tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSue Serves the Guys

Sue Serves the Guys


Thanks to Latendresse for his help with this.


My wife Sue put herself through college bartending. Her first boss after graduation from college found this out and has hired Sue to bartend a variety of parties over the last few years. She has done anniversary parties as well as birthday parties, etc. Tony has always paid in cash and has been very generous. Sue loves the work and the extra money doesn't hurt.

A few weeks ago, I got a call from Tony. He said he was having a party and wanted to hire Sue. I thought it odd that he called me and told him to ask Sue. He said he wanted to talk to me first since the party would be a Bachelor party for a friend of his. I wasn't sure what to say, and he quickly said he just wanted her to serve drinks and didn't want any mis-understanding about what was expected. He said he had entertainment lined up and Sue would be free to leave when the 'entertainment' arrived. I said I would be okay as long as it was understood that Sue wouldn't be stripping. I spoke with Sue and she was okay with the idea.

A week before the party Tony called. He had an idea. He said instead of the black slacks and white top Sue usually wears, he'd be willing to pay extra if she would be willing to wear a costume he saw. He said it was suggestive, but didn't show anything. Sue said she would try it on and see if she could wear it. He said that would be fine, but the deal was to wear exactly what he sent.

The next day we got a package with the outfit. It was a French maid outfit. There was also a pair of panties in the box that went with the outfit. Sue tried on the costume and it was smoking. The skirt wasn't too short and came to mid thigh. The front and back however were very low cut. It showed a lot of cleavage and with the back being so low, it would be impossible to wear a bra. The panties were a little small, but very sexy. They were nearly transparent in the front and the back was ruffled. They were held together by a thin sting along each hip. The outfit wasn't slutty but it was really sexy. Sue is a brunette with just the right amount of curves. She wasn't sure she could wear it and called Tony to tell him. He said he would pay and additional $500 if she felt she could wear the costume and again emphasized that she wasn't expected to do anything other than serve drinks and look hot. The $500 was the deciding factor as we just had to get some work done on the car and needed the extra cash.

The night of the party I dropped her off at Tony's house. Nobody had arrived yet and Sue was really nervous. She asked me to stay at the party with her. Tony said that it wasn't necessary and that nobody would get out of hand. Sue was still wavering and had brought her regular bartending outfit in case she couldn't go through with it. The entertainment was due to arrive around 10:30 and I told Sue I'd pick her up then. I kissed Sue goodbye and left.

I got bored and decided to pick her up early. I parked on the street as there were several cars in the driveway. The garage was open and I decided to enter through there since it was closer (and to admire Tony's car collection).

As I was checking out Tony's newest car, he stepped into the garage taking out a bag of trash. I asked how the party was going and if Sue had chickened out. He laughed and said the party was great, the guys were behaving, and Sue looked great. I told him it wouldn't have surprised me to hear she wouldn't wear the outfit. He said they gave her something to help her relax and everything was ok. He said some of the guys had gotten a little grabby, but nobody was out of hand. I laughed and confided that I had to fuck her after she tried on the outfit for me, so I understood the reaction. I told him she was a big girl and if it was too much she'd put her foot down. Tony commented that I was pretty early and I said not to worry, we wouldn't leave before the entertainment arrived. I told him not to tell her I that I was there and said I would stay in the kitchen and just watch.

We went into the house and Tony split off into the family room and I hovered near the kitchen. I could see Sue with a tray of shooters and she did look hot. She walked about 10 feet away from me and I could see her eyes were a bit glassy and wondered what Tony had given her to relax her. I stayed behind a large indoor plant so she wouldn't notice me. The guys had a porno on the big screen and were making the usual comments that alcohol produces. The guys had Sue drink a couple of shots with them and it appeared to be going right to her head. On her next pass through the room, the groom to be, a guy named Mike, grabbed her and pulled her onto his leg. Tony looked in my direction and I just shrugged my shoulders. Mike apparently wanted her to watch the movie with him.

Sue tried to get up a couple of times, but soon gave up with a laugh and stayed sitting on his leg. After a few moments sitting there, I saw him slide his hand onto her thigh. Sue moved his hand with a swat but didn't get up. A moment or two later, he tried again. Again she moved his hand. I think at this point, the only one watching the movie was Sue! Everyone else was watching her and Mike. Mike waited a few more minutes and tried again, this time she just stiffened, but didn't move his hand! He slowly slid his hand up under her dress. When he arrived at her pussy, she put her hand on his arm, and we all thought that was it, but she moved her hand away a few seconds later. He started to rub her pussy through her panties and after a minute of so, he took his other hand and pulled her back so she was laying against his chest. I was in shock, but had an erection already. I had to tell myself to breathe.

Mike began to whisper in her ear and nibble at her neck and ear. Sue was really responding to whatever he was saying. Mike pulled his hand from her pussy and she immediateley groaned. He quickly put it back under her dress. He whispered in her ear and she shook her head "no". He started to pull his hand free and again spoke in her ear. She reached down and pulled her dress up to her waist and we could see his hand playing with her pussy. He pulled his hand free and undid his trousers. The panties, with were sheer to begin with, had become transparent from her juices. We could all see her trimmed bush, and her fat, swollen, pink, pussy lips.

