tagGay MaleSummer Job Ch. 02

Summer Job Ch. 02


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Bob had turned me on to something I had never imagined I would enjoy, let alone hunger for. Yet, I was so excited by what I'd done at the grocery store that I knew I would have to do it again.

That night, as I watched myself in my full-length bedroom mirror, naked, hard, slowly rubbing my swollen cock, I thought of teasing and showing off my body, having my cock sucked by a guy who lusted after me. My mind was far away, somewhere on a stage, spotlights glistening off my body, an audience cheering for me as I stroked. Suddenly, my body was gyrating, cum was spurting into my hand, over my cock, sliding up, down, up, cumming...cumming..yearning for Bob's next "lesson."

The next day the store was busy as the weekend approached. The only hint of what had happened the day before was when Bob brushed by me in the back room, letting his hand briefly move across my ass as he whispered, "That was a great performance yesterday, Johnny. You know I want you to do that again."

I laughed softly as I turned to look him in the eyes, putting my hand over his and moving it over the front of my levis. "I enjoyed it too, Bob, I felt so sexy, so fucking sexy, and then to get my cock sucked and also make $20. It was something I could definitely do again," I said.

We heard a customer come in the front door, so Bob moved away and started toward the front of the store. He looked back briefly as I moved both my hands over the front of my levis. "Later, Bob," I whispered.

Later that afternoon we were in the back room again. Bob came over to where I was opening some boxes. He pressed his pelvis against my ass and in a low voice said, "I want you to come over to my place Saturday night for a little party I'm throwing. Just a couple of friends who I know would love to meet you. Maybe you could entertain us by showing off that luscious swimmer's body of yours."

"Mmmm," I replied, "this sounds like a fun party." I knew I wanted to do it. I knew that having more than one guy watching me would be even hotter than what I'd already done. But I'd also been thinking all day about the $20 Bob had given me and the chance I might have to add more to my college fund. I decided to play a little hard to get.

"Yeah, Bob, I might be able to do that. Of course, you know I need to make some money for college, so I might have to be out working another job."

Bob laughed, as he looked toward the door to make sure no one could hear. "Ooh, already turning into a pro are you, Johnny? Sure, I think we could provide some financial reward. How does a $100 contribution to your college fund sound? Of course, we'd expect a real professional show for that price." I grinned. "That sounds like a deal, Bob, just tell me when and what I should wear."

"Why not make it about 9 pm," he said, "and don't worry about what to wear, I'll have some nice 'dancewear' for you to try on...and take off."

By Saturday night I was feeling about as horny as I had ever been. I was nervous, but also very excited. My fantasy was soon going to become a reality. I knew I was committed to more than just showing off, but I also knew I was too far gone to turn back.

It was going to be after dark by the time I arrived at Bob's, so I wasn't worried about the neighbors seeing me. I decided it would be safe to wear some sexy short shorts when I came to his door, just to set the mood for the evening. I took some old cut-off levis and made some additional strategic cuts in the fabric, shortening them even further than they already were and cutting a slit in the side of one leg up to the belt line. Then I cut out both sides in the back, leaving only the seam going up the crack of my ass [author's note: I still wear them--see my photo album].

When Bob opened the door, his grin told me he liked the shorts and the tight t-shirt I was wearing. "Wow, Johnny, you sure know how to look sexy. Come on in and meet the guys, they're waiting in the rec room."

As he brought me into the house, Bob put his hand on my nearly naked ass. "Man, I have a nice g-string for you to wear, but these shorts are so hot you could do a show just wearing your shorts." His hand still on my ass, he led me into his rec room. "Guys, this is Johnny, just as sexy as I promised. Johnny, this is Bill and this is Randy."

The room was dimly lit, but I could see that one corner of the room had been cleared of furniture and was surrounded by mirrors. Both men were seated on a couch facing the "stage" area and, like Bob, were wearing robes. As they got up to greet me, Randy's robe fell open to reveal his naked body. His 7-inch cock was clearly visible. He was about 6'2", and in very good shape. "Hi Johnny," he said, as he held his hand out toward me.

I shook his hand, and felt him pressing my hand firmly, not letting go as he let his eyes wander over my body. "Man, you are one sexy-looking guy, Johnny. I just love those shorts."

Bill had walked behind me. He was shorter than Randy, and a bit on the thin side. He put both hands on my shoulders. "Yeah, man, the rear view is especially hot." He pressed against me, letting his hands move down my sides.

"C'mon, kid, I think we're more than ready for your show. Let's see how sexy you can really be." Bob handed me a package and said, "You can change into this in the bathroom. I'll start the music and turn the spotlight on. Don't make us wait too long."

