Jarrod didn't feel the hand slip under the covers until the soft fingers found their way through the hole in his boxers and wrapped themselves firmly around his cock. He instantly began to stiffen as the hand tugged on his flesh and gently squeezed. He opened his eyes and saw a beautiful female figure leaning over him. She was tall and her hair looked light, but he couldn't make out any distinct features in the dimness of the bedroom. He strained his eyes and looked closer. Something about her made him think of Marilyn Monroe. I must be dreaming.

He relaxed and spread his legs a bit. A few more strokes of the soft hand and he was fully erect. The figure leaned over him and took him into her mouth. The opening was warm and wet, and he instinctively arched his back as her mouth slid down his full length. Her tongue was velvet smooth and twitched back and forth on the underside of his engorged flesh. Her head lifted back to the tip and plunged back down, taking him entirely into her.

He leaned forward and sucked in air. He could feel the back of her throat relax and let him in deeper, and then felt her muscles tighten up around his throbbing flesh. This has to be a dream, he thought, she's not gagging.

She then sucked on him hard and her whole mouth wrapped around him like a clamp. He grabbed her head and leaned farther forward letting out a sharp gasp. Keeping the suction on, she pulled up nearly lifting him off the bed. She eased off slightly letting his rock hard flesh slip a bit, then sucked hard and moved him back deep inside her. The slight movement was all it took to trigger his orgasm. He involuntarily jerked upward as he came, letting out a deep moan.

She maintained her lock on him as he shot his seed directly into her throat. She hungrily drank it down as each convulsion erupted out of him. She let his flesh slip slowly out of her pursed lips until she reached the tip. She hesitated there and continued to suck, making sure to get every last drop.

The figure finally released him and stood up. He could see now that she did resemble a movie star. Her hair appeared silver in the dimness, and she wore a white evening dress that clung to a pair of enormous breasts. Her figure slimmed down to an impossibly small waist, then back out again in a perfect hour-glass curve over her thighs. Her proportions were almost exaggerated, as if she was one of those comic book beauties with impossible measurements.

She smiled then turned and disappeared into the darkness. Jarrod wanted to get up and follow her, but he was too weak to move. He had just experienced one of the most incredible blowjobs of his life, but was incapable of rolling over and couldn't even speak. It felt as if all his energy had been sucked out of him, but it had been well worth it.


The next thing he knew sunlight was streaming in through the edges of the window blinds. He was still lying on his back. What had happened last night? There was some woman in his room. He propped himself up and looked around but he was alone. He dropped back down on the pillow and stared at the ceiling. Wow, he thought, that was so real. Who was that woman? She seemed vaguely familiar, but he couldn't quite place her. Was she a movie star?

He reached into his boxers expecting to find a sticky, wet spot but he was completely dry. He patted the sheets all around him and they were dry too. That's odd, he thought. Most of Jarrod's sex dreams started out like a triple X porn film but always ended in some frustrating situation where he was never able to get his rocks off. Now that he finally had, he expected to find that he had blown his load all over the bed.

The dream lingered with him the rest of the morning. His surroundings seemed surreal. Some things seemed too bright, others slightly out of focus. The world seemed to lack any detail. He tried to remember if he had eaten anything strange before going to bed. Had he ordered bad Chinese again? Maybe some mysterious mushrooms had found their way into his Szechwan stir fry.

He found it hard to focus at work. The computer screen looked like it had lines running through it, like monitors filmed in movies and on TV. The phone rang and snapped him back into reality. He snatched up the receiver.

"Hello?" he whispered.

"Yo, Jarroh, you up for lunch?"

"Yeah, Stimey, definitely. I need a break."

"What's wrong? Ol' man Ferguson coming down on your ass again?"

"No, not exactly. We meeting at Daisy's again?"

"Yeah, you bet. Same bat time, same bat channel. I'll call Euge."

"Sounds good - seeya there."

"Bet your ass! I'm out."

Jarrod hung up the phone and smiled. He looked forward to seeing Stimey and Euge and hoped it would take some of the weirdness out of his day.

In Stimey's relentless pursuit of easy woman and bad food, he had made it his goal to try every entree in every restaurant within a twenty-minute radius of work. He had worked halfway through the menu of the Daisy Diner and had already offended the entire female wait staff. Jarrod looked forward to witnessing whatever asinine thing Stimey would do next.


