tagGroup SexSummer at Home Ch. 02

Summer at Home Ch. 02


You will need to read Chapter 1 to be introduced to the characters.

Thanks to CD Conejo whose books inspired me to begin and whose constant encouragement kept me writing. Jus8tine edited my draft with a keen eye and is an excellent writer as well. Be patient, this is a work in progress, there are already six or seven chapters completed, and the story is just beginning. Comments are encouraged.


I awoke and dressed in my tennis whites, grabbed a cup of coffee from the pot in the kitchen and headed out to the pool deck to wait for Virginia. I heard the familiar thonk of a ball hitting a backboard and looked towards my family's court down the hill across the pool deck. She was already there. I walked down carrying my coffee cup and dialed the combination on the locker beside the court to get my gear. She looked magnificent; hair pulled back with a clip, lipstick, ready to go. As I walked over to say good morning I noticed that her upper lip was slightly dewy. She'd been here for a while.

"Ready, Virginia?"

"Yes, volley for serve?"

She won the serve after about five or six back and forth shots.

We played for the better part of two hours, stopping after each set for water. We tied after four sets.

"You've been playing?" I asked.

"Yes, quite a lot. Susie and Doris come over to play with your Mother and I. We use this court, or go to the club."

"Nice game, I enjoy the competition."

"Let's go to the pool deck and have Cindy feed us."

I stowed my gear and carried hers. She looks absolutely terrific in whites, tanned legs, nice ass (did I speak that?), clingy top.

"Thank you. I think it's one of my better features, my tits and legs run a close second," she said. I had.

During breakfast we chatted and as I was draining my coffee cup she asked if I needed help in setting up my computer equipment. "I always appreciate help," especially from an absolutely gorgeous, sexy woman.

"I meant me, not Janet or Elise." she said.

God, I'd done it again.

"Of course, especially from you."

As we stood the girls came onto the deck dressed for sunning again and in lower heeled slides than yesterday. Janet said she was leaving in an hour or so to get some materials to begin work on her portfolio and Elise said she would go along, there were some things she needed too. They both removed their tops and lay down on their backs on the chaises, so I went inside with four nipples pointed skyward as my memory picture.

"Jack, that's for your benefit. We all know how we look topless," was Virginia's comment as we got inside.

"I'm going to take a shower before I start."

"I'll do the same."

We arrived at the study at about the same time. Virginia was wearing shorts, a snug tank top and bra, and low heeled slides. "Do you and the girls always wear heels?"

"Yes, I like what they do to my legs and ass. I imagine the girls feel the same way. I don't know what they wear at school, but they both have closets full of shoes. So do I, it seems to be one of my shopping passions. Do you like heels?"

"Yes, I like the way they accentuate the legs, the ass and the bust."

"Really, the bust is accentuated? I've never noticed"

"Yes, I've always thought so."

"After we get you set up I'll go get some heels of various heights and we can go on the pool deck and you can photograph me so I can see what you're talking about. OK?"

"You surely didn't expect me to say no, did you?"

"I thought not, but you never know."

We finished in an hour and a half and since it was only 11:00, Virginia said, "Let me grab some shoes. What else do you want me to wear?"

"Tighter shorts, a tighter top." Nothing at all.

"Let's go with the shorts and tighter top for now. Later I'll think about the nothing at all."

I couldn't believe I had done it again.

I carried my equipment bag outside and looked around for the best position. I choose the front of the cabana, it was plain and the concrete in front of it was lightly textured. The potted plants were off to the side, so they wouldn't be in the pictures.

Virginia came out in flats, a pair of shorts that took my breath away--they appeared to be painted on--and a tight thin top through which I could see her darker areola. She was carrying a canvas bag.

"Suitable? I wore a sheer bra, I hope that this combination isn't too revealing."

"No it isn't." Yes it is very revealing and very sexy.

"Mission accomplished."

"Should I leave the flats on?"

"Yes, let me take five or six shots in progressively higher heels. Start facing me, arms behind your back crossed at the wrists below the waist, then turn about sixty degrees each way and pause."

She stood facing me, with a wonderful smile, back straight, and said, "Is this OK?"

"Yes." I'm glad I wore a tight pair of shorts.

