tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSummer Job: White Lace Thong

Summer Job: White Lace Thong


This is the third Summer Job story. The previous two are Clothes shopping and Interviews. Interviews wasn't finished before White lace thong but chronologically happens prior White lace thong


It is fun what people will object to. For example I am currently closer to forty than I am to thirty and I decided to turn my hair pink temporarily. I've actually gotten the same disapproving looks I did when I would do something fanciful like that as a teenager. I am not rebelling against the establishment. For all intents and purposes I'm a card carrying member of the aforementioned establishment. So why does doing something fun, near the middle of my life, get the same disapproval?

It did however reminded me of a pair white lace thong panties.

I know, it's an odd thing to associate. Right? But it is the odd superficial things that seem to bring disapproval that reminded me of them. Well here was the situation....

I had come home from my 3rd year at the university, I had trouble getting my old summer job back. As in I wasn't going to get it back. I had drawn the wrath of my mother's constant as the icy north wind of disapproval from everything from how my body had developed, to the friends I made, and to the job I took. Things were just about at a place where they were going exactly where they should be, but so horribly wrong it was unfathomable. The white lace thong panties were just a microcosm of how the whole summer was going.

I had run into some old acquaintances at a restaurant and got roped into having drinks at the bar with them. These girls were still very much girls. They kept up with high school things, in a very high school way, that was very high school pathetic. They roped me in and set me up. They talked about the old crowd like they saw them everyday and at least kept tabs on them. When I begged off that I had a long day and had to get to bed, they sprung the trap.

"Well you're going to the service, right?" asked one of the high school hens whose name I couldn't remember asked. "I mean everyone will be there."

I feigned stupidity, hoping that they would talk behind my back about how I didn't keep up with current events. I had hoped in these deluges against my character they would add what a stuck up bitch I had become away at college. That way I would just get sneered at by all the stuck in high school bitches, should I run across them whenever I was in town. I was out of luck.

They insisted on informing me what I already knew. And I had to act concerned and shocked. The story was that a girl in our class, a popular girl, had died. It was in some stupidly tragic way, and the local news canonized her on par with a saint. I didn't even know her well enough to say hi in passing when we were in school together, but I knew enough that she was not up for sainthood either. I mean who of us are? Yes her death was tragic in the sense of a life cut short, but it was hardly a reason to make a folk legend of her. Or in my opinion, a make a mockery of her real memory with the fake and plastic platitudes that were sure to be part of this service that had become a circus.

Long story short, because I suffered enough trying to get out of it unsuccessfully, so I will not afflict the nauseating details on you (even if I could remember them). The service was in 2 days and as it happened I was going to it. It was going to be like a 3 year class reunion. Yay.

That night I called my boyfriend, who was flying in the next day to visit, to tell him to pack a suit we were going to a service. I explained that I really didn't know the girl but it had become a local phenomena, and that I'd become obligated to go. I told him it would be nice if he wasted a few hours with me. He agreed in that way that he would rather peel off his own nails with rusty pliers, but because I asked, he would go with me.


I met him at the airport the next evening. The plan was that he was staying at a hotel, and though I would pretend to be staying at home I would be spending my nights in his arms. A place I had needed to be. We had decided at the end of the school year that we would not be committed to each other other than for the 2 weeks he would come out to visit. This two week visit couldn't have been planned any better.

The evening was spent at the hotel catching up. As in I talked. He acted interested. The night was, unfortunately, mechanical. As he grunted away on top of me I wondered if that was what we did when we were at school and I had maybe been to tired or distracted to notice. Had my experiences in my ol' home town, liberated me sexually as college life was supposed to and had not? Maybe it was that I had bored him with my personal drama and that is what caused this lack luster sex. In the end I was messy and he was asleep. I ran through the shower to clean myself and decided home was the best place to be for the night. He wouldn't miss me much he was likely tired from travel and I would be sneaking out pre-dawn anyways to get back home, it was just a little early was all.

