tagLoving WivesSue's Time to Play Ch. 07

Sue's Time to Play Ch. 07


Read the last chapter to find out what happened and you can better understand this story.

I was to exhausted to get off of the bed after Mark left. He had lasted longer than any man that had ever fucked me. My pussy was not as sore as I thought it would be from the pounding Mark had given me. His ten inch cock was the biggest that I had ever had. I knew I had to go and take a bath and wash the sex from my body.

The bubble bath was what I needed to soothe my pussy. It was refreshing as I remained in the tub longer than I needed to. Drying off I put on my pj’s and went to bed.

Monday morning came quickly, are so it seemed. I had slept all night and woke up ready for the day ahead. After I showered and dressed I headed down stairs to get some breakfast. I was starved and needed food and a strong cup of coffee to get me going.

No one was in the buffet line as I got a plate and filled it with food. I chose coffee and juice and found a table in the corner. I sat so I could see the other people and to see who came in for breakfast.

In a few minutes I saw Doris come into the cafeteria. Doris is a nurse at the hospital that She is on a different floor and is the wife of one of the doctor’s at the hospital. Doris went and filled her plate and came over to my table.

“May I sit with you, Sue?”

Sure you can. I said.

“When did you arrive?” She was asking me.

I got here yesterday afternoon and checked in.

“Me to, I wanted to get settled into the room and relax some before this long week started.”

Doris, how many other people are there here from our hospital? I asked.

“Just Dan, you and me.” She said.

Dan is here too I stated, not wanting to sound too happy. I knew some time this week, I was going to let Dan fuck me.

“ He sure is, I ate dinner with him last might over at the steak house behind the hotel.” She said.

Are you here for the whole week? I asked Doris.

“Probably not all week, the children are at mom’s house in Helen and I will go there sometimes this week. I really haven’t made up my mind how long I plan to stay for this conference.” She said.

“What about you, are you staying the whole week?”

Yes I will be here all week. I said.

I saw Mark come in with five more men to get breakfast, and I watched as they found a table.

Doris and I talked, finished our breakfast and had more coffee.

Mark as soon as he saw us came over to our table.

“How are you ladies today, he was asking”

Just fine Mark, I said. And you?

“ Just fine Sue. How are you doing Doris?” Mark was asking.

“ Much better and thank you” As I saw her give Mark a wink.

This was very interesting to me. How did Mark know Doris? What was that wink about? What did she mean by the comment, “much better.” Is Mark planning on staying longer to fuck Doris?

Well Mark I guess we want be seeing anymore of you since you are leaving after today? I said.

“ Sue my plans have all but changed.” He said as he was looking at Doris. “Something has come up and I have to stay one more night.”

With that Mark rejoined his friends at his table.

I could see them look over at our table. The waitress brought our ticket and put it on the table. I saw one of the men at Mark’s table get up and come over.

“Doris let me pay for this.” He was saying as he picked her ticket up. “You must be Sue, he said as he looked toward me.”

Yes I am. And who are you? I asked.

“Oh excuse me Sue, this is James, I met him last night. The other men are Sarge, Dick, John, and Paul.” Doris said as she pointed each one out to me. “ Yes and thank you James.”

James left with her ticket as we resumed our conversation.

“ Sue, when are you scheduled to go to the conference this morning?” She asked.

I am supposed to be there at eleven and two classes this afternoon. Why?

“I just thought that we might go back to my room and talk some more, where its more private. I have picked my classes and they both are this afternoon.” Doris said.

Sure Doris, I would like that.

I paid for my breakfast and we both went to her room. Doris unlocked the door and we entered her room. It was like my room except on different floors.

“Now this is more private, let’s talk freely Sue. I know why you came to this conference, just like me, you came here to fuck, So if I am wrong you tell me, now. I am a slut just like you are. Are you surprised?”

Yes, I am a little surprised by what you just said. It is true, I am a slut, but I never figured that you would be one.

“Don’t be surprised, I love to fuck as much as you do. Those men at the table with your friend Mark, they all showed me what a good gang-fuck is like. They fucked me last night while Mark was fucking you. And you know what? I enjoyed every minute of it.”

All five men fucked you last night, Doris?

“They sure did, and you know what else, they all want to fuck you tonight.”

So you are the reason Mark has changed his plans. Mark is going to fuck you tonight. I said.

