tagFetishSummer on the Farm Ch. 02

Summer on the Farm Ch. 02


After resting a little while longer to recover from their sexual episode, the boys hopped in the water again to wash off any cum or sunscreen that was still on their bodies. Taking a look at the sky, Dustin suggested that they head back to the house as it appeared to be getting close to suppertime. Throwing their trunks back on, the satisfied duo made their way through the woods at a leisurely pace. As they came into view of the farm, they saw that the last of the hired help was indeed heading on their way home, and Demetri waved at them as he closed up the barn.

"Did you boys have fun at the river?" he asked casually.

"Definitely," each boy responded, a knowing smile on their faces.

Dinner that evening was excellent as usual, and was made even better by the fact that the twins were dressed up to go out that evening. Each was wearing a low-cut, flowery sundress that showed off their tits and asses superbly, totally adding to their images as the innocent but sexy young farm girls. Both Christian and Dustin were afflicted by numerous hardons during the course of the meal, and each was secretly hoping that he might have the chance to relieve such stress later on that evening. Each was thus quite pleased when the other mentioned that he was ready to retire early after cleaning up the dishes.

"Man, the twins were looking so hot tonight," Dustin exclaimed after they had reached their quarters. "I was thinking about fucking them all through dinner."

"Yeah, me, too," Christian agreed. "Just bending one of them over the table, lifting her dress, pulling down her panties, and putting my cock straight in her pussy. They are so damn hot. I'm just so obsessed with how beautiful their faces are. I mean, those eyes, and those cheekbones, and those freckles...I just want to cum all over them."

"Ah, so you're into the freckles then, eh?" Dustin asked, coyly. "Does that mean that you like mine, too, or is it just a girl thing?"

"Well, normally it is just a girl thing," Christian replied. "However, now that I think about it, I believe I'd like to cum on your freckles, too."

"Well let's just take our clothes off and see what happens then," Dustin said with a grin.

Both boys began to disrobe themselves and were soon standing buck naked, facing one another with full erections sticking out obscenely.

"Doing this makes me so fucking horny," Dustin said, stroking his cock lightly. "My body is just tingling like crazy...it must be because it's "wrong", but we're doing it anyways."

"Probably," Christian agreed. "I so don't care, though. All I can think about right now is how good it's going to feel when I stick my fat cock up your ass in a bit."

"Oh, so you're going to fuck me this time, eh?" Dustin asked with mock surprise. "Well, I guess that's okay, but only because you do have such a nice, fat cock on you. I hope that I'll be okay, though, since it is a bit bigger than mine."

"Yeah, it is a bit bigger," Christian remarked. "But yours is so nicely angled upwards and it has that dusting of freckles on it that you know I like so well. I daresay that we have a couple of fine cocks between us."

"I'm heavily inclined to agree," Dustin said, closing the gap between the two of them. "However, I'll need to inspect your piece a little bit closer before I can tell you for sure."

"Do what you have to do," Christian said, allowing Dustin to take his penis in his hand and begin fondling it.

After a few minutes of playing with his cock, Dustin told Christian to lie down on the bed and wait for a minute. Dustin soon came back from his night table carrying a plastic container that had a label for baking lard on it. Placing it beside Christian's head, Dustin then straddled his friend's face, and bend forward to engage them in a 69 position. Christian saw stars as he felt Dustin's mouth engulf his member, his hot breath and wet tongue driving him into a sea of pleasure. After a few moments of sheer savouring, he managed to get a hold of himself and noticed that Dustin's ass and cock were right there in front of him.

While Christian had been wanting to see what it would be like to suck Dustin off, he also really wanted to try fucking him in the ass, which he ultimately opted to do first. Raising his head up slightly, he ran a tentative lick up his friend's crack, to which Dustin responded by ceasing his sucking motion and letting out a short gasp of air. Encouraged, Christian proceeded to repeat this action several times before settling on giving his friend a straight rimjob.

As Christian attempted to work his tongue up his friend's ass, Dustin was having a great time receiving his pleasure and sucking on the beautiful penis before him. While at first he was just content to feel and taste Christian's dick with his tongue and hand, he soon became focused on wanting to get as much of Christian's cock down his throat as he possibly could. Spitting large gobs of saliva on it several times to get it nicely lubed up, Dustin jacked the tool up and down, soaking Christian's dark pubic hair in the process. Holding in a moan from Christian now sticking a lard-covered finger up his ass, Dustin opened his throat as much as he could and bore down on the cock before him. While his initial attempts only allowed him to get within a few inches of Christian's pubic hair and ball sack, his fourth try brought him all the way to the bottom. Hearing Christian groan loudly, he jacked him off in his throat a few times before coming up for air.

"That felt so sweet, man." Christian exclaimed, his face beaming. "I've got to try that on you sometime."

