tagGroup SexSummer Ch. 16 Sue and I Pt. 2

Summer Ch. 16 Sue and I Pt. 2


We made love throughout the night, seemingly unable to get enough of each other. When we slept we dreamed of sex and I awoke erect and ready to start again, Sue always the willing partner. Our initial lovemaking was unadventurous, I just wanted to be inside her and she just wanted me there, clasping her legs behind me, pulling me deeper into her. I quickly learned how to control her, bringing her to her own climax before looking for mine. I also learned how to keep her going by reaching down between our bodies to find her clitoris, bringing her up for climax after climax before leaving her spent and exhausted and ready for sleep.

She rolled onto her back after just such a string of climaxes, "Wait a minute," she gasped, grabbing hold of my wrist, trying to slow the hand that was already worming its way between her legs again. I had not cum and so was following her across the bed. "Just give me a minute," she said again, "I need a rest," and she lay back with a sigh. I pushed her restraining hand away and worked my own between her legs again, pushing them open before moving on up to her sex. She sighed as my fingers found her again and her resistance crumbled and she opened her legs further to give me access. I slid slowly down her body to watch as my fingers opened her up. I traced the lips of her sex, slick with our mingled juices, slippery and warm, flushed a deep pink and looking well used. My fingers slid along her length, I just could not stop touching her. She sighed again and relaxed as I explored, my fingers wandering, dipping inside her and drawing out her wetness. I opened her lips and studied her clitoris, now small and hiding beneath its protective hood of skin. I pulled the skin back and Sue shivered.

"When did you first cum?" I asked inspecting her small almost translucent looking pearl.

"What?" she asked, almost dreamily as I slid a finger inside her again.

"When did you first cum? When did you first start playing with yourself?"

"My first cum?" she sounded vague, following the feel of my fingers, until she finally gathered her wits and thought about it. "Er, it was Jacks. My first climax, she made me cum, here, in this bed."

"Jackie?" I asked surprised, looking up at her. "Didn't you do it yourself? I thought that's how everybody learns? Under the covers at night, tossing yourself off; or whatever it is that women call it. That's how every bloke learns."

Sue shrugged and then sighed contentedly as I inserted another finger inside her. "I guess it never really occurred to me until Jackie did it to me," she continued, her eyes closed. "She was always a lot more precocious about sex than I was." My fingers moved softly inside her. Her insides felt like silk.

"Did the two of you sleep in the same bed together? My brother and I did when we were young." She nodded, her eyes still closed, my fingers still moving.

"It started as a game, at least on my part, somehow got more serious as time went on." She laughed quietly as if at the memory. "She used to get really frustrated before she learned how to make me cum properly. At first it would take her ages, talking me out of my pyjamas, I was fairly uninterested but she really persistent, kept at it, really tenacious. And then, when she'd finally got my clothes off, she'd just take control. She'd be all over me, trying all sorts of things. I was quite passive I suppose, but she would get really worked up, pulling at my nipples and pushing her fingers into me. What she lacked in technique she made up for in enthusiasm. She could get quite aggressive. It was a real relief to both of us when I finally came for her."

Pausing for a moment I looked at her; I was picturing the two sisters in bed at night with their parents downstairs watching TV. I could imagine Jackie being the more aggressive and adventurous, crouching over the prostrate form of her more compliant sister, much like I was doing now. Sue laying open legged, finally naked, Jackie working between her legs, trying to make her cum. "I guess she'd learned the technique by then," Sue said moving her hips, reminding me that my fingers had stopped. "She should have done, "she said as my fingers took up their slow but steady movement again, "she practiced on me enough."

"Did you ever make her cum?" I asked, my male inquisitiveness aroused.

"Not as often as she did me," she replied, "Often it was mutual, you know, we did each other but most times she started it and she finished it. She'd do me in the bath, in bed, any chance she got she'd have her fingers inside me. She is so bloody bossy and in a fight we're just about even Stevens so most times I used to give in just to keep the peace; and anyway, she was good at it and in the end I got to really like it. It felt a bit weird at first but I figured it wasn't doing anyone any harm and we both enjoyed it so why not?"