When Jarrod arrived at the diner Stimey and Euge were already seated at a table on the outdoor patio.

Stimey stood up and waved his arms over his head as if he was standing in a crowd of hundreds of people. "Over here! Over here!"

"Yeah, I see you, I see you," responded Jarrod as he made his way to the table and sat down.

"Hey, Bro. What it is?" Eugene smiled an exaggerated grin exposing all his teeth and a thin line of pink gums.

"You guys would not believe the fucking dream I had last night!" started Jarrod.

"Ooo, did Jaro get some snatch in dream land?" asked Stimey.

"As a matter of fact, I did."

"It's about fucking time! I've been telling this boy that he needs to get some. You see? The body knows. You, my friend, need to get laid!" Stimey pointed a chubby finger in Jarrod's face. Eugene took a sip from his water glass and spat out a small piece of ice, hitting Jarrod in the side of the head.

"Knock it off, you guys! I'm serious! This dream was intense. It was so real that I don't think it was a dream."

Stimey turned towards Eugene. "It's worse than I thought." He turned back to Jarrod. "You need therapy. We are going to that Asian massage parlor this weekend – and this time you're not gonna back out!"

"Just listen to me!" insisted Jarrod.

Stimey and Eugene stared at him. "Well... what happened?" asked Euge.

"In my dream, I'm sleeping in bed, just like real life. The next thing I know I feel this hand in my 'wares. I open my eyes, and there's this freakin' beautiful babe standing over me. She's Hollywood pretty, like a movie star, and she's standing there with my cock in her hand!"

Just then a menu dropped in front of Jarrod and he looked up into the smirking face of the waitress. "I suppose you boys need a little more time?" she asked. Jarrod slouched back in his chair and turned crimson. Stimey attempted to hold back a laugh but it slipped through his lips making a trumpeting sound.

"Busted, Dude! You are so busted!" he chuckled.

Out of embarrassment and frustration Jarrod slumped back even further and stared blindly into the steady stream of people passing by on the street. The waitress moved on to the next table.

"I'm sorry, man. Tell us about your dream," said Stimey.

Jarrod continued to stare into the crowd and ignored him.

"Now you've done it. You've gone and pissed him off," said Euge.

The waitress wandered back over, hands on her hips. "Are you guys ready to order or what?"

"Yeah, yeah," replied Stimey, "I'll have the chicken salad – with fries."

Jarrod sat up and stared at Stimey. "You had the chicken salad yesterday," he said.


"You had the chicken salad yesterday. Whatever happened to trying everything on the menu?"

"I like chicken salad. What? I can't order chicken salad?"

"You said you were going to try everything on the menu! Remember? Mr. Variety – gonna taste all of life? You said it was going to be the summer of Stimey."

"Are you going to order?" interrupted the waitress.

"No," replied Jarrod, not even looking at her. "I'm not hungry."

The waitress turned to Eugene while Jarrod returned his gaze to the street. The day was just getting weirder and weirder. The crowd marched past Jarrod's eyes in a blurring stream of color. He would have missed her if it hadn't been for the white dress, bobbing in the crowd like a beacon in a storm.

"That's her!" he shouted. "That's the girl!"

Jarrod leapt up from his seat and nearly knocked over a bus boy carrying a tray of dirty dishes.

"Hey! Watch it, asshole!" the boy shouted.

He sidestepped the bus boy, planted a hand on the small fence bordering the patio and leapt over it in one fluid motion. He could barely hear Stimey cheering him on in the background as he focused on the white dress moving in and out of view ahead of him.

He moved as fast as he could, not daring to take his eyes off his target for fear of losing her in the crowd. He bumped and jostled around people as he moved forward, nearly knocking over an elderly woman with a walker.

"You prick!" she shouted after him.

He tore his eyes away only for an instant, and when he looked back she was gone. He lunged forward and found a break in the mass. He jumped up and down, straining to see over the undulating surface of the crowd. Shit! He thought. Where the hell did she go?

Out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw a flash of white. He turned and stared down a narrow alley. He looked back down the street one last time and still couldn't find her. In the alley, he thought.

