Summer Ch. 03


Many thanks for the support and encouragement I have received from the people who have read these stories. It really helps to hear from you and I thank you for your comments. Once again let me state that all characters in this story are over the legal age of consent.


In just a few short days we four lads had sexually come of age. We had progressed from being schoolboy virgins to being sexually active and adventurous young men and like any other young men, once sex had become available, and so readily available in the form of Sue, we could not get enough of her.

In a very short time we had moved from being wistful dreamers to active predators. We were now hunting in a pack.

Within two days we had learned how to stalk Sue; we had learned how to gain physical and mental control over her and unclothe her. Once we had her naked we stormed all over her lovely young body, we explored every inch of her, watched her responses to what we were doing, experimented with her; and majorly we had also realised that despite her initial resistance to our advances, and when we were in a group there was always some resistance to our initial advances, that despite this resistance Sue actually wanted to be undressed and used.

She loved to submit, she wanted to be taken. I am no psychologist but it almost seemed as if she needed to be taken. She loved having us take her clothes off and then use her. She had probably been thinking about having the boys undress her for a long as we had though about undressing her; but in those days nice girls just didn't take their clothes off willingly for a boy, let alone a whole group of boys.

This was the sixties and we were in a small mining village in Yorkshire. We had no real access to risqué books or pornography to show us that there was a whole world of change going on around us; even the films and music we were listening to and watching just promoted this middle class attitude of saving yourself for Mr Right; the whole ethos of our upbringing was 'don't do it' before marriage.

The 'swinging sixties' may have been raging in London with the promise of the free love and mini-skirts but they certainly had not reached our village yet. We were still firmly mired norms and mores of the 40's and 50's.

Within the last few days however we had broken all those norms and Sue had broken them with us. The feeling of freedom and excitement was breathtaking.

Breaking the social norms that we had grown up with may have added an extra level of excitement to what we were doing but I guess at that age, when the hormones were flooding our systems and sex was literally just days old simply being able to do what we were doing was exciting enough. I figure that we just considered ourselves incredibly lucky to be where we were and doing what we were doing; we didn't really question it any further.

We were simply four guys who lived in a small village who had made a fantastic discovery, a girl who wanted us to take her clothes off and make love to her. This was the most exciting time of our lives.

Looking back on it now I really don't know how Sue survived those first few weeks. We had her naked at every possible opportunity and when we had her naked we used her for hours. When she was with us there was rarely a time when someone wasn't touching or undressing her or didn't have their fingers inside her; and in truth, despite the ever present initial resistance, Sue seemed to thrive on being the sexual focus of the four of us.


The summer continued hot and dry and the gang continued to meet every day. The number of guys in the group changed on a daily basis as we had to deal with home responsibilities and chores but whoever was available and whatever we did, Sue was always included.

Today it was just Dave, Sue and I who met up. There always seemed to be an extra frisson of excitement when it was just the three of us. Sue always seemed to smile just a little more and seemed a little brighter when she saw that it was just the two of us. As always we met by the playing fields and immediately struck off into the woods by the railway track.

Conversation was desultory in the growing heat and the air was heavy with the earthy smell of vegetation. As we walked along the path began to rise and veered slightly to the right as we neared the railway. We cut off the path and made our way towards the railway and soon we were standing at the top of the embankment. Through the trees we could catch glimpses of the tracks below shimmering silver in the bright sunlight.

Sue sat herself down and wrapped her arms around her knees. Dave sat beside her. "Are you wearing knickers?" he asked without preamble.

Sue gave a smug half smile and sat back. "Might be" she said.

Dave laughed, "What do mean, 'Might be'?"

"What it says; I might be wearing knickers and then again I might not."

"Saucy bloody thing aren't you?" said Dave, "Only a few days again and you'd have ripped my head off for even thinking about asking a question like that." He sat beside her and pushed her back onto the ground. "Now you are positively asking us to find out ourselves."

Sue laughed again. A liquid bubbling laugh that made me smile "Might be, then again I might not" she said.