As she began turning and pausing, I took five or six shots from each side, she then changed to a pair of slides with a one inch heel. We repeated the process. I was becoming harder every time I fired the shutter. Then two inch gold sandals, then three inch white pumps, then four inch sandals like the ones she wore out to the pool yesterday. Then a pair of stunning alligator 4 ½ heels. Virginia seemed to be enjoying herself.

"Did you set out to make a point, or just to look at my legs, ass, and tits?"

"Well, you wanted to see how high heels improved the look of not only your legs, and ass, but of your breasts as well."

"And, do they or do they look pretty much the same in all heel heights?"

"High heels tend to change how you carry your hips so you do not look the same in all heel heights." The higher the heel, the more fantastically sexy you look.

"I know. I've been watching you as well and your cock is a good indicator of how you feel about what you see."


"Are you going into the study to your computer now?"


"I'll see you in a few minutes."

I dumped this morning's session from the memory card into a 'Virginia' file on the hard drive. I also dumped the pictures from last night into 'Janet' and 'Elise' files.

Virginia came in wearing the last pair of 4 inch heels I had photographed her in. "Before I see what you've done, look at my bra and tell me if you like it?" She pulled up her top to reveal a very sheer cream colored bra and absolutely gorgeous areola and nipples."

Whoa. Can I touch?

"Not now, the girls will be home shortly and I want to look at your work. But I do have this bra in a lot of colors. Ed used to like me to wear them before he began traveling so much. I suppose his 'travel mistress' now wears whatever he asks her to or buys for her."

"I liked the one you were wearing yesterday, the one that showed your nipples."

"That was a quarter cup, I have several of those. Do you like them as well."


"One style more than the other?"


She pulled a chair next to me and waited for me to open the files. "Let's see the ones of Elise first."

There she was on a twenty one inch screen in great color considering that I hadn't adjusted the white balance for the flash. "She does like to show her legs to you, doesn't she? Tell me, Jack, you seem fascinated and aroused by stockings, why?"

"Well, three reasons. First the fact that the skirt has to come up to reveal the darker stocking top. Second, the contrast and texture between the bare thigh and the stocking top. And third, the change in texture between the body of the stocking, the top and then the bare leg. Moving a hand up a woman's stocking clad leg is exciting, but to reach the bare leg at the top without being told 'No', getting your hand moved away, or a sharp rebuke is to ascend the mountain."

"How poetic, but how about just copping a feel?"

"It's more than that. The touch is sensual to both me and the woman; the sight, we're more visual than women, and the implied permission heightens the sensuality because it is shared."

"So, if I ran my fingers up your leg and under the edge of your shorts, it is more sensual than just grabbing your cock through your pants?"


Her hand was slowly sliding up my leg as she said this. She had reached under the bottom edge of my shorts when a door slammed.

"Mom, where are you?"

"In the study, Elise, come on in." She removed her hand.

"Mom, you look outstanding, stand up. I love those shorts or is that your underwear, they really accentuate your pretty ass. You're wearing a sheer bra. Was Jack photographing you?"

"Yes, we were just about to look at the results. Did you have good shopping?"

"Yes, we each got four or five new swim suits. Can't wear those ratty old ones with Jack here."

"The bottoms didn't look too bad", I interjected.

"These are all thong bottoms, you'll get to see what nice asses Janet and I have. You still have a couple, don't you Mom?"

"Yes, I suppose I could dig them out, if Jack wouldn't mind me wearing them?"

"Me, mind? I'm your guest. It's hardly my place to complain." Besides I'll bet your ass is every bit as firm as Janet's and Elise's.

"It is."

I guess if I think it, I say it. I guess I'll need to stop thinking, or not.

"Janet bought some drawing supplies, a bunch of fabrics and got in touch with a woman who does sewing. I also talked her into several pairs of garter belts in various colors and an assortment of various color stockings. I also bought several pairs of patterned stockings."

My head was going to burst or I was going to cum in my pants if the conversation continued.

"Jack, show Elise the pictures from last night and the ones you just took."

"Goodness, my legs look sexy, my pose emphasizes my tits, and look at those yummy thighs. It's hard for me to believe that these are just casual shots. Will you take some time and shoot me at a more leisurely pace when your batteries are fully charged."

