tagGroup SexSummer on the Ranch

Summer on the Ranch


It was the summer right after high school graduation. A hot summer.

In order to earn some extra money for the upcoming first term of college, me and my old high school buddies, Steve and Greg, took summer jobs up in the ranch country. We were pretty much all the same, pussy hungry young bucks with too much time on our hands, spending one last summer partying together before life took us all in different directions.

The ranch was run by the Old Man, who was cold as ice and mean as a snake. He'd only been two things consistently for the whole of his life. The first was a rancher. The second was a God fearing Christian. He expected everyone else of value to be the same and he didn't have a lot of patience for those us who weren't.

Which was pretty much everyone else I knew.

We were just kids really, not that experienced and not long term ranching prospects, so we were given all the odd jobs to do around the place: mending fences, hauling feed, painting the barn, mucking out stalls, and so on. Basically all the unpleasant jobs no one else wanted to do. The work was tough, but it was good exercise. As former high school athletes, we were up for it.

Looking back, though, it was a great summer.

The place was big and we had the run of it. The ranch foreman would work our asses hard all day long and then we would join the boys and head out to the bar for a beer and a wild night afterwards. We had to be careful with the girls, so the Old Man didn't get pissed.

You see we lived on the ranch, as it was too far from our homes. Our rooms were in quarters with the other hands situated down past the stables, and further away out back from the big house. Far enough away to keep us out of sight and away from the Old Man's daughter.

Her name was Laurie.

Laurie was nineteen years old, a year older than Steve, Greg and I, and she was spending the summer home from college. And sweet Lord what a girl she was! A pure American made thoroughbred beauty, the epitome of perfection with the body of a Venus. Fuck, man, I don't even know where to begin describing her! She had tits so perfect and round your heart would skip a beat when you caught a glimpse of them. And she had an ass built to match. Her skin was smooth and soft, her legs long and toned, and her eyes so blue that you could drown in them. 'Built like a brick house' doesn't even begin to cover this chick.

Now, I'd fucked my share of over seventy high school sluts by that point, but I don't mind admitting that when I looked at her I felt like a virgin again.

And of course she was nothing but a prick tease.

Laurie would wear her clothes just a little too tight. She'd show up to offer us a cool drink at just the moment when our shirts were off our backs and the sweat was really dripping down our bodies in the hot sun. She'd brush against us while she did it, flirting shamelessly, and then take off leaving us with dicks as hard as granite. I jerked off more than once that summer thinking about her.

The ranch foreman had been clear from day one that Laurie was hands off. Looking wasn't touching though, and Lord how we loved to look.

And just in case we forgot the words of the foreman, there was always the matter of her father. The Old Man was pretty intimidating himself. We knew he wanted her to stay as pure as the driven snow and aside from his being a die-hard, no sex before marriage Christian; rumor had it Laurie was engaged to marry one of the sons of his business partners to help solidify family fortunes.

He was a pretty good shot with his shotgun too!

So flirting with Laurie, along with shoveling horse shit, had become a part of our daily routine for the better part of June and into July. But no one took it further.

And no one was really complaining. We were all there by choice. We were working hard and picking up an occasional lay at the local bar. As I said, life was good.

That was pretty much going to be the extent of it for the summer. Or so I thought.

One day during the really hot weeks at the end of July, Steve and I found ourselves hauling bags of feed into the barn.

It occurred to me when we were almost finished unloading it that I hadn't seen Greg for a while.

"Steve?" I asked him, "Dude, have you seen Greg around?"

"Naw, man," he replied, "Haven't seen him since he was mending that fence earlier at the corral."

We were shirtless in full view of the big house and Laurie hadn't been around all afternoon, which meant I hadn't had my fill of platonic flirting for the day. Something was definitely up. She'd been down at the corral practicing her riding when Greg went down there to work on the fences. I was curious, but I wasn't going to dwell on it.

When we finished, I decided to get something cool to drink and get cleaned up a bit. I was sweating like a pig in the midday sun and it was so hot. As there were no further tasks appointed for the afternoon and a lot of the hands would be heading down to the local watering hole when the sun set. I wanted to be ready to join them. The only girls worth fucking in the whole county hung out there.

