tagRomanceSummer Heat

Summer Heat


Sue opened her front door and was hit in the face by a blast of hot air and steam. After a long hot day at work and car trouble on the way home, this was something she did not need. "What the fuck?" And "Why me?" chased each other through her mind as she stepped inside.

The house was like a steam bath. It got worse as she went down the entry hall. Stepping off into the sunken living room was like stepping into a hot bath. Hot water came up to her ankle. "What the fuck?" she yelled as she jerked her foot back. Her tennis shoe and sock were soaked.

Heading back down the hall to the front door, she was trying to figure out where the water was coming from and hot water at that. The hot water heater was her first thought. Turning the water off was her second. The only problem was she didn't know where the shutoff for the water was.

Her ex husband crossed her mind as the first person to ask but she knew he would just laugh and hang up on her. Her dad could probably give her a list of places to look but he lived three hours away. She stood on the front sidewalk and looked up and down the street. She only knew a couple of her neighbors and only by sight. She sighed and whispered, "I should have made a few more friends."

She had spoken to Terry, the lady next door several times but they were gone for the weekend. An older couple lived across the street but there was no car or truck in the driveway. The house on the other side from Terry's was empty. She walked out to the edge of the street and looked both ways.

Two houses down, there was a truck in the driveway with "Peter's Plumbing" on the side of it. She turned and walked that way. "With my luck, he'll be on vacation," Sue said to herself as she listened to her one wet shoe squish.


She knocked on the door and waited. Then she knocked again. She started to knock a third time but sighed and turned around. She had made a couple of steps when the sound of a door opening behind her made her stop. When she spun around, a tall slender young man was looking at her from behind the screen door.

"Can I help you?" He asked.

"Uh... are you Peter, as in Peter's Plumbing?"

"No, he's my dad. I'm Gary."

"Is he home?" Sue asked hopefully.

"Sorry but he's on a job on the other side of town."

Sue looked around at the truck in the driveway. "But...."

"Oh. He bought a new truck. You know, one of those boxed in ones. I've inherited that pile of junk so to speak. It beats walking but not by much."

"Are you a plumber also?"

Gary shook his head. "I'm a college student at the moment but if I don't get my grades up...." He paused a second and then asked, "Are you having a problem?"

"Oh yeah. I came in from work and my house is one large steam bath and my living room is flooded. I don't even know where to turn the water off at."

"Hold on. Let me grab some shoes and some tools," he said turning away from the door.

He returned a few minutes later and came out onto the porch. Sue smiled at the crescent wrench and pliers in his hand. Standing next to her, he seemed even taller than she had originally thought. The baggy loose fitting shorts and t-shirt just added to the fact. She had to tilt her head back to look up at his face.

"I live a couple of houses down," she said.

"Lead on," he replied.

As they walked down the sidewalk, Sue asked, "Do you play basketball by any chance?"

Gary laughed and shook his head. "I'm a swimmer, like on the swim team."

"Oh goodie, that will help with the living room. It's an indoor pool and a heated one at that."

"That sounds like the hot water heater. I'll need to check it before I turn the water off."

"Shouldn't we turn off the electricity before we go wading around in the water?"

"Where is the electrical panel?" Gary asked.

"Uh.... Heck if I know. My ex husband and I bought this place a few years ago. He took care of everything until he left. Now I'm figuring out I'm totally lost."

"If it's like my dad's house, it'll be in the garage," Gary said as they turned into the driveway.

Sue stopped by her car, opened the driver's door, and hit the garage door opener. The large door slowly opened. It only took Gary a few minutes to locate the electrical panel and shut off the power.

"It should be safe enough," Gary said as he tried the kitchen door. It was locked.

"I came in through the front door earlier," Sue said as she dug her keys out of her purse and hurried to unlock the door.

Inside the house it was dark. "I should have brought my flashlight," Gary said.

Sue rummaged around on top of the icebox and found the flashlight she kept there for emergencies. "I have one," she said as she turned it on, lighting up the kitchen.

"Good," Gary said as he took it from her. "Lets see if we can find the leak," he said as he ran the light over the floor. The kitchen floor was dry but there was the sheen of water running across the floor under the breakfast table at the back of the long room.