“He sure is. Sue, it was a lot better than doing it with Coach Mike and his coaches. I also know that Coach Mike and his coaches have fucked you too.”

Yes Doris, Coach Mike and the other coaches have fucked me. You seem to know a lot about me and my sexual adventures.

“So is Mark a good fuck” She asked me.

He is, if you like a long and very thick cock, and someone that can fuck you for over an hour.

“I am already looking forward to getting Mark’s cock in me.” She said.

I never figured you to be a wife-slut. I told her.

“Not many people do, I do know that Jim has fucked you?”

Jim was her husband, Dr. Jim as he is known at the Hospital. How do you know, did he tell you? I asked.

“Yes, he did, right after he got back from the hotel room that you had that night.” Surprise that Jim and I have an open marriage. Just like you and Bruce.”

I already knew my husband, Bruce, had already fucked her, but I wanted to hear her tell me, so I asked her. So Bruce has fucked you to? I asked..

“Sure he has, twice I think.” Sue you aren’t the only woman that likes to fuck other men besides their husband.”

So why did you come here to Atlanta this week, you could fuck any man you wanted back home. I asked.

“Sue, why do you ask me that, just like I told you before, we both are the same, we both enjoy having another man’s cock in us. I came for the same reason you did.There are men all around us this week, men we probably will never see again, men that want to fuck us, either alone or in a gang-bang. We both have bodies that men want. We can fuck and no one will ever know about what we do here this week.”

You are right on all account, I did come here to fuck as many men as I can.

“Slut you can get all the cock you want here this week.” She said.

Slut? I like that.. Yes I am a slut and so are you. I don’t mind you calling me a slut, I crave cock and I do love the game the men are playing back home. It gives me more reason to fuck every man that wants me.

“Sue, you need to be ready for tonight. Those men will fill your ass, pussy, and mouth with cock and cum. You mentioned that Mark lasts a long time, some of these men do as well. I enjoyed all of it. I had a virgin ass before last night, I don’t anymore.”

You are the one that needs to be ready for Mark tonight. After he loses his first load, it takes him awhile to cum again, and he stays hard. He fucked me over an hour. He even asked if I wanted to tap out and say that I didn’t want him fucking me any more. I will never tap out to any man, no matter how long he can last.

“You mean after you made him cum, he fucked you again and lasted over an hour the second time.”

That’s right Doris, he may even last longer tonight with you. He will pound your pussy and if you are like me, you will have orgasm after orgasm.

“ How long and big is he?”

Doris, he has a ten inch cock and its as thick as a coke can. I said.

“Wow that’s a lot of cock to take.” She said.

Me and you are about the same build: large tits, small waist, and long legs that we can wrap around any man, and you shouldn’t have any problem taking all of his cock. He will get you wet and let you have an orgasm before he fucks you. I didn’t leave anything out as I told her.

“I want his cock, I have had ten inches before, but not as thick as you say he is.”

Did you get the ten inches from a man back home? I asked..

“I sure did, do you know Davy that works on the tomato farm outside of town?”

You mean the black man that helps coach the girls volleyball team and helps on the farm some?

“That’s him Sue.” He took me one night at the Red Inn. He asked me to fuck and I said yes. He had come to the hospital to visit someone, and I just let him know that I would fuck if he asked.”

How did you tell him that you would let him fuck you?

“That’s easy Sue, I just told him that I have always wanted a black man to fuck me and if one ever asked, he might just get to fuck me.”

“ Right there in the hall of the hospital, he looked me in the eye and said I sure would like to fuck you.” I said, “I want you to fuck me.”

“I told him to wait a minute, that I had to make a call. I made the call and came back and told him to meet me at the Red Inn in room 128 at six that night.” “I got off at five and went to the hotel and took a shower, had some food in the lounge with some beer and waited for the clock to wind down until six pm.”

Was he a good fuck? I asked.

“Good enough that he has fucked me three different times.” “He knows how to eat pussy and how to fuck a woman with his long dick.”

“Sue, I am sure he will fuck you, I can arrange it for you. “Another thing, Sue, he shoots a big load of hot cum.”

Fine, set it up, I want him to fuck me. I said.

“I will if you will set me up with one of your regulars.”