I grabbed my shirt, but didn't bother to put it on. I was a pretty studly dude at two hundred twenty pounds of dense, ripped muscle. I figured as I passed by the big house I could use my broad, bronzed chest and good looks to charm some iced tea from one the maids. I was about to head up there when I noticed the Old Man pulling up in his pickup truck. That pretty much killed that idea stone dead.

I figured I should get my ass back to my room before he found something else for me to do.

So I put a good wind to my tail and jogged back to the quarters I shared with Steve and Greg. Our place was located pretty far away and it was attached to four other cabins, forming a long line. There was a communal shower and bathroom in the middle, two cabins on one end and two on the other. Ours was on the far end.

The front door was shut when I got there, but the windows were open. This wasn't the least bit unusual considering we were supposed to be working.

What was unusual though were the odd sounds of grunting, moaning and groaning that I heard coming through the open window. Whatever was going inside my room, the participants had not been expecting company.

Curiosity got the better of me and I snuck around the back to peak in one of the windows and see what was going on.

You can just imagine my surprise.

Greg was prone on top of Laurie. They were both naked as jay birds and engaged in some serious fucking. He had his cock hammering into her and she was crying out like a whore.

This I could expect from Greg, but Laurie? There was no pristine angel in sight that afternoon.

And, fuck, man! Watching them I could feel my own boner swelling in my jeans. I couldn't help it. I had a lot of cock and I needed to unzip my fly to release the pressure. It wasn't long before I was sliding my own hand up and down my shaft, timing myself unconsciously to each stroke Greg was taking, seeking release.

Live action is always better than watching a porn video.

They fucked for a long time. I don't know how long. But I watched until they finally finished. With one arm I was leaning against the wall and I came after they did with my seed spurting against the side of building.


The heat was oppressive. Even more so now in the deepening afternoon than it had been an hour earlier.

Greg rolled naked off Laurie, took of his condom, and grabbed a towel from the dresser, as I ducked my head to avoid being seen. He was clearly going to take a shower. She lay back against the bed and closed her eyes. She was naked and looked sultry against Greg's rough sheets. Her full, round breasts heaved gently as her breath became rhythmic.

It looked like she'd dozed off.

I could see her pussy from where I watched, partially hidden. It was engorged and puffy, still flush from its earlier fucking. Laurie kept it neatly shaved. As she moved her long silky legs in her sleep, slightly adjusting her position, she obscured my view of her treasure and I almost snarled my irritation.

In order to take his shower, Greg had to leave our rooms and walk a couple doors down to where the communal bathrooms the hands used were located.

I don't know exactly what I was thinking, but after he left I looked back at where Laurie lay. An image of that pink goodness was etched in my mind.

And I was horny as all hell.

I had an idea looking at her sleeping there. Her breasts still rising and falling gently upon her naked chest with each even breath. So I forced my dick back into my jeans and I went around to our door and silently stripped off my boots and jeans, being already shirtless. Quietly sneaking inside, I took off my boxers too; soon I was naked as the day I was born.

My boner projected out in front of me and it was rock solid. So big and thick that it would have been pointed at the sky if it wasn't weighed down by its own immense size.

I could see that Laurie's eyes were still closed. I could hear the showers turn on and I knew that Greg would take a little time. He was a bit of a dandy and he'd want to shave for the evening and get cleaned up. My entrance had been as stealthy as a cat. Gently, I inched closer to the bed. When I got to the end, I knelt down and put my face near her pussy.

I gently began kissing along her upper thighs.

Laurie moaned pleasurably in her half sleep, making it obvious that she was enjoying my attentions.

Then I heard her whisper, "Oh, Greg!"

God, I thought, the bitch is dreaming. And she believed that I was Greg! She shifted in her sleep, parting her legs slightly to allow me better access to her moist confines. I knew what I was doing was so wrong, but I just couldn't help myself.

I slid my hand around down the side of her leg, all along her bare skin, all the way down to her knee. I then slid my hand back up her body, this time working towards the front. Cupping her breast, I moved further up the bed. Her tit was so soft as I squeezed it in my hand, and she sighed contentedly in response.