"OK" was absolutely the maximum I could get out.

Janet came in carrying an armload of supplies and set them on a library table across from me. "I'll need to finish some sketches I brought home from school and call the seamstress to put together three or four outfits. You will do a portfolio for me, won't you Jack?"

"Yes, of course, whenever you want." Or whatever. No I'm too busy leering at your sister and your mother to do that.

No response, but Virginia winked at me.

The high heel shots of Virginia were next. "God, Mom , you really are beautiful. Your tits and ass are nicely emphasized," said Elise.

"They were supposed to be. Jack made a comment about the higher the heel, the greater the effect on how a woman carried herself and the overall figure enhancement, or he just wanted to see my ass in tight shorts."

"Your ass Virginia, the rest was a ploy," I said

"No, wait, go back through them slowly," Janet interjected. "We studied this in an anatomy course and it's true. See how as her posture changes, the breasts are carried up and out and the legs and ass tighten with the higher heels. That does it, no more low heels around you, Jack."

"Elise, will either you or Janet run down and tell Cindy that we'll have lunch on the deck."

"Janet, will you do it? I want to take another look at the pictures from last night. Can you scroll through them Jack?"

When we reached the last four, when her skirt was the highest, Elise said, "Damn".

"Because your panties are showing?" I asked.

"No, I wanted them to, but I should have worn a color instead of white. Will you print those for me after lunch? I think I can learn something from them."

As Elise left the room, Virginia leaned over with her lips near my ear and with her hand back on my leg said, "You will be taking more won't you?"

"Is that an open invitation? Should I keep my camera handy?"

"Yes, and yes. Shall we eat? But first, I'm going up to put on a dress, do I need underwear?"

"Not on my account."

I decided that I needed to lay in a supply of rechargeable batteries and memory cards.

All three of the ladies were dressed in skirts and heels, they really had a lot of class and were extraordinarily feminine.

"Thanks, Jack, nice compliment again," said Virginia.

Lunch was uneventful. I didn't cum in my pants or otherwise embarrass myself. Virginia left for an afternoon board meeting of one of the charities in which she was involved . I did notice that she went back upstairs before leaving and changed into a more demure dress and had probably put on underwear as well. Janet said, "I'll be in the study if anyone is looking for me."

And Elise said, "Let's lay on the deck for awhile Jack, at least it's cooler than yesterday and party cloudy, too. Besides, I'd like to spend some time catching up with you."

"Sounds great, I'll get my suit on."

"Got any Speedos?"


"I'll get you some tomorrow. What's your cock, er waist size?' asked Elise.

"Thirty six"

"Color choice"

"You have good taste, you choose," I said

I walked up to my room, trying to avoid looking like I had the largest erection of all time. Speedos, they let everything show. The ladies don't have a problem with showing any part of their bodies, they flaunt them, they're comfortable with themselves, where have I been since I turned eighteen. I have never met a group of ladies like these three. And I have lived next door since Elise was three. It's going to be fun.

True to her statement in the study, Elise was walking across the deck towards me a few minutes after I got there. The top of her suit was modest. It had a piece that went around her neck, then looked like a halter top to the bottom of her breasts. The bottom was also demure, until she turned around and the thong in the back went up between the cheeks of her ass, absolutely nothing was left to the imagination except for her asshole. The heels she was wearing tightened up her ass in an unbelievable way.

"Well, do you like it?"

"Elise, what can I say? Would awesome suffice?"

"For now, yes, but just wait."

"Wait?" I asked.

"We have all summer."

We drank a few beers and reminisced on the times we had spent together, then caught each other up on the time we have been apart. She had no current boyfriend, hadn't had for the last three years, dated occasionally, studied hard, came home several times throughout the year, and was concerned that her mother was alone since her father traveled on business almost constantly. Elise said that Janet's social life was virtually the same. Virginia was busy working for and serving on the boards of several local charities. We bemoaned that fact that growing up none of the three of us had developed any close friends, the price of being the children of the two wealthiest families in town.

"Let's get in the water, this top is not lined," said Elise.

We did, it wasn't. Although I had seen her bare breasts just yesterday, there was something even more sensual about the nipples tenting the now sheer fabric. "Elise, do you have any idea how sexy you look right now?"

