tagGroup SexSummer at Home Ch. 03

Summer at Home Ch. 03


Thanks to CD Conejo whose books inspired me to begin and whose constant encouragement keeps me writing. I suggest that you read the first two chapters before reading this one to become acquainted with the characters. Be patient, this is a work in progress, there are already six or seven chapters completed, and the story is just beginning. Comments are encouraged. Fluids and moans, in the next chapter.


I was lying on my bed listening to my MP3 player, reading an article in a recent AOPA Pilot magazine and didn't hear my door open. I did sense that someone was in the room with me and I looked up and Janet was standing beside me. I turned, pulled the buds from my ears, sat up, and took in the incredible vision before me. Janet had on a very short, very sheer baby doll that did not conceal or leave anything to the imagination. Her breasts were nicely shaped, light colored areoles, firm nipples and her bush was trimmed into a landing strip about two inches wide and as blonde as the hair on her head. Now I realized what Virginia had meant when she said that if I had taken upskirt pictures of Janet the light color would be there, white panties or no panties. Her hair was down on her shoulders and her lips were pale red. Those were probably the last of my coherent thoughts, and then she said "What do you think? Will I make a good subject to photograph?"

Before I could answer, she turned around and pulled the hem of the baby doll above her waist, and bent slightly forward. "Nice ass, don't you think? I thought I'd give you a preview of what'll be under the clothes that I model for the photo shoot next week. Or, if you have the time we could do a test tomorrow. I'll pick the outfits; we'll both work on the poses, say after lunch?"

With that she turned around very gently wrapped her hand around my cock, "Well, there's no doubt that I have your attention."

She then turned and left the room, paused before shutting the door and turned her head, smiled, "Sleep well, you'll need the rest."

There are times when I'm a great conversationalist, this wasn't one of them. I had to take a shower and jack off if I ever had any hope of getting to sleep tonight. I think I fell asleep with my hand on my dick and don't remember anything until the alarm.

I peed, brushed my teeth, ran the Norelco over my face and put on whites. I was just opening my door hall, when Janet, now fully clothed, stepped out of her room "Good morning, Jack, remember me?"

"Yes, everything, including the promise of today. You are a stunning woman, Janet."

"Since it will be after lunch, we'll do it in the cabana, OK? Make sure that the furniture gets moved and the air conditioner is turned on this morning. And thanks."

I don't know how I managed it with my throat constricted, but I did manage an "OK."

Again I grabbed a cup of coffee as I went through the kitchen on my way to the court. Virginia wasn't using the backboard, but was sitting on a bench drinking coffee. "Susie and Doris should be here shortly, they always seem to run a little late. She stood, stepped toward me and kissed me with an open mouth. She was close enough to press her breasts lightly against my chest. Instant hard on! As she stepped back a few inches, I heard a female voice shout "Get a room, kids"

Two women were coming from Virginia's house down the slope to the court. Doris and Susie, I presumed. The first one to reach us stepped directly to me and kissed me full on the mouth, "Hi, I'm Doris, you taste like coffee and Virginia knows how I like coffee."

Susie approached me from the side, "Jack" as I turned she too kissed me with as much vigor as Doris. "Want to do a foursome and it doesn't have to be tennis. He's gorgeous, Virginia, where have you been hiding him?"

"I haven't, he lives next door, he's Olivia's son. He's staying here this summer while Olivia and Peter have gone to Spain and the house is air conditioned and rewired."

"He's staying in your house!"

"My God, Jack, eat well, keep your energy up, you'll need it. Obviously Virginia is attracted to you, with both girls home for the summer, and now that we've seen you."

The best I could do was look puzzled, Virginia winked at me and said, "Later, Jack"

Doris was the shorter of the two, probably five-five, light brown hair pulled back for the occasion into a pony tail. Very nicely tanned, shapely legs, a slightly fuller, but very shapely ass and larger breasts than either Susie or Virginia. 36C I guessed. I'll bet they'll be fun to watch bounce as she runs around on the court and I wasn't disappointed. Susie had dark curly hair, long, and down on her shoulders, about five-seven, very shapely legs, a little fuller in the calf then Virginia, shapely ass, narrow hips and smaller breasts. Both had intensely blue eyes, unusual for the black hair, I thought. Both were wearing tight tee tops and shorts, not a skirt like Virginia.