Gary indicated the wall to the right and asked, "Your laundry room and hot water heater are there, right?"

"Yeah, the first door to the left in the hall."

Gary shined the light into the living room. The water was level with the floor to the kitchen. "You were not kidding about an indoor pool," he said as he started toward the hall to his right.

Sue followed behind. Even more steam billowed out of the laundry room when Gary opened the door. "Oh yeah, the pressure release valve is popped and spraying water everywhere. Some jackass forgot to run the pipe outside."

Turning around, he ran into Sue. She started to fall but he gathered her up in his arms and held her steady. "Uh, sorry about that. I thought you were still in the kitchen."

"It's all my fault." She replied quickly. When he held onto her for a few moments longer, she added, "I... uh... have my balance."

"Oh... uh... yeah," Gary said and slowly let go of her. "I... uh... need to go shut off the water."

Sue nodded and stepped back a step.

"Yeah," Gary whispered and headed across the kitchen and into the garage. Sue followed him quickly.

The water shut off was in the front yard near the sidewalk. It was a box in the ground with a small lift up cover but Gary pulled the whole top off. This gave him enough room to get a crescent wrench on the valve and turn it to the off position.

He stood up and nodded. "The water is off."

"That looked easy enough," Sue said as she studied the valve and meter in the box.

"Most things are when you know what and where."

"The where was my problem," sue said. "That and the how part. I would have tried to turn it off through the little door."

"There is a t-handle shaped tool that works through the door but I didn't grab one," Gary said as he turned to walk down the sidewalk toward his house. "I may have a new pop off valve in the garage, along with some pipe and fittings to run a line outside."

"What do I do about the water in the living room?" Sue asked as she followed him.

"I'd call your insurance company first and see what all is covered. Some just cover water damage. Others cover cleanup as well."

Sue dug her cell phone out of her purse. She dialed her insurance agent as Gary opened the garage door. He rummaged around in the garage while she found out that, yes, she was covered for damages but had to clean the place up herself. Or at least get the water out. Someone would be by the next day to appraise the damage.

Gary came out of the garage with a brass valve in one hand and a workbox in the other. "Would you grab those two pieces of pipe?" He said as he pointed with his chin.

Sue grabbed the pipes and they headed back for her house.


Gary swapped out the pop off valves and went to turn the water back on to check to make sure it was a good one. It was so he set about running the pipe so it went out the wall. He was looking in the corner behind the hot water heater. "There's no hole," he muttered and then opened the back door and stepped outside.

A moment later, he reappeared and said, "There is a hole in the brick but they sheet rocked over the hole inside. I'll need the drill and a bit to open it up."

"What can I do?" Sue asked.

"Bail the living room." He replied with a grin.

Sue shook her head. "That sounds like a hot messy job but someone has to do it and I guess since it's my house, that would be me."

"On my way out, I'll turn on the electric. All but the living room that is."

Sue nodded. "And I'll change into something cooler."


Sue was in her bedroom stripping off her work clothes when the lights came on suddenly. There was a gust of air from the overhead vent. "Maybe the air will work now that the hot water is shut off," she whispered as she took her bra off. Her small breasts were slick and sweaty as she ran her hands over them.

"Shorts and a t-shirt," she whispered as she turned to her dresser and rummaged in a draw.

With the tight white shorts and a baggy white t-shirt on, she felt cooler. So did the air from the vent.

Back in the kitchen, she turned on the overhead lights. The water was no longer flowing across the floor under the table but the drapes were wet at the bottom. She picked them up and hung then over a chair on each side of the window. The living room was still dark and steamy.

She looked around the kitchen and then went to the laundry room. The flashlight was on the top of the dryer. As she came out of the laundry room, she ran head on into Gary. He grabbed her and kept her from falling.

As he held her in his arms, he said with a grin. "This is getting to be a habit."

Sue squirmed and muttered, "I can think of worse habits."

"So can I," Gary whispered as he let go of her.