Ok, I know just the man that I will set up for you. Do you know Roy that owns the tire center in town? I asked.

“No, but I would like to get to know him and his cock.” She Said.

First we have four days and nights ahead of us. Looks like both of us have cock already set up for us tonight. Those men haven’t asked me to fuck yet.

“I told them last night that you would take all of them on at one time. They already knew Mark was fucking you. I am sure Mark has already told them what a good fuck you are. You will be asked and I think you will say yes.”

I will say yes, I will never turn down the chance to fuck five men at one time. If they are as good as you say they are, I am in for a treat.

“ They made me have a lot of orgasms.” I had cum in my mouth, pussy, ass, and on my tits when they got finished with me.” She said.

I am wet from thinking about it. I said.

What about Dan this week? I asked.

“Dan can have me again when I get back home, I want more strange cock this week. Dan probably will be as busy as we are every night.” She said.

So Dan has already fucked you?

“Yes he has, he is another good fuck, only thing he tries to fuck every nurse and nurse’s aide at the hospital once.” She said

He hasn’t fucked me yet, but he will. I said.

“He will get around to asking you, he may even ask you this week.”

If he does, he can have me. I said.

With that I told Doris that I would take my leave and that I would see her at breakfast tomorrow morning.

Sue, maybe when we get back home, we can get together and go out and find of some cock.. That new truck of yours needs the seat broken in, don’t you think?”

They sure do, and there’s a lot of room in the front or back seat for just that. But, we still have a few days and nights left here, we can get together and go somewhere.


I left Doris’s room and caught the elevator to my room. Sarge was alone inside when I entered the elevator. The first thing he said to me was, “ Sue you feel like taking on five men tonight for a gang-bang on your hot pussy?

When and where? I asked.

“Room 345 at 7 pm.” He said.

The elevator door opened and I made my exit, I’ll be there, just have plenty of condoms.

“Condoms?” “ Mark said you was clean that we wouldn’t have to use condoms.”

You will tonight or you don’t fuck me!!!! I said. I want to remain clean...........


I finished my afternoon classes at 3pm and went to my room. Taking on five men in a gang-bang I was looking forward to it. I was already wet from thinking about it.

The telephone was ringing as I opened the door. Hello, I said.

“Sue this is Mark, mind if I come to your room for a few minutes.”

Sure, come on. I said.

I answered the knock and let Mark in. I hadn’t even bother to get dressed. His eyes gave me the look over and I could see his cock get hard in his pants. I was wearing only a pair on mini panties and a bra that showed most of my boobs.

“If I hadn’t promised Doris I would fuck her tonight, I would fuck you right now.” “You are one good looking hot slut.” “Wow what a fucking body you have, a body made to fuck.”

Men make me that way, I just love a hard cock. By the way, if you didn’t come here to fuck me again what did you come for? I asked.

“You would let me fuck you right now, wouldn’t you?” He said.

I sure would, you fucked me good last night, but again I do have five men wanting to fuck me in less than four hours. I guess I will be fresh for them.

“That’s what I came to talk to you about.” What’s this shit about you wanting them to wear condoms, I thought you told me that you like to feel a man cum in you.” He asked.

I do like to feel a man cum in me, but not every man that fucks me gets to. I have to make the attempt to stay clean. Those men, I don’t know any of them.

“You didn’t know me until last night either.” Those men or colleagues of mine, they are doctors, and interns with wives back home.” Mark said.

“Sue, until last night when they fucked Doris, some of them had never fucked another woman besides their wives. Four of them anyways, they told me and I have no reason not to believe them. Besides, there are three more friends of ours that want to join in with the others when they fuck you. I know that these three men, it will be their first time in a gang-fuck.”

Eight men in a gang-fuck with me. Mark what have you told them about me?

“Just that you are a nurse and a married woman that loves to fuck.”

Well you got that part right, I do love to fuck, Mark. I will let all eight men fuck me tonight, but all of them can’t be in the room at the same time. I need one man to do the foreplay, one that likes to eat pussy and have his cock sucked before he fucks me. The other seven can follow and be in another room. Its ups to them if some or all of them want to go for a second time. I have no classes scheduled for tomorrow and I can regain my strength and sleep most of the day.

“So you will do it then.”

Yes, Mark, tell them I will let them know about the condoms.

“Good they are ready for you, you don’t have to wait until seven, come when you are ready.”

