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Sugar's Office Party


This is my entry in the Literotica Winter Holiday Contest, and is a sequel to a story I wrote previously about these same two people. Please read and vote and leave a comment, either positive or negative, depending on how you feel about the story.


Every year, the local branch of Young & Osborn, the national advertising agency throws a big office Christmas Party for their staff, and they also invite some of their clients and a few contractors and others who have worked with them over the past few months. This year that included George Boxlicker, a free-lance writer who had contracted with them to write advertising copy for some of their clients. He was very happy to accept the invitation, partly because he likes to party, but mostly because of the partying he had done with Dulcinea "Sugar" Garcia, the gorgeous Hispanic woman who had been assigned to be his assistant while he worked there. He is not much of a drinker, but he had been almost intoxicated by her beauty and sensuousness, and he was hoping to renew their affair.

Sugar was hoping the same thing. She had as much fun as George did during their frolicking on the carpet when they were supposed to be working that first evening and almost every evening after that. She is aware of how erotic and wild these Christmas parties get at the company where she works, and she was hoping for another, maybe better sex session with her favorite writer. Hoping that would happen, she had already prepared a more comfortable place for them to use for their tryst. Besides having the hots for him personally, Sugar is a big fan of his writing on Literotica, and she liked the thought of providing some raunchy material for a future story by him.

At 5:00 PM on Friday, December 23, the working day ended, and the party officially began. Of course, the partying had actually begun much earlier. Sprigs of mistletoe were hanging from every doorway, and some of the horny young creative persons who caught each other them were not willing to settle for a simple kiss. Many of the sofas in the executive offices were already getting a workout, as were surfaces in the stockroom and other enclosed areas.

Sugar was waiting for George, so she remained on her feet, and kept her clothing on. This didn't amount to much in the way of covering, because she was barefoot and wearing her skimpiest pair of red panties and her shortest skirt, which happened to be the clothing she wore the first time she worked with George. With it, she wore a transparent blouse with no bra, and some of the men and a few of the women could hardly keep their eyes off her big and luscious breasts. She has a body that is made for sex, as well as a beautiful face, with long, glossy black hair and smoldering dark eyes and soft tan skin.

When George finally arrived, Sugar practically pounced upon him as he passed under the mistletoe that was hanging from the doorway leading to the holiday festivities. She grabbed his neck and stood on her tiptoes to grind her soft, red lips against his, while plunging her tongue as far into his mouth as she could. She is almost a foot shorter than he, and had caught him by surprise, which is why the tiptoes had been necessary. As the kiss continued, he leaned forward, so she could stand flat on her feet, while his hands stroked her voluptuous ass. Relishing the feel of what he was doing, she wiggled and squirmed, inviting his hands to explore her body further, and they were glad to do it.

"Hi, Georgie. Merry Christmas," she greeted him when she finally removed her mouth from his and her breathing returned to normal.

"Merry Christmas to you too, Sugar. I see you have plenty of viscum album here today." As a writer, he needs a wide vocabulary, and likes to show it off.

I've really missed you, Georgie, and I sure hope we can make up for the great times we haven't been having together lately."

"I surely hope we can too. I've really missed you a lot, and I like the idea of you and me making up for some of the time we haven't been together."

"Then, c'mon. I've got a place fixed up for us."

Sugar led George to the small office he had used the first evening they worked together. He may not have remembered it as the same place, because there were many others which looked just like it, but she remembered everything about it. They had made love on the carpet outside the door, but it was while he was sitting in the chair in front of his computer that she had brazenly come up behind him in the darkness, naked and pressing her hard bare nipples against his shoulders. Before she could do that, of course, Sugar had to cause the blackout by throwing the switch to cut off electric power to the whole suite of offices.

Knowing George would be at the party that evening, she had locked the door to the office to keep anybody else from using it to do what she wanted to do there, and she was sure he wanted to do the same kind of thing with her. In further preparation, she furnished it with an air mattress and two pillows, all of which were stashed out of sight under the small desk. She brought one of the pillows out and placed it where she intended her head to be.