With reluctance on one hand, and eager anticipation on the other, my hand left her breast and slid down between her legs.

They were still parted slightly, accommodating my access. My finger trailed up the inside of her thigh.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned, as my hand began to rub the outer lips of her horny pussy.

When my fingers hit the moisture of her cunt itself, she moaned again. She was all mine! I slid my fingers down her sopping wet slit until I felt the intense heat of the entrance to her pussy. I dipped a finger inside, sliding it inside that silky smooth warmth until it was buried there.

Her wet pussy gripped my finger tightly, and I slid it in and out of her needy hole a few times. I ran my finger slowly up the lips of her cunt until I reached her tiny clitoris. I tickled it a little, just teasing her, and she sucked in her breath unconsciously.

She began to writhe her pussy against my hand slowly as she grew hotter and hotter. I began to fuck her with my index finger, sliding it in and out of her slowly.

Laurie opened her legs further and I crawled between them.

My head was between her legs and I kissed the smooth inside of her right thigh. Then I kissed the left one, and continued to alternate, each kiss bringing me closer to her dripping hole. I could smell the strong scent of her arousal, and I knew how turned on she was. Bending between her sexy legs I kissed her naked pussy for the first time. She gasped. My tongue snaked out and I licked her there ever so slowly, beginning at the bottom of her slit and working my way up to the top. My hands slid under her ass, holding her cheeks as my tongue slithered into her hole.

Using my entire tongue, I licked the top half of her slit rapidly, finishing at her sensitive clit each time. I continued to eat her pussy, sucking her lips into my mouth. I began to stroke my cock as I went down on her, circling her clit with my tongue, sliding a finger far into her pussy at the same time. Constantly teasing her labia lips more and more.

But I couldn't take anymore waiting.

I slowly crawled up the bed towards her, my nearly ten inches of hard dick swinging back and forth underneath me, and raging hard. My heart was pounding. A wave of desire shot through me. Fuck I needed a condom! But I ground the shaft of my needy rod against the flesh of her waiting hole anyways.

She was so hot down there, it would be so easy for me to just bring my hips back and slide inside her. I was overpowered by the sensation of our crotches rubbing against one another.

I knew I should go to the bureau for a rubber. Hell, I shouldn't be doing this at all.

But it felt so very good. Her slick, wet pussy continued to stimulate my long cock. I was dying to slip it inside her. I needed that condom. But I couldn't hold it. Couldn't wait. Couldn't stop myself. I raised my hips up a little, allowing my rock hard member to run down her sopping wet slit for the last time.

So much for a condom!

I was on top of her and positioned for easy access to her pussy. My dick was throbbing and I lost all sense of reason. I plunged my iron hard dick into her sloppy cunt. She was still so wet from her earlier fucking with Greg, and I could feel a mixture of her juices and Greg's cum oozing around my shaft, helping to lubricate my entrance into one of the tightest holes I've ever been in. But I put a lot of power into the thrust and with the lubrication present I slid in about half way. Another thrust in that wet, wet hole and I slid in up to my balls. I could feel them come to rest against her smooth ass.

Laurie woke fully at that moment with a sudden start at this invasion of her nether regions and realized instantly that I wasn't Greg. He was only of average length and thickness, nowhere near as big or thick as I was. Greg's my buddy, but I'm literally twice the man he is in that department and he knows it.

She looked up at me, realization dawning on her face. Mine was just inches from hers, so I stopped her scream by placing a kiss on her mouth. At first she did not respond, but then she started kissing me back. Her hands slowly stroked across my broad, muscular back. I took this as a signal and began moving in and out of her pussy slowly building up my rhythm.

Laurie was really getting fucked now by the biggest cock she'd ever had, and all things being what they are the biggest cock she probably ever would have.

With me in her hole, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and looked into my eyes with desire. I pushed forward, thrusting firmly. Her hot pussy slowly sucked me inside as I groaned, completely engulfed in her warmth. Loving the feeling. Her feet ran up and down my legs as I began to slide in and out of her again. Getting my bearings, knowing she was now accustomed to my size, I changed from experimental thrusting to actual fucking.

"Hope you're on the pill darlin," I told her, fervently hoping.