The next day he picked me up in the rental car for lunch and it was a warmer, more loving date than had been the previous night. He apologized for being out of it and I told him it was alright. That night he came over for dinner to meet the parents once again, this time on their turf. It was more of the usual for me. When ever a visitor was about mom did her best to ride me into the ground. She made the little comments that trashed me all night. I pretended that they didn't hurt and the table would get uncomfortable eventually with my fake smile and her trying to kill me with the paper cuts of her criticisms.

We made it through dinner. We talked for a bit before saying we were going to use the pool at his hotel to get out of there. A preemptive move on my part. Mom surprised me with saying I should just stay the night, if it was ok with him, because the church where the services was being held was over on that side of town anyways. I said I thought it was a good idea even if mom would later make me pay the price with her insinuations. It was a price I was willing to pay.

I figured out what I would wear for the funeral service, plus what I would wear afterwards, a bikini that was way too small, and some lingerie in case I didn't get any action at the pool. I came back out, happy as a calm. Even moms little dig that it was unheard of in her day for a young lady to spend the night in a mans hotel room didn't get to me. I almost replied to her "Yes mom, I'm a sleazy little tramp. By the way, did they have indoor plumbing in your day?" But all that was said by anyone was "A lot has certainly changed." "Yes it has."

With that we were off to the hotel. When we got to the room I went for the bathroom, flung off my clothes, and squirmed into my bikini. Normally I wouldn't mind changing in front of close friends and boyfriends. But this, this was a spectacle. And I didn't want the image of me struggling into my bikini to be the image he saw while I was trying to seduce him in the pool, hot tub, or sauna. I wanted to be seen as a sex goddess, not the girl with a big ass that had to jump up and down to get into her bikini bottoms. It was all worth it, because when I came out of the bathroom his eyes threatened to pop out of his head. I even managed to get him to stop watching baseball to follow me to the pool.

We entered the glass elevator and that is where I started my flirtation. I leaned against the glass wall, pulled him to me, and kissed him hard. He pulled back feeling a little exposed I imagined, and my tongue flicked out, licking his retreating lips. I had one arm around his neck, and the other, down along his inner thigh. My hand brushed his already hardening cock, and I briefly fantasized about pushing the stop button and having him take me right there.

"Maybe," I kissed his neck, "I can manage," I worked my way to his ear, feeling his stiffness pressed against my stomach, "to stay with you," I breathed my hot breath in his ear and pulled on him lob with my teeth, "for the whole two weeks."

The elevator reached the ground floor. "That would be cool." was his inelegant response.

When we stepped out of the elevator I was sure I could see several of the men at the bar look with jealousy at him and check me out. Both turned me on. One that they knew what I was doing in the elevator. Two that I rated some lusty glances. We got to the pool, his towel over his crotch the whole way made me smile and grin to everyone we passed. And I figured I was just getting started.

He dove straight away into the pool. No doubt to hide his hard cock. I, however, am a wimp. I tested the water, splashed some on me, and did the whole ritual before sliding in. I dove to get my hair wet. I watched the gorgeous man that was the object of my desire swim laps. I couldn't resist the temptation, I was going to start seducing him in the pool.

I playfully dove and went after his shorts under water. He struggled a bit,but as it turned out his shorts were too secure. I popped out of the water grinning. "Hi!" I said the only thing that came to mind.

"What are you doing girl?" His smile was pleasant but his look was genuine confusion.

"What do you think I'm doing?" I asked trying to arch one brow and look seductive.

"I think you're crazy." He smiled to try to put me in my place and get me to stop teasing him.

I didn't of course. I persisted and he gently took it as a joke. I tried to get him into the hot tub. He refused for some lame excuse about health risk. Same with the sauna. I was getting frustrated. We started heading for the showers and I tried following him. I was about to take my top off when I was told to get out. I tried my sad face, even that didn't work on him.