She grinned as she stepped out of his way. His arms had felt good around her, strong and reassuring somehow. Part of her mind whispered, 'he's half your age or almost anyway.' Yeah, he is, was her reply. She was still smiling as she crossed the kitchen to shine the light around the flooded living room.

With a grimace she stepped off into the warm water. It felt weird to be wading around in the living room. The couch and chairs were wet around the bottom. The TV was fine as well as the satellite box. The DVD player and VCR were under water. Several CD cases floated around the room. The books on the bottom shelf of each bookcase that flanked the fireplace were soaked.

She sighed and crossed the room to the siding glass door that led outside. She unlocked and opened it. The concrete of the patio was wet in three strips. She stepped outside and saw that the three strips were evenly spaced along the concrete ledge under the door. She wondered if there were holes there for drainage or something.

Gary had finished drilling the hole so she walked over to him and asked, "Is there any reason there should be holes in the concrete under the sliding glass door?"

"They could be weep holes to let any moister out that collects," he said as he walked down and looked at the three small streams of water. "Maybe we can open them out so the living room will drain."

"You finish what you're doing. I'll work on the holes," Sue said as she went in the house through the laundry room door. In the kitchen, she found a screwdriver and a flat bladed table knife.

Returning through the water in the living room, she squatted down in front of the sliding door and ran her hand along the base of the concrete. The carpet was snug up against the wall. She used the screwdriver to try and pry it back where she thought the holes were. Using the knife handle for a wedge under the screwdriver she saw the water flow increase.

"This just might work," she said to herself.

She felt along the edge of the carpet again and tried to get a grip on it. She worked one finger in the small hole she had made and pulled. It did not move so she pulled harder. Still the carpet didn't move. She went back to prying, trying to get the hole bigger. The water looked like it was flowing even faster out of the one hole.

"The carpet is definitely blocking the holes," she whispered as she pried along the carpet edge toward the hole on the left. About halfway across, something gave and she could get a full grip on the edge of the carpet.

With a grin, she rocked back and yanked on the edge at the same time. The carpet gave suddenly and she fell over backwards to sprawl out in the warm water. The wet carpet came up to cover her feet and calves.

Her yell of surprise brought Gary on a dead run. He skidded to a stop on the patio and looked into the living room. "Are you alright?" He asked quickly. Then he grinned and shook his head. "You need deeper water to do the backstroke."

Sue pushed up on her elbows and frowned. "That wasn't my intention, believe me. Is the water flowing any faster out there?"

Gary's eyes were on the front of her wet t-shirt and kept jumping down to the front of her wet shorts and then back to the top. He had no idea about the water outside; he was mesmerized by the wet cloth plastered to her breasts and sex.

Sue looked down at the front of her t-shirt and gasped. She might as well have been naked. The thin wet cloth was clinging to her breasts and almost completely transparent. She sat up quickly and covered her breasts with her hands. This just spread her knees wider and Gary's eyes dropped to the front of her shorts.

Looking farther down, Sue gasped again and slammed her knees closed. The thin cloth of the shorts was transparent also. She hadn't put a bra or panties on so everything showed. She groaned softly and whispered, "This just isn't my day."

"You sure have made my day," Gary replied with a grin. Then he sobered and stepped back. "Uh, where do you keep your towels? I'll go get you one."

"The linen closet behind the door in the bathroom."

He hurried away in the direction of the laundry room door.

Sue dropped her hands and slowly got to her feet. She pulled the t-shirt away from her body as she stepped out onto the patio. She shifted her hips at the feel of the clinging cloth of her shorts. She wondered if the back of the shorts were as transparent as the front.

"Talk about showing your ass and everything else," she said to herself.

"And a mighty fine ass it is, I might add," Gary said from behind her as he draped a towel over her shoulders.

Sue shivered but not from the chill of being wet. "At least I got cooled off," she said and then giggled as she realized that wasn't exactly true. One part of her was very overheated. More so than it had been in a very long time.

"I, uh, finished the vent line," Gary said, his hands still on her shoulders.

Sue used a corner of the towel to wipe the water off her face. She was well aware of his hands on her shoulders and his closeness behind her. She wondered what she should do next. One part of her wanted to turn around and kiss him. Another part was screaming for her to go get out of the wet clothes. A third part was laughing at her silliness.