Laurie smiled at me and raised her feet up into the air in response, as I picked up the pace. I held myself up with my arms, looking down below between us to where my cock disappeared into her pussy over and over again. Her moans were getting louder and higher pitched as the feelings in her pussy grew more intense.

My dick continued to glide in and out of her wet cunt.

Her hands grabbed the clenching muscles of my ass.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck!" she cried out, releasing everything as an orgasm washed over her.

I could feel her juices on me, moistening my balls. She was gasping for breath beneath me, her hands now clawing at my back and ass, as I continued to jackhammer in and out of her eager hole. My pace increased even further as this moaning girl tried to recover beneath me.

We must have fucked like animals for at least ten minutes. But I was losing it. This gorgeous woman moved so well beneath me, touching my entire body, engulfing me. I couldn't hope to hold out much longer.

That's when we heard an angry voice behind us asking, "What the hell is going on here?"

We both looked over my shoulder behind us and saw Greg standing there at the door, and Lord only knows for how long he'd been there. He was naked with only a towel wrapped around his waist to hide his dignity and an obvious tent in the front of the towel told me what he thought of the scene before him.

At that moment I couldn't have given less of a fuck. He only needed to wait a minute more anyway.

Laurie and I were totally lost in the ecstasy of our own sex, happily ignoring him. She grabbed my ass muscles and I could feel the contracting of her pussy around my shaft. I couldn't hold back any longer.

"I'm gonna cum!" I grunted loudly.

I thrust into her a few more times before feeling that familiar sensation well up in my balls. I forced my entire shaft into her cunt, holding it there.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned, feeling me.

I moaned, cock jerking inside her. Thick streams of cum shot up into her pussy, round after round firing out of the end of my dick. Cumming deep inside her.

My lips found hers and she kissed me as we finished. Finally, the last of my seed having trickled out, I stayed inside her for a few moments, slowly softening.

"Jesus, Marc," Greg said dumbfounded, "Get the fuck off my woman already!"

I rolled over off of her, obligingly, pulling out of her wet cunt in the process. But I continued to lie on the bed beside her.

Greg in the meantime dropped his towel and was stroking his newly hardened member. Once I had rolled off Laurie, Greg was on her in a second, pumping her twice used cunt for all he was worth. In only a couple of minutes he had cum again.

I leaned over to him and said by way of an apology, "Sorry, man, but that pussy was just too fine and I just couldn't help myself."

He sort of smiled then. He wasn't too mad then. Hell, Laurie's was not the first pussy we'd ever shared.

"Well what are friends for?" he said grudgingly.

I looked back over at Laurie lying there sated and decided I wasn't through with her yet.

"Darlin," I said to her, "Why don't you move that luscious cunt over here and give my friend a suck like he deserves."

Laurie obeyed leisurely, moving with a feline grace. Without hesitation she moved down, grabbed Greg's cock and slipped it right into her mouth. Greg moaned as the warmth of her mouth enveloped him. Laurie was clearly an expert at this and she took him as far down her throat as she could. She began to eagerly bob her head up and down on his dick.

Her ass was stuck up in the air and my softening dick hardened again in seconds. Getting up, I knelt behind her, between her legs, with her gorgeous white ass cheeks exposed to me. I reached under her and began to rub her sopping wet cunt with my hand, rubbing her entire slit. Then I placed a thumb at the entrance to her asshole.

"Please, no," she begged, momentarily taking her mouth off Greg's dick.

"Shut up you fucking slut," said Greg, angry that she'd cheated on him, "If you don't let us have our way we'll have to tell the Old Man everything that you've been up to."

She knew a moment of real fear and went back to work on Greg with a pleasurable resignation.

I nodded my thanks to Greg and slipped my thumb into her asshole as she continued to suck cock.

"Don't worry," I told her, "You might actually like it."

In response she moaned, mouth full. My hand continued to rub her pussy as my thumb slipped in and out of her ass. She rubbed her pussy against my hand. I bent down and kissed her soft ass. She raised it as much as possible, opening her legs a little wider as she slurped hungrily on Greg's cock.

Bending further, and spreading her ass cheeks apart, I kissed along the crack of her ass towards her swollen pussy lips. I kissed them softly.

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