"Virginia, are you going to feed us after we play? We also brought suits for a quick dip although I imagine they aren't mandatory. Maybe out of deference to Jack they are for today."

I do not know how I played as well as I did, surrounded by jiggling breasts, gorgeous women, wonderful legs. We played six sets, two with each as my partner. It was tough looking across the net at whichever pair were my opponents. I assume that the constant activity kept my cock down, but I'm not sure. During water breaks my partner would throw their arm around my waist and let their hand slide down to my ass which they would squeeze before removing their arm. After the second time, I couldn't get enough water breaks. I wasn't sure if I could return the favor so I didn't try, just enjoyed the activity.

After the sixth set we trudged up the hill to the pool deck, Susie and Doris went into one of the cabana changing rooms and came out wearing rather modest bikinis. Wonderfully flat stomachs, outstanding cleavage, pretty, pretty women, and low heeled slides

Virginia slowly peeled her top off, and put on a short wrap top that she tied around her waist and left most of her bra showing. She pulled off her shoes and socks and slipped her feet into medium high slides that she had brought out earlier. This was done in front of me with a smile, instant erection.

"You certainly seem comfortable here, Jack," said Doris watching me watch Virginia's bra show.

I took off my shirt, sat down and mumbled something. Janet and Elise were already at the table drinking coffee and juice, both in bikinis and heels. Elise said "Do you usually start the day with a hard on?"

"No, not until I moved in here."

"Hard on! Damn, Virginia!" Doris exclaimed.

"Seems to be a regular occurrence, no less," added Elise.

Cindy brought food, more juice and coffee and we ate in relative silence. Until Susie asked, "Are you a leg man, Jack?"

"Well, I hate to discriminate, but breasts and butts are about on the same level."

"No, Jack, tits are on top, butts are in the middle and legs make the connection to the ground to hold them up," Doris remarked.

We finished, I got up to go in to get into my suit, swimming seemed to be next on today's agenda, Virginia walked in with me and said as we went upstairs "And you thought that Elise and I were outspoken. I sometimes think that Doris and Susie invented the term to describe themselves. If they ever think it they say it. Don't be put off, I like them both a lot, we have been best friends since college, and that's a long time"

"I'm not offended, I find it refreshing." As we walked she untied the wrap top and was unfastening her bra just before we got to my door. She put her arms forward and let it slid down, catching it with her hand. "Like them Jack? A bit easier then looking at them thru sheer fabric, yes?"

"Oh, yes" I reached for her shoulder and pulled her to my chest. Her hard nipples felt good on my bare skin, I kissed her lightly and said "We'll be missed" I turned her back to me and lightly cupped and squeezed her breasts and lightly pinched her nipples.

She disengaged and swung her hips down the hall, looking over her shoulder and said "Just a taste, Jack, just a taste." "Thong suit?"

"I don't think I'm ready for that, your daughters will have them on I suspect."

"See you outside, then"

She did come out a bit later in an incredible one piece suit, very narrow crotch, almost non-existent sides, just enough fabric to almost cover her pussy, ass and breasts. The straps fastened at the back of her neck. The fabric in the crotch didn't completely cover her red hair, as she saw me look she asked "Is the fur fringe OK with you?"

"Well, yes"

"Virginia, I wish I had brought my suit like that. It's a gold mesh kind of fabric, I cut the liner out over the tits and pussy areas, and it's incredible. Or Doris says it is," Susie remarked.

"Really Susie, bring it next time, I'd like to see on you, or you through it." said Virginia.

Yeah, I'll bet it's incredible, from what I can see, your breasts probably are too. "Not nearly as nice as mine." Virginia said into my ear.

"Jack, go get a couple of the lawn guys and have them carry the furniture out of the cabana room. Ladies, be modest, keep towels over the barest parts, we don't need these guys hanging around getting their rocks off."

It took the four guys I rounded up about fifteen minutes to empty the cabana room of all the extra furniture except for the sofa and two chairs and a couple of lamps. I turned on the AC and closed the doors.

Both Janet and Elise had thong bottoms on and Janet's ass looked every bit as delectable as it had last night with nothing on. Everyone kept their tops on, I guess out of deference to the lawn crews that were still working at both houses.

Susie and Doris excused themselves, saying that they had a luncheon to attend, and made sure that Virginia knew they would accept invitations soon for more 'tennis'. Cindy served cold cuts and iced tea for lunch, Elise said she would be back later, errands to run. I wondered what colors she would come back with. "Probably red, black and a sheer white if I know how her mind works," said Virginia.

