tagGroup SexSue's Quest

Sue's Quest


Sue was on a quest. She was about to graduate from high school in a few weeks, and was looking forward to the next phase of her life. It might involve college, or work, or even joining the military, she wasn't sure just yet, but she was anxious to begin life as a young adult.

She had turned eighteen four months ago, and was developing into quite a woman. About 5' 4" and 115 lbs, she had 34c breasts, a trim waist, a tan body, which she kept fit by swimming at a friends pool, brown shoulder length hair and an innocent look about her that exuded sweetness.

Tonight though, she did not feel the least bit innocent. She wanted sex. Period. She was tired of inexperienced high school boys who didn't know what they were doing, and when they did, didn't last but what seemed like seconds before they were done, leaving her feeling like, wtf...?

Not that she had been with a lot of boys, a handful over the last 3 years, but none of them had come close to satisfying her emotionally or physically. She was tired of her pep squad friends bragging about their latest orgasm with whomever, and she wanted to feel what it was like to have one, first of all, and then to be satisfied.

She was part of an unofficial 'squad' of girls, mostly college age and a few like herself, who frequented the semi-pro hockey games in Tucson. They sat together, cheered for their local heroes, and on occasion, serviced the young men at team parties and functions.

Sue had been with only one player up to now, a defensive back named Devon she had dated right after she turned 18. They went to his apartment after a game and had sex. Nothing special, Devon had been exhausted after the game, and more out of obligation to Sue had fucked her and then rolled over and gone to sleep, leaving Sue feeling frustrated again.

So Sue didn't have any war-stories to exchange with the other pep-squad girls who were always talking about Mike and his big 'stick' and how he knew how to use it. Mike was the team captain, gorgeous, and bound for the pro hockey circuit. He was, according to the squad, without a doubt, the best of the players as far as lovers went too.

Well, tonight Sue hoped all that would change. After all, none of the other girls had breasts as full and luscious as hers. She had checked them out, and most of them were on the flat side. Sure, they were probably better looking in the face, but Sue was sure she had the nicest tits of any of the squad girls, and tonight she was going to use them to get satisfaction.

Sue was on her way to the season ending bash the hockey players were having at the team's house on the north side of town. Devon had invited her, not as a date, but all the squad girls were expected to be there. She thought about what the night might hold and felt moistness in her sex. She shivered a little with anticipation.

Sue pulled into the neighborhood, and found the house. It was a very nice house, owned by the parent team in Los Angeles. It was loaned out to the semi-pro folks on special occasion like tonight. The team's season had ended two days ago with a road loss in the final game of the first round of the play-offs. Not necessarily a happy occasion, but the team wasn't even expecting to make it into the playoffs, so a tough loss in game 5 to the number one seeded team was something to be proud of and hopes of next year were high.

Sue found a parking spot across the street and down one house. She checked her face in the mirror before leaving the car. Cute, she thought. Not beautiful, but cute. She was wearing a stretch tube top, no bra, her pert tits didn't need one, cut off jeans, a pair of white cotton panties, and sandals, her usual hockey game attire. She exhaled deeply and exited the car.

Ringing the doorbell, she was greeted by one of the equipment managers, a geeky guy, who opened the door and with a bow, and a wave of his arm, invited her into the house. Sue could tell he was staring at her boobs. She stepped inside and as she was passing the geek, he straightened up and slapped her rear lightly with his hand. The slight pain and tingle surprised her. She stopped and turned around and said,

"Don't do things like that unless you mean them."

The geek continued to stare at her tits but was speechless. Sue turned and walked into the house and found the bar area. One of the players was there, mixing a drink, saw Sue and asked her what was she having.

"Rum and coke" she replied. "And you are...?"

"Sven" he replied. "Just joined the team for the playoffs." Sven had been traded to the team at the last minute in hopes of boosting the team's performance, but had not been there long enough to make a difference. He was a young kid from Sweden, a hot prospect just out of college, and in the States for the first time.

"I'm Sue" Sue said extending her hand.

Sven shook it, and then took her petite hand to his mouth and lightly kissed it.

"They didn't tell me how beautiful the American girls were" Sven replied, as he looked Sue up and down. His eyes returned to her exposed cleavage and locked in momentarily. He was 6' 2", blond, muscular, and towered over Sue, so he had a nice view down her tube top.

