at least as much as did I. If this works out, this could be really great!

It was late when we got out of bed, almost check out time. We cleaned up, showered, got dressed, and I checked out of the motel. We went out to a late breakfast and talked about her future. She was definitely up for moving in with me, as soon as that could be arranged. She was living with her parents now, and my place was 240 miles away. We talked about how to get her parents to relinquish control and let her move out.

By the time we left the diner it was past noon. I didn't have to be back until the next morning. She suggested going to a movie, that she knew a good theater. I had time to kill and always enjoyed a good movie.

The theater was pretty empty. After all, it was Monday afternoon. It didn't take long for Suzi to ask if she could practice some more. How could I say no to that?

She scrunched down onto the floor in front of me, a tight squeeze between the rows, but she fit well enough with my legs spread wide on either side of her. I helped her open the top of my jeans and pull them down just far enough to take my cock out. Her lips touched my cock once again and she licked me up and down with her tongue. Her soft warm mouth was soon engulfing my cock once again. I was getting to really enjoy this, my personal cocksucking slut servicing me here in the dark.

I looked around for other people. There was no one near by, nor was there any movement. I doubted that anyone was aware of what was happening between my legs. The movie, "American Beauty" was playing. I hadn't seen it before, just basically got the concept of the older man infatuated with the teen in the film. This fit right in. Soon, I let the sensations overtake me, and I squirted my cum into the teenager's mouth between my lips. She kept me in her mouth, gently sucking for another minute or two. Then, she got up and sat in the seat next to me, one hand reaching over to grasp my now soft cock.

I put my arm around her, gave her a soft kiss. "I'm going to enjoy using you as my slut! I can't wait to have you move into my house."

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