"Sheer white?"

"Yes, both of us asked for that."

"Jack, are you ready to get set-up? I'll help you with the lights"

"That's OK Janet, you concentrate on the clothes, I'll manage the lights"

"I've got some phone calls to catch up on, you two have a good time and don't get too hard, er, don't work too hard," said Virginia over her shoulder.

"Thanks Virginia, I sure it will be the former and not the latter."

Janet came back across the deck in a short terry robe, high heels and Cindy following her with some clothes draped over her arm. Janet was carrying a large canvas beach bag. "Jack, would you move one of those arm chairs to this end of the room. Cindy, please put them there, thanks. Wow. Those do look like umbrellas."

Janet opened her robe and stood there in panties her finger under her chin in thought. "I think we'll start with something simple, a satin blouse and short skirt, these heels should work. Bra?"

"Not on my account"


Janet slipped into the blouse, buttoned all but the top two buttons and stepped into the skirt, which fit her perfectly. "Let's begin with you standing off to the side of the couch. And assume some simple poses like your models did at school."

I rearranged the lights to handle the posing area and I was able to shoot fairly rapidly as she began to move about because the umbrella fill-flashes were running on AC not battery power.

"Put your hands on your hips, spread your legs to tighten your skirt, now turn to your left and bring your right shoulder forward a bit. No, that didn't quite work. Undo another button and let's try the same pose again, there that did it, let me move in closer and shoot two or three. Now turn so that you are in profile, twist your torso a bit toward me. That worked, too, those nipples must be really hard, are you glad to see me?"

"Always, but it's also cold in here."

"Let's move over to the arm chair and sit with your ankles crossed and your hands on top of each other on your knee." Now, just move your legs back and forth leaving the bottom of your foot in the same place. Move your knees to one side, and twist your torso to the other side and your blouse should open up. There, it does. You do have magnificent breasts, Janet."

"Let's stop for a few minutes, move over to the sofa and I'll preview the last series on the viewing screen of the camera."

As Janet leaned against me to look at the screen I could feel her breast thru her blouse on my bare arm. She also put her hand on my leg and was slowly moving it from my knee to the edge of my shorts. I wish I had about 300 pictures for her to look at.

"Jack, the lighting looks great, the color is good, at least to me, are you satisfied?"

"I think after this session I'll go out and buy a laptop computer so we can download to it and look at them in much larger size. That way we won't be running into the study to download then to the desktop computer. One thing I did notice is that until you get more evenly tanned it wouldn't hurt to wear stockings or pantyhose to get a nice uniform color on your legs. They also wouldn't look so shiny from the flash."

"Whatever you think Jack. I didn't think about that. I'll run back in and get some."

"Hi, Mom, I'm going in to get some hose, going to join us?" Janet said as she passed Virginia on the deck.


"Hi Jack, can I watch?"

"Sure." You can participate if you wish. "I said that didn't I?"

"Yes, you did, I think I might. I'll bet Janet won't mind. How hard are you?"

I took her hand and held the back of it against my bulging shorts "There's your answer."

"You feel very, very good."

Janet came back in carrying a handful of tan nylons and garter belts. "Stockings or pantyhose? Was your hand on his cock Mom?"

"Yes, just checking to see how hard he is."

"Is he."


"What are you going to wear next?"

"That long black slit skirt, with the silver satin shawl neck blouse and silver heels."

"Do you want the stocking tops to show at the top of the slit?" I asked.

"Not for the first series, let's do pantyhose first." She unzipped her skirt, dropped it. Pulled off her shoes and began to put on her hose.

"Janet, take off your panties, you don't want a panty line in that skirt. I know Jack will shoot you from behind just to look at your ass."

"Good point, you do like my ass don't you Jack."

"There isn't an ass in this house that doesn't turn me on, you both know that."

"Right answer, wasn't it Mom?"

"Stand, hand on hip, rotate and let me shoot while you do." After twenty or thirty shots, "Now cock your hip, and bend forward a bit, I'll move around you"

I couldn't help but notice that the blouse fell away and open a bit in this pose. "Now put one foot on the edge of the chair cushion, and rotate your torso." This pose bared a good deal of leg and again her blouse was open. "Now sit, in profile to me, cross and uncross your legs as I move around you." Another group of delightful leg shots.