"Then I guess we will just have to find out" he said and took the hem of her skirt between his fingers. He looked at me, "What do you think? Is she or isn't she?"

"She is" I said and Sue looked at me and smiled. Dave pulled her skirt up and peered under it. "Bugger! You win. She is."

I sat beside her on the other side and took the bottom of her skirt out of Dave's hands and folded it back to her waist revealing her long shapely legs and white cotton pants. "Ah yes, Indeed she is," I said and reached out and pulled the waistband of her knickers away from her tummy, "but I feel fairly certain that she will not be wearing them for long."

Sue raised her eyebrows in mock surprise and said "Oh!" I pulled gently on the waistband of her knickers, pulling them down at the front to expose her flat, firm tummy. Dave placed his hand on her stomach and Sue lifted her bottom as I eased her knickers down over her hips.

Her knickers continued their downward journey and I hesitated, as always, at the first sight of the soft golden curls of her pubic hair. There was a small hissed intake of breath from Sue as Dave almost lazily reached out and trailed his fingers gently through them.

For a moment we were content just to look at her. There is something so sexy about a girl with her knickers halfway down her thighs and Sue was happy to be looked at, the sun shining on her skin; but we wanted more that to just look and her knickers were unceremoniously pulled down her legs and over her shoes and dispensed with. Her skirt soon joined them in a pile at her feet.

There was no resistance from her today; she did not put up any kind of a fight as we had stripped her knickers and then her skirt from her. She lay there and watched as we did it, she liked being handled like a rag doll, having her clothes literally pulled off.

She showed no embarrassment as she lay there, in fact I think that today she was in a hurry to loose her clothes; she wanted to be naked as much as we wanted her naked.

We were a little off the beaten tack and we were laid just a little down the embankment so there was little danger of unwanted visitors. We could be seen from the railway side but we knew we would have time to cover up if a train came.

Sue's bra and blouse quickly joined the rest of her clothes in a pile by her feet and suddenly she was completely naked again, lying between us in the sunshine, her head resting back on her arms, smiling up at us, her eyes shining. She was truly beautiful at that moment, a naked young women revelling in the knowledge of her beauty and the first full flush of her sexuality; she was ready for sex and anticipation was adding to her confidence; the knowledge that we wanted her was making her bold.

We sat on either side and studied her at our leisure and we could tell that she loved the inspection. Her breasts lay soft and full on her chest, her nipples hard and firm in anticipation; her skin glowed in the sunlight. My eyes followed the soft curve of her belly down to the swell of her hips and the tangle of soft golden curls where her legs met.

We knew that she felt beautiful and sexy; she glowed with that sublime confidence of a newly discovered sexuality that young women often display. She lay waiting. "Open your legs." I instructed. After only a moments hesitation her legs opened and we casually leaned forward to continue our very intimate inspection.

Between her legs her sex glistened in the sunlight, her moisture already wetting the outer lips of her vulva. As we watched her outer lips parted slightly as her excitement grew exposing a little of her deep coral inside. She must have felt the involuntary movement of her sex, the visible betrayal of her excitement.

I pulled her nearest leg closer to me and rested my arm on her knee and my chin on my arm and watched her sex swell and unfold before my eyes. "Incredible." Dave whispered half to himself.

As her excitement increased more moisture began to seep out of her and work its way down between her legs. Anticipation of our fingers was making her wetter. Her lips were opening in invitation, her body making ready for invasion, more receptive to penetration. Sue was exposing herself, we were doing nothing other than watch and the more we watched the more turned on she was getting and the more her lips opened.

Moving her knee I gently stretched her legs further apart and her sex peeled wetly open a little more. I ran my hand from her knee down the inside of her leg toward her sex.

"Where is your little man?" I asked touching the moisture running down between her legs, "Does he want to come out to play?" Reaching forward with one finger I parted her lips to reveal the hooded tip of her clitoris hiding amidst the soft folds. "Ah," I said, "there he is." I touched him with my finger and Sue moaned softly. "Does he want to play?" I asked.

