tagLoving WivesSue's Time to Play Ch. 06

Sue's Time to Play Ch. 06


Two weeks ago, I had received an invitation inviting me to attend a nurse's conference in Atlanta. The invitation had explained all the details about the conference and the hotel where it would be held. My hotel room was already booked, but just needed confirmation that I would be attending. I wanted to go to get away from Bruce and this town. A woman could have some fun at night spots there.

Bruce had bought me a new truck, two seats, and four doors. It was red and came with all the features. It had cloth seats instead of vinyl ones. The vinyl ones was rough on my ass, when I was laying down getting a cock in me. These seats would see a lot of action.

Living in a rural area, there wasn't the convenience of getting a hotel room. My truck seats would serve the same purpose as a hotel bed. Letting the front seat back as far as it would go, there's was plenty of room to fuck. The back seat was better than the front seat. In the woods, or at a secluded place, a truck seat was a good place to get laid.

I was off for two days and I did manage to meet Jeff and let him be the first man to fuck me in my new truck. He was listed near the bottom of the men's list. Having just fucked eight wives, his wife Gail was getting a lot more sex than he was. The same way with Bruce and I, but that was going to change. Being on the bottom of the women's list didn't help my ego one bit. I always like being number one. Only time I liked being on the bottom, was when a man was on top of me.

Checking my diary and adding Jeff's name, he was number eighteen. The men's list had fifty four names. I had a long way to go but I would get to the top, I knew, I had to fucked all the men to get there. Calvin, Paul, Frank, and Steve's name had been added to my diary on the first day I was off from work. Gail had called all of them and told each when to be at my house. The second day I shopped for new clothes, I was looking forward to having more men take me in the truck.

After Jeff fucked me without a condom, I came home and Bruce was waiting for me. He got the cream pie he had been wanting. We made love and like always he ate me and then we fucked. That was the first one he knew about, he had cream pies before. He just didn't know about them. I had let him get use to eating cream pies, before I told him that he had just had one.

* * * * *

I decided to drive to Atlanta on Sunday afternoon and check into the hotel. It would take about five hours to make the drive, with a couple of stops for a coke and a stretch. Everything was already packed and I was ready to hit the road. This would be a week that I had looked forward to since I got the invitation and literature explaining what the week would hold for me..

This would be my first conference in a large city like Atlanta. I had attended some in Valdosta and Columbus , but that didn't compare to what this week would do for me. The other conferences I attended were boring and there was nothing to do after class. I wasn't the woman that I am now, and the nights wouldn't be boring either.

A woman had shared with me about last year's conference in Atlanta that she had attended. From where she stayed there was a lot to do and see. She told me to go alone and not bring Bruce with me. In fact don't even mention anything about it to him. Just go and have some fun. The classes are usually over by two in the afternoon and don't start until about nine in the morning. Monday thru Thursday, then at lunch on thursday it would end.

I had gone shopping and bought some nice clothes to wear. Everything from panties, bra, a thong, blouses, slacks, jeans, sexy tops. It was June and it would be hot at night. My fuck bag held all the things I would need in it. Although I planned to have all my sex in the hotel room. Sure I was planning on getting laid this week. I was expecting to be asked to fuck.

Last night I was hoping that Bruce and I would make love, but that didn't happen. He had gone on a fishing trip Saturday morning with some of his friends, and didn't get home until late Sunday night. He actually brought back some fish this time. They were already cleaned and iced down. There is no telling what he did Saturday night at Lake Seminole. Probably fucked some married woman he met at one of the bars. But I hadn't stayed at home either. In the back seat of my new truck, I had two more willing married men to get between my legs and have my hungry pussy. Their names are on the list that Gail had left with me.

It was out in the opening now with Bruce and I. We have an open marriage, he admitted that he has been fucking other married women. I also told him that other married men have fucked me. He said he knew about four of them. That all he knows about right now. He will know about the others as soon as they are reported at their next meeting, but he want know my total score that is in my diary. He said I know you plan on fucking this week. He is right, I am.