"I do, but I wanted to see your reaction. Why do you think I asked about Speedos?"

Cindy came out and said that dinner would be ready in an hour.

"Elise, I have time before dinner to print those pictures for you," I said.

I went to my room and quickly put on a shirt and slacks and grabbed a jacket for dinner and headed downstairs. Elise had gone to her room and changed, not a quickly as I and when she got downstairs I had booted the computer and was opening the 'Elise' file.

She stood over my shoulder with her breast against my shoulder and looked at the thumbnails for the shots. "Please print the first one, the fifth and sixth, and the last two."

"Four by six OK?"


As I turned to the printer she stood slightly more erect and my face brushed against her breasts. "Excuse me. I didn't mean to do that."

"Maybe not, but I intended for you to do it."

"Then bend down here a bit and I'll do both." She did, I did and then, "I would love to lick and suck those nipples."

"And I would love for you to."

We watched the printer for a few minutes as it spit out the prints, and I stood and put my hand on her middle back. "Feel nice?"


"Do you have any bras like your mother was wearing the other day at lunch?"

"No, did you like hers? It's called a quarter cup, it supports but leaves the areolas and nipples bare."

"Yes, I did, a lot"

"I'm going shopping again soon, I'll get some. Any particular colors?"

"Yes, every color they come in. Do you think Janet would like to wear them as well?"

"I'm sure she would, both of us, especially for you. I know Mom has several as well."

"Do you like sheer bras as well?"

"I guess you do," as she looked at my crotch. "I'll see if Janet wants some and put those on my list of things that get Jack hard."

Tonight she was wearing a pair of yellow sandals in a higher heel with a simple yellow boat neck knit dress. The fit of course was excellent and it hugged her breasts and ass in a sensual manner. No wonder I had touched her back. I did feel a bra strap, after all Virginia had said that underwear was not an option for dinner. As she bent over to retrieve the prints she moved forward a bit and I let my hand slide down her back to her ass before dropping my hand.

"Cool," she said.

"The pictures?"

"No, the way you just 'accidentally' rubbed your hand on my ass as I had planned for you to. Did it feel as good as it looked this afternoon? Did you feel the garter belt?"

"Yes, as good, and yes. Let's look at the prints. If you want I can increase the brightness and the contrast to make the stocking tops stand out a bit more."

"No, next time I'll wear darker stockings and we'll plan on better lighting, either inside or outside. I wonder if my tits would look better with a different bra, an underwire perhaps, a quarter cup, or none at all? I knew I should have worn dark panties, it looks like a flashlight is on in my pussy, the way the white reflects the light. None would probably have been even better, don't you think. The shoes look ok, but a higher heel would have tightened my calves a bit more."

"Elise, why don't you say what you really think?" I said, sarcastically referring to her body parts comments.

"OK, but I think you like it when I talk about my tits and pussy. I notice your fly is straining now." She brushed the back of her hand against my cock.

Virginia entered from behind us and said, "I really need a glass of wine, that board meeting this afternoon was long and contentious, join me both of you. Let me see the prints, Elise."

As we walked to the living room, she continued, "You should wear darker panties. It looks like a flashlight is on under your skirt. None at all would probably be better. Although Janet's would have been pretty light without panties. You have such nice legs, standing would have shown them off better than sitting. Is Jack going to take more?"

My cock said yeeeesssss, my mouth hadn't caught up with the visuals of the pussies. When it did, I said, "Whenever and wherever you wish. If any of you want to learn how to manipulate them, I'll teach you."

Janet, who had just walked into the room, said "Manipulate?" and all three of them looked at my crotch.

Janet asked to look at the pictures and essentially gave the same comments as Virginia except she added that the stockings could have been a few shades darker. "I want some like these, Jack. And next time you shoot Elise, I'd like to help. Could be good experience when job hunting. Glamour photography assistant would be a nice addition to the educational and practical experience section on my resume."

"Elise, get some glasses from the bar, I'll have Cindy get the wine. How about a nice Chardonnay tonight?" Virginia asked.

At that Cindy brought in an opened bottle. "Fresh from the wine room Mrs. Adams."

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