Sue moved her hips slightly searching for my teasing finger. I brushed lightly across the exposed head again. "I said 'does he want to play?'" Sue stiffened but again said nothing but her arms came down to her sides and her fingers gripped the grass.

I traced the tip of my finger around the sensitive bud. Sue moaned a little louder her eyes fixed on mine. "Well? Does he want to play? You are going to tell me you know." Sue opened her legs even wider and again moved her hips forward to keep my finger in contact with the sensitive head as long as possible and I again withdrew my finger. "Well?" I asked.

I heard the whispered "Yes".

"Yes what?"

"Yes," she said quietly "he wants to play."

Her need made me smile. "What's the word?" I asked. She looked startled,


"What's the word?" I said, "You have to ask nicely."

"You must be joking!"

"I never joke when I am about to put my finger inside you. Now ask me nicely." I leaned forward and blew gently on the sensitive head.

Sue stiffened and closed her eyes. "Please."

"Sorry? What was that, I'm afraid I cannot hear you."

"Please." She said a little louder.

I ran my finger up the length of her lips and touched her clitoris again, slowly circling the head. "Please what?"

"Please put you finger inside me." I continued circling the head of her clitoris. Her hips trembled a little. I slid my middle finger up to my first knuckle into her liquid warmth.

She rose to meet me. "Ahhhh."

"Is that what you wanted?" I asked and moved all the way inside her. Sue moved her hips against it.

"Yes." She breathed.

Dave leaned forward and placed his hand on her tummy. "Mind if I join in?" Sue stiffened again as I inserted a second finger inside her. "I'll take that as an OK" he said and slowly moved his hand up and onto her breast, finding and gently pulling on her nipple. Sue began to squirm and moan gently.

"God you are excited." I said felling her juices running out and over my hand. Sue moved her hips into my fingers. "You are a real exhibitionist aren't you? You really love us looking at you. You love being opened and touched. Having our fingers buried deep inside you like this." I pressed deeper inside her ask I spoke. Sue said nothing but knuckles whitened as she gripped the grass with her fingers.

Dave straddled her waist and drew her hands up above her head, pinning them together. With his free hand he gripped her breast. "You really are a tart you know," he said as he manipulated her breast, "you'll let us do anything to you won't you?"

Sue's eyes glazed as Dave roughly used her nipple. "You've let us strip all your clothes off you again, Pete's laid between your legs finger fucking you and I've got your breast to play with." Dave squeezed her nipple and Sue's head rocked from side to side and she gasped for breath.

"Yesterday you let all four of us fuck you and then Pete and I had you when your sister was just over the hill. You couldn't wait to get your legs open could you? You are a real tart," he squeezed her other nipple and she stifled a cry, "but you are our tart now, mine and Pete's, do you understand?"

Sue strained against his weight on her but she didn't say anything. He squeezed again and she cried out, more fluid poured out over my fingers.

"Do you understand?" he asked again and Sue nodded her eyes open wide. "You will do whatever we want whenever we want." Sue nodded again. "Good," he said, "now come for us you tart."

Sue climaxed quickly, crying out as she rose up to meet our hands before subsiding in a long series of shudders. Eventually she lay quiet, her muscles trembling as though she had just finished a long race. Dave ran his hand down the length of her as though soothing an animal. He moved off her and looked at me. "Swap".

I took my fingers out of her and Dave slid his in smoothly to replace them. Sue began to move instantly as his fingers began to feel inside her. I sat back to watch as Dave knelt over her hips, his fingers buried deep between her legs, now expertly moving her along towards a second climax.

His free hand found her breast and began to knead the already tender flesh. I lay alongside her and moved the hair from her face as Dave continued to play with her. She rose quickly to her climax and then on through it, subsiding quietly as the crisis passed.

"Don't stop," I said to Dave as he began to lessen the intensity of his movements, "keep her going." His fingers sank back deep inside her and slowly Sue began to ride them again.

I took her face in my hand and moved her head to look at me. Her eyes were bright and slightly unfocussed as Dave's fingers sought and found her attention. She reached out and grabbed Dave's shoulder as his fingers worked even deeper inside her. I took her wrist and moved it over her head, holding her arms to the ground.