We had breakfast together Sunday morning and he even told me to have a good time. I lied when I told him that the conference would last until Friday evening. I told him I would be home sometimes Saturday morning. It would be over Thursday at lunch, but I had plans to be there Friday night as well.

We kissed and I was on my way. I decided to drive the new truck there. Bruce said drive it and see what kind of gas mileage you will get. Following the directions I had, I drove straight to the hotel and checked in. Everything had already been verified before I arrived. I had to pay for the extra nights since only three nights were being paid for. I didn't mind that.

I rode the elevator up to the third floor. The room was only a few steps from the elevator and down a hall that led to my room. My room didn't open to the main hall, it opened into a small hall that led nowhere. Upon entering I saw right off that it was a spacious room with one bed. I tipped the luggage handler and his gazed was on my breast as I handed him the bill.

Here's my card, he said. If there's anything you need you just let me know. There is a few things I asked him. Where is the bar located. He told me and also handed me a brochure that told where the cafeteria, bar and lounge was located.

After he left I closed the door and unpacked my clothes and hung some up on hangers. Some would need extra pressing later on. I had everything in drawers and the closet. My lab top went on the table. Looking at my watch it was now four, and I decided to take a shower, dress and go to the lounge and have a drink and then to the cafeteria to get some supper. I was glad that everything I wanted was in the hotel or just off the hotel grounds.

I would wear a bra and low cut blouse with some slacks and shoes. Dressing up would come later on in the week. I did my hair and put on some lip stick and perfume. Looking in the mirror I knew I looked hot and sexy.

I wanted to go to the lounge not only to have a drink, but to check out the men that would be there. I went in and let my eyes adjust to the lights before I proceeded to a table. I chose a booth in the back corner that offered me the chance to look at the entrance door to the lounge. The waiter came and took my order. I chose a tom collins.

There was five couples sitting at tables around me. A man was reading the newspaper at another. I could tell he was drinking coffee. There were three tables with two men sitting at each. At one table a red headed woman sat, wearing a black blouse and jeans, she was constantly checking her watch for the time. Waiting for a man I assumed.

Hello, May I sit with you I heard a male voice saying. Then I realized that he was speaking to me.

I looked at him and he was this tall dark stranger that I always was wishing for. I nodded and said sure.

My name is Mark, he said.

Hi, my name is Sue.

I saw you when you came in, are you here for this week's nurse's conference, he asked.

Yes, I am.

Me too, I have been to so many of these things over the years. You can meet a lot of interesting people and make new friends. Are you staying here at the hotel? He asked. Yes, I am. I just got here this afternoon.

I always like to check in the day before, its hard to drive here in the morning from Columbus, he said. Where are you from Sue?

I am from a small town in southwest Georgia. So what kind of work do you do Mark?

I, believe it or not, am a doctor that studies the sexual behavior of people and groups.

That's very interesting. What kind of studies do you do?

I study why people or sometimes groups of people do what they do pertaining to sexual behavior. Sex is the driving force behind of all mankind. I have did very extensive studies of tribes in the Amazon Forest. Written articles for Time, Readers Digest, and written three books on sexual behavior of people. I bet I can tell you about your sexual behavior.

That I would like to know.

When I tell you what I observe about you will you tell me if its true or not? He asked.

Sure, I will tell you. Why not? I said.

First let's have another drink.

Sue, you came here alone without your husband, you left your wedding band in your room. I can see your ring print on your finger.

That's all true. I said.