I shook my head in confused agreement. "When we'd first learned to do it properly she became as demanding as you and Dave did when we first started. I'd find her waiting for me when I came home from school. She'd grab me as soon as I came through the door." I laughed quietly but Sue shook her head, "She was really tough I tell you; she'd make me get my knickers off and lie on the bed and then she start in on me; rubbing me and pushing her fingers into me until I came. It made no difference to her if I wasn't in the mood. She'd just push me onto the bed and pull my pants off. She wouldn't take 'no' for an answer."

"Did you put up a fight?"

"At first, but she nearly always won."

"You mean she found your secret." Sue's eyes opened for a moment and she looked at me.

"Secret?" With my fingers still inside her I extended my thumb and touched the top of her sex.

"Touching your clitoris," I said as she stiffened and groaned. "You just give up when anyone touches it, you just collapse, all the fight goes out of you. You're easy after that." Closing her eyes Sue pushed my thumb away but placed her hand over mine, keeping my fingers inside her.

"She knew how to do that almost from the start," she said, relaxing as my fingers began to move inside her again.. "she'd sit on me and get her hand down the front of my pants. She knew that once she'd got her fingers inside me, on my clitoris, she knew that the fight was over. Not fair really. I was too easy." I smiled to myself as she again easily opened her legs for me and I explored inside her myself, my fingers sounding wetly as they probed deeper. She moaned quietly and settled herself in preparation for another climax.

"Wasn't it a bit strange?" I asked exploring deeper, "having sex with your sister?"

Sue shrugged and moved her hips, following the movement of my fingers. "I never really thought of it like that. It started out as a sort of 'doctors and nurses' game at first. We would each take turns at 'inspecting' each other. All kids do it but she was always more insistent than most. Her 'inspections' were much more clinical than other kids, she really did 'inspect' me, every inch. She'd been listening to our cousin Jane who had told her about cuming and she wanted to try it out on me. Sexually she really was streets ahead of me, I had no real idea what was happening except that she was experimenting on me. She'd work on me and the next day she'd go and ask Jane what she was doing wrong, or right. And she kept on until she could make me cum every time."

My fingers continued to move inside her and she stiffened as a first small climax washed through her. "Go on," I said without pausing, my fingers continuing their slow steady movement, "tell me the rest. Did you ever try and stop her?" Sue moved her sex slowly up and down against my fingers, she was talking now as much to keep her mind off the growing pressure between her legs as much as to tell the story or in answer to my questions.

She took a deep breath and continued, "Of course I did. She used to get really pissed off with me then. We'd wrestle and fight until she got her hand in my knickers and then it was over. Most of the times shed punish me for fighting back, right little bloody tyrant she was." I smiled as the strain sounded in her voice, She was having difficulty in controlling her voice, "As a punishment for fighting back she used to make me lie on my back with my legs apart and my skirt pulled up around my waist and she's 'inspect' me and play with me until she made me cum, at least once." Sue settled herself down into the bed, getting into the swing of her story now. "She was a bloody tyrant to me!" She said laughing. "She once tied me up on the bed and she just kept making me cum. She kept at me for bloody hours. She opened the window so that people could hear me cum; can you believe that? I spent the whole time trying to cum quietly and she spent the whole time trying to make me scream!"

"Who won?" I asked.

"She did," she said with a wry smile. "I could barely walk when she finally let me go. Mind you she was unhappy then," she said suddenly quieter.

"Unhappy?" I asked but Sue would say no more about it. I didn't realise it then but that was the first time I'd heard about Jackie's relationship with Alan next door. It would take me a long time until I could piece the full story together.

"When we first got you in the woods, when we first got you naked," Sue gave a sly smile and looked at me, "I thought you said no one had ever seen you naked before?" I asked slowing the pace of my fingers inside her. She groaned and I watched the frown of concentration as she fought to control the climax rising up between her legs.

She struggled to continue, "They hadn't, except Jackie and Jacks' is family so she doesn't count."

"Is Jackie a Lesbian?" I asked somewhat naively following a sudden thought.

"A Lesbian?" Sue exploded, half sitting up, throwing me off her, all thoughts of her climax gone. "Are you stupid? What the hell made you ask that?"

Startled I lay back and looked at her trying to gather my wits, "Well, for one thing you've been sitting here for the last hour telling how much she enjoys making you cum. Sounds a little suspicious to me."