"I hope that you will," Dustin replied. "Your fingers up my ass feel really good, too. I know what you mean about it feeling sort of weird and invasive, and yet so great at the same time."

"Excellent," Christian said. "Well, as much as I really want you to deep throat my cock again, I think that I'll burst if I don't shove it up your ass first."

"Sounds good to me!" Dustin said, getting off of his friend. "I'm just going to assume a position, if it's alright with you."

Getting no objection from his friend, Dustin got off the bed and bent over the back of the nearby couch. This suited Christian just fine, as the ass that he was about to fuck was now right in line with his rock-hard, lard-laden cock. Spreading the tanned cheeks before him, Christian placed his head at Dustin's backdoor and began to push forward. At the same time, Dustin reached down with one hand and began alternating between stroking his cock and massaging his balls in an effort to relax himself further.

Surprisingly, Christian's cock slipped in quite easily and he was soon in a good fucking rhythm with Dustin pushing back to meet his thrusts. Having never been with another person before, Christian marvelled at how good it felt to stick his piece into a perfectly-fitted, body temperature, lubricated hole. Closing his eyes, he imagined that he was fucking Tiffany up the ass instead, and that she was loving every minute of it and begging him to fuck her harder. Then, in his mind's eye, Julie entered the scene and began fingering her own asshole as Tiff ate her out from behind.

All of a sudden, Christian was snapped from his reverie as he heard Dustin begin to cry out and the ass around his penis begin to contract over and over again. Unable to stop himself, Christian cried out, too, and began to shoot shot after shot of cum deep into his friend's rectum. Breathing heavily, Christian lurched forward and hugged Dustin from behind for support, his cock still imbedded in his friend's anus.

"Wow, I almost don't know which I like better," Dustin said after a moment. "Fucking or being fucked."

"I'm glad that you liked it," Christian said, smiling. "They're both so great...I don't know if I can decide either."

"Well, we'll just have to keep doing both then, I guess," Dustin suggested. "However, I now think that I'm totally spent. I usually jack off about twice a day, but that takes way less effort than sex."

"But it's not nearly as much fun," Christian commented, dislodging his cock from it's nest and moving to lean against the couch. "I think that it's worth the tired feeling afterwards."

"Indeed," Dustin agreed. "Well, I think that I'm going to clean this cum off the carpet and then I'm going to hit the hay."

"Good stuff," Christian responded. "I think that I'll just clean my cock off and then read for a bit."

Doing just that, Dustin was soon asleep and Christian shortly thereafter felt like doing the same. Putting down his book, he threw on some shorts and a pair of shoes to head outside and take a piss before going to bed. The sun had gone down, so Christian simply took a few steps away from the building doors and began doing his business. As he surveyed the area around him, he noticed that all the lights in the house were turned off, save one in the basement of the house. Not feeling terribly tired, and perhaps a bit sneaky, Christian soundlessly walked towards the window, keeping a distance between it and himself. To his delight and surprise, he saw that inside was the room of Tiffany and Julie! The light was turned on, allowing him to see their sizable abode. Two single beds rested side by side in the centre of the room, and a door went off to another room that also had a light on. Moving a bit closer, Christian reasoned that it must be a washroom, and he was quite sure that he heard running water, as the window was slightly open.

Certain that he couldn't be seen, Christian just sat and waited, his penis hardening in his pants at the prospect of seeing the twins in their eveningwear, or maybe even naked. Sure enough, he soon heard the twins' voices and the pair soon walked into the room, still wearing their clothes from dinner.

"Wow, I can't believe that Mark cancelled on us," Tiffany said (Christian knew it was her based on the colour of her dress).

"Yeah, I know," Julie agreed. "I mean, I didn't think that he was right for either one of us, but I was sort of hoping that maybe one of his friends would be nice."

"Me, too," Tiff said. "And I mean, even if he knew that he wasn't going to get any, I think that we're still fun to hang out with."

"For sure!" Julie exclaimed. "And we're not that bad to look at either. Not to sound self-absorbed or anything, but you're incredibly gorgeous and sexy, and since I look exactly like you, I guess that I must be, too."

"Hey, thanks, sis," Tiffany beamed. "You're totally hot, believe me! Yeesh, now I sound conceited."

"So speaking of guys, did you check out Dustin today?" Julie asked, a sly smile on her face.

"You know I did," Tiffany replied. "He's got such an amazing body...I wonder what his penis looks like..."

"You're so bad!" Julie gasped in mock horror. "Thinking about boys' cocks...it's so unladylike."

"Well, that's not the worst of it..." Tiffany began.


"Well, don't think I'm gross or anything, but...I think that Christian's kind of cute, too," Tiff finished.