The sex that night in the room was good. He was gentle and firm. He allowed me the freedom I needed then took control and fucked me hard. All at the right times. He had never really disappointed much in his performance. He was considerate, giving, strong, well endowed, handsome, and had great stamina. He was also very conventional. I wanted to experiment a little and, well, he didn't.


The next morning I was over the night before. There were worse things than having a good lover that was a little shy. That was something I could work on. I would try today maybe if the opportunity was there.

While putting on my makeup there was a knock on the door. He drew my attention to the morning news. It seemed there were going to be two services of sorts. There would be the one at her church as planned, and another at the High School. The hens that had roped me in were on the news, and it seemed that they had spearheaded the effort to get much of the graduating class to attend. I wanted to laugh at the hypocrisy. I didn't know her well. I knew they didn't know her well either. Yet there they were on the news talking about the impact her passing would have on the community. The poor girls parents were on the news as well, thanking the community for the out pouring of love and support, but they wanted to keep the church memorial small with family and close personal friends. Also that they would try to attend the High School memorial time and grief allowing. Good for them. Maybe they saw the insincerity in the assembled hens. Hopefully they just wanted to honor their daughter, her memory, and their own grief somewhere other than on the 5 o'clock news. Good for them. The High School memorial would have a news crew at it. The news always did follow the circus.

Since the time was being pushed back to allow for the late arrivals he went down to have breakfast instead of getting it on the run like we were going to have to do. I took extra time on my makeup and getting dressed which I was rushed for before. Getting dressed I decided on those infamous pair of black thigh high stockings. I had really liked how free and open they had felt. Unfortunately I had only 2 pair of clean black panties. The comfy lay around the house briefs, and the see through ones that the asshole quarterback picked out. The briefs were actually the more attractive of the two in my eyes. And I hadn't worn them since that day in the department store.

I did have a cream colored lace thong. I brought them for after the service, but I figured 'what the hell it is not like anyone would be checking what kind and color my panties are'. It would just make it easier to change in the car and not have to stop anywhere. Plus despite the rap against them, they were comfortable. I put them on, the thigh highs, and slipped the little black dress on. I looked in the mirror and the dress was a little short, but not too short I figured. I had brought a black pair of two and a quarter inch open toed heels. I was ready and still had time for a quick bite. I packed my after service clothes in my the over-sized handbag, and was off.

How this man knew me. I saw them bring my meal as I rode down the elevator. Two over easy eggs, wheat pancakes, butter on the side, two sausage links that I would give to him, and a bowl of fresh fruit that I would pick at and complain that something wasn't very fresh, or ripe, or something. I kissed his cheek thanking him as I swooped in to sit down and eat. I thought to myself, I could get used to doing that. If the two weeks went well we might have to talk about sharing a place back at school. And then who knows, huh?

I finished my meal predictably, and we headed out to my old high school. We arrived and the place was already packed and surrounded with cars. From where we parked I had hoped that the courtyard doors were open so we wouldn't have to walk around most of the school. Again, I was not lucky. We walked around the school and got to the auditorium. I thanked god it wasn't being held were it should have been held, the gym. Not only was the auditorium filled to capacity, but it was more like a pep rally for those that wished they were still in high school.

Honestly, it really was beneath contempt. They spent more time lamenting about the past and less on what this girl had meant to them and her community. Don't get me wrong. There would be a couple of good eulogies and tributes to her from people that really knew her. So heart felt that you knew she would be missed. But unfortunately there were many more people that just needed the lime light because they hadn't had it for a few years and were starting to miss it. I took the time during those speeches to look around at what people were wearing.

When I saw those that did dress up were wearing, I felt pretty good about what I had decided on. No it was not something I would likely wear to a family members funeral. But my dress was in the mid length for that assemblage. The heels I wore were a little on the side. My makeup was fairy conservative. And there was more than a few people that looked like they had just rolled out of bed after a hard night's drinking. Those that were enthusiastic about being at this farce of a memorial, all looked like they were here to take another shot at that high school sweetheart that they lost track of or at least wanted to sleep with one last time.

