tagBDSMSummer Reunion: My Smoking Hot BFF

Summer Reunion: My Smoking Hot BFF


He had sold out his holdings in Hawaii. I'd disposed of my Florida live on sailboat. Those retirement homes had kept us apart in winters, while our fall & spring trysts had depended on out of season retreats to his idyllic summer home in a seasonal national park. Sadly, a snow avalanche had swept that away & park policy forbade its reconstruction. Only wild life will have domain in the future: lifers out, tourists in, wolves, bears, moose, deer and elk, all ok.

He bought empty land between two other ranges of older, smaller mountains and called it a ranch. Built a lodge and cleared the flats to plant vines. He is no cowboy and there isn't a horse. Still he invited me to come to saddle up for what he styled as a summer reunion. Like winter, we had not shared that season since 2001.

I knew just what he intended, and accepted right away. He's been my best friend forever, my porn buddy for almost 50 years.

Its true he prefers xxx action films, like Max Hardcore hate fucking porn players posing as teenage newbies in ankle socks and a pair of fuck me pumps. All his movies are more or less the same. Max deep throats a pigtailed cutie before turning her topsy turvy to ruin a crinkly asshole. For his big finish, Max always goes ass to mouth to foul and defile her, before cumming onto what has become a no longer smiling face.

I favour movies with stories, and actresses like C.J. Laing. Dirty girls into sm and piss, plot plausibility: bondage; doms topping women; femmes fatale controlled sissies; convincing portraits of subjugation & pain.

Of course, having been best friends forever, we've also much to keep us together despite separate interests in chicks, films and pics. As one extreme example, I like to be forced to wait for 2nd hits on a crack pipe, while sucking without end on his balls and dick.

He is the alpha male, and insists that I wear a tight fitting spandex suit to feign 'camel toe' pussy lips with my cock tied back tightly between my balls. There are ear plugs which go under a solid shiny black rubber hood, which sports a bleached blond ponytail.

He enjoys illusions of femininity, with my whispered voice masked by muffling and sucking sounds. Usually too talkative, I welcome this opportunity to be deafened and encouraged not to speak. So in this kink, we do make a good fit.

Directions are given and control gained by manual manipulation of my hooded head. Only the mouth opening allows things out or inside for use. He sometimes inserts his fingers to encourage the parts that give him the best service, or to caution, "No use of teeth!"

More often, he uses just one finger to warn, "Get ready for the pipe," the drug which keeps us both hard and cranking into the night. He views his best porn while pretending he has a rubberized cum slut sucking him off for all she is worth.

Which is nothing; nothing of any value at all, that is; a zero; a void being filled with the truth.

Despite the ear plugs, I can hear myself as I moan and beg for more. I am graced if he only touches the camel toe pussy he has found a way for me to display. But he is far too gentle. I want him to be rougher, to play harder. I want more.

He admits all this is kinky, but insists that he is straight. He refuses out right to use his own hands or mouth on my penis, or put his into my ass. He did promises to obtain a functional 'fuck machine' device, with remote control. With me mounted on it, he said he'd manipulate the levels while watching from a 'safe' distance.

He never got around to that. Instead, it is always the same scene. He, in a velvet robe, me naked on my knees. His pipe passing, soft cock held in my hand. Then swelling & growing inside my mouth. If I throat him, I will go to heaven. He is hard & huge.

I face delirious choices. Engulf his whole ball sack, or try to inhale the length. Decisions! Strain to go all in. Failure :( New efforts to please. Rewarded :) I say, "Thank you, Mr."

He grips my throat to tip my head back. Are we on the verge of something different? No. We only continue with the same old, same old. Unlike Max's ass to mouth sluts, your bff's rubberized bimbo dolly has to settle for oral only. Sorry about that.

He is coking. I am choking. He fills our lungs again. Sweet tendrils of smoke swirl. I am going now . . . once again and . . . gone. Sweet dreams of summer were made of this :)

(with credit and apologies to Miss Annie Lennox)

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by brucinator09/05/17

Just saying: c.j. laing is my all time favourite nasty girl! Ass to mouth & hear Jane piss standing over her dog's metal drinking bowl. Now Jane is kneeling on all fours. Watch this truly nasty girl bowmore...

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