"Sit down, Georgie," she suggested after closing and relocking the door behind them Sugar pointed to the chair in front of the desk and, realizing what the hotsy had in mind, he did so eagerly.

She sat down too, on the desk facing him after pulling her skirt up to get it out of the way. Her legs were spread wide apart, and George scooted his chair up close and very personal, so she could rest her thighs on his shoulders and he was gazing at the thong partially covering her incredibly beautiful pussy. He may or may not have recognized them as being the panties she wore on the night of their first sexual escapade, for he had been more interested in staring at the parts of her body that were not covered, rather than what she was wearing. He did know with certainty he wanted to remove the panties, so he reached up to her hips, hooked his fingers in the waistband and started pulling down on the skimpy garment.

Because of the heavy flow from her pussy, the fabric was soaked and stuck to her skin, but Sugar lifted her ass from the desk so George could pull them down past her knees. He raised one leg at a time from his shoulders to pull the panties all the way off her, relishing the delectable aroma as they passed by his nose. Of course, the fragrance emanating from her naked pussy was even better and, with not even the narrow strip of fabric in the way, he leaned in close to inhale the delightful scent.

As superb as the aroma was, George was fully aware the flavor of her nectar would be even more delicious, so he started licking it from her, beginning with the insides of her thighs. Her skin is soft and smooth there, and the erotic sensation against his tongue was the best part of all. He licked all the juices from both her succulent thighs and started to stroke his tongue between them, licking off the nectar trickling from her pussy. After his tongue sluiced that delicious treat into his mouth, he raised his head to survey the gorgeous pussy he was starting to eat. He had seen her several times, but he adores everything about pussy so much he never gets tired of gazing on a beautiful specimen such as the one inches from his face.

She has a heavy, black bush of pubic hair, which had always delighted him, and the soft skin surrounding the curls is the same light tan as her face. Her dripping slit, with her inner lips blossoming through, is a lovely rosy pink. In his life, he has seen many alluring pussies, and one of the most beautiful is at the apex of Sugar Garcia's thighs. As great a view as that part of her body is, the aroma and the flavor and the texture is much more delightful, so he started slowly licking one of her outer lips. Her pubic hair is soft and clean, and felt good under his tongue, and her wild antics more than made up for any minor imperfection.

Wanting to give as much pleasure as possible to himself and her, George took a long time and licked her entire outer lip until he kissed Sugar's soft Mount of Venus and looked up to gaze on her face and body. He was elated at what he saw, because he very much likes his sex partners to have as much fun as he does, and that was certainly the case with Sugar. Her eyes were closed, and her lips were slightly parted in a grimace of extreme joy, while her head tossed back and forth on the air pillow. Her body was active too as it rocked from side to side, an especially delightful sight, because she had unbuttoned and pulled open her blouse, and Sugar's luscious breasts were swaying from side to side. George grinned at the sight, and licked up all her fresh nectar before starting on her other outer lip.

He licked this one the same way, reveling in the texture again and in the way the lovely young woman's pussy had started fucking up against his face. No more than a few seconds after he started, Sugar had already been cooing in bliss, and those sounds of joy had already changed to moans, ending in sobs and whimpers. She was in such a high state of arousal, George decided to bring her to a quick first orgasm with his mouth, followed by another, slower climax, which would double the pleasure of her and of himself. When he reached the end of her lip again, he raised his face and saw her clit had pushed its way completely out from its protective hood.

"Make me cum, Georgie. Make me cum," the excited woman was pleading.

That was his intention too, and he opened his mouth, gently drew in her clit and started sucking on it. While his mouth worked on the luscious morsel, his tongue caressed the swollen sides and top, while Sugar's sultry voice and body responded even more strongly than she had been.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried joyously. "Suck my clit! Make me cum!"