People were starting to slip out of the auditorium as others made their way in. I indicated that we should do likewise. And soon we were out of there and walking down a vacant hallway. It was a short cut to the car through the courtyard. But on a whim, I swear to god that I didn't plan it, we took a slightly longer detour. The chance of anyone being down the halls we were taking were slim because it was slightly out of the way to get to everything. Well get to everything except my senior year locker.

As we walked I asked him if he felt like fulfilling a fantasy of mine. He looked skeptical and I explained. See my locker senior year was in a place where seemingly they had space for only a few lockers. There were only three classrooms on that wing and there was much better ways to get to everywhere then through there unless you either had one of those classes (I had actually had classes there) or your locker was there. There had been windows to the courtyard and they managed to put some lockers along the them, not full sized ones like every other senior had, but three quarter sized ones. Half again what underclass got in the half lockers stacked two high. These lockers just didn't quite reach the floor. It actually did look sort of stylish, in the way that a school can look stylish. We would often joke amongst ourselves that we should have put out to get better locker. Truth be told, most of us liked our lockers and our small almost private community.

Strangely enough it was mostly girls that got these few lockers. The most of the girls on that short, out of the way, row, had formed a tighter than usual locker community bond. I know that a few of them had become some of my better school friends in a very short time. Couldn't have been much more than twenty of us and only three or four guys amongst us. And all but one of those guys could have easily been considered one of us girls.

But that one guy.... he was shy, handsome, quiet, tall, athletic, a beautiful smile, and blue eyes that seemed to dance with hidden secrets that you wanted to get close to so you could experience their life. And the talk of all of us girls. Myself included. He had been a late enrollment and the rumor was that something happened with the basketball coach that had earned his banished to the locker he had. The story was that he was supposed to play for the school basketball team but right before school started he told the coach he wouldn't for some reason. The reasons were speculated as well, but are too many and to varied to list. Even if I could remember them.

One of the girls, had once told us what she wanted to do with him. She had described in detail her short skirt, plunging neckline, and the empty hallways between classes when she would seduce him. She spoke of feeling his lean muscles under the Oxford shirts he favored, worn open over a brightly colored muscle shirt beneath it. She enthralled us with her body language, as she spoke of running her fingers through his silky long dirty blonde hair. The urgent kiss as he pushed her into the corner of the cold window to the courtyard and the painted metal of the locker on the end. We gasped at her excitement and surprise when he would take his strong hand and rip her thin panties from her effortlessly and bring his erect manhood against her....

Well she never finished the story. She was interrupted by the subject of all our fantasies. We all blushed, giggled, and dispersed. I, personally, had become so lost and enraptured in that moment, I couldn't concentrate the rest of the day. That fantasy had supplanted all others. And I had guided my boyfriend to the very spot. I showed him my locker and told him of my fantasy, leaving out the gorgeous High School crush of course. He smiled densely at me and started to head for the door.

I leaned back into the corner, and though it was summer, The window and locker metal was still cold through the thin dress material just as I always imagined it would be. "I want you to fuck me." I put my right foot up on the metal edge of the window, letting my heel make it ting my intentions. "I want your beautiful cock in between my legs here and now." I felt I was going to far. He turned and looked at me in a way he never had before. I had never been that aggressive before. I had never spoken to him, or much of anyone that way before.

He came towards me. The look of lust filled him as he stared at the lace tops of my stockings. He kissed me hard, bit my neck, pulling me to him. His cock was hard, I couldn't wait to get on my knees and suck it, as I had day dreamed of so many times when walking this hall. I started to slide down him, but he was not having it. He pushed me into the corner and reached under my dress, to grab hold of the delicate lace thong. His hands trying to fend off the urge that his cock was obviously sending them. He tried to take them off gingerly. He was working them off my ass when I whispered in his ear, "Just rip them off and fuck me."

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