Mike put her hand on his erection and put his hand back under her panties. She was starting to squirm and grind on his fingers. She was close to coming when Mike pulled his hand out and moved her onto his lap, just above his erection. His cock was rubbing against her pussy as she moved her hips back and forth. Mike tried to slide the crotch of her panties to the side, but they just ended up ripping on one side. She whimpered as she felt his cock rubbing against her and before he could pull her onto his erection, she slid down onto his cock herself! I stole a glance around the room and noticed that a couple of the guys were playing with themselves and didn't care who saw them. Sue was grinding on Mike's lap and moaning.

Mike spoke to her again but he didn't whisper this time. "Show us your tits".

Sue pulled the front of her dress down and her tits spilled free. One of the guests walked over and started to play with her tits. Sue really responded to this and let out a groan.

Mike started talking to her again, " You like this?"

" You like me fucking your married pussy?"

"C'mon, tell us how much you like it!"

Sue had a huge orgasmorgasmed as he was teasing her and let out a cry,"aaaaaaaaaaiiieeeeeaaaaahhhh!"

One of the guys stepped up onto the couch and put his dick right next to her mouth. Sue doesn't really like giving head and turned her head away from him.

Mike was having none of that. "Turn your head back and open your mouth!"

Sue slowly turned her head and opened her mouth to receive the new guy. When she did that I came in my pants. It affected Mike too, because he came a few seconds later.

Mike slid out from under Sue and the other men laid her over the ottoman. I was staring at her beautiful round ass and her swollen pussy. Mike had filled her and his come was all over her and starting to move down her thighs. The doorbell rang, but I didn't even look to see if anyone answered it. The guy who was getting the blowjob moved behind her and started fucking her.

She was moving her ass and was babbling, crying, and moaning at the same time. I looked up and Tony was talking to really hot young girls and gesturing to show what was happening. One of the girls smiled and whispered to her partner. The said something to Tony and began to strip right then! The guy fucking her came and I thought he had a heart attack, but he rolled off Sue and another guy took his place. This guy was vocal too.

He kept telling her, "move that married ass!"

I looked up and one of the girls had a strap-on dildo. The girl squirted some lube on it and gestured for us not to say anything. The blonde stepped behind Sue and started sliding that huge dildo into her pussy. She went slow to allow Sue to get used to it. Sue tried to turn her head back to see which one of the men was fucking her. The blonde put her hand on the back of Sue's head to keep her from seeing. Once she got the whole thing in, she began to slowly fuck my wife. Sue was loving it and moving her ass back to meet the thrusts. She appeared to be nearing another orgasm when the other girl, a beautiful brunette sat down on the couch in front of Sue's face. The blonde pushed the ottoman forward as she fucked Sue. When she did, Sue was able to look back and discovered she was being fucked by a woman! She tried to get up and has she turned her head back to the front, she was staring at the other girls pussy. Sue started to struggle, but was exhausted. Mike had knelt down next to Sue and began to slap her ass while telling her he would stop when she ate the other girl! It took about 10 sharp blows on her ass before Sue gave up and started to lick the other girl. The blonde pulled out of Sue and took off the dildo. Tony immediately started fucking her while yet another man began fucking Sue. Tony didn't last too long and neither did the man fucking my wife. Sue didn't want to eat the brunette, but she did it right, because the next thing you heard was the brunette coming on my wife's face. Another man started fucking the blonde while the brunette started jerking off some guy. When the second guy came in the blonde, they took Sue and laid her on the floor. The blonde, with two loads of come in her, went to sit on Sue's face. Sue started crying and tried to turn away. One of the men held her face while the blonde sat her pussy right on my wife's mouth.

From where I was sitting, I could see Sue's open legs and her pussy was swollen and wet. You could see her tongue moving inside the blonde's pussy. The blonde soon came and rolled away from Sue. The men were now concentrating on the two strippers and nobody seemed to notice as Sue slowly got to her knees and exited the room.

I followed her into one of the bedrooms and she had laid down on the bed and was softly crying as she rubbed her pussy. She stopped when she saw me and started apologizing. She said she was so horny and just didn't know how this had happened. The wet stain on the front of my trousers told her I hadn't just walked in. She asked why I didn't stop it and I couldn't come up with an answer.

She said, " They made me lick a girl!"

I told her I knew and she looked sexy as hell doing it. I assured her I loved her. I sat down next to her and began kissing her. I could taste the other men's' sperm as I did it but I didn't care. She said she needed to come, but her pussy was too sore. I knew what she wanted so I laid on my back as she Sue sat on my face. Sue isn't really vocal, but she told me to "clean her out.", and "make her come."

After she came, she took my cock in her mouth and gave me a blowjob. I came quickly. We cleaned up and left, avoiding the family room. A week later we received a huge check from Tony. I don't think Sue will be doing anymore parties in the future.

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