I took the package and walked over to the changing room. What I saw when I opened the package was probably the briefest gstring I had ever seen. It had a very brief piece of cloth to cover my cock with two thin straps that went up over my shoulders and met in the back, with a single strap that went down my back, through the crack of my ass to reconnect at the cock cover. I could barely squeeze into it, but I could see in the mirror that it was going to be a great hit with my audience. (this gstring is also illustrated in my photo album)

As I slathered some mineral oil over my body from a bottle that was sitting conveniently on the counter, I heard very erotic music coming from the next room. I took one last self-admiring look in the mirror and opened the door. My body was already starting to move with the music as I walked into the room. The only light was provided by a spotlight targeted on the "stage" area in one corner of the room.

The sound of hot music was joined by the cheers of three guys as I moved in front of the spotlight. I let my hands glide over my well-oiled body as the music took control of my movements. I was bumping and grinding, strutting my body in front of these guys, feeling so hot, feeling so sexy.

"Jeezuz, Johnny," Bob said, "You're so fucking hot, baby. C'mon shake that ass for us."

"Yes, do it Johnny..strut your stuff," Randy yelled. I was moving faster now, playing with the gstring as I danced, running my hands up and down the strings that went up my chest, moving my hands up and down the strings just like they were my cock. I moved my hands over my chest...down my abdomen, over my swollen cock, which had pushed out of the confines of the gstring. Then I turned away from my audience, watching myself in the mirror, moving my hands over my ass as I bent forward to give them a good view of my ass. They were all naked now, screaming for me to "take it off."

Bill was rubbing Randy's hard cock as they watched. Bob called, "Come on, Johnny, we've seen enough show, it's time for some fucking action!"

He walked toward me, his hand reaching out to pull the string down over my shoulder. He moved to his knees as he pulled the string down, my cock bobbing in the air, throbbing, as he took it in his mouth. He started licking it, up and down the shaft..then taking it in his mouth, licking, sucking. It felt so fucking good, I was so hot, so fucking hot. Randy and Bill were next to me, their hands moving over my body.

Bill moved his fingers into the crack of my ass, massaging up and down, then slipping a finger into my asshole. Randy moved beside me, his hands on my shoulders. He moved his face close to mine.

"Fuck, Johnny, you're so sexy, so fucking sexy. I want you bad, kid," he whispered, "I gotta have you." Bob was still playing with my cock, Bill's fingers moving in and out of my ass, as Randy's tongue reached out to touch my lips.

I turned my head away, but he pulled my face around, thrusting his tongue inside my mouth, kissing me, his tongue moving inside my mouth. I couldn't resist. I was kissing him, our tongues were swirling together. My body was thrusting into orgasm, driven by Bill's fingers and Bob's sucking.

I was cumming, fucking exploding into Bob's mouth, feeling Bill's fingers up my ass, kissing Randy, my body exploding into orgasm, jerking, cumming, cumming, cumming, then collapsing, falling to the floor. I was exhausted, laying there on the floor, hands still moving over my body. I was groaning, "Oh my god, oh my god, that was so fucking hot."

"Oh it's not over, baby...not by a long shot," Randy said as he turned my face down on the floor and sat over my ass. His cock moved up and down the crack of my ass. "Bill got you ready for me, baby," he said, as he rubbed ky jelly over my ass, then moved his cock into me, slowly, in and out...slowly, then thrusting further in, out, in, out.

"No, no..it hurts...don't." Then, as he eased it back, then gently forward again, I began to squeeze down on his cock, and the pain eased, I was taking him. I was being fucked, I was yelling, "Fuck me, fuck me!"

I was already hard again feeling Randy starting to cum in my ass, turning my head toward Bob's waiting cock, letting my tongue reach out to touch his cock, licking it, licking, then taking it in my mouth, alternatively sucking, licking, sucking.

Randy fell off me as I turned to pay full attention to Bob's rigid cock, continuing to suck as Bill moved to thrust his cock into Bob's ass. Bob's cock moved further into my mouth as he took Bill in his ass. I began to taste Bob's cum, then feel it flowing into my mouth, dripping off my lips as Bob's orgasm was matched by Bill cumming in his ass. I let my tongue swirl around Bob's cock, licking his cum, swallowing it, eating it, feeling so fucking hot again. Then I was cumming, cumming again. Nobody was touching my cock, I was just cumming from the sheer pleasure of feeling Bob's orgasm in my mouth.

We collapsed on the floor, the four of us, naked, exhausted. I looked at Bob, who was gazing at me, his head propped up on one elbow. "Oh man, Johnny, you are worth one hell of a lot more than $100. You'll get plenty opportunity to make more money, baby, and real soon."

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