I will Mark. One other thing I want you to do for me, tell Doris that there will be eight men instead of five. Knowing you, there probably will be more men than that when I get there and get started fucking.

“ I will tell her the exact number, and yes I was right, you and Doris are in competition against one another. She says she can out fuck you and you are planning on proving her wrong.”

That’s right Mark, she has had a head start of about a year on me, but I plan on catching and passing her. My black book is going to have more numbers in it than hers does. She can’t fuck like I can. Just tell her the number of men that you know will fuck me tonight.

“I will Sue, and tomorrow morning, I will let you know which one of you was the best fuck that I had, and the men will tell me also.”

I already know the answer to that, I am.

“We will see, you just give it to them tonight.”

He left and I laid on the bed and took a two hour nap. I got up dressed and went to get me a salad and sandwich with a cold beer. After returning to my room, I had a bubble bath and douse. My pussy was clean and ready for some hard cock

I decided not to wear any panties or bra, they wouldn’t be worn very long anyway. Getting my fuck bag, I placed them in it. Checking the contents of my bag, I had the panties, bra, a box of twelve x-large condoms, wipes, blouse and mini shorts. My black address book which I had written Mark’s name, cell number and email address in it. Nineteen men have already fucked me. More names would be written in it tonight. Eight more, Mark had said. Somehow I knew it would be more than eight men. Make up, mirror, compact, perfume, sandals, extra money hidden under a flap, and my cell phone.

I put on another pair of mini shorts and a loose blouse that buttoned in the front, leaving three buttons unloose at the top. Slipped on my shoes and grabbed my bag, I looked at the clock it was twenty past six. I closed the door and made my way down the hall to the elevator.

I went up one floor and to the room I was supposed to go to. Knocked one time and James answered the door and let me in.

“Glad you came a little early, we are all here and ready to get started, if you are.”

I am ready, James. Who is going to be the first one to do the foreplay?

“That will be Paul, we have already drawn numbers for the line up, you might say.”

Send him in, I am ready to start fucking.

“I will get him and it will be like you requested, one man at a time in the room with you. When he finishes he will come and get another man. The door will be closed while each man fucks you.”

That’s good James, go get Paul.

Paul entered and closed the door behind him. He was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. I was already lying naked on the bed.

“Sue you sure look good, Mark wasn’t lying when he said you have a pair of large, beautiful tits, a nice tan, a movie star’s body, and a shaved pussy.”

Thanks Paul, come over here and lets get started. So are you going to suck my tits and eat my pussy to get me hot, horny, and wet?

“I sure am, and I hope you give me one of your good blow jobs.”

Yes, I will suck your cock and you can even cum in my mouth, that is if you can get your cock hard again to fuck me.

“ Don’t worry about that Sue, I can get it hard again and it want take long.”

I got off the bed, and as I did, we kissed for a long time as I explore his mouth with my tongue. He kissed back. Reaching down I pulled his boxer off and knelt down on the floor and admired his beautiful cock. It was about seven inches long and thick. I put his cock was in my mouth and I found that I could take all of it down my throat. His hands was at the back of my head and he wanted to fuck my mouth. I held him back and removed his cock from my mouth.

Paul just relax and let me suck your cock, I don’t want you to fuck my mouth. Lie down on the bed and let me suck your cock. He did, and I gave him one of the best blow jobs that I had ever given a man. I sucked and licked the head and made my way down to his balls. I took all on his cock down my throat.

“ Suck my cock slut, oh yes that’s it slut, suck my cock!!!!!!!!”

With that encouragement I got faster and I felt his cock grow bigger and longer.

“ Oh yesss slut, I’m cummmiingggggggggg!!!!!!!!!”

I was ready for his cum, as I eased back on his cock without taking it out of my mouth. His cum filled my mouth and I swallowed most of it. He had a big load and I wanted all of it. I pumped his cock and drained his cock of cum.

“Now slut its my time to suck your tits and eat your pussy.”

I laid down on the bed, and he got between my legs and took a nipple in his mouth and sucked it. He sucked each tit, rotating between them. I felt him shift his weigh and put my legs on his shoulders. His tongue went inside of me as he tongue fucked my pussy. From the way he licked and sucked, I knew he liked to eat a woman’s pussy and he had experienced.

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