"Yeah, I know," Julie agreed. "I mean, I guess it's kind of weird to be attracted to your cousin, but he is our step-cousin, after all. There's no blood, so I don't think that it's too wrong."

"Well, I'm glad that you think so, too," Tiff said, relieved. "Jules...have you ever thought about Dustin being your first?"

"Oh, so many times!" Julie laughed. "But you mean outside of just fantasizing? I don't know...I mean, I've certainly considered it, but I think that things could get kind of weird around here if we started dating, especially if things didn't work out."

"Yeah, that's a good point," Tiff commented. "I know that you sort of saw him first and everything, and I would never intrude, but I've thought similar things about him and myself, too. However, it could be fun just to have a roll in the hay..."

"You're terrible!" Julie jokingly chided. "You know the deal: we don't have sex until we're with a guy who will truly appreciate us and isn't just looking to fuck us. Somebody special...somebody who cares about us...and preferably somebody who has a really hot body and a nice, fat cock!"

"Now you're the naughty one!" Tiffany retorted, smiling. "And worst of all, all this talk about boys and cocks and fucking is starting to get me all wet. And these are my good panties, too..."

"Well why don't you take them off then?" Julie suggested, a hint of lust in her eyes. We can't have your wet little pussy making a mess of your panties, can we?"

"Definitely not," Tiffany said, standing up and removing her pink lace underwear from under her dress and tossing it to the side. "There, that's better."

"It certainly is," Julie agreed, squirming a bit in her seat on the bed. "Now why don't you come and sit on my lap for a minute. I have something I want to tell you."

"Okay!" Tiffany said, crossing the distance between her and her twin and straddling her sister's lap, bringing their faces very close together. "So what did you want to tell me?"

Christian's cock must have grown about an inch as the two identical vixens before him locked lips in a slow, sensuous kiss, their hands roaming casually over each other's bodies. Enthralled by these two visions who were now clearly using their tongues, Christian quietly removed his rock-hard penis from his pants and began to stroke it softly.

Wordlessly, Julie broke their kiss and after looking into her sister's eyes proceeded to kiss and suck on her cheeks with large, wet kisses and a good deal of tongue afterwards. Upon closer inspection, Christian was amazed to see that she was in fact focusing on her sister's freckles! As if to tailor to his fantasy even further, Tiffany began to moan and grind her pelvis into her sister's lap, no doubt indicating that she liked such attention a lot. At this, Christian had to let go of his cock and settle for fondling his balls, as the sights before him were too much for his libido to take.

Breaking away from her sister once again, Julie allowed Tiffany to make the next move of taking off her dress by pulling it over her head. Underneath, both Tiff and Christian were pleased to see she was wearing a matching violet lace bra and panty set which clung tightly to her shapely curves. Christian gawked once again at her big tits and thought of how much he wished he could be in that room right now fondling and sucking on them. Coupled with her tight abs and graceful limbs, she made the perfect specimen in his lustful eyes. Apparently Tiff was having similar thoughts, as she soon unclasped her sister's bra and took her left nipple into her mouth.

"Oh, that's so good, sis," Julie gasped, gently grabbing her sibling's head in her hands. "I love it when you suck on my big tits like that. You're making my pussy so wet right now!"

Mumbling something in response, Tiff continued her assault for a while longer before switching to the other breast to administer a similar treatment. As she did this, Tiff also placed a hand under her own dress and began to masturbate her sopping wet cunt, causing her hips to buck into her fingers. Noticing this, Julie pulled Tiffany's head away from her nipple, removed her hand from under her dress, and stood both of them up, giving her sister a stern look.

"What were you doing, Tiff?" Julie asked, her voice serious.

"Umm...I was just touching my little pussy," Tiffany responded sheepishly in somewhat of a baby voice, her head bent down and eyes looking up widely at her sister.

"You were playing with your pussy, eh?" Julie asked rhetorically. "That was a very naughty thing for a little girl like you to be doing."

"I'm sorry," Tiffany said, looking ashamed. "It's just that I'm so wet and horny from sucking on your big titties. Please don't be mad at me."

"Hmmm, well it does make me a bit cross," Julie began, "but I suppose that there might be something that you could do to make it up to me."

"Oh, anything, just tell me!" Tiffany begged, her eyes pleading with her sister.

"First of all, you need to take off that dress and show me that pussy that you've been playing with," Julie responded, taking her own panties off in the process.

Within seconds, Christian was greeted with a sight that should have left him hard for the rest of his life: before him stood two identical twin sisters staring at each other lustfully, their big tits heaving rapidly with fiery passion, and their lightly bushy pussies literally dripping with wetness.


(to be continued...)

(Thanks for all the great continuing feedback on my stories! Sorry for the abrupt ending, but I'm really not sure where i should go from here... Any suggestions or feedback would be great!)

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