I saw you when you first come in, you are wearing a ankle bracelet on your right ankle. To some men that's your sign to then that you are available for sex. I didn't notice a panty line either, I don't believe that you are wearing any. Your bra doesn't quite cover your breasts, and they are ready to spill out. You have three buttons loose on your blouse that give a better view of your breasts. You could have buttoned them or chose a turtle neck blouse instead. The way you are rubbing your finger around the top of your glass, indicates you are horny. When I came over to your table, you looked down at my cock before you looked me in the eye. You chose this table so you could watch the door to see who comes in. You checked in today instead of waiting until tomorrow morning. I just bet that all of this that I have told you has made you wet. You are squirming in your seat. You crave cock more than you use to.

Is all of this true? He asked.

You are amazing, yes all that you have told me is true.

All of it?

Yes, all of it. I said.

I would like to talk with you some more, but first let's get something to eat.

I could use something to eat too. I told him.

Let's go to the cafeteria, shall we. He said.

We went out of the lounge and down a hall to the cafeteria. Mark led me into the room and the let me go first. It was a buffet or order from the menu. We both chose buffet and went through the line. We got our dinner and found a table in the back that would allow us to continue our conversation. Mark knew a lot about sexual behavior and I wanted to hear more.

So how did you find out that your husband was cheating on you? He asked.

Well I had suspected that he was for a long time. One evening he came home from work and said that he had a meeting to go to. He had left his wallet on the bed with his keys and change. His wallet was laid open so I picked it up. There was a condom in it and it looked like it hadn't been in there very long. I looked at it and placed it back in his wallet. When he came home he went and took another shower. He thought I was asleep, but I was faking it. He laid his wallet on his night stand. When I opened it, the condom was gone. He used it that night.

You have a good point, why would a married man carry a condom. Especially when she can't get pregnant any more. That one sign that a man is cheating on his wife. There are many more. So did you confronted him about it. He asked.

No, I didn't, but I did check his wallet more. The condoms were changed or used a lot. They never had the same wrapping on them. Then I found some tapes he had recorded when he had other married women in his office. I was home one day, he didn't think I was there, and he brought another married woman and laid her in his office. I saw the whole thing and later went in and found that the sheets were wet from their screwing.

You probably had thought about a sexual encounter with another man, and did this make up your mind for you?

Yes, Mark it did. I had been thinking about doing it with another man for about three years. I knew two men that wanted me. All I would have to do was call them and let them know. Twice I had even picked up the phone to call one of them, but hung up on the first ring. I wanted to know how it felt to have another man between my legs.

You was a virgin on your wedding night. I just bet your husband was not.

That's right I was a virgin. Bruce was the only man that ever had me until about six weeks a go. Bruce has been with women before we were married, he taught me everything about sex.

In September we will celebrate our twenty fifth anniversary. After seeing and knowing that he was playing around, I wanted to play too. I am looking and wanting another man to have sex with. My only regret is that I wished I had did it a lot sooner.

How did you feel about meeting another man?

Excited, horny, and the worse thing was that after I call him and told him that I was ready to put out, I had to wait for about eight hours before I met him. I had imaged that it would happen shortly after I was asked. It was worth the wait. I came away from that first experience a new woman. He brought me to two orgasms and I had already decided that he wouldn't wear a condom when he screwed me. I wanted his semen in me as well as his cock.

Have there been more encounters with differ men?

Yes, I am sexual active with other married men. So Mark tell me more about your sexual behavior studies.

Ok, Do you know that penis size is a myth. Some believe that black men have the longest and thickest penises. They don't. All races have some that are short, medium, large, and some monster penises. Some white men have long and thick penises as do some black men. This applies to other races as well. Did you know that some men carry their penises inside, instead of outside of their bodies. Take a man that has a one or two inch penis, when he is aroused his penis will grow from six to eight inches or longer. Some will be thick, while others will be slim. Then after he has sex, it returns to its normal size.

I will say that some women are intrigued with getting a long penis. Some even want to find a monster penis. Those are very rare. The average penis length is somewhere around six inches long. More men regardless of race will have an average length penis. Some with have eight or nine inches. There is a white man here in Atlanta that has a fourteen inch cock, and women contact him every day wanting to see how much of it they can take. I know one woman that took all of it. Most women can't take that much penis, but they keep trying.