He entered the shadows and the hair stood up on the back of his neck. He moved forward, letting his hand run along the coarse brick wall, steadying himself as he moved. His chest was heaving from the sprint down the street and his hands were shaking. The buildings were tall here, and his eyes had not yet adjusted to the stark contrast from the sunny street.

The alley up ahead took a turn to the left. He approached it slowly and held his breath. He paused, then quickly wheeled around the corner and stopped. A blank brick wall stood in front of him. He exhaled. Shit! She had gotten away.

He was about to turn around when an arm reach around him and patted his groin. He froze. He felt a soft figure make contact with his backside as another hand reached around from the left and squeezed his chest. The first hand patted his front-side again and he instantly began to stiffen. The hands slid down his stomach and met at his belt buckle. They seized the leather and twisted the buckle open. His pants were undone followed by the unzipping of his fly. The material dropped to his ankles and the hair on his legs stood out in response to the cool air of the alley.

One of the hands dropped back down to his cock, already half filled with blood and growing with each pounding heart beat. The hand entered the slit in his boxers and pulled his meat out. The fingers were long and soft and felt familiar. The other hand reached in and cradled his balls. His body stiffened. "Shhhhh," a soft voice commanded from behind his ear.

The hand moved up and down his penis and sent shocks through Jarrod's body. His legs trembled in anticipation. The figure released its grip on him and backed up slightly. He turned around slowly and there she was. She was real – the blonde hair, the white dress, the impossibly huge breasts. She smiled up at him. A small birthmark stood out on her pale, white face. He didn't know what to say. He started to mumble something but only a squeak came out of his mouth. She raised a finger to his lips and smiled. She then looked down at his pulsing purple head and dropped to her knees.

She took the base of his cock firmly in one hand and squeezed. She then opened her ruby red lips and poked her tongue out, gently probing the tip. She looked up at him and smiled again, then closed her eyes and took him into her mouth. Her mouth was warm, wet and strong. She wrapped her lips around his flesh and took him deep inside her. He watched bug-eyed as she effortlessly slid his entire shaft into her mouth. She let it slide back out and grabbed the base again, twisting it slightly between her clenched fingers. Her other hand gently massaged his balls.

Jarrod felt like he was going to faint. His arms reached up above his head looking for an anchor. They grazed something cold and hard. His fingers clamped around a metal structure protruding from the wall just in time to keep himself from falling over. Her mouth plunged back down on him again and she sucked him like a machine. He was reminded of the milkers he had seen on cows as a child on a school trip. He had wondering what it must have felt like to have one placed on his cock, and now he felt he knew.

Her entire mouth wrapped around his turgid flesh. He thought he could feel every muscle in her mouth working him, massaging him. She started to move him in and out. The suction increased. Her head began to move faster. He started to sway with her, and then moved against her thrusts to heighten the pleasure, driving his hips forward. She responded and moved even faster.

He heard a slurping noise as the suction increased. Her head moved still faster and he moaned out loud. For a moment he wondered if the people on the street would hear him. He didn't care. She wrapped her swollen lips around her teeth to protect his fragile skin and grabbed onto his butt cheeks with both hands. Her head was a blur as it pistoned faster and faster on his granite flesh. He couldn't hold it anymore. He started to cum. She grabbed his balls again and squeezed. He gasped and exploded into her. His legs quivered as he continued to shoot into her mouth a second and a third time. As in his dream, she swallowed each burst as it arrived, not letting a single drop escape. He pushed into her face and she continued to suck. She kept on until pleasure crossed over to pain, swallowing him deeper down her throat. Despite the pain, it still felt good, and he felt himself starting to stiffen again.

He thought he might be able to go again, but she finally released him. She stood up and smiled at him, licking her lips. Her ruby red lipstick was somehow undisturbed. He wanted to reach out and kiss those lips, but when he attempted to let go of the iron bar above him he almost fell, so he maintained his grip. She turned and began to walk out of the alley.

"Wait. Wait," he gasped, but he could barely utter the words. Fatigue overwhelmed him, and he slipped into darkness.


He awoke crumpled against the wall. How long have I been out? He tried to smack his lips but his tongue just knocked around his mouth like a block of wood. His pants were still down around his ankles. He pulled them up and slowly got to his feet. He was dizzy and disoriented. He made his way down the alley holding the wall for support.

