tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSuckin off my Boss

Suckin off my Boss


I was taking a year off of college because I hadn't gone to class & just partied when I got a job at a local supermarket as a night time stock boy. My boss was middle aged & liked to drink a lot at the local bars around town. I wasn't legal age at the time so I would go with him after work in the mornings & drink at the bar. One night we were both not on the schedule so he asked me if I wanted to go to a titty bar that was down the road. I hadn't been to one yet since I looked so young so I jumped at the chance.

The girls there were barely attractive with a few beer buzz & they didn't get any better with even a few more, but I enjoyed the scene. Their gyrations made me feel dirty & I was hard most of the time. I'm not sure how long we were there, but we eventually left & went to my boss's place. He cracked out a bottle of Jack & we started to do shots. I had a good tolerance for booze, but after a few shots it started to catch up with me & I blacked out. I vaguely remember being sick at the toilet & laying on his bed with the light on in a pair of his gym shorts & a shirt, drifting in & out for a while.

When i finally came to the world was blurry & i was on his love seat on top of him bobbing my head up & down. At first I thought this was some kind of wild wet dream, but the world started coming into focus. I looked down at my cock & i was naked. I looked back and could see his pubes nearer then far as i rocked my head in his lap. Just then it finally hit me what I was doing. His cock was sliding in & out of my mouth. He mumbled something like 'so good' and started playing with my cock with his free hand.

Suddenly, I popped off him and looked up in his eyes. I gave him a fearful, questioning look, kind of freezing in time.

'Good, cocksucker', he said, reaching behind my head & pulling me back down. Something inside me wanted to fight but another hidden part of me told me it was ok & let him insert his head back in my mouth. He pushed down and now what i had been seemingly doin so naturally, I started having to think about. I could feel his head hitting the back of my throat and tasted something new filling my mouth. kind of slimy with a salty taste. I thought for a second he was coming and started to pull back, but he said it again, 'Good cocksucker'.

'Kneel there', he pointed to the ground in front of the sofa & i did. He sat in front of me & grabbed my head with both hands behind my neck. He thrusted, now pushing his cock head back into my throat for the first time & I gagged. He pulled back & did it again, then again. I was worried I wouldn't be able to breathe. He stroked my throat & i was gagging alot so he stopped going so deep.

I knelt there for a few minutes staring at his crotch as it rose up to meet me time & again. Several times I tasted his salty slimy mix slip out and fill my mouth, which combined with juice from my throat from his fucking it. My mouth was like a warm pussy for him to use. His head was rubbing on my tongue so i tried to flick it and make it feel better but really it was almost all i could handle to stay on him. My jaw was getting sore and I didn't know how much more I could take so I started bobbing with his rythym and making little noises. I felt like such a pussy. A man was fucking my mouth & all I could do was whimper 'uh-huh' and 'mmm'.

After what seemed like forever. I could feel his body start to tense up & he started callin me names, tellin me to take his load. I had my hand on his balls & could feel them jump & there was a blast in my mouth of hot goo. It had a much sharper taste than the precum from before & i instinctively pulled back but he held me in place & just kept shooting off, telling me to eat his load like the fag i was. I gave in & let him use my mouth. the sharp cummy taste mixed with the juice that was already in my mouth making a nice salty mixture that I really liked. It felt as if the inside of my mouth was lined with silk and my whole body seemed to warm as i truly accepted his load.

He told me to take it easy since he was so tender but kept me in his mouth to slowly bob & lick his head with his cum still in my mouth. Eventually I pulled off & swallowed. I could not bring my self to look him in the eye and he could sense my shame. He pulled my head up so I had to look at him & told me that I was his cocksucker & that it was ok, because that was what I was made for. He made me promise him that I was his cocksucker & would eat his cum at any time he wished. I reluctantly obeyed but was really hot inside & wanted to do it all over again.

My job description changed that night and we'd slip away at work to his office & I'd take his load. I didn't mess with any of the other crew at work but he introduced me to several older gentleman from the area, so I had a steady diet of cock for quite some time. Some people might say that what he did was bad, but he opened up a whole new world for me. on my knees, looking up begging for more.

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