"I guess I should go get out of these wet clothes," she heard herself saying.

"That would probably be a good idea," Gary whispered. "I'd offer to help but that wouldn't be a good idea, would it."

Sue giggled and turned around slowly. The next thing she knew, she was kissing Gary with more passion than she had felt in a long time. Even with him bent over, her head was pressed back. Her body bent backwards in his arms, her breasts rubbing on his chest as she gave herself over to the excitement of the kiss.

The next thing she knew, she was leading Gary by the hand toward her bedroom. As she passed the bathroom door, she changed her mind and went into the bathroom. She stopped just inside and lifted her arms over her head. "Shirt, please, she whispered.

Gary pulled her baggy t-shirt off over her head and dropped it on the floor. He used the towel to dry her shoulders and back before he moved it around to dry her breasts and belly. Moving the towel back up, he took his time massaging and caressing her breasts. Sue heard herself groan softly at the feel of his strong hands and the terry cloth rubbing her hard nipples.

Without a word, he bent over to kiss and nibble on her neck as his hands unsnapped and unzipped her shorts. A few moments later, her wet shorts hit the floor around her ankles. The towel wrapped across her front as he dried her hips and upper thighs. Then the towel was gone and his big hands were on her hips. As he straightened up, his hands ran over her belly and ended up covering her breasts.

"Shower or bedroom?" He asked with a slight catch in his voice.

Sue whimpered as his hands squeezed her breasts. She backed up against him and whimpered again as she felt his hard dick against her tailbone. "I... I... I don't know," she whispered as her nerve failed her. "I've never done anything like this before."

"Me neither." Gary whispered in reply. "In my fantasies yes, but never for real."

That soft statement calmed her nerves. "I've had enough water for a while," she whispered as she turned around to face him and took a half step back. Her hands were on the bottom of his baggy t-shirt. She slowly raised it up and then he helped take it off. His chest at eye level was muscular but not overly so. It was also smooth and completely hairless.

She shivered as she put her arms around his waist and kissed his chest. She laid her head against it as his hands caressed and stroked her back. With a deep sigh, she moved her hands to the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down. Moving her hips back for a moment, his shorts moved downward until she let go of them and they fell away.

Moving back forward, she whimpered softly as she felt his hard dick press against her lower belly. Skin on skin it felt even hotter and bigger than earlier. Gary made a soft groaning sound for a second and the next thing she knew, he had her in his arms and was carrying her toward her bedroom.

At the side of the bed he paused and grinned. "I've only dreamed of doing this but..." With that said, he gave her a little toss and she hit the bed flat and bounced. She squealed and then laughed as he crawled on the bed to cover her body with his as they kissed.

He held most of his upper weight off of her with his elbows and forearms. His big hands were on each side of her face as they kissed passionately. Sue ran her hands over his muscular back and then raked her nails lightly across it. That increased the passion on his side as well as hers. She could feel the head of his dick as a hot spongy mass as it rubbed around her wet slippery opening.

She groaned into his mouth and tried to wiggle her hips. His lower weight had her pinned. He broke the kiss suddenly, pushed up on his arms, and looked down at her. He shook his head slowly and whispered, "There are a number of things I've always dreamed about doing before we do that."

Sue groaned again at his words and the fact that the head of his dick as pressed tighter to her opening. She was on the edge of being completely out of control for really the first time in her life. She whimpered loudly and took her hands off his back. She extended her arms out to each side as she spread her legs as wide as she could.

"I'll take that as a yes," he whispered and she nodded quickly as she closed her eyes.

His lips were back on hers momentarily and then he was kissing and licking his way down her neck to her shoulder. He spent time exploring the indent at the base of her throat and the dimples of her collarbones. She whimpered softly as he moved down and explored the softness, texture, and taste of her right breast with his warm wet tongue.

By the time he sucked on her nipple and flicked it with the tip of his tongue, Sue was moaning softy. She had never give up control like this before and it felt wonderful. The fact that he was taking his time and exploring as he went made it all that much better. He had an idea about what he was doing but seemed to lack the finesse that came with practice.

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