Wow, I said. That's a lot of cock and it might be fun to see how much of it I could take.

He works with a gang-bang squad here in Atlanta.

I didn't tell Mark, but Jeff had mentioned that the men from the Red Barn had already contracted this group to come down and fuck a woman. Would this man be coming down with them. Might be nice to let him fuck me before that night to see how much of his cock I could really take. I am planning to be the woman that is number one on that list. I have a lot of cock to get before then, but with eight months to go, I am sure that I will be fucked by all fifty four men on the list and fucked more than one time by some of them. I would get on my lab top and find this group and hopefully make contact with them this Friday. I could try anyway. I want that man's cock in me.

Sue, what made you want to put out to these men that you say you have had sex with?

Well I didn't want to wake up one morning when I am sixty years old and wonder how another cock would have felt like. It realized that it was time that I had another man. Bruce, my husband had even suggested that I needed another cock instead of his all the time. He even wanted me to have sex without a condom so he can make love to me when I got home.

Have you given him, what some say is a cream pie?

Yes, he has had several. I let him get use to the taste and smell before I told him that he had just had a cream pie. He ate me each time that I got one and then we made love.

Sex with you and Bruce is better since you have had experiences with other men, isn't it?

Yes, I am like a tiger in bed, he gets more blow jobs and I do swallow. I had to practice my blow job techniques, so I could give better blow jobs to the men, and there is no better person to learn them on than my husband. He said that he was glad that he wasn't the only one to fuck me. We now have an open marriage. He does his thing and I do mine. The sex that we have together hasn't slowed down a bit, it still two or three times a week.

Do you keep a score sheet or diary?

Yes, I know exactly how many times I have had sex with other men.

After you get to be number one on the list that you say you are on, what then. Will you keep up the pace or revert back to only sex with Bruce?

No, now that I know that sex with other men is satisfying to me and I it makes me feel good, I can never go back to just having Bruce's cock. His cock was enough for years, but not anymore.

Glad that you brought it up about being satisfying to you. It is to most women and they have some strong orgasms with other men. They love the game of getting asked, meeting, then having sex. Studies have proven that sex is a good way to relieve stress and solve other problems that women get during their lives. Some women work all day and never have time to do what they find is satisfying to them.

A married woman, I interviewed, had all kinds of problems, weight and stress. She never seemed to be happy and she had lost the get up and go that she once had. She was not athletic and usually never got out and done anything that she called fun. She had blood pressure problems, stressed out trying to work and keep the house chores did. No time was ever left for her. She was to tired to do anything and went to the doctor more often with different problems. She found the time to make love to her husband, but wanting more out of life.

One day at work a man changed her life, when he came up to her and told her that he wanted to have sex with her. She was overweight and was on a diet. She had been trying to lose the pounds but never could lose what she wanted to. She still looked good but she wanted to wear clothes other women were wearing. She had been thinking about other men, but had never wanted to do it with another man. At first she thought about saying no, but changed her mind and said that she would meet him. That night she had another man in a hotel room.

Driving home she began to think about what had just transpired. She felt the wetness in her panties that had been left inside of her by his cock. She knew if he wanted her, other men did to. She went on a cock diet. As she said, I have a reason now to try to lose the weight I have been trying to lose. This man had her once a week for the next two months, before she broke it off. She wanted another cock, but not from the same man all the time. That's what she had her husband for. Her stress was gone, she didn't take the medication like she had been taking for her ailments. She begin to lose three to five pounds a week. She was soon a slim woman with a new wardrobe. Her husband even like the change that had come over her. The sex between them was even better.

I could tell you hundreds of stories like that, Mark said.

I don't want the same man except Bruce to have me either, I volunteered.

Sue, we can talk more later this week. Its getting late and we do have a busy day tomorrow. I would like to invite you to come to my room and let me fuck you.

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