That was what he wanted to do and, as her pussy seemed to be trying to wrap itself around his face, his lips and tongue kept working. Abruptly, Sugar howled in ecstasy that she was cumming. Her legs clamped onto George's head and her hands buried themselves in the few strands of hair he still has. While continuing to ram her pussy against his mouth, she pressed his face into her crotch as her legs swung from side to side. They were being noisy, but neither cared about that. The door was locked, so nobody could see them, but almost everybody in the office could hear them, especially Sugar's voice. Since most of the other party goers were doing the same kind of thing as they were, she didn't care who heard her shouts of bliss and other happy sounds.

When she climaxed, Sugar blurted an even louder cry of joy as all her muscles clenched and she rammed her pussy against George's face for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, she relaxed against the top of the desk, expecting her hero to lick the nectar from her pussy before they started fucking. After feeling his tongue cleaning the virtual ocean of fresh juices from her pubic area, she was ready to drag the mattress out from under the bed for their further cavorting.

Instead of that, she felt his tongue starting to lick that first outer lip for the second time, and realized he intended to bring her to another climax with his mouth. Sugar had read in his stories how George sometimes did that if his lady friend was so aroused she climaxed too quickly to provide maximum pleasure for him and her, but he had never done it for her before. She smiled lewdly and nestled her head in the pillow, waiting for him to take her to Paradise for the second of what she hoped would be many times that night.

He had enjoyed her climax almost as much as she did, so George wasn't going to make her wait very long to start the next journey. He started licking her lip the way he had earlier, once more sending ripples of joy through Sugar's body. One of her favorite sexual activities is having her pussy slowly eaten by an agile tongue such as George's and she could never get too much of that particular pleasure. As she watched, his bald head came slowly into view over her mons, followed by the bridge of his nose. Sugar was already writhing in bliss on top of the desk, and she knew her movements would soon be at least as wild as they had been a few minutes earlier. After kissing that soft mount, he raised his head to grin at her.

"I love that, Georgie! I love it when you do that!"

"I love doing it, Sugar. You've got about the sweetest pussy in the world."

After that, his mouth got busy doing more important and pleasurable things than talking. She felt him lick all around the pink hole she knew was dripping with her juices, followed by starting on her other outer lip. She felt him treat this one the same way and, by the time he kissed her mons again, her hips were swiveling under her, thrusting her legs out over George's shoulders. He was elated about the way she was enjoying his oral ministrations so much but, this time, there was no discussion at all, because they both preferred what his mouth was doing to her pussy over any other activity that might have involved his tongue and lips.

She knew where his mouth was going next, and Sugar's pussy was quivering with anticipation. Two of the most sensitive parts of her body are the small, ultra-smooth areas between the origins of her inner and outer lips, and she knows those to be two of the spots where George especially loves applying his mouth. Even so, her body twitched when she felt the blunt tip of his tongue caressing her there, and this was followed by starting to fuck up into his face as the magical organ lovingly fondled that sensitive place and continued up between those two lips. Her legs and lower body were writhing in delight as the top of his head moved upward toward her while thrills of pleasure shot through her body.

Even as she watched, she saw George tilt his head slightly and felt his tongue slide between the pair of lips he was licking, sending two kinds of joy coursing through her body. As his forehead and eyes again appeared, the pleasure kept mounting, and Sugar knew she was getting close to cumming again. This time he didn't stop to survey the movements of her head and body, but paused to delicately stroke his tongue across the top of her clit hood, sending more and greater pleasure reverberating through her, before moving his mouth back down to her wet pink hole, where she felt his tongue sluicing up all her juices that were flowing so freely.

Sugar's body became even more active when she felt George's tongue treating her other pair of inner and outer labia the same way. She had completely given herself over to the pleasure of the moment and to cumming again, and she was bucking and bouncing on the desk. Her eyes were closed; her mouth was open in a smile of absolute bliss, and her head was rolling from side to side on the pillow. She didn't know it because the action was reflexive, but her pussy was fucking up against George's face as his mouth approached her clit again.