Sue looked up into his sky blue eyes, flattered that someone this good looking might be interested in her.

"Well, welcome to Tucson," she smiled. "How do you like it here?" she asked, as Sven finished mixing her drink and handed it to her.

"Its hot" he said.

Then at the same time they both said,

"But its a dry heat" and laughed together.

Sue took a big sip of her drink and decided she liked Sven. Sven smiled back, still looking at Sues' cleavage.

"So show me the house," Sue said invitingly.

"My first time here too" Sven replied, "Want to explore it together?"

"Why not?" Sue replied as she took one of Sevens' huge hands in hers, and they began to explore the expanses of the house.

They found among the crowd of people a very comfortable house, with a pool out back, and a large covered patio, with lots of furniture. There was a huge kitchen, which opened up to a living area with 2 large couches and several chairs, 4 or 5 bathrooms, and as many bedrooms. One of the last doors they opened in their exploration was a huge bedroom with a huge bed in the middle of it. And on this bed, they saw the white asses of two members of the hockey team going at it, pounding into two very willing members of the pep squad.

It quickly brought back a memory tucked away in Sues' mind, that date she had had with Devon earlier. She had waited outside the locker room for him to shower, and grew a little impatient, so she went inside to see what it was like. She snuck around the rows of lockers, looking, but didn't see anyone. She could hear the showers running on the opposite side of the room, and went over to investigate. As she peered around a corner, the full shower area came into view.

There was the whole team, naked, muscular white butts everywhere, some of the bodies covered in soap suds, and as some of the team members turned around, their manhood came into her view. Thickly veined, large, muscular, was all she could think. Hair and balls, muscles, abs, pecs, her heart began to pound, but she could not turn away. No one had noticed her yet. Her modesty overcame her though, and she quickly ducked out of sight and back out into the hallway to wait for Devon. The images burned into her brain would not go away, and it started a craving deep inside her. She wanted to feel those buns of steel, to know how it would feel to have them pound into her again and again.

Sven was a little surprised, and was about to exit the room, but Sue stopped him.

"Wait," she said hesitantly. She couldn't stop watching. She was drawn by the action on the bed. One of the girls was reaching her climax and the room began to fill with her moans of ecstasy as the couples thrashed on the bed in front of Sven and Sue.

"Looks like fun" Sue suggested.

"I prefer a little more privacy" Sven replied. "We could go to one of the empty bedrooms if you're really interested" he offered.

"Ok," replied Sue without hesitation. "How 'bout the one back there," pointing to one of the rooms back down the hall.

"Sounds good to me" Sven answered. He couldn't believe these American girls. So easy he thought. This one has a nice body too. Nice chest.

They walked down the hall and into the empty bedroom. Sven turned to shut the door, and as he did so, Sue pulled her tube top up and extracted her arms, then pushed it up and over her head, exposing her firm tits. She sat on the edge of the bed and turned to face Sven. He smiled when he saw Sues' naked top.

"Nice" he beamed, and moved closer. He bent to kiss her, and their tongues intertwined in a lustful dance in their mouths. Sven then lifted Sue up with his strong arms and moved her to the middle of the bed. Pushing her back gently, he began to kiss her body from her face downward. He stopped and paid particular attention to Sues' magnificent tanned breasts, gently kissing and sucking them, fondling them is his huge hands, making the nipples erect with his touch.

He continued his journey south, down to her belly button, lightly caressing her body with the tips of his fingers. Sue just laid back and enjoyed. This was what she was after. No wham bam thank you ma'am, this guy knew what he was doing. So happened Sven grew up in a house full of masseuses, so he did know what he was doing.

"I want to taste...," he said as he undid the button fly's on Sues' cutoff jeans. He pulled them down past her hips and thighs, and off of her legs. He spotted the dampness on the white cotton panties and could smell the musky scent of Sues' sex. He slid his fingers under the elastic on the panties, and as Sue slightly raised her hips up off the bed, tugged them down her hips, down her thighs, and off her body. Sue was now completely naked to this gorgeous muscular stranger she had met only moments before and he was getting ready to make love to her with his tongue!