"Janet, bend over again in profile." As she did, Virginia adjusted the blouse to show more than the inadvertent peek of nipple.

"What are you doing?"

"Showing some of your assets. Shoot away Jack. Wait, Janet take off the skirt and let Jack take a few of you in the pantyhose, blouse and heels."

She did, and I did. Virginia made sure that Janet's ass was not covered by the blouse in the rear shots and that her pubic hair was visible through the hose in the frontal shots.

"Stockings now, Janet?"

Janet pulled down her pantyhose, then reached for a pair of stockings and a black garter belt and panties from her canvas bag. "Wear the v-string, sweetheart," said Virginia. She pulled on the panties, such as they were, then fastened her garter belt and pulled the straps under the sides of the panties, then sat on the couch to pull on her stockings and stood to fasten them to the garter belt.

"Jack, shoot her like that before she puts on the skirt. Turn, Janet and lift your blouse a little so your whole ass shows. Bend this way and let me adjust your blouse again. Got enough Jack, or are you about to cum in your pants?"

"Yes, and hell, yes."

"Now put on the skirt, sit and keep pulling it up until we can see your bare thigh through the slit. Nice. Now face us, and spread your legs slightly, just enough to see the stocking tops but not your panties. That looks great. Now turn sideways and put your leg on the cushion. No, turn the other way so the slit is on our side. That's it, now wiggle your ass so that the skirt begins to slide up. Now pull it above the stocking tops. Janet, you're making me wet. I can only imagine what's happening to Jack," said Virginia.

"Use your imagination. It won't be much of a stretch."

"I think we may have time for one more before I need to run to the computer store before they close."

"Take a few of me now, Jack, Virginia said. She was wearing a straight skirt, medium height slides, and a satin blouse. "I'll just stand here and do what Janet did and you move around me." Who was I to argue. "Now, I'll sit as Janet did. You do want my skirt to slide up a little bit for each shot?"

"Of course."

Virginia sat on the edge of the sofa and began to slide her skirt up. For the last few inches she turned towards me and parted her knees. "Notice the dark panties, Jack?" With that she parted them a bit more, and said "Be sure to get this pose."

Janet said, "Take off the skirt Mom, I'm sure Jack would like to get the full effect of your legs, perhaps a rear view too." She did, I did, Virginia did.

"Let's stop now, I'll get the laptop and we'll look at this afternoon's work over drinks before dinner." Or I'll cum in my pants right here. Virginia winked.

As Jack was crossing the deck he passed Elise who was carrying a number of bags. "Are Mom and Janet in there?"

"Yes, I'm going to go buy a laptop and we'll look at this afternoon's work before dinner, see you in about an hour."

When I returned Elise and Janet were poolside and I walked over and put the laptop on the table. "Can we look now," Janet asked.

"I'll be back in a few minutes, and yes."

I went inside and went up stairs to use my bathroom. As I walked back into my bedroom, Virginia was standing there wearing a short grey skirt that was at least ten inches above her knees, light grey stockings with the bottom edge of the stocking welt showing below the skirt hem, grey pumps, and a grey quarter cup bra. Her nipples and areola showed above the tops of her bra cups. "I can't decide what kind of top to wear, what do you think?" She moved toward me. "Would you like to photograph me wearing this?" She raised her skirt to show me the matching gray garter belt and panties, then turned to show me that the panties were a very narrow thong. Instant erection. She turned, lowered her skirt and put her hand against my cock and gently squeezed it.

"Yes, I would, how about tomorrow." And how about a blowjob right now. "I would love to suck you right now, but the look on your face would probably be too obvious to the girls when we go back downstairs."

"Tomorrow then"

"Count on it."

I don't remember going back downstairs, but I must have because the next conscious thought I had was walking across the deck to the cabana to retrieve my camera. Both Janet and Elise were watching me and when I returned to the table, Janet asked "What did Mom do to you?" I told them what she was and wasn't wearing, omitting the oral sex part, and that she wanted to be photographed wearing it.

"Sounds like one of my skirts," said Elise. "I'll bet she looked gorgeous."

"She did"

"Talking about me?" She said as she walked across the deck, now wearing high heeled sandals, no stockings, a short tight skirt and a tank top. Janet was still wearing stockings, I assumed, and the same skirt and blouse we had started the photo session in. Elise was the most demurely dressed of the three women, longer skirt, blouse and slides.

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