"No way," Sue spluttered, half laughter, half anger, "she likes men! Trust me, she likes men. What do you think she's doing downstairs with Dave right now? She's not baking a cake; or she wasn't the last time I looked. And anyway I don't count, I'm her sister." I raised an eyebrow. "What?" she countered, "lots of girls experiment on each other! I'll bet blokes do too but they're much to bloody macho to admit it. OK, Jacks really used to enjoy making me cum; and she still does," she added almost as an afterthought, "but that's just Jacks, she was always wilder than most and thank goodness she still bloody well is; especially after what she's been through" she finished with a shrug.

I missed the afterthought and followed the main theme of my argument, "What about Gwen this afternoon?" Sue lay back on her elbows, her breasts swinging enticingly in front of me. I really couldn't care less about Jackie's sexual orientation and really wanted to get my fingers back inside Sue, to finish off the climax I had so stupidly interrupted.

"Yea, what about her!" Sue said enthusiastically, suddenly remembering the show Gwen had put on on the couch downstairs the previous afternoon. "Brilliant wasn't it? What a surprise eh! Good old Gwen! Who'd have thought?" I moved back closer and placed my hand tentatively on her thigh.

"Absolutely bloody fantastic but what I was going to say was that it was Jackie who took the lead. She got Gwen naked and she was the first to make Gwen cum." I slid my hand gently, almost casually between her thighs and her legs parted a little.

"Of course she was; who else could have got Gwen's knickers off?" She looked at me as if I was terminally stupid. "Gwen and Jacks have been best friends forever. No one else could have got her naked, although I'm fairly certain that despite her protests she actually couldn't wait to get naked, don't you?" I nodded my agreement, my fingers moving higher up between her slowly parting thighs; Moses parting the waters. "I think we were knocking on an open door there," she said finishing the thought as my fingers closed on the outside of her sex.

"Pete certainly was," I added, feeling bolder with my fingers back on familiar ground so to speak and Sue laughed briefly before closing her eyes and opening her legs to allow me access.

She rose to her climax quickly, crying out and pushing back hard against my hand, driving my fingers ever deeper. She was tiring but I wasn't, I was young and this was my first time of spending the night with a woman. I was insatiable, I was voracious, ravenous. I used my mouth and fingers until I was ready to cum inside her again. I was unstoppable.

She fell asleep in the early dawn with my fingers still inside her, the dawn light strengthening behind the curtains and I fell asleep still stroking her flank; and we slept the sleep of the dead.

I slowly awoke to a roomful of painfully bright sunshine and an erection. Not just an erection but the sensation of a warm wet mouth engulfing the head of my erection already bringing me towards my ejaculation. I lay back with my eyes closed and in my disorientated and confused state I could not differentiate between what was real and what was part of my still lingering highly erotic dreams. My head was full of a cascade of images of Sue from the night before, blonde, naked and wide open, Gwen naked with Pete stroking his monster between her legs and Dave and Jackie with Jackie kneeling proud and naked between his legs. I smiled as the sensation grew around the imaginary mouth that worked so beautifully on my erect and straining penis. 'I'm going to cum,' I thought lazily, 'what a way to wake up',

Reaching down and grasped the head that was bobbing up and down on my turgid shaft. "My God, Sue," I began as I began to reach towards my climax. She laughed around my straining cock and I casually glanced to my side. Sue was still fast asleep beside me. I stared at her for a moment as the realisation hit me. My mind went into a kind of cart wheeling freefall, the elephant dance, where everything happens in slow motion and your head fills with a roar like breaking waves. I attempted to sit up, pull back the covers and cum at the same time; and succeeded only in cumming.

Jackie held my dick firmly in her mouth and swallowed my cum without breaking her rhythm, draining me as, despite myself, I groaned and strained against her mouth and her restraining hand. I fell back against the pillow as she continued to suck until every last drop had been taken. I groaned again as her mouth finished working its magic.

I slid back the covers to find Jackie's happy face looking up at me, smiling up at me as she finally released my cock from her mouth. She was kneeling alongside the bed with her head under the covers. "What the hell are you doing?" I whispered frantically knowing as I uttered the words just how incredibly stupid they sounded. Jackie smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

"Bringing you a cup of tea," she said, her laughter bubbling up.