Sue had never had oral sex before, and as Sven lowered his head between her legs, she just laid back and closed her eyes. The warm moistness around her labia was what she felt first. It felt sooooo good! How is he doing that? She lifted her head up, but all she could see was his hair, and every once in a while his tongue licking up and down her lower lips. After that she didn't care how he did it, just don't stop!

Sven continued to softly caress her outer lips with the tip of his tongue, gradually penetrating deeper and deeper into the recesses of skin until Sue could feel him way up inside of her. Sven then gently pulled the skin away from her clit and began to ever so lightly stroke it with his lips and the very tip of his tongue.

Sue was in pure ecstasy. Never before had she experienced any sensations like this. The warm softness of his mouth, the flicking tongue, the soft full lips tugging, sucking, kissing, she began to moan and move her hips up and down to match Sevens' movements. The more she moaned, the harder Sven licked. The harder Sven licked, the more she moaned. The pleasure Sue was experiencing was mounting with each lick, each flick of the tongue. She wondered where or how it could stop.

She began to grind her mound into his mouth, as she got closer and closer to her climax. Sven responded with a stiffer and stiffer licking directly and right around her clit. Sue began to raise her hips involuntarily off the bed as her body was now in Sven's' control. Sven sensed she was near, and took his right middle finger and gently inserted it into her slit, bending it upward, finding that soft sponge-like area, and then with the tip of his finger, made gentle, 'come here' movements. At the same time, he began to suck hard on Sues' clit. This was all it took.

Sue exploded with a bucking and thrashing of her hips as her first orgasm rocked her body to the core. Her hips squeezed around Sven's' head, locking him in place. Sven continued to lick and suck, but it was getting hard for him to breathe.

"OHHHHHMMMYYYYYGGGOOODDDD" Sue gasped as tidal wave after tidal wave of pleasure washed over her again and again and again as her first orgasm turned into two, then three and then four.

Sven finally had to come up for air, and broke his mouth from the lock it had on Sue's pussy. Her juice was all over his face. He gasped and looked at Sues' still convulsing body as she relaxed her grip on his head.

"Come here" she said, reaching for Sven's' face. She grabbed him and kissed him deeply, tasting herself.

"That was fantastic" she beamed! "No one has ever made me cum before! I can't believe it feels so good! Now I know what everyone is talking about!"

"No big deal" replied Sven modestly. "I love to eat pussy and give a woman pleasure!"

"Let me return the favor" Sue said, reaching for Sven's' trouser buttons. Sven was still fully clothed. Sven unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his chiseled tan pecs and Sue undid his pants, tugging at them to get them off. Sven's fuck pole was fully erect, and Sue was careful not to bend it the wrong way when she took his pants and boxers off.

"Lay down" she commanded. Sven complied. Sue spotted a tube of KY on the nightstand and reached across Sven's' body to retrieve it. Her breasts were now in Sven's' face. He licked and sucked for a second.

"Mmmmmmm" Sue moaned. "You can do that all night!"

She undid the cap on the tube and squirted a handful into her palm. She too knew a thing or two about massage. How to massage a man's penis anyway. First she slowly coated Sven's' entire shaft and head with the cool gel. Then, taking her hand and wrapping it around the shaft as best as she could, she began to slowly pump up and down, just barely making contact with his skin. She did this for several minutes. It had kind of a teasing effect on Sven, and he seemed to like it a lot. Putting more gel in her hands, she them lubed up his ball sack, again, just barely touching his skin with hers, coating him with the cool jelly.

Next, she took her hand, and making a circle with her thumb and middle finger she began to stroke the shaft starting at the head, and working her way down to the base. Then she would release her hand and start the same movement again, in effect giving down stroke after down stroke. She had been told by some of her 'boyfriends' the best sensation a guy had was entering a vagina, and this was what she was trying to mimic with her hand.

Sven was indeed enjoying the sensation, as he propped himself up on his elbows and enjoyed the view. Her touch was so light, it was almost like nothing at all, yet every time her hand passed that sensitive area just below the glans on the underside of his penis, he felt a wash of pleasure pass over him, getting bigger and better with each pass of Sues' hand.

"That feels so good Sue," he moaned.