He hesitated when he reached the end of Sugar's inner lip and raised his head again. Her body and head were thrashing about on top of the desk in a way that delighted him, and he knew she was ready for another orgasm. Pressing his face against her pussy, George moved his mouth until he engulfed her swollen clit and started to suck. While his lips formed a seal at the base, his tongue caressed the sides and top, as Sugar's movements became wilder, even threatening to throw them both to the floor.

Once again she started cumming, and let any other party-goers within earshot know the glad tidings. Her hands and thighs held George's head in a vise-like grip and she tossed herself all over the top of the desk and tried to pull him with her. His arms kept a tight grip on her legs and he kept his mouth clamped onto her clit and enjoyed the ride. George found it necessary also to spread his legs wide to keep himself firmly in the chair, lest her movements pull him out of his seat, which might have resulted in both of them sprawling on the floor.

This time Sugar was in the throes of cumming for almost two of the greatest minutes either of them had ever spent, until her muscles spasmed and she rammed her pussy into his face for a final time. After her second orgasm that evening, she completely relaxed on top of the desk, but she knew the sex between her and George was far from being over. Her legs remained draped over his shoulders and she felt new thrills of delight as his tongue licked up all her freshest juices from where they had spattered, but she was glad he did not suck them from the pink hole that had produced them. The air mattress still awaited them, and she wanted to put it to use as soon as she caught her breath again.

George did not know about the air mattress, and he expected to fuck either on the floor or on the top of the desk. The former, he hoped, because it would not be as hard on his knees and elbows. He was happy to see Sugar pick up the pillow and bring it with her when she slid off the hard wooden surface onto her feet, but surprised when she didn't lie on her back on the floor in an inviting position. Instead, she was on her knees reaching under the desk. He thought at first it was an invitation to fuck doggy style or in her ass, but she pulled something out and spread it on the floor.

"Here, Georgie. I brought us a mattress," she said by way of explaining.

She stood up then and, before lying down on her back, she shucked out of her blouse and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving her gorgeously naked. However, she still did not lie down, but stared at the shirt and pants George still wore. She had been so eager to have her pussy eaten by him she had not even given him a chance to disrobe, but she wanted that to change before they continued their sexual escapades. She much prefers being naked, and wanted him to be equally unclothed.

Although adept sexually, George is sometimes not very quick to take a hint, and that evening was one of those times. He waited for Sugar to lie down, and she waited for him to take off his clothing, until she reached out and started unbuttoning his shirt. That made him realize what they were waiting for and, together, they quickly divested him of the offending garments, including his shoes and socks, so the two of them were equally naked. Smiling lasciviously, Sugar lay on her back, spreading her legs and raising her arms in an offer no straight man could have refused.

Being heterosexual and horny, George knelt between those inviting legs but, before going any further, he reached into the pocket of the pants he had discarded, removed a condom and rolled it onto his stiff cock. He had come prepared to the Christmas party in Sugar's office, including having taken his Viagra shortly before arriving, and his cock was hard and ready for action. She was just as ready, and reached between her legs to part her pussy lips for him.

Steering his cock with one hand and supporting his weight on the other, he leaned forward until the head was pressed against her profusely wet pussy and moved the tip back and forth to spread the natural lubrication. Still holding her lips spread with her thumbs, Sugar used her fingers to guide George to the exact center of her dripping pink hole.

"Right there, Georgie. Give it to me."

He gave her what she wanted, thrusting forward and wedging the head in the place where it was so desired. Sugar's head tilted back and she sighed happily as she felt his cock starting to burrow into her pussy, and he expressed his pleasure with a soft grunt. Seconds later, George thrust forward again, and her pink hole was so wet almost two inches of his hard shaft slid into her. Enough of his cock was imbedded in her pussy that he no longer needed to steer it, so he leaned forward to support his weight on both hands and grin at the lovely face below his.

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