Dave inserted another finger into her and Sue closed her eyes for a moment until she could accommodate him; then she began to ride them again. A slick sheen of sweat covered her brow making strands of her hair stick to her face. I brushed them away and turned her face towards me again.

"Do you love coming as much as we love making you come?" I asked. Her eyes closed momentarily and then opened to look at me. "Because we do love making you come you know. Putting our fingers deep inside you, keeping you wet, keeping you coming." I stroked her face and brushed my fingers across her lips.

I was still holding her hands above her head. "You have a beautiful body you know Sue. It was meant to be used like this. This is what it was designed for. This is what you were designed for." Sue looked at me, her body rising to Dave's insistent fingers. "You know it's true don't you?"

Without warning she suddenly sucked one of my fingers into her mouth and began to suckle on it. I guess it was an instinctive action but the effect on her was electric. She began to buck against Dave's fingers, pushing her hips high into the air trying to force more of him inside her.

She suckled deep drawing more of my finger into her mouth. I moved my finger around feeling her tongue and teeth. The feeling was incredibly sexy. Suddenly her head went back and she cried out around my finger, straining her hips high in search of the last ounce of pleasure from her climax.

She shook and shuddered around both our fingers, one set between her legs and the other in her mouth, squeezing Dave's arm between her thighs. Tears welled out of the corners of her eyes and streamed down her face and she thrashed through the last of her climax. Finally she lay quiet except for her ragged breathing.

From the distance came the unmistakable sound of a train approaching. The tracks ran only some fifteen to twenty feet away from where we lay. "Train coming" said Dave. Although we were disappointed to be disturbed so early we sat up and straitened ourselves out.

Still lost in a sexual daze Sue slowly struggled upright. She pulled her blouse around her shoulders and Dave draped her skirt across her knees so that from a distance she looked sort of dressed. She looked flushed and disorientated.

The train came grinding slowly along the track. It was a small, black, dirty, steam shunter with just a few empty coal wagons and a guards van on the back. The train crawled passed us and shuddered and clanked to a stop in a cloud of steam at a signal a few yards down the track.

We sat and watched it. Even to this day the joy of seeing steam engines has never worn off. The driver hung out of his cab and waved to us. Sue waved back, the blouse slipped from her shoulders a little but she recovered it before she showed too much.

"Almost gave him a show there." I said, "His eyes would have popped out if he'd have seen you a few seconds ago." She laughed quietly.

"How would you like that Sue?" I asked and she licked her lips pensively.

"What?" She said almost distractedly.

"How would you like flashing to a stranger? Showing him your body."

Sue sat with her arms folded across her chest under her blouse, hugging the blouse tightly to her. She looked down the open top of her blouse at her breasts. She looked up and gave me a strange sort of look and then, pulling her blouse closer around her, she turned to watch the train.

As the train stopped it seemed to settle onto the tracks as though preparing for a long wait. We watched the driver pull a crumpled packet of cigarettes out of his dirty jacket pocket and put one in his mouth. He struck a match and cupped his hands around the flame as he lit it.

From his cab we were almost at his eye level. He looked across at us and leaning out of the cab widow he turned his face slightly towards the sun. He smiled. "Been a great summer so far hasn't it?" He didn't have to raise his voice much for us to hear plainly hear him.

"It's been brilliant so far." I said, running my hand up Sue's back under her blouse feeling naked skin, Sue struggled to keep the blouse together at the front. Dave caught the double meaning immediately.

"Yeah" he said putting his hand behind her and feeling the top of her naked bottom, "the best I can remember."

The driver began to really look at us for the first time. "Too hot for working" he said. His eyes took in each one of us in turn and then went back to Sue. He stared at her for a while, taking slow drags of his cigarette. Sue began to shuffle uneasily under his gaze.

"It's OK." I whispered. "He's only looking."

"It's also too hot for clothes I see." He said, looking down, "At least it's too hot for some clothes anyway."

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