"It's about to feel better" she replied as she crawled up on top of Sven. With one hand she guided his throbbing slick meat to the entrance to her pussy, and placing his head between her lips, slowly sank down until it penetrated her outer lips. Her heaving breasts were now in Sven's' face, and he began to kiss and suck, lightly biting the nipples, making Sue moan in return.

She remained in that position until she was used to his size, all the while enjoying the sensations washing over her body from the action of Sven's' mouth. Then she sank her body all the way down, until she was fully impaled on Sven's rock hard cock. She could feel every vein, the blood pulsing in time to the beating of his heart.

Then she began to slowly fuck him, keeping her breasts in his face, increasing the tempo ever so slowly as their bodies became one. Sven began to raise his hips to meet hers as his body reacted to the pleasure it was receiving. He continued to suck and bite her nipples, his bites becoming harder and harder as their bodies began to thrash about in heated passion.

"I'm going to cum" he moaned as his thrusting became more and more powerful.

Sue continued to match his thrusts as best as she could, but he was much stronger and soon she was bouncing up as his muscular body pounded into her petite frame. Finally with a final mighty thrust Sven's' body stiffened as his orgasm took over his entire body.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck..............." he moaned in total pleasure. "Yeah baby, fuck.... ohhh God! Yeah!"

Sue could feel his semen ejecting into the deep recesses of her womb. Jet after jet of hot milky cum coated her insides. She had never felt this much cum come from one person. When he was finally done, Sue rolled off and lay down beside him, hot sticky jizz pouring out of her onto her and Sven's' thighs, pooling on the sheets of the bed.

"Wow" she exclaimed." I've never seen that much cum before!"

"I guess its been a while" Sven tried to explain. "I haven't had sex since coming to the States"

Sue beamed. She was the first of the 'squad' to have had sex with the new guy, and he was a hunk! Now she would have something to brag about. She kissed him deeply and thanked him for letting her welcome him to America, and the team.

"My pleasure" Sven replied. "Any time!"

"No, the pleasure's all mine, believe me!" Sue smiled back.

Sven dressed and headed to the bar, "See you around?"

"Definitely, definitely." Sue ducked into the bathroom for a quick freshen up, dressed and headed for the bar herself. She still had a craving deep inside, in spite of all the sex she had just experienced.

Fixing another rum and coke, Sue gulped it down and headed for the bedroom where she had previously seen the action.

Upon entering, she saw Beth, one of the squad girls, being eaten out by one of the players she knew, Taylor. Beth looked up when she heard Sue enter the room.

"Mind if I join you?" Sue asked shyly.

"I don't if he don't" Beth nodded at Taylor, who didn't miss a lick.

"Nah," he said in between licks. "Come on!"

Sue quickly removed her clothes, and crawled up on the bed. Taylor was on all fours, tending to Beth, so Sue rolled on her back and scooted under Taylor and his erect penis, and began to blow him as best as she could. This placed Sues' butt right near the edge of the bed.

"Yeah baby" Taylor said with approval as Sue began to suck Taylor into her hungry mouth. He was average in size, and Sue could get all of him down her throat with no problem. The three of them settled into their lovemaking, occasional moans escaping their mouths, hands caressing whatever skin was within reach.

After a few moments, the door opened, and two more hockey players came in. Seeing the pussy near the edge of the bed, one stripped off his clothes and stepped between Sue's legs.

"Well,' thought Sue. 'This is what I came for' as she spread her legs to accommodate the stranger. She looked up for a second and recognized the player as the goalie of the team, a stocky Italian guy she had spoken to in the locker room a couple of times. His name was Vinny.

He looked down and smiled, recognizing Sue, admiring her breasts, which were gently moving across her chest, as the action on the bed dictated.

Vinny was average in length, but thick around in size. Sue's cunt was well lubed, and Vinny entered her with no problem.

"Mmmmmm" Sue moaned around Taylor's dick. "Yummy!"

The other player also stripped and walked on his knees up closer to Sue's hands. He too was enjoying the view of her breasts, bouncing and moving across her chest. The movement now was more pronounced as Vinny was increasing his tempo, sliding his Italian salami into Sue.

Sue reached out to the new penis in the mix, she hadn't seen whom it belonged to yet, it didn't matter. All she now knew was she was giving Taylor a blowjob while Vinny was fucking her. Now she was giving a hand job to...somebody, she would find out later.

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