Sue turned away and pulled the covers up over her shoulders. "Will you two shut up? I'm trying to sleep." Jackie smiled at me and gave my cock a final affectionate pat and stood up. She was wearing a shapeless old pyjama top which she hitched up back onto her shoulders as she stood. She walked around the bed to Sue's side and sat down heavily. Sue groaned and pulled the covers up over her head.

"Come on sleepy head," Jackie said shaking her sisters sleeping form, "I've made us all a cup of tea. Come on, hutch over!" Sue rolled over and Jackie slipped into bed beside her. For the first time I noticed three cups of tea on a tray on the bedside table, presumably going cold. Sue groaned and rolled over towards me, still cocooned in the blankets.

"Leave me alone will you?" She groaned, "I'm tired and I don't want any bloody tea."

Jackie looked at me, "Bloody hell but you must have really worn her out last night. " I shrugged and tried to look nonchalant. Jackie took hold of the covers and peeled them down from the top of Sue's head. "Come on sleepy head, time to rise and shine."

Sue burrowed further down pulling the sheets tighter under her chin. "Leave me alone."

Jackie laughed and leaned over her. "Come on our Kid, time's up," she said grasping hold of the covers and yanking them out of her sister's grasp. Sue moaned and tried to grab the covers back but Jackie pulled them even further away, pulling them off her completely. Sue curled into the foetal position in an attempt to block out her sister and the new day; she wanted to sleep. "Never a morning person were you?" Jackie asked poking Sue who just shook herself as trying to be rid of a troublesome bug.

"When did you put a pyjamas on?" I asked, Sue was wearing a similar shapeless to her sister.

Sue opened an eye and glared balefully at me, "What is this, 'Twenty Questions'? I went to the loo a while ago, before she showed up," she aimed a poisoned glance at

Jackie who beamed in response and took a small bow, "it was cold. Also," she added, getting into her stride, all attempts at going back to sleep forgotten, "I don't parade around the house In the nude so that any passerby can get an eyeful."

"I think she means me this time," I said to Jackie, bowing slightly.

Jackie laughed and pushed Sue over onto her back. "Do you want a cup of tea or not?"

"Stop being so bloody cheerful. I hardly slept a wink last night!" Sue wearily complained at the ceiling

Jackie looked at me and laughed. "Congratulations," she said admiringly. "I did hear a lot it though. You were not too subtle and really rather noisy," she said and Sue shrugged.

"Where's Dave?" she asked.

"He went home last night. I think I wore him out."

Jackie took a cup of tea from the table and passed it over to me. I turned and leaned my back against the headboard and took a sip. It was almost cold. Jackie leaned across the recumbent form of her sister and reached down, taking hold of my penis. I jumped with surprise almost spilling my tea, an automatic reaction to someone grabbing your groin. "I say, steady on Old Girl," I said stuttered in my best Oxford English, "you'll scare the horses!". Jackie laughed and rolled my dick between her fingers, "I see she didn't wear you out." Jackie said.

"Leave him alone," Sue said sleepily, "go get your own bloke." Leaning fully across Sue Jackie stroked my penis which despite the battering of the last twelve hours, began to stiffen in response to her intimate handling.

"I'd say he's ready to go again." Jackie offered her professional opinion. "Mind if I have a test drive?" she asked and Sue muttered up at the ceiling, "Just leave him alone can't you? At least let me wake up with my own bloke ON MY OWN| Now just bugger off and take your bloody cup of tea with you."

Releasing her grip on me Jackie sat back and looked at her sister. "Bit of a sour mood this morning aren't you?"

"Bloody hell! Are you surprised? Now get out of my bed and leave me alone will you?"

Laughing Jackie leant over and placed her face close to Sue's leaving my neglected penis to bob ineffectually against my stomach, almost ready for action but now abandoned. "Expecting a little action were you this morning?" Jackie said good naturedly goading her sister, poking her in her ribs. Sue tried to push her away but Jackie wasn't going anywhere, she had the bit between her teeth and Sue was the target. Rolling over Sue turned her back on the annoyance that Jackie had become but Jackie was not to be thwarted, almost knocking me out of the bed Jackie suddenly leapt astride her sister, pulling her back onto her back beneath her. Taken by surprise Sue struggled ineffectually as Jackie pinned her arms above her head. I quickly placed by cup on the side table and watched as the two girls struggled. I have to say that there is nothing sexier than watching two lightly clad girls wrestling and I must admit that these two women were well worth the price of admission.

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