The crowd in the street had thinned but the sun was still fairly high in the sky. There was no sign of the blonde bombshell. Feeling a bit stronger, he made his way back to the diner. Stimey and Eugene were gone and the lunch crowd had diminished. He contemplated going back to the office, but the idea nauseated him. He was so tired. I must be coming down with something, he thought.. He went straight home and collapsed on his bed, not even taking the time to remove his shoes.


When Jarrod awoke the room was dark. The red numbers on his alarm clock read eight thirty-four. My God, he thought, I've been out for hours. He sat on the edge of his bed and thought about the girl and he felt his cock jump in response. He went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Nothing looked appealing. I've got to get out of here. I need a drink.

Jarrod walked to the nearest bar, a basement level tavern called the Ratskeller. He walked down the stairs and entered the smoky cavern. The low ceiling and the lack of light made him feel claustrophobic and he almost turned back, but a group of girls following him in blocked his exit.

A fairly large crowd of people lingered near the entrance. Jarrod squeezed his way through several conversations and made his way to the bar. He pulled some bills out of his wallet and held them out in front of him as he leaned over the counter. The bartender came right up to him and leaned forward.

"Beam on the rocks!" he shouted. The bartender nodded and flipped a glass with ice onto the wooden surface, then filled it with brown liquid and took the money. Jarrod grabbed the glass and took a large gulp of the whiskey. He hardly felt the sting as it slid down his throat. He turned with his drink and left the bar without waiting for his change.

He weaved around groups of people without paying any attention to where he was going. He met a wall, turned around and looked out over the crowd. He saw a sea of heads bobbing up and down and he noticed that the color of every person's hair looked the same, a nondescript shade of brown. Then he saw a flash of white come and go. There it was again. He stared as the crowd parted for a moment and there she was. Jarrod dropped his glass and the remainder of the drink splashed his shoes. The crowd swallowed her back up and she disappeared.

Jarrod surged forward to the spot he last saw her nearly knocking down everyone in his path. He caught another glimpse of her deeper in the back of the room and he continued to move forward, shoving people out of his way. No one complained as he pushed them away. No one seemed to even notice he was there. He broke out of the crowd under a neon exit sign in front of a black, metal door. He looked back into the crowd but could see no sign of her. He then turned and jammed the metal handle of the door and burst out into an alley.

The door slammed shut and the sudden silence of the alley made his ears roar.. A large fluorescent light hummed above him, but he couldn't make out much detail due to the thick layer of evening mist. He saw some movement at the end of the alley and ran toward it. He bolted out onto the street but it was empty. He looked both ways but could see no one. "Ah, fuck," he moaned. He stared down at the pavement and walked back to the sidewalk.

"I'm hungry."

His head snapped up and there she was, standing in front of him. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. She stepped toward him and pressed her lips to his. Her mouth was soft and wet and her tongue probed deeply into his mouth. He wrapped his arms around her body and felt her huge breasts press up against him. She pulled him into the shadows next to a set of stairs, keeping her lips locked to his face. They hit the wall of the building and he pressed tightly up against her. She reached down and grabbed his granite cock, pulled her face away from his and started to slide down the wall.

"No!" gasped Jarrod. "I want to fuck you." She stopped, then straightened back up and smiled at him. She lifted her dress as Jarrod fumbled with his belt buckle. He was so excited that he thought he would never get his pants undone. She let him struggle a bit more, then she reached down, moved his hands aside and undid his belt buckle and the top button on his jeans in two swift motions. His zipper sprang open by itself and his pants fell to the ground.

She let her panties drop as Jarrod yanked down his boxers. He pushed her against the wall and rubbed his cock on her. He felt the coarseness of her pubic hair against the soft skin of his penis and it electrified him. She pushed him back and grasped his throbbing organ in her hand, then guided him into her. She was so wet that he slid into her with ease. She moaned in response.

Despite the wetness of her vagina, it was tight and muscular and held his penis like a vise. He pushed deep inside her and the hole contracted, making it hard for him to pull back for another thrust. She relaxed a bit and he slid out, then rammed back into her harder then before. She gasped and smiled, "Oooo, Baby."

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